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1. Guilt vs God’s Approach to Sin

2. Learning Your Life’s Lesson, Part 1

3. Learning Your Life’s Lesson, Part 2

4. But What Are We Here For REALLY?

5. How Healing Miracles Occur

6. Being True to Your Inner Authority

7. Love Opens the Door to Higher Contact

8. Getting Our Prayers Answered

9. The Gathering Principle

10. Guilt, A Great Illusion

11 The Principle of Dominating Good

12. The Second Coming of Christ

13. Finding the Real

14. The Mysteries of the Book of Revelation

15. Reincarnation.

16. Reforming Government

17. The Ten Human Needs

18. Is Life Fair?

19. The Initiations

20. The Afterlife

21. Conspiracies – Where to Find Them.

22. The Principle of Experience – Playing the game of Life

23. Overcoming Limitations

24. The Principle of Honesty

25. True Meaning of “Jesus Christ.”

26. Resolving Guilt

27. Accomplishing Lofty Dreams

28. Escaping the Mark of the Beast

29. Soul Contact

30. Male-Female Energies

31. Obtaining Divine Assistance

32. Religions and the Purpose they Serve

33. Understanding Reincarnation

34. Thoughtforms

35. True Freedom

36. Transition to the Aquarian Age



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