Clarifications on Centers Masters & More


Clarifications on Centers Masters & More

Jennifer asks:

I have it on good authority that we have more chakras than the main 7 ones usually referred to, and which you speak of JJ. On earth it is my understanding that most humans have 11 chakras, although some who originate from elsewhere have 13. Also that all humans are not native to the planet (and that is why our waste matter needs to be treated before the earth can readily absorb it). I would appreciate clarification on this.

The teaching of the seven chakras is thousands of years old and the sages of yesterday and today are correct on this. There are only seven major ones in man corresponding to the seven rays and seven notes. There are however, quite a few minor centers and thousands of smaller ones still corresponding to acupuncture points.

There seems to be teachings going around lately about there being 11, 12 13 or more major centers. I have seen a few of these circulating about and those I have seen promoting such teachings are usually waiting for some spaceship to pick them up or expecting the earth to enter the 15th dimension yesterday. They kind of present the idea that only the unenlightened still believe in the seven centers and even the spiritual hierarchy of this planet (the Brotherhood of Light) are deceived. One such writing teaches that the Ancient of Days is being replaced by some great galactic being because he is failing at his job.

One thing I have noticed about these groups with astounding claims is that they make a lot of predictions that have not come true.

Speaking of predictions, didn’t Nostradamus predict that the world would end in July 1999? Looks like we have just one day left so we’d better make the best of it.

I’m willing to take bets that we will all be here the first of August.

The doomsayers will not give up. We’ll see many surface near the end of the year (written July 1999) and when the world is still here January first they will realize that the real millennium doesn’t begin until Jan 1, 2001 and they will predict again and be wrong again.

Over 99% of humans are native to either this planet and/or the Moon. The moon has not always been a dead body. There was a time that it had an atmosphere millions and billions or years ago and was teaming with primitive physical as well as etheric life. A small handful of teachers have come here from other planets to incarnate and serve.

All human life forms throughout the universe have seven major centers just as the atoms and rays in far away galaxies are built on the same principles that are here on this earth.

When this universe, which is built on the number seven, is perfected then (billions of years from now) the universe of eight rays will be created and the inhabitants there will have eight major chakras.

Our Solar Angel which communes with us through the soul has lived on other planets so far in the distant past that it’s native solar system no longer is in existence in physical form. Since animals do not have Solar Angels this could explain why the earth is more accepting of their waste.

I found the prophecy of Nostradamus – Here it is:

“In the year 1999 and seven months

From the sky will come the great terror king.

He will return to life the great Mongol king

Before and after warfare happily rules.

I have an assignment for those of you who like to surf the web. Do a search on Nostradamus and see what kind of current thinking you can find on this prophecy. Who do they think the Mongol king is? I see that Glenys already discovered that it may be associated with the grand cross and the four beasts.

In making light of this prophecy I am not putting Nostradamus in a negative light. He was a great thinker in a similar vein to Isaiah. Just as Isaiah’s writings have been compared to cycles over the years and have shed light on events so have the writings of Nostradamus.

The interesting thing about prophecy is that whenever anyone starts making specific prophecies of specific dates error seems to creep in. The reason is that the future is in a constant state of flux and can only be predicted with 100% accuracy when some great life has made a decision that certain events will take place and even then the time of the fulfillment may be flexible.

For instance Christ predicted that He will return, but the date is not written in stone.

Let’s move on to Suzi’s questions:

“…but I am wondering are they (the Masters) also able to move through time and space instantly to another far off location or do they rely on our physical transportation?”

I have given some information on this in a previous post. Let me quote:

“The Brotherhood of Light, however, is not limited to normal physical travel problems for they travel through space using a spiritual technology. They have the ability to fold and unfold matter which is created on an illusionary principle. When the illusion of physical matter is folded into the higher bodies then they are able to travel through space at many times the speed of light. When they arrive at their destination they are able to unfold their vehicle or rematerialze in the physical.”

Concerning time travel, this is not possible in the physical body, but can be done through conscious projection and identification can be made with a cooperating entity in the past or future.

Suzi then quotes my teachings on the creation of human atoms (Adams) and molecular relationships and asks:

“Now where I get lost is this statement: Next human molecules will establish relationship with polar opposite human molecules and more balance still will be required. Can you elaborate on this part in particular…”

Let me quote again from a previous post – and I’m not complaining about doing this. Some important points are beneficial to repeat.

“It is important that we contemplate the results of the Molecular Relationship. Hydrogen and oxygen are both gases, but when they unite they produce the more advanced product, which is liquid water. Water is totally unlike either hydrogen or the oxygen that is in the air that we breathe. The union of these two elements produces a substance much greater than they were individually. In the same way, humanity, through the Molecular Relationship, can create group lives with greater powers and properties than it has individually, and will be able to share in the consciousness of the whole. Expansion of consciousness is the great objective of existence. This makes human molecular marriage very desirable, for it can create a possible expansion of consciousness which is beyond our present dreams.”

To create the first human molecules of this age we must first get beyond the competitive instincts of the sexes and forget about which is the best or most advantageous sex to be and see the male and female as he two creative polarities that create all manifested form. We must ask ourselves how to use these energies rather than the individual attempting to prove that he or she is associated with the better of the two sexes.

What the male and female energy is and does is what it is and does, and no defense of the sexes is going to change that.

The book I am presenting to you will more fully answer this question in the chapters to come, but suffice it to say that human molecules will be created. The first will consist of twelve males and twelve females. Then when the time comes that there are two human molecules one will gravitate toward the female charge and the other male and these two molecules will establish relationship accordingly and have new dimensions of balance to work out. And this is just the beginning of higher evolution for humanity. Eventually living groups will be created that will correspond to cells, but made of human atoms and molecules.

Each elevated life form we make will have higher more advanced properties that will be a joy and thrill for the participants to discover.

Suzi next asks if the Masters in incarnation are going to find each other and work together.

Not necessarily. When a Master takes incarnation and is successful at regaining enlightenment (some take longer than anticipated) he will have a certain mission to accomplish that will usually be quite distinct from that of any other member of the Hierarchy. He will have contact with the group mind and will not feel isolated or alone. Instead of working with other Masters he will center his work around disciples who have a desire to serve the Plan.

After Christ comes again on the earth there will be physical interplay among the Masters who gather with Him for they are His disciples. Until that time high initiates will not actively seek out Masters unless it fulfills some important purpose.

When one achieves or re-achieves the status of Master in any one life he gains the ability to extend or rejuvenate the physical body. He does not keep this body for eternity but as long a is useful. Later he receives a “better resurrection” (as the Bible calls it) and obtains the power to allow his body to be destroyed and build it again as did the Christ. He can also attain the ability to recreate a physical body from a past life for he carries the memory of all past life vehicles within himself.

Hope this helps Suzi. As John says in the Immortal, it takes an intelligent person to ask an intelligent question.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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