Dreams and More

May 13, 2016

Dreams and More


And in the in-between state one dreams of people he does not know. Where does this dream body originate?


In most cases all the forms you see in your dreams are created by the interplay of your mind and feelings as they pick up impressions from your brain and other sources. Often the consciousness of real people is projected into your dreams but the amount of consciousness will vary considerably. If the conscious level is high then the dream will be very vivid and it will seem that you should pay attention to it.

You can even be asleep and dream of someone who is awake and yet be picking up some of that person’s consciousness that is not in his or her body.

Basically we dream because we crave experience and this instinctual desire creates the dream world.


Ruth did some interesting research on various groups out there.   I have always been amazed at how so many light weight gurus with frivolous teachings are able to garner quite a following.

You are right that if the Christ himself were to show up he would have to go against a lot of competition to prove himself. There are even a lot of miracle workers like John of God that may eclipse him, especially if he concentrated on teachings rather than miracles.

Now the Buddha did not perform miracles because he wanted the teachings to be the center of his message. What probably helped him gather attention was the fact that he was the son of a king. Consider that if one of Obama’s daughters started teaching a spiritual message. A lot of people would be curious and listen.

A regular guy making no outstanding claims, yet teaching a new spiritual message has much difficulty in this time where Pisces energy is struggling for survival.

As for me I believe that some type of breakthrough will come. though I have quit guessing what that may be. Currently, I am experimenting with circulating my quotes embedded in graphics on Facebook. I am adding one a day so we’ll see what happens after a year passes.


Olivia asks who my target audience is? Actually it is people like her and other Keys members, but unfortunately there are not that many people more interested in light and truth than glamour. In some ways I am a little like Apple Computer and Steve Jobs. He created things that were not in demand with the idea that if the product was good enough that those who at first saw no need would eventually develop a need for the products. Not many seek true principles, but when they start to understand them then the need to move forward will develop.

I believe there are many people who can be reached when the correct point of tension is reached.

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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