Disease and Energy

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Oct 17, 2015

Disease and Energy


If cancer is a disease of (emotional) suppression then NO physical treatment, whether conventional or alternative/integrative, (beyond a simple, healthy diet/lifestyle) is going to have ANY effect (and could very well be detrimental) – the SOLE effective therapy would be to root out the suppression and express it.


The thing to keep in mind is that there are many influences that exacerbate disease and will cause a person to reach the trigger point faster than would have otherwise been the case.

The main cause of a large percentage of all disease is related to the principle of energy following thought. Thus when a person suppresses negative emotion this negativity follows the thought and forces accumulate in weakened areas of the body and may draw cancer cells there or create other problems.

Accumulation of negative energy can cause anything from the common cold to cancer, to heart, kidney and liver problems and more.

This does not mean though that two people who accumulate the same amount of negative energy will get the same cancer or other problem.

Let us take two people, we’ll call them Jim and John, who have the same emotional makeup having experiences that will cause them to suppress to the same degree.

Jim is careful about his diet and eats whole organic foods that have had little exposure to pesticides. He also drinks pure water, and gets plenty of sunshine and exercise.

John has a diet of processed foods and takes in lots of chemicals and additives. He doesn’t get much exercise and is exposed to some toxic chemicals in his work.

Because of suppression both are in danger of getting cancer, but because of John’s lifestyle his vital energy will be much lower and more poisons will accumulate. He is likely to trigger the cancer many years before Jim will. Unless the suppression is quite bad Jim may have the vitality necessary to avoid it altogether. But if his suppression is bad enough and reoccurs regularly he will be in danger of cancer, even with a good lifestyle.

If both Jim and John wind up getting cancer Jim will have a much better chance at recovery because he has more vital energy due to his lifestyle.

Most of us have some weak points about ourselves that can wind up being a focus for some type of disease. Some are born with physical weak points due to heredity, karma or other factors. Others accumulate weak points through wrong use of energy, bad lifestyle, or perhaps the guy just caught a contagious disease that weakened his system.

Whatever the case it is always wise to apply the known factors that help to maintain good health which are

(1) Good diet

(2) Exercise

(3) Pure water

(4) Positive attitude

Speaking of cancer, Artie and I read a book recently called “Cancer is Not a Disease,” by Andreas Moritz.

The reason he says it is not a disease is because most cancers are formed to capture and isolate poisons that could be an immediate threat. He says a tumor is a means for the body to capture and isolate these poisons to protect you from something worse. At the center of a tumor will be poisons that the cancer isolates for your protection.

It is an interesting approach and this and other health concepts are in his larger book, “Timeless Secrets” which is available free online.

Here is the LINK.

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