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Feb 4, 2017

Catching Up

There are a number of comments I’ve made over the past year that didn’t get posted online so I am posting the best of them so readers can have greater access.

Here are the first ones. The titles are:

  • You Are Needed
  • Continuity of Consciousness
  • Synthesis Needed
  • Male/Female Inclinations

Jan 16, 2016

You Are Needed

How can he (the Son of God) enter, to rest and to remember, without you? Except you be there, he is not complete. And it is his completion that he remembers there. … Think you when this has been achieved that you will rest without them? You could no more leave one of them outside than I could leave you, and forget part of myself.

From A Course in Miracles

Basically it is touching on the same principle that Jesus did when he said that a sparrow falling to the ground does not escape the attention of God. God needs all his creations for Itself to be complete for the ALL is God.


May 15, 2016

Continuity of Consciousness

Jenny asks:

My son desires do learn to live without sleep as some masters have. Have you heard of anyone who has been successful doing so?

I have heard stories, but haven’t seen any proof that anyone has been successful avoiding sleep.

Sleep is based on the principle of rest and this applies to all lives on all levels, even God. God, we are told in the Bible, needed to take a rest after creation was complete and the ancient wisdom teachings tell us that in between creations the universe dissipates and God and all lives in him/her/it rest in the Great Pralaya.

When it is said of certain masters that they need not sleep it doesn’t mean they do not need times of rest. Like they say a change is considered a rest and this is really what sleep or rest is. It is not the obliteration of consciousness, but a change in where consciousness is directed.

In normal sleep our consciousness is split between the astral/emotional and the mental. The mental part returns to the world of the soul and the astral part takes you into the dream state. In both cases attention is taken off the physical body which allows it to get some rest and recharge. This recharging of the physical body is absolutely necessary for anyone who is occupying one. Anyone who goes several days without such a recharging gets himself in serious trouble on he physical plane.

When a Master who is in a physical body is said to go without sleep what really happens is that he has developed continuity of consciousness that allows him to have continuous consciousness and awareness of surroundings 24 hours a day. During part of those 24 hours he will take his attention off the body so it can recharge, but will maintain full awareness in the world of the soul. So his consciousness is awake 24 hours a day, even though for part of that time his attention on the physical will be minimal allowing for physical rest and recharging.

Here are a couple quotes from DK on continuity of consciousness:

We call it continuity of consciousness, and by this we mean the power to be fully aware of all happenings in all spheres and departments of man’s being during the entire twenty-four hours of the day. As yet this is far from being the case. There is no real awareness of existence during the hours of sleep. The dream life as related is as full of illusion as any of the more definitely lower psychic experiences. The slowly growing interest in dreams from the standpoint of psychology and the investigation of their probable source are the first weak attempts towards establishing the awareness on a really scientific basis. There is as yet no conscious registering of mental activity during such times, for instance, as when the emotional body holds the centre of the stage.

A Treatise on White Magic, Pages 423-424

Learn to keep focussed in the head through visualization and meditation and through the steady practice of concentration; develop the capacity to live increasingly as the king seated on the throne between the eyebrows. This is a rule that can be applied to the every day affairs of life. *** Learn, as you go to sleep, to withdraw the consciousness to the head. This should be practiced as a definite exercise as one falls to sleep. One should not permit oneself to drift off to sleep, but should endeavor to preserve the consciousness intact until there is a conscious passing out onto the astral plane. Relaxation, close attention, and a steady drawing upwards to the center in the head should be attempted, for until the aspirant has learned to be steadily aware of all processes in going to sleep and to preserve at the same time his positivity, there is danger in this work. The first steps must be taken with intelligence and followed for many years until facility in the work of abstraction is achieved.

A Treatise on White Magic, Pages 503-504


May 20, 2016

Synthesis Needed

Thanks for the reminder Natalie. Just before the full moon is a potent time to say the Great Invocation and put attention on receiving from Higher Lives. The exact time of the full moon is 3:34 PM MST Saturday (today). You can find it for your time zone here: LINK

Ruth pointed out the leftist promotion attacking half the country as being idiots at this time when we are supposed to be placing attention on unity. It is sad indeed that many DK followers see conservatives as totally deceived, Piscean aged, backward and focused on evil while anyone who mouths liberalism, no matter how impractical and anti freedom, are seen as the good guys.

Instead of giving a rational analysis as to why Bernie Sanders plan would work they merely label Trump as fascist and the bad guy. Obviously they think Jesus would vote for Bernie.

We need a synthetic approach that takes good liberal ideals and applies practical steps in harmlessness that supports the Principle of Freedom.


May 24, 2016

Male/Female Inclinations

Interesting question Kelly (as to why most sommeliers are male) and good input so far from the group. Because males are polarized in the sending/mind energy and females in the receiving/nurturing/emotional they will naturally apply their talents in different directions.

In the food industry most chefs are male and most waitresses are female. The chef sends to the waitress more than the waitress sends to the chef.

A sommelier (one who specializes in all aspects of wine service as well as wine and food pairing) uses a lot of decision making in his work and winds up doing more sending than receiving.

As far as food goes I have personally noticed an interesting difference between men and women as far as preparation goes. Every female I have ever known wants to have a recipe available that gives her exact amounts of ingredients to put in the dish to be created.

I, and most males I know, take a totally different attitude. We generally just throw in the food preparation what looks and seems to the be right ingredients and sizes and hope for the best – and to the surprise of some females, things turn out pretty good.

If the recipe says two tablespoons of flour my wife will get a measuring tablespoon and make sure the amount added is exactly correct. I, on the other hand, will just throw I what seems right at the time.

It is interesting to observe male/female influences and how they approach things so differently. I have studied this and been amused by it all my life. I figure that I could develop a pretty good comic routine on the subject if I went that direction.

When talking about this subject with the average guy, he will usually come up with exceptions. Yes, there are always exceptions to the rule, but that doesn’t mean the energy pushing and pulling on us is not there. While it is true most people would prefer to row downstream, there are always a few who decide to go against the current just to see if they can do it.


I am curious JJ- and I may have missed this in the past. It appears like you may think that the choosing of a presidential candidate is a “soul” decision and thus may be something that should be able to be reached as a consensus by a group seeking “oneness”?! According to my understanding of what the soul will and will not influence us about, I would not think that the selection of a president may be one of those things?


The disciple should seek to make every decision in harmony with the soul. He who does this doesn’t have the soul come whisper “yes” or “no” in his ear concerning every decision he makes. The only time a sensitive person gets a direct message concerning a individual decision will be if it has far reaching ramifications that will affect much more than the mere individual.

The soul will not normally intervene and tell you who to vote for, which job to take, which food to eat etc.

The key to making right decisions in the course of normal living is to obtain an understanding of true principles. In this understanding the soul can help you for if the disciple seeks confirmation with a pure heart he or she can receive verification and understanding of true principles and how they apply to life.

As far as candidates who may wind up having some control over our lives the key principle is the Principle of Freedom. After the disciple understands this principle he should then seek to understand which candidate is in the greatest alignment with it and then vote for that person.

The problem with this principle is that the seeker must catch a glimpse through the eyes of the soul to fully understand it for many good people, even after having it explained to them, will have a distorted understand of it due to their own personal desires of how they want right and wrong to be played out.

The prime example of this is the slave-owners in the Old South. They felt that the black race were not evolved enough to be free and they needed their masters to keep them in line. They felt they were doing the blacks a favor. In doing this they believed that slavery enhanced freedom for all, especially themselves.

This was a warped understanding of the Principle of Freedom. Their own personal desire to use slaves prevented them from accessing the soul to see the true principle.

This happens to a lesser extent to the masses as they seek to make decisions that will lead to more or less external control over their lives and that of others.

Bernie Sanders supporters are making a terrible violation of the Principle of Freedom by attempting to shut down free speech, our most important right and Bernie acquiesces to this by doing virtually nothing to stop it.

Socialism through force, especially that which runs contrary to the will of the people, is also a violation, but this will not be clear to the seeker until a vision of the Principle of Freedom is seen and understood.


Right now the best decision I can come up with for this election is “none of them”! I don’t want to be responsible for selecting any of the current candidates.


Any time there are two choices before us one is always better than the other. If we do not make the choice then our lives will be controlled by the choices of others which is a type of slavery by default.


I must be grossly uninformed, ignorant, or obstinate as I disagree with the arguments made for Sanders and Trump. What good is a “skilled businessman” who completely lacks morals and integrity?


Morality is often in the eyes of the beholder. The greatest immorality in my opinion is a violation of the Principle of Freedom and Trump scores pretty good in this area as I have not seen him advocate anything that would violate this in any major way.

Bernie and Hillary advocate huge violations of this which would take us long the same path that has led to the downfall of Venezuela.


I just don’t understand the business argument in relation to running a country when he will do exactly what the big corporations have done, which is, whatever the hell they want in order to get what they want.


Corporations have been demonized by the media and the political left, but take a look at counties who have successfully attacked and controlled or destroyed them such as North Korea, Cuba and now Venezuela. Would you rather live there free from corporate influence? I do not think so. Just as individuals are not perfect, neither are corporations, but overly restricting freedom is not the answer.

Without the assistance of business and corporations the long looked for new age of peace and prosperity could not happen.


His purpose and focus is completely off base, imo?


He states that his main purpose and the main reason he is running for president is to straighten out our terrible economic situation and reverse the destructive national debt, which could devastate us within a few years if not handled. Do you think this is off base?

Bernie and Hillary are not concerned with the debt and their plan would only add to it and shorten the time of the approaching collapse.


Also, in my opinion, the argument about one’s sun sign is weak in relation to the elements that they respond to. There are so many other factors that influence an individual, particularly their rising sun sign, as well as other factors within their chart.


I didn’t have time to go into detail but if you look at the whole chart you will see, of the three, that Trump has the largest percentage of air (mind) aspects. Aquarius is also a fixed cross sign and Trump has the largest percentage of the fixed cross in his chart.

The problem with politics and religion is that fixed ideas and personal desires enter in on one’s personal outlook which makes clear vision very difficult, hence we find many intelligent people standing with all kinds of varying beliefs, 95% of which have illusion built in to them.

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