Exploring Mind

Exploring Mind

I know that many people are turned off by the word “control” but as is the case with all words or concepts they have a positive and negative aspect.

For instance, a negative aspect of control is a tyrannical act of one person controlling another with the effect of limiting free will.

A positive aspect of control is to use whatever means necessary to prevent rape, theft, murder etc.

Now the emotions cannot control themselves and their redemption comes from the mind controlling them.

The mind controls emotions in two ways.

(1) The individual has progressed to the plane of the mind and can directly control and direct emotion through the power of his thought.

(2) The individual has not progressed to the plane of the mind but has programming in his brain created by someone else who has progressed to the plane of mind or above.

Example One: A person has a powerful temper. This powerful anger has no desire to control itself, but instead wants total freedom to destroy all in its path.

Person #1 will take charge and say “hold on now and release yourself in harmlessness.”

Person #2 would be dangerous except that he has been taught programming that it is important to “count to ten” or something similar to control the anger.

Example Two: A person has a deviant emotion which gives him the desire to molest children

Person #1. Most thinking people would control their emotions before they got this much out of hand. If they willingly cultivated such they would be very dangerous.

Person #2 These people cannot help themselves and must receive help through reinforced programming from the outside (other people). This mental programming must be used to give the person control.

The principle involved is this.

The lower cannot control itself, nor can the  lower control that which is higher, but the higher can control the lower. The lower never has desire to cooperate with the higher and enters onto the higher vibration kicking and screaming with resistance.

Example: The personality resists the soul until it suffers defeat after defeat in its purposes and finally will yield through acquiescence.

Now let us cover current questions

Questions: Is one who has graduated from college as an engineer likely to be a thinker?

All seemed to agree that the answer to this is generally no.

The group concluded that some engineer graduates could be thinkers, and some may not be. If one uses only the solutions he/she learned in college to solve engineering problems, and doesn’t add new, creative solutions to the mix, then they are probably not a thinker. However, if problems are met with new solutions, or an old solution is applied in a new and creative way, then that would be the work of a thinker.

Question: Is one who has patented three inventions likely to be a thinker?

All seemed to see this as a yes answer because of the processes involved. Nicola Tesla is an example. He had many patents and was very creative.

Question: Is the author of a best selling book likely to be a thinker?

The answer was basically it depends. A Jackie Collins type would be no. A Stephen Hawking’s type, yes.

Question: Is one who has started a new and unique business likely to be a thinker?

Travis spoke well here:

The consensus was that if the entrepreneur was really thinking out of the box creating something new that he or she is definitely a thinker.

Question: Which is most likely to be a thinker?

(a) A member of a dangerous cult.

(b) An outstanding member of an orthodox church.

Acquiring the ability to think is an important step in evolution, but it does not mean that you are perfect by any means. Often times when we move into a new step on the path more mistakes than usual are made at first because we are in unfamiliar territory. Russia is a great example or this. When they shed totalitarianism and began to taste democracy things actually got worse for a while, even though we know from experience in the free world that democracy works better in the end.

When the seeker first develops mind and independent thought he will often join a cult or two until he gets burned several times. Finally most will settle into a sensible middle ground.

I have talked to a number of people involved in cults and read much of their literature and they are generally more interesting to talk to about philosophy and more mental in their approach than the standard Episcopalian. The trouble is that their minds are caught up in some illusion at the foundation of their beliefs. Illusion cannot be dispelled by mind alone.

Name an individual who you believe to be using mind.

The group put forward a number of names and one even named her husband which I thought was sweet.

Any list of true thinkers made here would most likely be controversial and lead to distractive discussions as true mental types are usually at odds with the emotionally polarized who make up the vast majority.

The Energies in Astrology

The understanding of astrology helps in seeing how the coming shift is to materialize. Each of the signs has varying degrees of male or female energy. I tabulate it as follows. Plus numbers are representative of male energy and minus as female.

The Elements

Water = minus 2

Earth = minus1

Air = plus 1

Fire = plus 2

The Crosses

Mutable Cross = minus 1

Fixed = 0

Cardinal Cross = plus 1

There are other factors such as Rays and ruling planets but using this as a basis gives us a general idea in the following tabulation.

Aries 2+1=3

Taurus -1+0=-1

Gemini 1+-1=0

Cancer -2+1=-1

Leo 2+0=2

Virgo -1+-1=-2

Libra 1+1=2

Scorpio -2+0=-2

Sagittarius 2-1=1

Capricorn -1+1=0

Aquarius 1+0=1

Pisces -2+-1=-3

Notice that Aquarius, the sign we are entering is positive one and Pisces, the sign we are leaving is minus three, the most female of all the signs. In addition Pisces is ruled by Ray Six strong in female energy.

Now the interesting thing is that the past two thousand years are seen as being dominated by the male. Men ruled kingdoms, fought wars and made lots of trouble for our planet.

How indeed then has female energy been strong in manifestation during the past 2000+ years?

The new age we are entering, on the other hand, is seen as being one of more equality between the sexes, giving the female more power which she deserves. How can this be when the ages are shifting from female to male in polarity? How will male energy manifest in the coming age as opposed to the strong female energy in the past age?

For those of you unfamiliar with the terms male and female energy there is much written on the subject in the archives.

Nov 17, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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1 thought on “Exploring Mind

  1. I find it most difficult — if not almost impossible to distinguish & differentiate between thoughts that are my (physical) brain ”calculating” & (or versus) my mind actually “thinking” & to what degree such things as “emotion(s),” preconceived notions & cognitive biases, etc., affect “a thought” — or “idea.”

    Shrug — suspect that like everyone else, we just do the best we can & make a “correction” when & as needed.

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