Symptoms of the Mark

Dec 28, 1998

Symptoms of the Mark

Let me start by quoting several questions we have been pondering:

“The first verses of Revelations Chapter 14, that I quoted in my previous post tells us that the 144,000 have the Father’s name in their foreheads. How is this accomplished? How is this different than having the name or number of the Beast in the forehead?

If we switch over to having the Father’s name in our foreheads then where do we look for that name and what is the name? What is the main sign that we have the name?”

Basically those who have the name of the Beast are those who look upon some name outside of themselves for authority. They may find themselves saying something like this:

“My guru Joe Blow says flying saucers are landing next month so I believe it.”

“My minister told me I shouldn’t marry Ann so I guess I won’t.”

“Dr. Laura says no, so I guess I shouldn’t do it.”

“The Priest, (Pope, Prophet etc.) says that Jesus is the Lord of the Universe so he must be.”

“The Bible (even this good book can represent an outside authority) says I can handle snakes and not get hurt so let me touch that rattler.”

He who has escaped the mark of the Beast may find himself saying other words as:

“I don’t care if you guys do get angry at me. I don’t think the group is right and I’m voting against this.”

“Why are you being so sensitive? All I did is tell you what I perceive to be true.”

“You may be right. I may lose my wife, my kids, my fortune and my good name, but this is something I have to do.”

“I know that’s what everybody thinks, but that’s because they are told what to think. Here’s what I think the real answer is. If you will just still yourself a moment and listen you will receive it too.”

See if you can come up with additional statements made by those who have the mark and those who have escaped it.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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