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1.  “Because we are not paying attention the only way the soul can get our attention is through pain. That pain comes in diverse ways. Through the pain of disease, through some accidents, through broken relationships and so on.”

2.  “Basically most unnatural forms of pain, especially related to disease comes from resistance to the higher will revealed through the soul.”

3.  “If one is willful and disregards the will of the soul the painful experiences will continue to grow until the person either yields to the will of the soul or cuts himself off from soul and becomes in danger of the dark path.”

4.  “The soul, from its vantage point, knows no pain and only sees the end result.”

5.  “Life is always less painful to one who communicates than to one who does not.”

6.  “If suffering is in your future, but that suffering will guide you toward higher evolution, then nothing will be done by the higher lives to warn you or remove the suffering. The removal will be up to you.”

7.  “When you learn what you are supposed to learn then higher lives may assist in alleviating your pain, but not before.”

8.  “Leaders sense the need for greater equality, brotherhood and sharing. Instead of working directly under the soul in materializing these objectives, their lower self creates a distorted reflection of divine possibilities. The result is a continuation of a lot of pain and suffering that just does not seem to go away.”

9.  “Pain should not be suppressed or it will resurface. If the person allows the pain while forcing his attention on the good things of life, it will not be long before the pain is completely gone.”

10.  “In any positive change that a disciple seeks to implement, he or she must sell the benefit and not the birth pains.”

11.  “If pain causes no fear then it will have no power.”

12.  “Suffering only comes to us when the Purpose of God is resisted.”

13.  “Pain experienced in childhood mainly has a strong influence on emotionally polarized people and some types of therapy are useful. There are many therapies available to people experiencing these types of problem. I encourage them, but am not involved with them.”

14.  “Soul contact and attention on your spiritual center can immediately erase the negative effects of all childhood pain.”

15.  “Since I am a strong advocate of soul contact, then I guess you could say I am advocating the ultimate therapy for those with a painful past.”

16.  “The fear of change has caused untold suffering in ages past.”

17.  “Even when suffering the greatest of offenses the disciple will not react as his emotional body dictates. Instead, he will connect with his soul through the mind and decide how to respond and that response will always be the most harmless path he can discern.”

18.  “In my experience with the Christ consciousness I have found no pain or suffering there, but only indescribable joy.”

19.  “Many of our emotional problems, and the pain connected with them, will be replaced by peace if we learn the art of divine acceptance.”

20.  “As long as we keep any attachment to the old and have not completely accepted the new, it will create more pain.”

21.  “If we manage the present and the future wisely, then even past painful experiences become springboards to joyous living, and are turned to a pleasant memory rather than painful.”

22.  “When one does not learn from the past the pain from the past remains and the present, past and future all become distorted and uncomfortable to pass through.”

23.  “If we create pain for a faithful spouse who is loving and doing their best then we are in danger of creating some negative karma.”

24.  “Realizing your own responsibility for reality erases the pain of the past, but one has to raise consciousness above the astral zone to apply this principle.”

25.  “Certain advances in the evolution of humanity have been decreed and if we get lazy and do not do our part then painful experience will befall the earth forcing us to move ahead.”

26.  “Even though some truths may be painful for us to accept, when it is accepted there is a certain peace associated with it.”

27.  “The misuse of the inner flame is the cause of much persecution suffered by all holy men and groups in all the ages passed.”

28.  “All the grades in this earth school teach us obedience by the things which we suffer.”

29.  “Pain can also be experienced in the emotional and mental bodies and can be more intense than the physical.”

30.  “When we have learned all the lessons that pain has to offer then we will move on to other planes of living where advancement is attained by other means.”

31.  “When a person identifies strongly with the physical to the extent that he resists the spiritual, pain is the result.”

32.  “Resistance of some kind causes all pain.”

33.  “The job of the disciple is to assist the students through the learning so they become masters of their situations and pain is replaced by joy.”

34.  “Those suffering from their own mistakes may see God as a vengeful being who is punishing them but instead they are merely reaping what they have sown.”

35.  “Rather than being an enemy, pain is a teacher sent to us to lead us to correction and eventual oneness with God.”

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