666, The Number of the Beast

666, The Number of the Beast

2021 Gathering, Part Nineteen

JJ: Then it tells us about the mark of the beast . . . that the beast will have the number . . . we’ll be able to recognize the beast because he has the number 666. Now six is a number that governs the solar plexus, the emotions, and it governs strong authority. It also governs the Piscean age. So it’s very powerful during the Piscean age.

So six governs emotional control, and control by strong authority, as represented in the Piscean age. There are three sixes. The reason there are three sixes, is because it controls all three areas of normal living. The first is the physical. The second is the emotional. And the third is the mind. And the beast wants to control them all.

In other words, the reason he’s called the beast is because the people subjected to him are like beasts. They’re like animals that don’t think on their own. They’re herded around. They’re told what to do, what to think, how to behave, where to go, and when to eat and one of the reasons that he’s called the beast is that we are treated as beasts by a beastly authority if we have the mark of the beast.

So what happens if you receive the mark of the beast and the 666?  Then you will be subject to control of the beast on the physical level – so if he tells you to do something, you will do it. If he tells you to pay your taxes, you pay your taxes. Just about all of us do that, don’t we? If he tells us to get vaccinated, we get vaccinated. If he tells us we’re supposed to attend church, we attend church. Whatever the outward authorities tell us to do, that is what we physically do.

The mark of the beast on the emotions is extra control still. They tell us how we’re supposed to feel about stuff. You’re supposed to feel respectful toward this president, but not this president; toward this person, but not this person; toward this group; but not this group. So there will be people, unearned authorities, telling you how you’re supposed to feel about things.

Now this thing that you’re told to feel about, could be something good,or it could be something negative. It doesn’t really matter. If you’re just feeling that way because that’s the way you’re supposed to feel, then you have the mark of the beast.

One person here may feel one direction, like say communism is great. Another person may feel capitalism is great. And maybe they’re both feeling that way just because they’re told that’s the way they’re supposed to feel, even though they disagree with each other. And even though one ideology may be a lot more correct than the other, it doesn’t really matter. Even if what you feel is the right thing . . . if you’re feeling it just because you’re supposed to feel, because that’s what the authorities decreed, then you have the mark of the beast in your emotional body.

Okay, now your mind. This is what the beast is really going after in this age . . . is the mind. Because we’re switching from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius. And the age of Aquarius is ruled by mind. And when you have a switch from one age to another, you have the energies of the old age seeking to survive. So they will do everything possible to pull you back to the old way of thinking, and this is what is happening right now.

We’re at a point where half the population seems to have a little common sense, and the other half seems to have no sense whatsoever. (laughing) And so we have people who are trying to implement the thinking polarization in the mind. And the other half resisting and doing everything they can to like, uh, limit free speech for instance. We cannot have the mind dominate if we can’t have free speech.

This is one of the big battlegrounds right now . . . is free speech. Because without, we cannot enter peaceably into the Aquarian Age. That’s just one example. We must be able to keep the freedom of speech, or else we cannot demonstrate the power of mind over emotion. Without free speech, emotion can completely dominate.

So we want to eliminate the power of the beast over the mind. This has to start with the individual. The individual has to realize that if he is told he has to believe a certain thing or think a certain way, then he has to look at it and ask, “what is really true?” This is what he has to ask.

And this is what many people in the churches and in the political parties don’t do. They say, “well this is what we believe.” Instead of questioning it, they just go along with it. To question it, you need free your mind from the beast and actually ask questions.

And this got me and Curtis in a lot of trouble with the Mormon church when we started asking questions. If you ask too many questions, whether it be the Mormon church or the Democrat or Republican party, the Catholic church, Islam – boy Islam, you really get into bad shape if question anything there – so the disciple needs to be able to ask questions. And he has to internally come up with questions that he will answer from his inner self.

So that’s basically the mark of the beast. And the number of the beast is the three sixes, first six: energy controlling the body and the actions of the body. And the second six: controlling the emotional energy, the emotional self. And the third six: emotional, authoritative energy governing the mind, so telling you what to think.

How about you, Asaph, do you think on your own?

Asaph: No, I just listen to you and do what you tell me.  (laughter)

JJ: (laughing) That’s easy. Well, you know, that’s interesting that you say that, even though you’re joking. This is the lazy man’s way. And a lot of people think this way. It’s like the Mormon leaders used to tell me and Curtis, you know, as far as Mormon doctrine goes, thinking has been done and judgment has been set, and this is the way it is, okay. The thinking has already been done.

Curtis: Yeah, what got us in trouble was asking, “well, if the prophet is a revelator, show us a new revelation.”

JJ: Yeah.

Curtis: They tell us, “Well, everything he (prophet) says is a revelation. (laughter) If he speaks, he’s revealing.”

Yeah, they’ll say “ don’t you guys attend General Conference? All kinds of revelations are going on there.” 

Curtis: “Yeah, lots of them.”

“No ‘thus saith the Lord.’ No . . . well show us one specific then.” And they talk about blacks receiving the priesthood. That was the big revelation back in the day.

So you can’t discern unless you can ask questions.

JJ: Yeah.

Susan: But it’s changed now.

Curtis: Huh?

Susan:  It’s changed now.

Curtis: Yeah?

Susan: Because what they’re saying now is that “the restoration” is not through – that there’s a lot more to come.

 JJ and Curtis: They say it’s not true?

JJ: Oh, not through. Well, in the Articles of Faith it says there’s a lot more to come, alright.

Susan: But they emphasize it now. They’re not pretending that they’ve got it all.


The energy of Aquarius shines on the whole world and people interpret it in different ways according to their belief.

Susan and JJ: Yeah.

Curtis: Well, is it coming through? What’s coming through? Anything recently? I know they’ve changed the structure of the church – it’s no longer 70’s . . .

Susan: They’re emphasizing women and the priesthood.

JJ: Do you think they’ll give women the priesthood one of these days?

Susan: I don’t think they’ll ever give them the authority to run the church, but they are talking about how women have the priesthood.

JJ: Oh yeah. Co-priesthood-holders is what they used when I was in the church.

Curtis: The what?

JJ: Co-priesthood holders, for women. Yeah, trying to make them feel a little bit better about not having it. (laughter)

Rebecca: What’s the key word here for the fourth Key? Is it authority?

JJ: There’s no one key word for it, but yeah, authority would be the most important word to understand. But the key to the Book of Revelation is that it’s not something that’s going to literally happen on the physical plane.

Now we’ll have things that happen where people will say, “oh boy, it looks like the Book of Revelation is coming true.” And then it won’t all happen as advertised, but certain things will correspond.

For instance, when they had the nuclear accident at Chernobyl, I think the root of Chernobyl had something to do with Wormwood. And a lot of people thought, well this is the beginning. (laughter) And then nothing followed, you know. But there will be correspondences, and not everything will happen in the sequence there. But the sequence there is important for the development of the disciple, as he develops awareness as he continues on.”

Now, you have the seven churches showing the development of the seven rays within the seven chakras. After they get so developed, then in Chapter Four, what happens? What happens in Chapter Four? The Heavens open. Okay. What does that symbolize?

Curtis: Your spirit begins to radiate.

Asaph: Soul contact.

JJ: It symbolizes the transfiguration like as happened with Christ, for instance. It symbolizes the third initiation – the point where the person receives communication with the inner God, okay.

So we have the first three chapters, no, then it’s Chapter Four where the heavens open if I remember right. In the first three chapters, they talk about the seven churches and what they mean, and the letters to them. Kind of just standard stuff it sounds like, and then the heavens open and he has the grand revelation.

So it symbolizes the progression of the disciple. He struggles along, overcomes all kinds of things. He gets pretty much control of his physical appetites. Then he gets control of his emotions. Now when he gets control of his emotions and starts to develop his mind, then the heavens . . . then there’s a connection when he gets to that link with the higher mind, then the heavens open.

And the heaven’s opening in that chapter reveal the great arrival of the disciple into soul contact or contact with the inner self. And then from that point it on, it goes into the development where the person becomes like Christ. And then it even goes beyond Christ, representing what development Christ would make after he had the resurrection experience. So it’s pretty interesting when you look at it in that light. Okay, any more comments on that key?

Rebecca: What was it called again?

JJ: The key to the Book of Revelation, would be just the name of it. It represents the path of the disciple. I think RuLeena said that statement, she said the path of the disciple.

Ed: In Esoteric Psychology, they have the rules for disciples.

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