Mystery of Existence

The Absolute Mystery of Existence:

Greetings of love and peace to you all beloved brothers and sisters in God, knowledge, and humanity.

I commence my message with a few universal words of the absolute cosmic knowledge and wisdom that were delivered to the human species more than 2000 years ago by Jesus Christ, and which alone would bring total peace and happiness in the endless worlds of existence:

But I say unto you: love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you

My name is Mustafa Salim Dia. I now lead a solitary and poor life in a small village, located in the district of the city of Tyre, in the South of Lebanon, called Bafley. I am a humble man of knowledge with no house, no country, no bad self-importance, no personal history, but a life of challenge, knowledge, and mystery to be lived. I spend my time on the net sending my message of love and peace to the whole world.

I am separated from my two lovely daughters Lydia and Elena who live in the capital city of Beirut with their mother. They have suffered a great deal of psychological and emotional pain as a consequence of my strange life. Believe me, it is not easy to have a father with a reputation of being a weirdo nuts and a crazy man. I only hope they would forgive me when they eventually understand that I was at the mercy of the powers that rule the universe, and had no way of escaping the designs of Infinity, and the absolute tyranny of my friend death and companion destiny, who were both stalking me since I was one year old.

Death and destiny are the two mysterious forces that God or Infinity use(s) to implement his or her (neither his nor her) designs in order to bring the origination and evolution of existence into its destined fates through these two forces, which are manifested in the form of absolutely destined, programmed, orderly, and extremely precise and calculated (destiny) big bangs, cosmic collisions and blasts, atomic and chemical reactions, natural catastrophes, volcanic eruptions, geological factors, and other mighty deadly forces of nature (death).

Death and destiny are also sent in the form of horrifying and extremely strenuous events and circumstances to bring a total change in certain human beings, in order for them to deliver their fellow humans to safety, and raise their physical and mental survival capabilities by teaching them grand and whole new ways of thinking and living, to act in the world around them and perceive it in a totally different fashion.

I was visited by death and destiny since I was one year old in the form of extremely horrifying and strenuous events and situations to teach me grand and whole new ways of thinking and living in order to shatter apart all my previous feelings and perceptions of the world around me, that were taught to me by society and parents, so I would become void of those old perceptions and feelings to receive and comprehend new truths and knowledge about existence.

Certain truths were revealed to me about the way human beings perceive and understand the religious nature of existence. I was forced to read all kinds of books in different religions, philosophies, science, and other human knowledge to understand the way human beings perceive and grasp their religious, spiritual, and physical world.

I would reveal in this message a short and brief account of my strange and out of the world story with death and destiny. It tells how Infinity deals harshly and mercilessly with a chosen human being, in order to shatter apart his social self or the ego, by separating all his feelings of bad self-importance from his feelings of good self-importance, and locking the feelings of bad self-importance deep inside himself with the help of his three eternal guardians patience, strong will, and determination.

You could never get rid of bad or good self-importance. They are part of the social being or the ego that grows with time since birth to enhance our raw and rented awareness into something called the human attention.

We are an awareness and feelings. Infinity lends us raw primitive awareness to develop it through feelings into higher and more enhanced human attentions during the process of being alive. God The Almighty retrieves back these enhanced awareness after we die. That is the reason behind our origination: we are organic machines that develop and enhance raw and primitive awareness so Infinity would eventually retrieve it back as more enhanced attentions for reasons incomprehensible for us. We will never understand the designs of Infinity.

We all love, hate, envy, forgive, and be charitable or greedy. We all have good and bad feelings. They are what makes us into human beings. We cannot get rid of any of them. We can only make bad self-importance take control, or let the good self-importance be the dominant force in our lives. But whether the good or bad self-importance takes the lead, you will still be affected by the members of the other part. Only patience, strong will, and determination could lock either part inside and let the other partner take control whether it is the good or the bad part.

I would also reveal some new spiritual and religious facts which have been haunting humans since their origination and evolution on our beloved mother earth. You would understand that the story of Adam and other religious facts were mere metaphors to teach a lesson. The collective mind of human beings was the factor that determined what stories prophets and men of knowledge came with. Infinity could not reveal to them, for example, that the universe originated from a big bang, or humans developed from another species, or life was originated two billion years ago from a single cell. The collective mind of human beings would not have understood those scientific facts.

Although God The Almighty revealed very clearly the big bang and the expansion of the universe more than 1400 years ago in the Holy Koran, but the collective mind of human beings was not able to comprehend those scientific facts, because it was not prepared to accept those Divine Scientific Truths.

Do the disbelievers not see that the heavens and the earth were one mass, and We tore them apart? (Holy Koran – Alanbiya – verse 30)

We constructed the universe with power, and we are expanding it (Holy Koran – the Aldhariyat (the winnowing winds) – verse 47)

Now the collective mind of human beings have developed into a level where it would be easy for us to accept those scientific facts.

I would reveal certain Divine truths about the nature of Infinity or God The Almighty. We can never comprehend the essence of Infinity with our finite minds. We would only grasp the effects of Infinity, but not its True and Divine essence. Infinity resembles nothing of what we perceive or feel. It is Indivisible, Incomprehensible, and Infinite One Divine Whole. Our collective and personal minds can only perceive the finite and limited nature of existence.

I would reveal the bad designs of Infinity and what it has in store for us if we keep on following the path of hatred, envy, and greed.

I would also reveal the good designs of Infinity and what it has in store for us if we traverse the path of love, forgiveness, and charity.

I would divide my message of love and peace into six parts:

The Absolute Mystery of Existence

My Mysterious Story with Death and Destiny

The Ultimate Goal of Humanity

The Big Bang, Evolution, and the Real Adams

The Mysterious Designs of Infinity

Jews, Christians, and Muslims

Good luck to you dearest and most beloved brothers and sisters in God, knowledge, and humanity with your new adventure, on a mysterious journey to the boundaries of the unknown, where you will soar on the eternal wings of Infinity, to discover a whole new world of mystery and wonder, you have never ever witnessed even in your wildest imaginations.


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(part 2a) My Mysterious Story with Death and Destiny

The absolute tyranny of destiny befell me at the age of one year old, when my new born little brother came into existence at a most crucial interval of the life of any human child who needs the nurturing and loving care of its mother to help him or her in its second and most important year in his or her life to develop his or her character and personality that determine the outcome of his or her future ambitions, hopes, and dreams.

Death visited me the first time at the age of three when it took away the life of my second new born brother, and the second time, at the age of four, when it took the life of my third new born brother.

The absolute tyranny of destiny befell me more harshly since then after it granted my first little new born brother the chance to receive the nurturing and loving care of my mother for the first four years of his life, and allowed him to develop a strong personality and distinguished character, and armed with high ambitions and strong will of survival abilities, he became the dominating male, while I ended up the subversive one with weak personality and undeveloped character, and armed with no ambitions and a very low will of survival abilities, my childish years saw no more than a desperate, sad, and harsh livelihood, before and after I fell at the mercy of my little petty tyrant brother who used to beat and torture me all the time.

The absolute and meanest tyranny of death and destiny befell me at the age of five, when they collaborated mercilessly and without any kindness to deliver a decisive blow into the innocent years of my childhood, after they put me at a scene that shattered the worldly foundations of my desperate, sad, and harsh life.

The mysterious designs of Infinity were schemed so that death and destiny bring me into a place where I witnessed the fall of a young and innocent child from the roof of a four storey building, down into the street where I was standing near our house, and his tender little head was smashed into pieces in front of my very horrified eyes, and bones, brains, blood, and flesh were splattered all over me.

The tyranny of death and destiny befell upon me with two more bloody and horrifying events, where I witnessed the stabbing of a man at exactly the same very spot where I had witnessed the falling of the innocent child, and the slashing of the back of another man with a very sharp knife at another place not very far from our house.

The tyranny of death and destiny hasn’t stopped at befalling me with unusually designed events that happened to other people, but also with bloody events that befell me personally and caused painful physical and psychological harm to my innocent childhood, over the next four years.

I would only mention two of the bloodiest and most painful incidents that I had ever experienced and witnessed in my previous childish life.

The first bloody incident took place when I was about six years old. It happened that I was coming out of the building that faced the one we used to live in, and at the moment I got out of the gate and stepped on the pavement, I glanced a man pounding a long piece of rod with a chisel on the other pavement across the street, in front of the bakery under our house, and in a flash of an eye, I saw the man stand up with horror in his eyes, while he ran like a mad man towards me. I thought he wanted to inflict some harm upon my desperate being. The moment he reached my spot I felt a warm stuff gushing out of my face, and saw later a fountain of blood flowing all over that ominous face and covering all my chest, to an extent that I was drowning in a pool of blood. The fear and shock that I had experienced were so outlandish that I only woke up in a hospital, under the mercy of a nurse attending my wound, while I felt the most horrifying pain and fear I had ever experienced in the previous life of my desperate and sad childhood.

What had happened at that time defied all the physical laws of force and gravity known in the universe. While the man was pounding the long piece of rod, infinity destined that a short piece of that rod come out in a way that contradicted all the deductive and scientific reasoning of the human mind, and launch like a rocket to hit my eyebrow, after crossing a distance of about 8 or 9 meters, and cause a very deep and wide wound in the middle of my right eyebrow, and even reach the bone and cut it slightly too.

Death had become my eternal enemy and executioner from that time on. I was up to that moment witnessing death as an outside horrifying dark force that snatched away the lives of my two new born brothers, and that of an innocent boy, and caused the stabbing and slashing of two more other human beings. But I had never ever experienced its merciless tyranny personally, till it had inflicted the most painful and horrifying harm upon my miserable being, to the point that it had become the eternal ghost that haunted me after that during all my future desperate and sad life.

The second most bizarre and horrifying incident that had inflicted upon my petty being the most psychological and emotional pain I had ever experienced in my previous life, took place when I was about 8 or 9 years old.

The incident took place exactly where I had been inflicted with the deep wound 2 or 3 years ago. A relative of mine, who was an innocent and peaceful boy of my age, had come to visit me from his neighborhood. While we were both chatting and playing at that ominous place, he stood exactly at the same very spot where I had received that ominous wound. Infinity destined, without his awareness or will, that he put his little finger between the two scissors at the back end of the ominous iron gate of that ominous building, and me close that ominous gate without my awareness or will either. The only thing I remember was his out of the world cry accompanied with the most horrifying pain and horror I had ever seen another innocent boy experience. I saw a little smashed and cut finger with its tip and a little more dripping loose and attached only to what was left of smashed bone.

Memories of all the previous horrifying events that I had experienced in my previous miserable life flooded my mind and a torrent of mixed feelings of fear, sadness and misery culminated into a single feeling of supreme guilt and injustice which invaded my poor soul, accompanied by the most bizarre and out of the world psychological and emotional pain I had experienced at that moment, were more than my weak and desperate heart could stand. I had felt that I became an unjust and merciless executioner who inflicted great harm upon an innocent and peaceful boy. All I was left with was a feeling of mercy and peacefulness that followed, and filled my innocent and miserable heart during all my future desperate life, in a way that no living human being on the face of earth would ever understand, unless he went through the same sufferings I had experienced throughout all my previous desperate life. My heart would break and my eyes would cry at the least view of injustice or pain or suffering I would witness happening with other people. I couldn’t hurt a fly after that, and became so peaceful and merciful that I never dared inflict the slightest harm upon any creature in the world during all my future petty life.

Infinity designed that destiny have mercy with me at the age of nine after defeating my little petty tyrant brother, which raised my hopes and ambitions at the age of ten, to defeat my classmates in my fifth elementary school year, and succeed to reach the first level in my class, and the fourth in Lebanon, in the official final examinations, at the age of eleven.

But Infinity decided once more that the tyranny of destiny shatter this time the foundations of my victorious and ambitious life, after my path was crossed with another meanest petty tyrant, who caused hell itself to descend upon my petty being in the first intermediate class, where he used to beat the shit out of me in school all the time, and I ended up falling in my final examinations, and all my false hopes and ambitions evaporated in thin air, and was left with more desperation and sadness than I had ever experienced in my previous childish years of my petty horrifying life.

All I was left with to alleviate my desperation and sadness was my handsome face, which allowed me to communicate with lovely young girls of my age, whom their sweet and innocent compassion compensated all the loving care that I lacked in my childish years. But again, Infinity decided that the tyranny of destiny befall upon me more harshly this time, and my innocent handsome face was invaded by a horrible number of the most ugly and disgusting pimples, that turned my face into a pool of red and puked huge balls of blisters scattered over every possible spot in that ominous face. I ended up this time leading a lonely and miserable ugly life, secluding my petty self away from society, and communicating the possible least with any human, because of the fear that they might get disgusted with such an ugly beast.

Death and destiny delivered a very emotional blow upon me during the civil war, at the age of sixteen, when they collaborated this time to bereave me of my only friend and my only other good companion in life. They were my closest friend and cousin, and a goodhearted middle aged man, who used to alleviate some of my sadness with his sweet company and funny jokes. They both died with a bomb in front of my very favorite spot under our house, where I used to sit all the time, since I was two years old, watching people and meditating my sad and desperate petty life.

Infinity decided to send death and destiny, once again, to deliver the most merciless and harsh blow upon my petty self, at the age of eighteen, when my father got sick with cancer, and I had to sit with him in the AUB hospital in Beirut, for two long months, watching him wither in front of my very eyes, and witnessing the non-merciful claws of death while they were slowly entering deeper and deeper inside his weak and helpless body to snatch his life away.

The books of Gibran Khalil Gibran were my only haven and solace, since I was eleven and a half years old, to alleviate some of my loneliness, sadness, and harsh circumstances that I was experiencing during my agony with the my meanest petty tyrant at school, and during my seclusion after the invasion of the ugly pimples, which answered some of the myriads of question that I had about life, sadness, and death.

But Infinity was not completely harsh with me. It had saved me miraculously on many occasions from certain deaths during the civil war and over the period prior to my departure to the US. I would mention only three of them.

The first miraculous event took place at the beginning of the civil war at the age of 16 years old, when I had decided to visit my aunt, very close to the neighborhood of the innocent and peaceful boy I had harmed in my childhood, which was many blocks away from our house.

When I reached the vicinity of her house, I heard a loud and deafening explosion at exactly the same very moment I was about to step inside the street. I saw a great number of human bodies which lay scattered all over the street either dead or very wounded. Some were torn to pieces with mutilated hands and legs and chopped bodies. Some were on the verge of dying, while others were crying silently for help. The nearest and the first human body I had approached belonged to a young man of about my age, whose face was shredded to pieces, with all the flesh on it torn out and the bones peaking out. The only thing that was alive were his horrified eyes that looked up at me and pleaded for help. The moment I gazed into his horrified eyes I knew that death had stared me straight in my own eyes. I felt death with some unknown hidden part deep inside my poor soul, whispering to me silently in a mysterious way that I was about to face the same fate, but God the Almighty had decided to save my miserable life. I understood right away the reason behind all the previous visits of death and destiny in my childhood, and that the designs of Infinity would be revealed to me someday in my future life.

The second more bizarre and outlandish event happened to me two years later, when I was selling my used school books under a bridge very close to the destroyed downtown of the divided city of Beirut. Three villain guys of my age or even older had approached me and threatened that I either hand them my used books or I would be killed. I tried to reason them out, but there was no way to make them change their evil schemes. When I was about to surrender to their deadly and serious threats and let them plunder my books, some unknown and mysterious power that I had never ever experienced in my whole cowardly life overtook me, and I refused to grant them their wishes.

The next thing I saw was the three of them suddenly charging at me to beat the shit out me, at first, and eventually end that miserable life of mine, but that same mysterious power that had landed upon my weak and cowardly heart from nowhere, converted me into an unknown and mysterious being. It was as if I had a black belt in martial arts, because I began to fend off their onslaughts with fast arms and legs movements and were not able to touch me, except for one slap that one of them had delivered unto my neck at the beginning of the fight due to the suddenness of their mischievous and evil attack.

In the midst of all that was happening, which lasted more than five minutes, I turned my head to the back without my intention or will, and saw one of them holding a very sharp knife and was about to stab me with it in the back. In a reaction that was extremely bizarre and mysterious to me, which I witnessed and executed in what seemed a slow motion, I grabbed the hand of the attacker and snatched his knife, then pointed it at the three of them. They looked with open mouths and horrified eyes and fled away as if a demon was stalking them.

The last event that had happened to me at the age of 19, took place when I drowned at sea and was saved in a way that is still a mystery to me up to this very day, because I was drifted deep into the sea, where the mighty waves of a huge current moved me like a helpless rag up and down amidst the worst hurricane of water, where I fought for my life for an unknown period of time, and the minute I gave up myself to death I saw my body near the beach, where I stood up on my legs and walked up the sand completely exhausted, and after I fell down half conscious, I experienced the most wonderful and out of the world feeling, and I knew right away that a flame of Divinity had touched my weak and innocent heart, and I witnessed the existence of God in a way that words cannot describe in any reasonable way.

Infinity paved the way for me, in the year of 1979. to go to the US as a student, at Portland Community College, in the state of Oregon. The minute my legs touched the promised land I experienced an unprecedented peace of mind and happiness that I had never ever felt before in my sad and desperate previous life, and I knew that I was reborn in The Heavens.

I began reading the bible and followed the teachings of Jesus Christ to the letter, and started going to churches. I felt a kind of love for my fellow human beings that words alone cannot describe. I was full of love, forgiveness, and happiness.

But again the hardships of life was more than my poor situation could stand. I was making $600 a month working in restaurants as a dish washer and a busboy, and after the tax deduction I would be left only with 400 or 450 dollars. I had to save for the college, the room rent, the food, the transportation, and all other needs from them, but that was impossible. I had to go one semester and skip another in order for me to be able to save 900 dollars for each one. Sometimes I ate one meal a day and sometimes I used to go hungry without food for two days when I was off work, and used to wait till I went to the restaurant to eat my meal there.

Complete sadness and desperation invaded me this time. I was lonely in a faraway land, penniless and hungry. The flame that had touched my heart started to wither, till it faded away completely, and all I was left with was an eternal hatred for God, and he turned into my worst enemy.

My only recourse was reading books in all kinds of religions and philosophies. With time I came to understand a little more about the designs of infinity, and in spite of my sadness and desperation, I had hope that some day I would be saved, and God would deliver me to safety. But Infinity had decided a different fate for me, and I was deported from the US in mid 1982. I had gone through the same agony, the same pain, and the same loss that had befallen our ancestors Adam and Eve, because I was cast out of my own heaven.

I could have avoided the deportation, and would have stayed in the States, and continued my normal life, and made enough money to finish my education and end all my miseries, in case I had done something that contradicted with all my ideals, and gave away all that I had previously believed in

A year or so before the deportation I got my liquor permit at the age of 21 years old, which allowed me to work as a waiter. After working for some time in a restaurant with a relative of mine, and after he saw that I was still having financial problems regarding my tuition fees and my way of living, he told me that I could make enough money to get out of my misery, and pay my fees, and live a good life without the need to skip any semester, and that I would even save a thousand dollars or so each month.

All I had to do was to steal money from the cash register of the restaurant, because the waiter himself was also the cashier responsible for issuing the bills to the customers. He showed me a way to play with the bills without being caught in any way. He told me that he had been doing it himself for some time and was never caught. Being the supervisor, he was able to follow a legal procedure in which he could cancel a paid bill and consider it a returned one after he signed it, and the high administration of the restaurant and the hotel would not doubt the fraud act in any way. He told me to choose any bill with whatever amount of money each day and he would sign it, and I would take that stolen money to enjoy it anyway I pleased

I refused to do so because I couldn’t imagine myself becoming a crafty and a thief. That was more than I could handle. Any normal sane person in my situation would have done that to save himself, but I guess I was not that sane or normal at all.

Eight months before the deportation he arranged that I marry the sister of his girlfriend in order to get the green card, with her previous knowledge that our marriage was a fixed one only to get the green card, and she had agreed to that.

Three months after our marriage she told me that she wanted to have a baby. I was still young and a student and above all, was not ready to have a baby, especially that I was not in love with her. That contradicted with my beliefs of the idea of marriage. I could at least have fooled her and lied to her into believing that I would do that in the near future after my financial situation got better, in order to buy some time till I got my green card after only three more months, and would have kicked her out of my life without endangering my situation, but that also contradicted with my previous beliefs about fooling people and being dishonest and cruel to them. Again, any sane and normal person would have done that, but I guess my fate was destined not to be a sane and normal person after all.

I told her that I didn’t want to live with her anymore and asked her to leave. She called me many times after that telling me that she would do anything to return to me, but I refused to do that, fearing that she would fool me and get pregnant without my knowledge or agreement. Five months later I got a phone call from the immigration office telling me that they wanted to have an interview with me. The minute I entered the office they locked me in prison and told me that I had a court session after ten days to decide my stay in the States, either I would stay, which was almost impossible, or they would deport me without having the chance ever to return to the States again. They gave me though another choice in which I would ask for the deportation myself before the court session, and in that case I could return to the states after a year or so.

I decided to resort to a fourth choice. I had a girlfriend who had agreed to marry me before the court session in case I got out of prison. I needed 2000 dollars to bail me out before the court session convened. I asked the sister of the same relative of mine that they both seek a Saudi friend of mine to get the 2000 dollars from him. That Saudi friend was the nicest human being I had ever met on the face of earth, and he agreed immediately to do that. The next day, my relative came to the immigration office with his sister, who was my best friend, and who had played a major role in mediating to get me the bail money, and told me that he had the two thousand dollars with him, and he had even showed them to me, but he refused to pay them and bail me out. I implored him, and his sister did too, to pay the bail money, and I even agreed to steal money from the restaurant and do whatever he wanted me to do, but he refused. I guess he had given up on me, and knew that I would never change my ideals and live the reality of life.

He had been a personification and an excellent reflection of that reality himself. Although he had the green card, and was making good money, and wasn’t paying any tuition fees for his education, and was living with his sister in the large and comfortable house of his older and married brother, and ate the best meals, and led the best life of a bachelor, but in spite of all that, he stole money from that restaurant and was never caught. That reality of life had proven to be very successful with him, for he is now an American citizen and a millionaire living happily ever after.

I decided to concede to the immigration offer and ask for the deportation myself, in the hope that I would be able to return someday, but that never happened.

The irony and cruelness of destiny is that at some time in my future life, and after years of my return from the States to my homeland I was forced to contradict all my previous beliefs in being an honest person who would never fool anyone and play a fraud act on him or steal his money.

The minute my legs had landed again on the soil of my home land Lebanon, my heart became a void. No feelings. No hopes. No ambitions. Nothing but a dark, empty, sad, and desperate heart, full to the brim with hatred to my two eternal enemies: Infinity and life.

The extraordinary events that took place after that decided my path.

Upon my return to Lebanon during the Israeli occupation in mid 1982, I found out that the house that my family had been living in since 1977, and which my late father had occupied, after we had fled our old house during the civil war… I found out that the owner of the house, had been living with my mother and younger brothers and sisters in the same house, after he had divided it between them, and had been giving them very bad time and threatening them all the time to leave the house, which forced my little brother, who had been my tyrant in my childhood, to flee the house three months earlier, and rent a house in the suburbs of Beirut by himself.

After a month of my arrival, we had to get the furniture out and leave the house, and live in the house that my little brother had rented in the suburbs, after he had left to live alone in another house.

The only one who had been working and providing my family with the needs of living was my little brother who had fled the house earlier. Being the eldest son in the family, I had to take his place and pay the rent and provide for the needs of living, but since I was jobless and penniless, my mother and younger brothers and sisters left to the village, after my 14 years old brother found a job there, and I was left alone in Beirut with my eldest sister. We hadn’t been paying the rent for two months and the owner started to threaten us either to pay or leave. After two weeks of the departure of my family, I had to leave the rented house with my eldest sister and join them in the occupied village in the south. We left all the furniture behind and fled empty handed one more time.

I worked as a porter in the port of Tyre for some time. After that I succeeded to work on a ship that sailed between the Port of Tyre and Cypress. I saw hell during that month because I was always seasick and found it so hard to eat or sleep properly.

After working as a laborer in the village for some time, I joined one of the private schools as an English teacher.

I taught for two years making less than 200 dollars a month. I asked for a raise, but the owner of the school refused to grant me my request. I left the village and returned to

Beirut, after a relative of mine had fixed me a job as an English teacher in another private school he was teaching in. I lived at the house of another relative for a whole year.

During the school year, the most extraordinary event took place.

I had read an add in the newspaper requesting nurse translators to Saudi Arabia. I applied for the job and was tested along with others in English. Being an English teacher and a previous student in the States, I achieved the highest grade of all the contestants, because the major test consisted of listening to about a hundred questions which I answered all of them correctly.

When I came back to learn about the results I was offered to become the head nurse translator of that hospital with a basic salary of 1500 dollars a month in addition to extra bonuses, which would all amount to 2000 dollars or more a month. I was informed that my salary would be raised each year.

That was more than I could handle. I almost cried inside the office, but I had to control myself lest I become a ridicule. They requested that I bring my passport to get me the visa. I issued a new one and headed to the office full of hopes that I would visit my paradise after all. They took the passport and told me to come after a week to get it.

All the time after my deportation from the States I had one obsession, and that to return to the promised land of my heaven. This time I saw a glimpse of light of making that dream come true.

I couldn’t wait till that promised and happy day arrived. Upon entering the office of the supervisor whom I had made the deal with, I was told that all the visas to Saudi Arabia were postponed and the hospital stopped all application from Lebanon.

I had learned that the next day after I had given them my passport the Saudi general consulate in West Beirut was attacked and burned by some militia men, and that visas were either cancelled or postponed.

That destroyed all my renewed hopes that I had pinned on that job of changing my fate and achieving my dream of returning to my heaven in the States. But the dream of visiting my paradise again had vanished for ever, and the pain I had felt was much more harder than the one I had suffered upon my deportation.

Things didn’t go well at the end of the school year and I was forced to quit. But destiny smiled at me after I had read an add in the newspaper requesting an English teacher in the mount of Lebanon far from the city of Beirut.

I applied for the job and was accepted with a salary of about 800 dollars, and a free room to live in inside the school campus.

I packed my stuff in a big traveling bag, and after thanking my relatives for their great hospitality, my other relative who had fixed me the teaching job, took me in his car and we headed straight to the place of my promised destination.

I thought that with all the money I would be making, I could save at least 500 or 600 dollars a month, and during two or three years I would accumulate enough dollars to visit my heaven and see if I could find a way to stay there in some way or another. All I ever wanted was to feel again the sweet breeze of my paradise.

When I entered the lobby I was faced by a mean looking militia man adherent to a certain military party asking me about my name and the reason of my visit. I told him my name and informed him that I was the new English teacher. He left me and came back after ten or fifteen minutes. He looked fiercely into my eyes and ordered me to leave the vicinity of the school because there was no more need for my teaching services. I insisted to meet the lady owner of the school. I waited for about four hours in the lobby. When I met her at last she told me that things had gotten out of her hand and there was nothing she could do about it, and that I had to leave the school and never come back again or something bad would befall me. I returned to the house of my relatives dragging behind my failure and my ominous traveling bag, and the dreams of visiting my paradise had vanished in thin air.

Two weeks later I was horrified to learn from the newspaper that the lady owner and her woman principal were murdered in their rooms inside the vicinity of the school. I thanked God for being cast out of that ominous school, because if I had been there with them I would have certainly met the same fate. Destiny had saved me from the claws of death one more time.

I went to live with my previous tyrant little brother, after I found another school and began to teach.


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(part 2b) My Mysterious Story with Death and Destiny

I continued my life with the false hope that some day I would get another chance to visit my paradise once again. I caught a glimpse of that chance for the last time when one of my friends had told me about the stock market.

He took me to a stock exchange office and showed me how the stock market was handled. I looked at a screen with names and numbers on it which I couldn’t fathom the least. He told me that if you buy a commodity or a currency or gold or whatever on that screen, and if the market goes up I could win twelve and a half dollars with each point, and that the broker could help me to win at least 50 points a day, and sometimes I could win thousands of dollars in one jump if the market goes a limit up, and vice versa if I sell and the market goes a limit down. He gave me false hopes that one never loses and might become a millionaire in less than a year. All I had to do was get 4000 dollars to open an account. He had also been fooled to believe that.

I was so fooled to believe what he had just explained to me that I ran to visit the nicest and most generous and beneficiary human being on the face of earth. He was the LATE RATEB AMHAZ (ABOU TALAL).

He had been the benefactor and financial helper of my orphan family and the provider of their daily needs whenever he saw fit to do that. He was also the good Samaritan who had paid half the price of the plane ticket upon my departure to the US, in addition to another 400 dollars as pocket money to spend in the States.

When I asked him to join in that business enterprise with me and provide me with the 4000 dollars needed for that promising project, he never hesitated. He accompanied me the next day to the bank and withdrew the 4000 dollars and handed them to me with a smile and a good luck.

I put the money in an account and handed that account to an ignorant broker. He started to lose money instead of gaining it. He had told me that the market is not stable and that such things happen all the time. I had lost a 1000 dollars the first week. The second week I was left with only 2000 dollars, with which he bought a cotton contract. The next day the cotton went the first limit down, and the day after the next limit down, and all I was left with was an empty account. I had lost the 4000 dollars and I saw and felt nothing but a black cloud that had enveloped my miserable being.

I didn’t know what to think or what to say to my benefactor and good Samaritan THE LATE ABOU TALAL.

While I was shouting and crying in the office a person approached me and said that there was an international company he had been dealing with which hired only the best brokers in the world. He assured me that they never lose. All I had to do was to get 10,000 dollars to open an account. The 4000 dollars were required only from fake companies like the one I used to deal with, and not like the international companies that needed a larger capital.

I could have told THE LATE ABOU TALAL about what had happened and I was sure he would have forgiven me and never said anything bad to hurt my feelings. But I was ashamed to face him and look as a crafty who had fooled him out of his honest money. I couldn’t do that to him. Instead I thought that I might have a chance with that other international company to compensate our loss and gain more money.

I visited him in his house with a broad smile on my face. I told him that I had won a thousand dollars but I needed another 10,000 dollars to open an account with the 15,000 dollars in an international company so we could double the amount every month or even more. I gave him the choice of splitting the profit and continue with the old company.

He refused to split the money and accompanied me the next day and withdrew another 10,000 dollars and handed them to me with a broader smile and lots of good lucks.

I opened a new account and handed it to a broker in that company. The next day he lost 500 dollars. And the next another 500 dollars. And his losses accumulated to 3000 dollars just in two weeks. I lost my mind and temper and didn’t know what to do. I relieved him of the responsibility of handling my account and took that responsibility myself, after I had acquired certain experience in the stock market. I had invented a mathematical method that depended on drawing a graph to follow the movements of the market and discover the points at which the market might go up or down. I started to win. Sometimes I won a hundred dollars, and at other times I won 200 dollars or even more. I lost from time to time 50 or 100 dollars because I used to stop my losses at certain points. I won about a thousand dollars in three weeks, and things started to brighten up again.

I hadn’t seen THE LATE ABOU TALAL in more than a month and a half, which prompted him to send me a verbal message with one of my relatives requesting to see me.

When I had gone to see him he asked me about my account and I lied to him and said that I had made only 5000 dollars as a profit, because the market was slow. I felt that he was beginning to question my honest motives and requested that I withdraw 10,000 dollars, and work with the other 10,000, because he was going through a financial problem that needed some cash. I told him that I would get it to him the next day, but I never showed up. I only had less than 7000 dollars on me, because I had quit my teaching job and took residence in a hotel near the company, and had spent more than a 1000 dollars on food, clothes, hotel rent, and other expenses.

I sent him a message telling him that I was threatened by an international mafia, and that they had sent me to get his money or they would kill me. I thought I would buy some time, because I had met a person who had told me that he worked in the central bank of Lebanon, and that he could give me some tips on the Lebanese exchange market to win lots of money. He requested that I split the profits with him. I agreed to do that, and withdrew my account from the company and put it in a local exchange office after buying a wireless to give orders for buying or selling in the Lebanese exchange market.

The newest broker started to give me his false tips, and I began to lose more and more money. After a month I had lost more than 2000 dollars, in addition to another 2000 or more on expenses that needed much more money because I had become a renegade chased by police and local military militias.

At the end, I was caught and put under the custody of a local military militia for exactly 40 days and nights, where I was beaten, humiliated, and treated every single hour of those ominous days and nights, with the most cruelty a man would ever experience in his life.

That was nothing compared to the unlimited feeling of disgust and hatred upon my dirty being for the mischievous and dishonest act I had played on the best and most honest beneficiary and Samaritan I had ever crossed paths with in my entire miserable and sad life.

I returned to the village after my release and worked as a teacher for some years. But life was miserable and the salary was worse. All I was thinking of was to return to my paradise, and with what I was doing, I couldn’t achieve that. So I went in search of my fortune in the capital city of Beirut one more time

I went down from the village with only 30 dollars on me. I used 10 dollars to rent a bed in one corner of the open corridor of a renting place to sleep for a month. The lady in that house felt sorry for me, and brought a bed and put it in the corridor just for me to sleep on, after I had told her that I only have 10 dollars to pay for rent. I spent the rest of the money on food, while I walked long distances in search for a job. I used to buy a kilo of bread that I always had in a shoulder bag to eat during three days. I used to buy a kilo of yogurt from time to time to eat with the bread. I spent the money after three weeks. I only bought two decent sandwiches, and ate two free decent meals at a friend of mine, during that period of three long and hard weeks. I had to go hungry for the rest of the month, except when I ate from some trees that had some kind of strange but edible small berry like fruits, along with some damaged fruits that sellers used to throw at the end of the day. I used to collect and devour the good parts of them after extracting the damaged parts.

Destiny smiled at me exactly one day before the end of the month, and I found a job in a restaurant as a waiter. But I had faced a major and big problem. I had to buy a black tuxedo, two shirts, a necktie, black socks, and a black shoe for work. I also had to rent a decent room for at least a hundred dollars a month, to keep my stuff in, clean my shirts, and shower everyday, after the long and hard day of work. I needed at least five hundred dollars of which I hadn’t even a dime on me.

I visited a young man from my village who was continuing his education in Switzerland to get his doctorate degree in chemistry. I had seen him a month ago in the village exactly at the same day before I went down to the city of Beirut. This time he had returned to the house of his parents in the city. He had previously asked me, while we were chatting in the village, if I could get him some ten thousand faked dollars, because it was easy to circulate them in Switzerland without being caught.

I took advantage of that incident, and faced him with the fact that I had seen some gang, and that they were willing to sell me the ten thousand faked dollars for only five hundred real dollars. He refused to do that and told me that he had reconsidered the matter and didn’t want anything to do with faked money, because it was not safe and that would endanger his life and professional career.

I didn’t take no for an answer, and told him that the gang had already prepared the money for me, and if I didn’t come up with the five hundred dollars today, they would not hesitate to kill me. I gave him only one choice, and that to go himself to the gang and reason them out, and convince them of returning the faked money.

He got very frightened, and that was exactly my intention. I had meditated and considered deeply that devilish scheme the night before, and had all the possible answers to all the questions and doubts he would face me with.

At the end, we reached a reasonable deal. He would pay me four hundred dollars, and I would pay the rest. I agreed to that last choice.

I wrote him a letter the next day, and sent it with a mutual friend and a relative of mine, telling him that the gang had beaten me up and hadn’t given me the faked money, and that they had threatened to kill me and him if we ever told anyone about that.

I guess he was satisfied to get rid of me and the faked money, even though he had lost four hundred dollars, because he hadn’t told anyone of that incident except the mutual friend who had delivered the letter to him, and knew of its content, due to the fact that I had intended deliberately to give it to him open and without an envelope, to let him read its content and know about the deal of the faked money between us, in case he said that I had borrowed the money from him, or invented a different story.

Destiny was so merciless with me this time, and destroyed all the beautiful things that I had relished all my life, and had paid dearly for. I gave up all my beliefs and ideals, because I was faced with one of two choices. I either returned to the village empty handed and a failure like I had always done, or killed my miserable self. I was a coward to kill myself, and was so ashamed to return to the village once again a failure, because I was nothing but a complete failure since I returned from the States. So I resorted to a third and most difficult choice, a one that had never ever entered my mind. It was the worst decision I had ever taken in my whole life, and all I was left with was a strong and out of the world feeling of the most profound guilt and disgust towards my dirty and devilish self.

I worked for about two months in that restaurant, but I couldn’t compete with the old waiters who gave me a very bad time. They succeeded at the end in defeating me and causing the supervisor to end my services, because I wasn’t as good as they were. It was the first time that I worked in Lebanese restaurants as a waiter, and their line of work was completely different than the easy line of the American restaurants, that didn’t require very high professionalism, and also because most Americans didn’t like to work in restaurants, which left only foreign students, and especially Lebanese to take over that line of business. The situation was different in Lebanon, because the competition was strong and required high professionalism, and I lacked both of them.

I looked for another job for about two months and in that period I had spent almost all the money that I had made from working in the first restaurant. I had to be very miser and economize to the maximum in my expenditures. I had great experience in surviving such harsh circumstances due to my previous miserable situations that I had gone through in the States and in the last hunger strike before I found the last job.

I succeeded to find work in another restaurant, but this time I faced a very professional waiter and the only waiter working in that restaurant. He was making very good money from the tips that he used to accumulate alone. Being another waiter with him meant that I competed with him on the tips, and that made him the worst petty tyrant I had ever worked with in restaurants. He eventually defeated me and caused the owner to fire me even before I ended my month.

I hadn’t made enough money to survive the hard times that I encountered again in my search for another work. This time I spent all the money that I had saved except for the room rent. I had one month to look for a job, but I was penniless. I had no bread or yogurt to devour. I only had rotten fruits and edible berry like trees to feed on. I spent two weeks wandering in the streets looking for a job and feeding on edible trees and rotten fruits and vegetables.

I was so hungry that I had no recourse but to eat from the garbage. I used to stand near fast food restaurants awaiting the chance for someone to throw what was left of his or her sandwich in the garbage can. I used to devour the leftovers like a hungry vulture, or you might say a hungry miserable dog.

The month ended without me finding any job. I was left with no other choice but to go back to the village or get suicide. But since death was my worst enemy and the most fearful entity that scared the shit out of my wits since I was five years old, I didn’t dare take that last action that would have ended my miserable shitty life, and returned to the village with a devastated and demolished heart, dragging behind my usual failure once again.

I had perpetrated the worst sin ever just to avoid going back to the village as a failure. But destiny was more and more and more merciless with me than ever before, and I returned instead as a sinful and a humiliated garbage eater failure.

But in the last stages of my path, I reached the light at the end of the tunnel, when destiny opened its full arms to me, after it had opened the gates of hell on me, upon my return to my homeland. I eventually became a man of knowledge. Infinity had revealed its designs to me after all. I was chosen to prepare the way before humanity to reach either salvation or extinction. I was one of the many and many humble human beings throughout history, who were visited by death and destiny to accomplish certain tasks designed by Infinity.

I understood that the story of our ancestors Adam and Eve was no more than a metaphor to teach a certain lesson, and that the Garden of Eden was no place outside our beloved mother earth. I knew that I was the latest man of knowledge, and the humblest of them, who will pave the way before humanity to reach a higher level of evolution. I am not in the line of knowledge and power of prophets. I am just an ordinary humble man of knowledge whose only task is to reveal certain truths and warn our fellow human beings that we either follow the path of love, forgiveness and charity to reach global peace and harmony, and develop the two scientific realms of Nano technology and genetic engineering to make earth into our own heaven, or the human race would face another major extinction, where only millions of human beings would survive, while the rest would perish.

Human beings are destined to reach a certain level of awareness, and develop new branches of science such as Nano technology and genetic engineering to raise the state of their evolution into a new and completely different line of extraordinary human ancestry that would have total control over matter and energy and the human gene. Humans would take a different turn in evolution and would make beloved mother earth into their own heaven, and themselves into a highly developed kind of living sentient beings.

You will find more explanation and truths about the evolution of creation, life, and humans in the article titled the big bang, death and destiny, and evolution that follows the article titled the ultimate goal of humanity,

My beloved friend and companion death and destiny will not cease to stalk me relentlessly and without mercy, and would never give me the slightest break to catch up my breath, in spite of being a very sick middle-aged man, and the poorest on the face of our beloved mother earth, and the most miserable one of all. But, regardless of all that, I am the humble man of knowledge that holds the key to delivering my beloved brothers and sisters in God and knowledge and humanity to safety, through the path of love, forgiveness, and charity, if they only wish to do that. Ain’t that the weirdest mystery in existence dear folks?!


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(part 3) The Ultimate Goal of Humanity

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I have traversed the path of Golgotha of Jesus Christ and was filled with love, forgiveness, and charity.

I have followed the Holy Koran and raised the banner of the One and Only God and was filled with mercy, piety, and altruism.

I have entered the temple of Solomon in my heart and was embraced by Holy Wisdom.

I have walked the roads of Confucius and Zoroaster, and meditated the path of Everlasting Infinity of the Buddha, and soared on the wings of the Infinite Eagle of Carlos Castaneda, and have learned a great secret that life unravels only upon humble beings who vanish pride and selfishness from their hearts.

I have sailed on the ship of the prophet of Gibran Khalil Gibran and was filled with compassion and knowledge.

I have ventured in my mind to the ancient times of the great Greek philosopher Plato where we both sat in the house of the pantheon debating his teacher Socrates and other philosophers upon Utopia.

I have entered the world of Einstein and explored the depth of matter and energy and discovered the prostration of the electrons in the atom, and that of the stars, planets, and the moons to the One and Only God through their constant and everlasting movements that does not budge an iota from its estimated Divine Destiny.

I have meditated deeply the Newtonian law of gravity and discovered the Oneness of God the Almighty in the unification of the galaxies around their centers.

I have thought profoundly of the Darwinian origin and evolution of life forms on our beloved planet, and found out that science and religion derive but from the One and Only Source of Divine Knowledge that emanates from the Absolute, Everlasting, and Infinite Consciousness of the One and Only God the Almighty.

I am a friend of death, a companion of destiny, and a son of love and mercy. The One and Only God the Almighty have enlightened my heart at the age of 19, after death and destiny had paid many visits upon me since I was one year old, whereupon I have felt the presence of God like never before, then Infinity paved the way for me to go to the United States of America, where I lived in my own heaven, and acquired all kinds of knowledge that was available to me during my stay there as a student, then I was bereaved of everything upon returning to my home country Lebanon, after I was deported from my own heaven in the States in the mid 1982, after spending three and a half years there, and thereafter I have encountered endless hardships, sufferings, pains, and melancholies, and was lowered to the meanest states of living, so that the One and Only God the Almighty might purify my heart from all human evils, in order for Him to reside Alone in my humble heart, because He is the One and Only God, Who does not like sharing others with what belongs to Him and only Him.

And answering, Jesus said: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind.” (st. Luke 10-27)

I have looked through human knowledge in search of the goal that the sons of Adam seek, and I found it in two words: peace and happiness.

And I have also looked through Divine knowledge in search of the ultimate destination that God the Almighty want the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve to abide in, and I found it also in two words: peace and happiness.

Then, I looked through human and Divine Knowledge in search of the way for the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve to accomplish peace and happiness and I found it in three words: love, forgiveness, and charity.

I have, at last, meditated on human and Divine knowledge to know what can unite the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve on the three Divine words in order for them to reach peace and happiness, and I found it in one word: God.

I truly say: let the One and Only God the Almighty reside Alone in your hearts the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, as he is residing Alone in my humble heart, and the whole of humanity will then reach the ultimate goal of peace and happiness, where love, forgiveness, and charity prevail on our beloved planet Earth.

Then saith Jesus unto him, get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, thou shalt worship the Lord thou God, and him only shalt thou serve. ( St. Matthew 4-10)

It is the destiny of the Good People of the United States of America and other civilized nations to lead the human race into the ultimate goal of peace and happiness through love, forgiveness, and charity, in order for humanity to exploit the two Divine scientific realms of Nano technology and genetic engineering in atmospheres of peace and harmony, whereupon the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve will make planet Earth into their own Heaven, and the impossible shall become feasible, then unimaginable prolonged life and unlimited control over matter and energy will be available to Human Beings after uncovering all the Divine secrets of the human gene and the atom, because that is what the One and Only God the Almighty have ordained for Good and Humble Human Sentient Beings, if they shall follow the path of love, forgiveness, and charity. Otherwise, the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve will exploit these two domains in atmospheres of evil doings, as of the fact that a great number of human beings are now traversing the path of hatred, envy, and greed, that will lead eventually towards the greatest destruction and annihilation of the biggest majority of organic life, since its origination and evolution by God the Almighty on our Beloved Mother Earth.

If you shall love the one and only God the Almighty alone, with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind. and you shall worship none, and serve no other but him, who is also the Absolute, Everlasting, Eternal, infinite, and Divine Supreme Being, then your love to the world will exceed the finite, and would be extended to everything in existence, and be engulfing every creature in it as equal as you love yourself, because everything and every creature in existence is but a part of the Divine Self of the Absolute and Infinite Being, and since your love embraces every single and one part of the Infinite Whole of the Divine Self, you would become a Good and Humble Human Sentient Being.

The One and Only God the Almighty, or the Infinite Cosmic power, or the Universal Divine Field of Energy, or the Infinite Circle of Divine Consciousness, or the Supreme One Being, or the Infinite Eagle of Emanations, or whatever Name this Infinite and Divine One Entity have ever taken over Endless time and space in the endless and infinite universes that have existed since endless past eternity and will exist throughout endless future eternity, is nothing but the Indivisible, Indescribable, and Infinite One Divine Void, that have allowed -due to Its Divine Void Essence- for the origination and evolution of creation (through death and destiny) since endless past eternity, and will allow for creation throughout endless future eternity, from Itself and through Itself, and have allowed, and will allow, for the movement of matter and energy from one point to another throughout that Endless and Eternal One Divine Void, that constitutes 99.99999….. percent of the infinitesimal structure of matter and energy, and after we run deep inside matter and energy and divide it into the last infinitesimal part we reach the Infinite and indivisible One Divine Void.

Otherwise, if that Infinite and Divine One Entity were of a different nature than the Divine Void, it would have occupied completely everything in existence with an Indivisible, Indescribable, and Infinite One Voidless Divine Essence, and would have left no room for the origination and evolution of creation since endless past eternity, and would not allow for creation throughout endless future eternity, from Itself and through Itself, and would have not allowed, and would not allow, for the movement of matter and energy from one point to another throughout that Endless and Eternal One Divine Voidless Essence.

death and destiny are: destined, programmed. systematic, absolutely precise and calculated, and orderly big bangs, cosmic collisions and blasts, supernovae, solar blasts, geological factors, volcanic eruptions, atomic and chemical reactions, natural catastrophes, and other horrific or extremely strenuous big events and circumstances

Do the disbelievers not see that the heavens and the earth were one mass, and We tore them apart? (Holy Koran – Alanbiya – verse 30)

We constructed the universe with power, and we are expanding it (Holy Koran – the Aldhariyat (the winnowing winds) – verse 47)

It is up to us Good and Humble Human Sentient Beings to attain our Ordained Divine Destiny through the path of love, forgiveness, and charity, so as to lead our beloved brothers and sisters in humanity into salvation, that will be manifested in global peace and happiness, away from suffering, pain, death and extinction


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(part 4) The Big Bang, Evolution, and The Real Adam

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Do the disbelievers not see that the heavens and the earth were one mass, and We tore them apart? (Holy Koran – Alanbiya – verse 30)

We constructed the universe with power, and we are expanding it (Holy Koran – the Aldhariyat (the winnowing winds) – verse 47)

It is very clear from the two verses in the Holy Koran that the heavens (stars, planets, moons, and others) and earth were a very compact mass of unknown matter, and God sent death and destiny in the form of a programmed and absolutely precise and orderly (destiny) big bang (death), or what is scientifically known as the first cosmic blast, that shattered and tore apart that first raw cosmic material of compact unknown mass, to construct the universe with power (absolutely precise and calculated known physical laws), and it began since then to expand.

Then programmed and absolutely precise and orderly (destiny)cosmic collisions and blasts (death), along with precise and calculated physical laws, began to work on this first raw material to construct the universe.

New kind of infinitesimal particles came into existence, and with repeated programmed and absolutely precise and orderly(destiny) cosmic collisions and blasts (death) and repeated atomic reactions (death) that took millions of years the first quarks and other unknown materials were formed .

With repeated programmed and absolutely precise and orderly (destiny)collisions and blasts (death), and repeated atomic reactions(death), that took millions of years the first quarks, and other unknown materials, began to form into dispersed electrons, protons, neutrons, and other unknown particles.

With repeated collision and blasts, and repeated atomic reactions, the electrons, protons, and neutrons came together to form the first atoms. The Other unknown particles, along with the quarks, came together to form the photons, dark matter, anti matter, and other unknown substances.

With repeated programmed and absolutely precise and orderly (destiny)collisions and blasts (death), and repeated programmed and absolutely precise and orderly (destiny) chemical reaction (death)galaxies began to form along with the first stars, planets, and moons.

Absolutely precise and calculated (destiny) geological factors and volcanic eruptions(death) that took millions of years began to mold our beloved mother earth.

Repeated geological factors and volcanic eruptions and chemical reactions that took millions of years began to form liquid water and other materials found in the atmosphere and the crust of earth.

With repeated geological and volcanic eruptions and chemical reactions the first life forms began to rise in liquid water, which flooded earth completely in the first stages.

With repeated geological factors, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and other natural disasters came into existence the first form of creatures closest to the ancient human like beings who were called Neanderthals, after billions of years of evolution of life on earth. Whether the first Neanderthals originated from apes or other creatures, this will be determined decisively in the future, with the help of highly developed techniques in genetic engineering and other scientific methods.

With repeated precise and calculated (destiny) horrific and extremely strenuous big events and circumstances (death), along with the above mentioned natural factors, which took about two million years, humans evolved from the Neanderthals until they have reached the latest form which we all share.

The everlasting and ever-going state of evolution is changing – through death and destiny – all life forms on infinitesimal structure every single interval of time, and on body structure every tens or hundreds or thousands or millions or billions of years depending on the kind of the life form, whether it is organic: plants, animals, humans, and microbes, or inorganic: planets, stars, moons, and atoms

Adam was no more than a very special and extraordinary sentient being in a series of Adams who brought the human species into higher levels of evolution which took about three million years or so to develop till it ended with the modern species of human beings.

The first Adam was the first creature who developed the first mental and reasoning abilities on the planet, and the one who had brought the greatest and most evolutionary change in our first ancient ancestor creature, whether it was an ape or some other creature. That happened around three million years ago and so. That first Adam survived with his children and kin the worst ice age that had ever happened in the last three million years or so.

That first Adam was visited by death and destiny in a fashion that was so horrifying and strenuous that he had brought the greatest change ever into the evolution of the first thinking species. He discovered new ways of survival, due to his primitive but developed power of thinking, and the strongest will of survival ever, and passed it on to his children and kin genetically and through teaching.

That first Adam is the one who was cast from the Garden of Eden, that was full of edible trees he had used to eat from any where he pleased in the jungles of Africa, into a deserted dead land covered with ice and wandering hungry predators who were some of the strongest on the planet. That first Adam, along with his children and kin, had to feed on meat to survive. He and his kin scavenged, at first, the frozen meat of the dead animals that had died of hunger and cold, and had to walk long distances in search of food, and wear hides to avoid the harsh cold, and intuit extraordinary methods and techniques to protect themselves from hungry predatory beasts. All that brought great change into the evolution of their body structure and mind. Later, with the end of the ice age, the kin of that first Adam and their children and descendants began to develop, with the help of more and more great beings of knowledge who were visited by death and destiny, primitive hunting techniques, that were considered extraordinary for creatures that depended in their previous primitive lives on a diet constituted mostly of fruits and vegetables. Their new feeding habits had become more diversified and constituted of a mixture of meat and edible fruits and vegetables.

The descendants of that first thinking creature evolved through the power of great beings of knowledge for over a million years. They had survived the most horrifying circumstances, and the worst natural calamities, and the wildest predatory animals that had ever been encountered by any thinking species.

After a million years of evolution a second Adam appeared. He was the first being of knowledge that developed to become the first Neanderthal. That new creature was the closest in resemblance to the first ancient human like beings that evolved a million years later.

Those first Neanderthals developed their simple hunting skills, and broadened their diversified diet. With the passing of the years there appeared two kinds of Neanderthals. One was big and strong, but with low thinking abilities, who depended more on meat. The second was a smaller and a weaker Neanderthal, but a smarter one, who resorted more and more to edible fruits and vegetables, especially with the lack of small prey and the difficulty to catch them.

The strongest Neanderthals diversified their diets into a more bloody and bizarre feeding habits. They started to hunt and eat the weak Neanderthals of their kind, especially the children, because it was easier to catch them. Those weak Neanderthals became smarter and smarter, because of the most horrifying and highly strenuous circumstances that was forced upon them due to their fear of the stronger Neanderthals. They had to intuit new and extraordinary ways to protect themselves from predatory animals and Neanderthals, and had to develop their feeding and hunting skills to survive. Their mental abilities were challenged to the extreme, and that forced them to get smarter and smarter. And with time they started to develop into another kind of thinking species.

After a million years or so, the first weak Neanderthal evolved into the third Adam. He became the first human like being of knowledge, who brought a grand whole new development in the long chain of evolution, that ended in the origination of the first ancient human like species that resembled modern humans to a great extent. Those first highly thinking beings were much weaker and more vulnerable than the Neanderthals, who became more ferocious in hunting and eating the members of that new developed human like species.

That was the greatest incentive behind their grandiose and much complicated evolution ever, which required tens of thousands of more years to develop their mental and physical abilities till they evolved into the first species of ancient human beings that resembled modern humans one hundred percent.

Those first ancient human beings continued to exist along with the Neanderthals for other tens of thousands of more years, and their members continued to be hunted and eaten by the Neanderthals, especially their children, because it was easier to hunt them. Those Neanderthals used also to capture the women of ancient humans and keep them as their female mates because they desired their beauty. It took those ancient humans other tens of thousands of more years to develop their mental and physical skills to eventually overpower the Neanderthals and cause their extermination through the power of great men of knowledge. That is where the legends of ghouls and monsters, who resembled humans, but were uglier and much stronger, and who ate their children and mated with their woman came from, and which continued to haunt the human imagination with myths till recent times.

The fourth Adam was the first human being who crossed Africa into Asia with some of his children and kin about sixty or seventy thousand years ago, after he became the best man of knowledge of all times. All human beings in the world are the descendants of that fourth Adam. Other children and kin of that Adam stayed in Africa and spread all over the continent. The modern African people are the descendants of that Adam and his kin, and the ones who resemble him the most. The fourth Adam along with his children and kin and their descendants had to survive an extremely harsh ice age that forced them to move further and further in search of food and shelter. They were the first humans to cross from Africa to the Arabian Peninsula, and their descendants spread from there to the whole ancient world.

Around ten to twelve thousand years ago, a meteor hit planet earth and thousands, not only tens or hundreds, of humans survived the blast and the ice age that followed, because there existed many Adams who were scattered around the world. Each Adam helped his children and kin to survive the ice age. That is why humans of different races still exist in all continents on the planet.

The most powerful Adams of all those scattered Adams around the world were two Adams. The first Adam was the ancient forefather of all modern prophets from Noah to Muhammad. The story of the flood mentioned in the Holy Books resulted from the melting of ice after the ice age had ended, where floods covered the whole planet, and men of knowledge and prophets like Noah helped their children and kin survive these floods, because of the great knowledge and power they had acquired and culminated.

The other Adam is the one who had immigrated with some of his children and kin to the Americas from Asia, during the ice age, after leaving other children and kin behind. The basic line of knowledge and power of the Adam who immigrated to the Americas resembled the modern line of knowledge and power of the Buddha, Confucius, the men of knowledge of the Mongols, and others in Asia, which had evolved over time and was passed on to the human settlers of Asia from the descendants of the abandoned children and kin of the Adam that had immigrated to the Americas, and had become what is known today as the teachings of the Buddha, Confucius, and others in Asia.

The basic line of knowledge and power of the Adam who immigrated to the Americas had evolved in the new continent over thousands of years, till it developed to the line of the Toltec system of knowledge of the Red Indians.

Other Adams took on the line of knowledge and power of the aborigines in Africa and Australia. Both lines resembled each other to a great extent, since the Australian Aborigines had immigrated from Africa with the fourth Adam to Asia, and then to Australia around forty or fifty thousand years ago under the leadership of a very powerful man of knowledge.

The line of men of knowledge and power of Ancient Europe took on a completely different lineage than all other lines, and formed two different branches: One was the branch of sorcerers, and wizards which was associated later with magic, dragons, Goblins, and other myths. The other branch was associated later with the Greek and Roman philosophies and gods and other legends. All these myths and legends were drawn from the knowledge and power of the first great men of knowledge in Europe who immigrated from Asia with their children and kin.

God have sent death and destiny, in the form of horrific and extremely strenuous big events and circumstances, upon chosen human beings, since the beginning of time, to make them into men of knowledge, prophets, and messengers, in order for them to lead their fellow humans into safety, and teach them the laws of physical survival and mental evolution.

Death and destiny were the friend and companion of men of knowledge since time immemorial. It was sent by infinity to the first species of humans that evolved, and to their earliest ancestors. Infinity have brought development and evolution to the human species through those men of knowledge, who raised the survival abilities and mental intelligence of their fellow contemporary humans, with new techniques and abilities they had learned and acquired, through horrifying and extremely harsh circumstances, forced upon them by death and destiny. Ordinary people called them gods. For example, the first man of knowledge who discovered the technique to light fire and teach it to his children and kin became the god of fire. The first human who built a boat and sailed it was the god of the seas. The first human who discovered iron was the god of iron, the first woman of knowledge who brought peace and prosperity between fighting tribes was the goddess of wisdom…and so on and so forth.

That is the reason why modern humans have always looked upon prophets and religious people as perfect and holy beings, and the ones closest to God the Almighty. They have been called either his sons or the blessed ones, or the favorites, or the ones whom the universe was created for their sake…. and so on and so forth. Those enlightened people, who were chosen by God the Almighty to perform extraordinary tasks, were no more than ordinary humble human beings, who brought grand and whole new change in the evolution of their contemporary human beings, and were stalked by death and destiny to learn, the hard way, how to survive the harshest circumstances, which made them acquire new and special knowledge that raised the awareness of the human species, and enhanced their physical, mental, social, and political evolution.

Humans have always idolized their men of knowledge, rulers, leaders, prophets, religious people, and even their fathers and ancestors, and made them into their gods, in some way or other, before and after their departure to the other world.

Infinity have sent death and destiny upon my humblest being, since I was one year old, in the form of extremely horrific and strenuous circumstances, so that I would be able to prepare the way before humanity to reach safety, freedom, peace, happiness, and salvation, through the path of love, forgiveness, and charity. I am not in any way associated with the power and knowledge of modern Prophets or Messengers of God the Almighty. I am merely a man of knowledge whose only task is to reveal certain hidden knowledge and religious truths in scientific methods and deductive mental reasoning, away from myths and legends that were associated with the ancient men of knowledge and Prophets.

My life story which resembles a fairy tale was absolutely schemed and programmed, without my intention, or will, or agreement, or permission, to teach me the ways of men of knowledge. I have seen hell on earth so that I would be stripped out of my self-importance and personal history, and develop strong will and patience, in order for me to withstand the hardships of leadership, and not be offended by any evil or bad actions directed to me by my beloved brothers and sisters in humanity. I have learned, the hard way, to love my fellow humans and treat them as one as my humble being. I was taught to be equal to all creatures and not consider myself, in any way, as better than any one of them. I was forced to err and make mistakes more than any other human being, in order for me to become more humble, and not consider my humble being as more pious or more deserving salvation than any of them. Infinity doesn’t grant favors upon the chosen ones. On the contrary, they are treated without mercy or kindness. God the Almighty loves all creatures as equal. Infinity looks at all human beings, whether they are men of knowledge, prophets, or ordinary humans with unbiased eye. The Almighty doesn’t love Abraham, or Moses, or Solomon, or Jesus, or Muhammad, or the Buddha, or Confucius, or any other prophet, or man of knowledge more than any other human being. Infinity reflects absolute justice and love upon all creatures, and doesn’t differentiate between any of them.

God the Almighty, loves the disbelievers as much as the ones who believe in Him and his Holy ways. Infinity wishes to deliver them to safety and show them the right path, so that they be saved like all others. God didn’t want his chosen prophets, messengers, and men and women of knowledge to force religion and knowledge on them in any way. Infinity hasn’t asked the followers of all prophets to force religion on them as they all do now. They are not the holy representatives of God on earth. Infinity did not give them the permission to force their opinions and ways on people as if their words and themselves are holy and that the disbelievers and believers should obey them or else be sent to hell. Infinity wants me as the chosen one, and wants the followers of other prophets to convince them with reason, science, mercy, and love. We must not offend his beloved disbelievers in any way and consider ourselves as holy and perfect and them the wrong-doers and the subjects who must follow our orders. We are all subjects in the eye of Infinity, and none of us is better than any other human being. We are supposed to be their faithful servants and benefactors and help them reach salvation through wisdom, knowledge, and good deeds. We are not allowed to force our ways on them and believe that what we are doing is right and what they are doing is wrong. We are all wrong-doers in the eye of Infinity, because we are not perfect and holy. We know nothing of the designs of Infinity.

Many human beings have become disbelievers because of the wrong ways that were forced on them. God the Almighty was misrepresented by the followers of all prophets. I have come to change all that. God decided to interfere through death and destiny and make things right. Infinity will change the evolution of our world, and we have nothing to do about it. I was chosen to tell humanity that the time has come, and we must all be prepared for that grand change, or we will all perish. We are all chosen by God the Almighty to change our destiny and become men and women of knowledge. We are all destined to reach the same level of awareness and physical evolution. No one is better than any one else. We are all the beloved and the chosen creatures of Infinity. We will all be granted the gift of total freedom and eternity, if we change our destiny and learn the ways of men and women of knowledge. We are all the children of Infinity. We are all part of the Divine Self of God. We will all reach our real selves and remember who we are. We are all the reflection of the True Divine Self of Infinity in the universe. We all reflect the True Love and Divine Knowledge of God the Almighty.


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(part 5) The Mysterious Designs of Infinity

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The dark snares of death have already reached the vicinity of our mother earth to snatch a great number of lost souls. Infinity is about to retrieve the developed raw awareness of the greatest majority of organic life. Infinity originates life by granting all living creatures, whether they are organic or inorganic with raw primitive awareness, in order for them to develop that raw awareness through the process of evolution.

We are an awareness and feelings. Those feelings accumulate into what we call the ego, or the social being. Only humans can develop that ego. That ego is divided into good and bad self-importance. All the bad feelings like hatred, envy and greed are part of the bad self-importance. All the good feelings like love forgiveness, and charity are part of the good self-importance.

The raw awareness develops into the human attention through the process of evolution, and all human feelings develop with time since birth whether they are good or bad.

Humans are supposed to enhance the good part of self-importance through patience, strong will, and determination in order to develop the human attention into what we call an enhanced attention or the state of enlightenment.

Humans can never get rid of the bad self-importance. We can only lock it inside ourselves through patience, strong will, and determination to keep it from influencing our awareness, and enhance the feelings of love, forgiveness, and charity, to let it take control of our awareness in order for us to reach the state of enlightenment.

The state of enlightenment allows us to unite with the Absolute and Infinite Divine Awareness of God the Almighty so that we could receive the gift of knowledge, and become Enlightened Beings or men of knowledge.

The Almighty have destined to purify the dark side of mother earth. The designs of Infinity are merciless. They are determined to clear the blue planet from all evil doings. The time has come for us to pay the price for all our evil doings.

I believed at one time that I was holy, when the Flame of Divinity had touched my heart at the age of 19. I was fooled to think that God the Almighty had favored me over others. The designs of Infinity are merciless. They have no consideration for our grandiose ego. God the Almighty had sent death and destiny to break my previous perceptions of the world that was created by the fantoms of my ego.

I was bereaved of all the good things and cleansed of all the bad things I have accumulated through the evolution of my raw awareness prior to the age of 19 years old. My bad self-importance was locked in through my patience, strong will, and determination, and I have become a mere humble sentient being equal to all other creatures. I am living no more in a world of myth that we all weave around our important and grandiose egos. Infinity favors no one. God the Almighty looks at all creatures in an unbiased just eye.

Humanity will suffer great calamities, wars, and evil doings over the next twenty years, if we don’t make a grand and whole new change in our perceptions that we have created about our world and fantom ego during the evolution of our raw awareness.

Infinity have destined to take things into their hands and make that grand and whole new change in the evolution of our perceptions of the world, in case we don’t take the initiative and break our bad self-importance that we have enhanced inside our grandiose and arrogant egos. We must follow the path of love, forgiveness, and charity to make that grand change come true.

Bad self-importance is manifested in hatred, envy, and greed that we have all learned to use as shields to protect us from the onslaughts of the unknown. We are creatures of survival. We have learned to conquer all our natural enemies. But we have also created a kind of ego that no other creature on the planet has. That was the prize of our victories. The time has come to pay the price of those fantom quests.

We could make our mother earth into our Kingdom of the Heavens, if we chose to follow the path of love, forgiveness, and charity.

Science is the Holy Knowledge that Infinity have granted us with since ancient times to help us survive the harsh circumstances of evolution itself. We have exploited that Holy Knowledge to provide us with means to conquer all our natural enemies. But, we have deviated from our Destined Path of Enlightenment that was designed by Infinity itself for us to follow.

We are supposed to become Enlightened Beings through that Holy Knowledge, by following the path of love, forgiveness and charity. Instead, our bad self-importance have made us into the worst egoist beings on the planet, through the bad exploitation of that Holy Knowledge, by following the path of hatred, envy, and greed.

We will bring destruction to the majority of organic life on our mother earth, during the next twenty years, through that Holy Knowledge itself. Science again will be exploited in the worst means. We would develop the two Divine branches of Nano technology and genetic engineering, in addition to other scientific developments in evil ways that will eventually lead to that mass destruction, if we deviate from the path of love, forgiveness, and charity, and keep on following the path of hatred, envy, and greed.

But if human beings decide to follow their Destined Divine Path and develop the two holy branches of Nano technology and genetic engineering, in addition to other ramifications of the Holy Knowledge that was granted to us by Infinity itself, they would make mother earth into The Kingdom of The Heavens.

Future generations of human beings – hopefully we will be among them – would become Eternal and Enlightened Creatures having unlimited control over matter and energy. Humans would not need to grow plants or raise animals for food anymore. They would not need to build homes, or make furniture and transportation vehicles either. Everything would be created through Nano machines worn as rings on fingers, or as bracelets on wrists, or as miniature mobile phones in pockets. Humans would also be able to change their forms into the most beautiful creatures in the universe and keep as young as they wish. Humans would make all their wishes come true just by ordering their Nano machines to grant them the wildest wishes they would ever imagine, and all the future generations of Enlightened Human Sentient Beings would be living in the promised Paradise, or the Nirvana, or the Other World that all Prophets and men of knowledge have preached since time immemorial.

Humans would be able to transport themselves over distances of hundreds or thousands of light years in matters of seconds. They would live happily ever after in total peace and harmony to discover new worlds and civilizations that are scattered throughout the billions of galaxies in our universe, or in the unlimited numbers of other universes that have been originated in that infinite existence since endless past eternity, and will continue to be originated over endless future eternity.


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(last part) Jews, Christians, and Muslims

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Jews, and in particular the Sons of Israel, are the descendants and siblings of the greatest Prophets that had ever roamed the face of earth, starting from Abraham and ending with their brother Jesus Christ, who did not have any siblings

The Sons of Israel hold the genes of the human ancestry of all Prophets, and in particular, the powerful genes of Moses and Solomon who were given the strongest Divine Power and Knowledge ever after Jesus Christ.

The Sons of Israel were the most capable ancestry of human beings to deliver their brothers and sisters in humanity to salvation. They were supposed to adopt and follow the Divine Teachings of their brother Jesus Christ. They were also supposed to adopt and follow the last Gift of Divine Knowledge that was granted to human beings: the Holy Koran.

If the Sons of Israel had followed their Divine Destiny of adopting and following the Divine Teachings of Jesus Christ and The Last Gift of Divine Knowledge of The Holy Koran, the path of human beings would have taken a completely different turn. Human beings would have been living in the Kingdom of The Heavens. We would have earned the Gift of Divine Knowledge and Power, and would have been soaring on the Eternal Wings of Infinity through the endless universes of existence a long time ago.

The Sons of Israel were destined by God the Almighty to be the chosen people of God, and follow their Divine Destiny of love, forgiveness, and charity, in order for them to lead their brothers and sisters in humanity to salvation. Their ancestry had given humanity the greatest men of science in the world, especially Newton, Freud, Darwin, and Einstein.

But, instead, they had chosen to follow a completely different path, away from love, forgiveness, and charity. They chose to dominate the world and enslave human beings, through their two global organizations: the Masons and Zionism.

The Sons of Israel, and in particular, the Ashkenazi Jews, had spread wars and destruction in the world since the seventeenth century, and even before. They were behind most of the political upheavals and wars that had swept the world since then, especially the two bloodiest wars in the human history: world wars one and two. They are the ones who control almost half of the riches of the world through the Rothschild’s and their likes.

The Sons of Israel must traverse again their Destined Divine Path of being the chosen people of God The Almighty. They should make peace with the world. They must love and forgive their brothers and sisters in humanity and ask for their forgiveness. They must share their riches with all their brothers and sisters to alleviate their pain and misery. They must do all that to earn the gift of knowledge and power that was promised to the whole world by God The Almighty.

Christians were no better than the Sons of Israel. The Divine Legacy of Jesus Christ was not supposed to end with the descendants of the Roman empire alone without the Sons of Israel. The early Christians of the Roman empire had no heritage of the Divine Knowledge and Power of The One and Only God The Almighty as the Sons of Israel had. The Jewish brothers and Apostles of Jesus Christ were supposed to preach his Divine Legacy among the Sons of Israel first, and later among the descendants of the Roman empire, as Jesus himself had stated and ordered them very clearly to do so.

But, instead, they had chosen to spread that Divine Legacy among pagans alone, who used to worship many gods and knew nothing of the One and Only God The Almighty and His Divine Knowledge and Power. Their ancestors were children of blood and war and not of peace. They had controlled the majority of the ancient world through massacres and wars, and were not totally ready to accept the Divine Teachings of love, forgiveness, and charity.

The early Christians of the Roman empire would have accepted The Divine Teachings of Jesus Christ better if the Sons of Israel had adopted and followed it first, so as to teach those early Christians the Divine Truths about the Divine Knowledge and Power of The One and Only God The Almighty.

Because of that, later descendants of the first Christians of the Roman empire had exterminated and enslaved the greatest majority of the Aborigines in the American and the Australian Continents. They had massacred, dominated, and enslaved huge numbers of the Aborigines in the African Continent. They had dominated and overpowered a big number of countries in the Asian Continent. They had even waged the bloodiest wars among themselves in the European Continent itself. They had done all that in the name of Jesus Christ, and for the sake of spreading and preaching his Divine Teachings among savages, pagans, and nonbelievers. They had deviated totally from the Divine Legacy of Jesus Christ and his Divine Teachings of love, forgiveness, and charity.

Christians must revert back to the Divine Teachings of Jesus Christ, in order for them to traverse again the Early Divine Path of love, forgiveness, and charity and make peace with the world. They must love and forgive their brothers and sisters in humanity and ask for their forgiveness. They must do all that in order for them to gain the gift of Divine Knowledge and Power of The One and Only God The Almighty, and make mother earth into the Kingdom of The Heavens that was promised to the whole world by Jesus Christ.

Muslims were no better than Jews and Christians. They had perpetrated the same crimes in the name of Allah the Almighty, especially with the Ottoman empire, whose sultans and rulers had exterminated millions of Christians and others in the name of the One and Only Allah The Almighty. Some bloody Muslims are even now perpetrating the worst crimes ever against humanity. They have turned into the worst human slaughterers.

Early Muslims were supposed to follow the Divine Teachings of Jesus, Moses, and Solomon, in addition to the Divine Teachings of The Holy Koran, as it is stated very clearly in their Holy Book. If they had done that they would have understood better the Divine Words of The Holy Koran, since their ancestors were pagans who worshiped many gods, and knew almost nothing of the Divine Teachings of The One and Only God The Almighty.

The Divine Teachings of Jesus, Moses, and Solomon, in addition to the Divine Words of The Holy Koran, would have helped them understand better the Divine Essence and the oneness of God The Almighty, and His Peaceful and Divine Path of love, forgiveness, charity, and good deeds.

They would have known that the Divine Words of Allah The Almighty could have reached the majority of human beings through the Divine Path of love, forgiveness, charity, and good deeds, and not by invading the world to spread the Divine Teachings through al-jihad for the sake of God, or spreading Islam by the sword. They would have known that there is no such thing as al-jihad in the name of Allah The Almighty, since the Divine Words of The Holy Koran are very precise and clear as of spreading the Divine Words of Allah the Almighty through peaceful teachings and means, and not by the sword.

Their ancestors were children of war and plundering by the sword, and not of peace. They could not have understood completely the real Divine Teachings of the Peaceful Divine Path of The Holy Koran. They didn’t know that al-jihad had ended the moment Prophet Mohammad had conquered the Holy City of Mecca, and that the danger against Islam had vanished, and that there was no need to use the sword to spread the Divine Words of Allah The Almighty, and that only love, forgiveness, charity, and good deeds were the means to let the world outside the Arabian Peninsula know about the Divine Teachings of Allah The Almighty, and about His Divine Promise of peace and happiness that would prevail in the whole world, by adopting the Divine Words of all Holy Books, and by following the Divine Teachings of all Prophets.

Muslims must follow the Peaceful Divine Path of The Holy Koran and other Holy Books in order for them to make peace with the world. They must love and forgive their brothers and sisters in humanity and ask for their forgiveness. They must forgive each other above all and let early Muslims alone. They must forget their ancient grudges and hatred and learn to love and forgive each other. They must learn to let The One and Only God the Almighty reside alone in their hearts, and share not his love with any one of the early Muslims, whoever they were. Only the love for God the Almighty would save them, and not the love for any other early Muslim.

I wish that you all forgive me if I have said or revealed something that contradicts with your beliefs and creeds, and the way you are used to look and veneer your religious idols. I did not mean to utter any disrespectful remarks about their humble beings in any possible way, because I am convinced of their humble humane nature and the grandiose impact of their extraordinary knowledge on us, and the extraordinary evolution that they have brought into our ancestry of human beings, through their extraordinary ways and power. I only stated some facts that I have learned from traversing a long and arduous path of knowledge, after I was visited by my friend and companion death and destiny. You are free to believe what I have revealed and take the proper action, or you might just consider me a crazy weirdo nuts and not believe any word of what I have said, and continue with your daily and secure routines as you have always done. But I hope that it would not be too late, if it turned out that what I have said was true. God bless you all, and may you prosper and have peace and harmony in your lives.


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