In Your Face at Facebook

Feb 29, 2016

In Your Face at Facebook

I don’t know about you but I have been getting a tremendous amount of hateful bashing of anything that is politically right of center on Facebook. The strange thing is the majority of my friends lean right but around 90% of attack posts come from the left. It is like they are on a mission from god to wipe out God, freedom and apple pie.

I don’t think that Facebook is a good place to shove polarizing views in people’s faces – as with any group of friends there will be numerous different views and half of them will find the post irritating.

For that reason I do not post my political and spiritual views on my newsfeed that goes out to my entire friends list. I do, however respond to some that send me obnoxious distorting posts. That only goes out to his or her friends.

If a person has an agenda to promote he should do it on a dedicated Facebook page for that purpose. I have one for the Immortal HERE.

Anyway I just received a post attacking Donald Trump supporters stating that 20% of his supporters would have been against Lincoln’s executive order to free the slaves. Here was my response to this accusation:

I went to the original poll and could not find any data about Trump supporters and slavery. In fact there was no question even asking those polled if they were a Trump supporter. Since no such question was asked then it would be impossible to single out what Trump supporters believe.

The poll did ask if those polled approved or disapproved the use of executive orders for:

Freeing “all slaves in the states that were in rebellion against the federal government.”

Now keep in mind that more Democrats participated in the poll than Republicans.

A whopping 30% either disagreed with the executive order or were undecided as to whether the slaves should have been freed with an executive order.

One reason this figure was so high was probably due to the fact that a lot of people just disagree with the President using executive orders for any purpose. Many see that as being like a dictator.

Now here is a figure from the poll that should upset Hillary supporters. (Even though 5% more responders leaned Democrat than Republican) if the election were held today

“would you vote for…

The Democratic Party candidate 39%

The Republican Party candidate 46%

So it looks like we may have quite a few Democrats vote Republican as in the days of Reagan.

Another result I found interesting was how responders graded Obama as far as being liberal or conservative.

26% either think Obama is a conservative or not sure.

Isn’t that a hoot?


Only 17% said they are better off financially than a year ago but 35% said they were worse off.

43% are worried about losing their job.

70% fear it would be difficult to get a new job if they lost their current one.

Sounds like people are ready for a change.

The poll in question can be found HERE

Check out this link.

Only 71% Of American Blacks Approve Of The Emancipation Proclamation.

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