Escaping the Beast

Escaping the Beast

2021 Gathering, Part Twenty-One

Even though the media has always been somewhat biased, it used to be both sides could be represented on any question, but not anymore. There’s only one side on most of them. The media has decided which side of each question is to be represented. I think the media even controls politics more than politics control the media right now. Yeah?

Michael: The media’s controlled by corporations and corporations have their agenda, and that’s just an appendage or a mechanism for them to shape perception to get what they want.

So if it goes a little higher than that. There’s a really great book called “Hate Incorporated” that really goes into – and it was written by a guy named Matt Taibbi – but he really goes into how the media does pick the president. Shapes perception. But again, there’s an agenda behind it. They’re controlled by the oligarchs and the corporatocracy that runs this country, and the planet, basically, and that’s the goal.

JJ: Okay, well the social media, social corporations right now are the big ones. It used to be the big oil companies, but now they’re small fry compared to Facebook, Google, Twitter, and all these things. And they’re actually part of the media. So the corporations and the media have somewhat merged. And we also find big corporations not even different than the social media going and supporting things the media tells the people they’re supposed to support.

So we have tremendous pressure to conform. And the disciples . . . how do we escape the mark of the beast? One of the ways you can escape, is to work for yourself if you can. Not everybody can work for themselves, but those who can it’s a good idea. You escape a tremendous portion of the mark of the beast when you are your own boss.

But if you can’t be your own boss, then work for somebody with as much latitude as possible so you can have as much freedom as possible. With this vaccination thing, Biden has issued a decree, executive order, that any company with over 100 employees, all employees have to be inoculated, for instance. So you have a lot more freedom with a small company than maybe a big company and so on.

But yeah, if you can work for yourself . . . but even working for yourself, if it gets tight enough, we could have it to the point where they could actually put some chip in your right hand, and they could say something like, “you cannot buy or sell at the grocery store or anywhere else because you have to show this chip in your right hand. This shows that you have conformed to what we have agreed.”

Now, this could be vaccinations or some payment of taxes. It could be a number of things, but this would even affect us if we’re self-employed. The only people who wouldn’t be affected totally would be people who maybe have a bunch of gold stored away in their basement or something.

Maybe they could barter with that, but outside of that, there’s that possibility, and we want to avoid that possibility. So people need to wake up and do everything they can to make sure that freedom continues. Free speech is probably the most important freedom to continue to fight for, because there are so many agents out there trying to eliminate free speech through the back door.

Politically acceptable speech, that seemed really harmless 30, 40 years ago is now rejected by over half of the millennials who support the idea of making it illegal to say unpopular speech. That’s pretty scary when you think that older people are in for orthodox free speech, but the younger people are for some reason, they’re highly offended over all kinds of things. Close to half of them want free speech to be controlled by law. If we ever get to that point, we will be in big trouble. So hopefully we can prevent that from happening. Okay. Any other questions on authority, the mark of the beast?

Curtis: Well, they are trying to control guns through ammunition right now. It’s really hard to go down to Walmart and buy some. There’s really no ammunition available, so, you know . . .

JJ: Can you buy it at a gun shop or anything?

Curtis: No.

JJ: Really?

Curtis: Sometimes you can buy rounds for guns that nobody uses. You know, all these rare guns or whatever. But it’s not like it was ten years ago. You can’t go down and buy a nine-millimeter or 30, 30’s . . . they’re just gone. I got most of them. (laughter)

JJ: Well good for you.

Asaph: JJ, what are the future options for where the beast can go, in your opinion?

JJ: You mean after the media?

Asaph: Yeah.

JJ: Probably back to politicians.

Asaph: Islam, back to Islam?

JJ: They could go back to Islam because I don’t think the beast is done with Islam because it’s a powerful factor, especially now with Afghanistan getting billions of dollars’ worth of free weapons so they could become a major problem again. The negative powers that be could think, well, you know, there might be opportunity to exploit these guys.

So yeah, we’ll keep an eye on it because the beast is always ahead of public opinion. Public opinion thinks the beast is always where it was ten years ago. And public opinion never sees where it is right now, until it’s too late.

And then when they see it, then the beast will move somewhere else, as its focus.

Curtis: Probably into education.

JJ: Yeah, yeah, that can be. It’s now controlling education to a large degree, but it could be . . . It’s not really the focus of evil right now, but it could be. Yeah?

Adam: I was going to say, and you may have talked about this earlier today, but I know it’s extensive in your book . . . you know, you even have a chapter Beast-R-US, and ultimately the responsibility is on each of us because the ability . . . the power of the beast lies . . . you can have a perfectly benevolent, wonderful teacher. You could be reading DK. You could be reading good things from the Bible. You could think JJ is a great teacher, and they are. And they may have no ill intent themselves, but when we use them . . . just take their word for it without, you know, exploring our own inner Christ, and don’t place a check on that, then we make them an authority, regardless of any authoritative thing of those good things they’re trying to do.

So we ultimately bear the responsibility of not wearing the mark.

JJ: That’s a good point. Let’s suppose that 100 years from now my teachings become really famous with a large number of people, and in this in this group, they say, oh, you’re speaking contrary to what J.J. says, that’s wrong. You’re going to be thrown out, you know? So I could become the beast, or I can become the focus of the beast.

Or my teachings could be if they become . . . if the people that have control of my writings were too black and white. Just like even the words of Jesus, as great as they are, if they’re controlled by strong authority, then they’re part of the mark of the beast. If, if you can’t interpret it according to the God within, if you’re prohibited from interpreting anything, and that thing that you’re trying to interpret may be the greatest light that’s out there, but if some authority is telling you how to interpret it and you can’t interpret it any other way and you accept that, then you have accepted the mark of the beast.

And so to escape the mark of the beast is, in simplicity, we just have to think for ourselves and not let others do our thinking and not let others control our actions and our feelings, but develop them in cooperation with the Holy Spirit within.

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