One God, Many Members

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Posted June 16, 2010
Anna writes:
The question keeps begging, which God are they talking about. Are we presuming there is only one? Is it the Christ, or the God of the Old Testament? Is it Great Spirit? Star God? God of the Buddhists, Lord Satan, or is it one that is conjectured in someone’s mind, or is it the universe? There are literally thousands, or even millions of people that have and have had visions of god, depending on what level of consciousness they have reached. We only hear of the ones written by a few. This universe it so vast, multidimensional, infinite. How can we pretend we know all the answers on this little three dimensional plain and put our three dimensional limits on who God is, what/who it was that someone else claims to have seen?

There is only one God for all whether they be Christians, Muslims, Buddhists etc.

The scriptures say there is one God, but “many members.”

People who have true physical visitations are usually visited by a master who is one with God, but not the one God.

Those who are visited by spirits are approached by either a thoughtform or a discarnate spirit.

Whether one is visited by an angel or a being who claims to be God Itself – he needs to verify the teachings with principles revealed through his own soul. One especially needs to do this when someone else wants you to follow him because he speaks for God.

It is also important to realize that most claims of contact with God or masters is either fabricated or imagined.

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