Seer Stones

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JJ, You said that this is a gut feeling that he is on to something. Are you able to get soul contact that too many vaccine shot is causing autism? Is this mostly going with your gut feeling?

I think you’d call it more of a gut feeling mixed with common sense.  If even too much water can kill you then six doses of the poisonous substances in a little child could indeed pose a risk.  There really needs to be some legitimate research into all aspects of the vaccines to put the public’s mind at rest.
So, if a person works around the signs in one direction, then when they become a disciple reverse directions, at what point (sign) does the reversal usually occur?

This occurs when the seeker establishes a valid soul contact.  The soul leads the disciple in the opposite direction of the astral self.  The reverse direction of the Zodiac is a symbol of the greater reverse that occurs within.

If a person’s rising sign is the same as their sun sign, does it likely mean they failed to learn the major lesson of their last life (well enough)?

No.  It usually means they have decided to focus on one major area of development rather than scatter their energies.

Question for JJ. Joseph Smith had taught that everyone could and should have their own seer stone.
What’s your take or knowledge on this? Is it meant literally? If so how do we find ours? Or is there an esoteric meaning only? Or is it just a tool to focus the mind and energy like a wand or rod etc.?

I am curious because Seer stones were quite prevalent in JS and BY day and in Salt lake in the 19th century. Kids were using them to find lost items for people and telling them how their relatives were doing in far away places etc. Why have we lost that and how do we get it back?

If I am entitled to it I want my seer stone!

It might be interesting to note that Joseph used a seer stone to translate the Book of Mormon and reveal his early revelations.  But later in life he didn’t seen to use it at all but shifted his attention away from revealing data to revealing principles.  It is also interesting that his greatest teachings were merely received through contemplation without the aid of a stone.

A stone, a crystal, tea leaves, ink blots, a fire and other items can provide points of focus that when used effectively can stimulate the consciousness to see things previously hidden.  In a way these things are like training wheels to aid the seeker in developing his inner abilities.  Eventually he can drop these aids for most types of seeing, especially as far as principles go.  They are most useful in finding hidden data though not always accurate unless used by a high initiate.

It is also interesting that the seer stone has gone out of vogue in this age.  About the only time you hear any mention of it is when some Mormon offshoot prophet claims revelation.

This subject can make for an interesting assignment.

Find a crystal or rock a couple inches in diameter and enter a dimly lit place where you can barely make out the outline of the stone.  Then think of something you want to know and stare into it for about ten minutes.  As soon as you see images focus on them and see where this takes you.

Members can post their experiences the next couple days.