The Diet of Oxygen

The Diet of Oxygen

We recently posted an interesting book by E. T. Tennyson called “Deliverance from the Whirlwind.” Even though the guy takes the Bible very literally I find him quite interesting – that he comes to some quite creative conclusions. 

The same can be said for this next book called “The Diet of Oxygen.”

The most intriguing thing about this treatise is the idea that pressurized air can increase our longevity. I find it interesting that some whales and sea tortoises live to around 200 years old.

He claims that in ancient times, before the flood, that there were no major oceans and humankind  lived on what is now the ocean floors. Living way below sea level would have produced much greater air pressure and we would have breathed in more oxygen.

He thinks this greater air pressure and intake of oxygen plus more oxygen rich foods caused the ancients to live a much longer life.

I went on his diet for about a year after I read the book and did see some benefits. I just found it awkward to maintain because of various situations I was in.

Here is a link for a PDF of the book.

Oct 12, 2008

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