Molecular Dialog

Molecular Dialog

Reader: “At least J.J. admitted today that he’s never been ashamed of being called a New Ager.”

JJ: I wouldn’t call it an admission any more than you might “admit” to being called a patriot. It is a proud declaration.

The reader then complained that I am misusing the term “New Ager” which leads to confusion. He complains that “Black becomes white and white becomes black. It is a tricky slight of hand.”

He is guilty of what he is accusing me of here. A New Ager is simply one who looks forward to and believes in a “new” and better “age” to come. The term is pretty self-explanatory.

Now enemies of those looking forward to a better world or age for some perverse reason despise new agers and do everything in their emotional power to portray them as evil and satanic (with no basis in reason). The enemies of the new age conjure up their own definitions of what a new ager is and declare that this is reality merely because they state it. Do Mormons allow their enemies to define what a Mormon is? Would you, being an excommunicated Mormon, allow the authorities in the Mormon church to define the purpose of your website???

Yet you have, with no apparent discernment on your part, swallowed the definition of a new ager put forth by the enemies of a loving and harmless segment of society.

The fact that New Agers are a loosely knitted group who believe in a new and better age to come is not a redefinition.

Next the reader expressed concern that a molecule could be created by a gathering of misguided or deluded souls and thus the greater life created would be evil instead of good.

This is not a concern because a true higher molecular life can only be created when the correct number are gathered and all involved obtain soul contact together. This creates a link to God, the Source, which can only happen when there is alignment with divine purpose.

Any gathering of the deluded who do not contact higher Spirit as a group will not create a molecular life but the highest they can experience is some addition of group energy.

The reader is using the distortion principle again and keeps throwing out Satan and Lucifer in relation to me and the group, but does not realize that it is the Dark Brothers who use distortion as a technique when they attack their enemies. Distort the views of those with whom you disagree and then this makes you look more correct and more like the good guy. Hitler called the Jews Satan’s children again and again and pretty soon a lot of people believed it.

The reader accuses us of setting the stage for tyranny and a loss of freedom. Freedom is a principle that is worked out in practice rather than speech only. No one in our group has in the slightest attempted to infringe upon your freedoms or the freedom of any in his group or any individual. Yet he comes here and impose many posts that infringe on the freedom of our group to pursue the desired subject. We allow this for a certain tolerance is necessary. Many consider it an infringement of this freedom to be heckled from the sidelines as potential or current devil worshippers.

Imagine a fundamentalist going into a science class and accusing the teacher of being in league with the devil because he is teaching that the earth is more than 6,000 years old and insists the class revolve around his narrow ideas rather than scientific exploration as was the design of the class.

Who is the one with the lesser regard for freedom – the teacher or the student turned heckler?

Joseph Smith saw a portion of the Molecular Order and saw that those who were not a part of it within their eternal progression would remain in a “separate and single” situation. Even so, the Dark Brothers are incapable of joining to draw down a group life form. As Jesus said that if one is not connected to the vine he will wither and die. If we are not connected to the vine of life then no type of greater life can manifest.

The dark ones can influence groups through thought forms and overshadow on an individual basis, but they cannot duplicate what happened on the day of Pentecost. That is beyond their power.

Perhaps instead of pointing the accusing finger at us, conjured up illusionary reasons to accuse, you should examine yourself consider your scripture warning of fighting against a great light making “a man an offender for a word, and lay a snare for him that reproveth in the gate, and turn aside the just for a thing of naught.” II Nephi 27:31-32

If the light and knowledge presented here is not in alignment with the Purpose of God, then where are the revelations from Him? Do you have them, or did God fall asleep with the death of Joseph Smith?

Now let’s take a little time with Rick’s thoughts:

Rick: So, when JJ asks who or what incarnates into the molecule, I’m asking myself, why are we back-tracking to the question that is asked in books 1 and 2, that was covered even before we come to the Keys group.

JJ: Actually, we haven’t covered this angle yet. In the Immortal we learned that the key word was Decision and that power within us that makes decision is our essence, or at least our essence as far as the foundation principle of ourselves as individual living entities.

I do not believe we have talked about the manifestation of the unique entity (that occupies the Molecule) in the previous posts either

Rick: Could I really have done this. Lost myself in the larger group. Is it insolent of me to think I am a higher life form?

JJ: Higher than what? As humans we are not the highest but neither are we the lowest. But through the Oneness principle we can have access and identification with lives much higher than we are.

Rick: Now the confusion, in my mind is this; I know my body’s parts, by name. I can direct my consciousness into my hands, my feet, maybe all the way down to the cellular and mineral level. But, if I reverse it and go upward in kingdoms, I have no way to identify the forms.

JJ: We are going into territory that has not been covered by Bailey or anyone else I have read. The molecular lives do not have names that I know of and it is quite possible that a name for them would be meaningless, except the name of Jesus Christ which is the name of all those who seek to lift their fellow lives up to a higher level. These entities are on a totally different order than is human and is a higher correspondence of a crystal, just as humans are a higher correspondent to atoms. Technically we could call it a crystalline life within a human molecule. We will not carry on conversations with it like we would another human but it’s main purpose in manifestation is to be a conductor of the purpose, power and will of God. What about love you say? That part comes from us. We are to take the power of God and transmute it into loving service.

Rick: I need a chart, naming the various levels of organized life. I know we have names like Molecule and master molecule, etc., but these don’t seem like good names for living beings. Do they have other names, or do we have to come up with some.

JJ: Your body is just called a human body. You, Rick, are what is in the body. Even so, the body of the higher entity is a human molecule which is not a name. Eventually many different entities will occupy many molecules and may or may not reveal their names.

We must keep in mind that we know very little about this new life form – only what we can pick up intuitively or from what little was written about the Apostles. Because it manifests in a spirit of oneness it may not see itself as separate enough from us to reveal a name. Perhaps each molecule will come up with various names for the higher entities.

Rick: We need a glossary of terms, used by our school. I was taught that the etheric, astral and physical are three separate planes, but here we call them only two.

JJ: The etheric and the physical are closely interlinked and shortly after the physical dies the etheric dissipates. As DK says the physical body is not built on a principle, but illusion. The real principle behind the physical is in the etheric body. The Masters see the etheric as the real physical body. They are able to walk through physical walls because they understand this,

The astral realm has the same relationship with the mental plane. The mental plane is built on real principles and the astral is an upside down reflection of mind and is, from a higher point of view, not real. Thus in the worlds of form we have only two planes created from true principles: The etheric plane and the mental plane.

However, when the average man dies and goes to the spirit world it will seem as real to him as the physical does here.

Rick: I was taught that the next three life forms, above human, were called angelic, arch-angelic and celestial, but I don’t know what we call them here.

JJ: The angel lives are an entire kingdom, or even kingdoms from a higher point of view, and have many grades of lives therein. Now the Bible makes the understanding of the angel kingdom difficult because the word for angel there means “messenger” and sometimes refers to humans or advanced humans from the other side of the veil.

In addition there are several kingdoms of Angels who have evolved within their sphere independent of the human and will eventually become human. The angel, or deva evolution varies from very simple lives to very powerful ones and in the new age we will learn how to better communicate with them and use their services and they ours.

Rick: It would help me if we all spoke the same language. Is there an Alice A. Bailey . book that would tell me these things or can we just cover it here, in simple language? Throw me a bone and put a nametag on that bone. Foot bone connected to the leg bone, leg bone connected to the knee bone.

JJ: Sorry. There is no chart to prepare you for that which is to come. The only ones who understand the Molecular order at present are the Masters, but they experience it from the vantage point of living within the kingdom of God as a group. We will experience it from the vantage point of regular mortality and so all the repercussions of its manifestation, especially in this age, can only be guessed at. How many of the attributes of the higher life are carried down to the single members will be determined by the soul contact of each of us as individuals and collectively.

The creation of the first human molecules will require the greatest act of faith demonstrated on the earth for many years.

Feb 16, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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