Handwriting and Past Lives

March 13, 2016

Handwriting of Trump and Mussolini

In addition to comparing pictures of Trump and Mussolini on the internet to prove Trump is Mussolini reincarnated some have also compared their handwriting and noted similarities. Let us take a look and see how they match up. The point of comparison has been with the signatures so let us examine them first.

Here are three samples of Mussolini’s signature:

Mussolini Signature x3

And here are three samples from Trump:

Trump Signatures x 3

What is usually compared is Mussolini’s second signature with its strong points to the strong points in Donald’s handwriting. What is not mentioned is the other two signatures with more rounded letters seems to be more of the norm with the Duce whereas the points are more the norm with Donald.

It is true that there are some similar points in the samples though the consistency of them are different. The other similarity is how there is no space between the first and last name, but both are joined together as if they are one word. However, this is a common trait among politicians, leaders and business executives.

There are hundreds of different things to look at in handwriting and two handwritings of any two intelligent people will have a few things in common.

To get a clearer picture let us look at their regular handwriting. Keep in mind that the signature tells us how the writer wants the world to perceive him and the regular writing tells us more of what the person is like when he is not trying to impress anyone.

Here is some of Mussolini’s handwriting:

Mussolini Letter

And here is some of Trump’s


Even the untrained eye can see there is quite a bit of difference in the handwriting. I could point out dozens of them, but I do not think it is necessary.

I have examined a number of people I have suspected of being a certain person in a past life and it is rare that two writings are close enough to be taken seriously.

Now in each life our character and handwriting will be somewhat different. When one is older both his writing and personality are often significantly different than when young. My writing now at age 71 is quite a bit different than when I was twenty, for instance.

There are several things that will remain quite similar as we progress from one life to the next. Here are a few.

(1) Intelligence. Intelligence usually improves from life to life but gradually.

(2) Speed of thinking which will also show up in the speed of the writing.

(3) A sense of values

(4) Passion and emotional makeup will often be similar.

If an analyst is lucky enough to find the real handwriting of an individual’s past life he will generally find a few idiosyncrasies that stand out.

It is not impossible that Trump was Mussolini, but there is just not enough evidence to take it seriously.

A reader suggested that maybe Putin was Mussolini. I checked out the handwriting and again there is not enough evidence to take this seriously, but who knows? There is always that slim chance.

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey


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