The Intuitive Principle

Nov 14, 1998

The Intuitive Principle

The great part about the intuitive teaching method is even when you miss you still win. Why? Because your mind in cooperation with your soul is pushed a certain direction and the soul finds truth in all directions that it looks.

I never even thought in advance that my friends here would find anything profound in the actual bus or passengers, but you did and when you searched for meaning in any direction you often sounded as good as the Masters themselves.

Now let us talk just a little about this teaching method called The Intuitive Principle. I said it was a new teaching and some may argue with that. Teachers have been teaching by asking questions for thousands of years. Socrates was perhaps the most famous example. The method also gives hints. Some may argue that this is not new. There are at least a few teachers past who have taught by giving hints.

So how is the Intuitive Principle new?

First we must keep in mind that this teaching method is a PRINCIPLE and not composed of data alone. As such it can only be fully understood through the light of the soul and cannot be explained like a piece of data. The main way to teach this principle is to demonstrate it. This is one of the main purposes of the Immortal series. The last twelve keys called The Keys of Eternal Life are not to be taught in writing but must be taught in the student teacher relationship using the intuitive principle. All keys before that time are just preparation for the final keys.

The Intuitive Principle has four ingredients:

(1) Questions. Questions force the mind and heart to reflect on the soul.

(2) Hints. Hints are like water for a thirsty plant and aid in nourishment and growth.

(3) Teachings: This compares to food for the completion of nourishment.

(4) Higher knowledge centered on a principle. This is the tricky part for any would be imitator for data alone will not work with the Intuitive Principle.

This teaching method using these four ingredients as demonstrated in the book has not been revealed anywhere that I know about.

Let us say I wanted to teach you a piece of data like the number of planets circling around Sirius. Questions, hints and teachings would be a silly way to teach such a thing. The best way to deal with a piece of data like this is to just to come out and clearly state it.

But if I wanted to teach you the principle that creates planets then questions, hints and teachings could lead to an understanding, provided I understood the principle myself.

John briefly explains the principle in the book:

“If I were to just tell you the keys your understanding of them would be quite limited and you would not appreciate the depth of knowledge that lies behind them. Instead, we will use what is called the Intuitive Principle. I will give you pieces of information, or hints, and you contemplate where they are leading you and give me your intuitive feedback. Then I give you more hints until you come to an understanding of the principle. Sometimes that understanding comes gradually and other times it comes instantly in a flash of light.”

The intuitive Principle is the preferred method of teaching among the Masters themselves and has rarely been used on us backward mortals. We always want the easy way and just want to be told the answer by some authority instead of being forced to be thrown back upon our own souls.

In all the inspired scriptures and teachings of the world given out by the Brotherhood of Light there are always hints interspersed here and there with the hope that humanity would someday seek to be taught from within and join the Higher Lives through the oneness principle.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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