Finding the True Progressives

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Several days ago I asked this question;
who you think could be an agent for the Brotherhood of Light?

The group responded with some interesting observations.

Several mentioned Ron Paul.  Even though I disagree with him about a third of the time I strongly agree with him on the basic principles of freedom and the importance of moving our country back to economic common sense. He has indeed been an agent that has helped move some common sense to the forefront.  I would guess he is a second degree initiate.

I get an even better vibe from his son Rand Paul; however, I haven’t taken in enough about him to have a fully informed opinion.  It will be interesting to see the quality of work he does.

I also get a pretty good vibe from the new House Majority Leader, John Boehner.  Now some would surmise that he couldn’t possibly be a second degree initiate because he cries at the drop of a hat, as does Glenn Beck, but yielding to strong emotional feeling does not mean that one does not have reasonable mastery over the emotions.

Mastery over the emotions is demonstrated by the decisions we make more than how strongly our emotional body feels.  Their are many people who rarely cry who have not mastered their emotions.

As example let us look at an emotional situation that could occur for a politician.

The politician has an opportunity to earmark some money that will build a homeless shelter.  He really wants to help the homeless and knows that such an earmark will bring him a lot of praise through the media and maybe get him invited to parties at Washington.

On the other hand, he uses his reason and determines that much more spending could bankrupt the country and make us all homeless.

Even though he personally helps lots of homeless, and seeing them makes him weep, his mind prevails over emotion and he doesn’t take the earmark.

It is easy to come up with spending projects that pull on the heartstrings and takes the government’s money, but just as families are limited so is the larger family called government.

It would be nice if we could supply warm milk to all the stray cats in the town, but would it make sense to borrow money you cannot pay back to accomplish this deed?  Of course not.

For anyone who wants to be in the light common sense must prevail for following emotion not tempered by reason always leads to disaster.

To judge emotional people like John Boehner or Glenn Beck we must give more weight to their actual decisions than to their surface feelings.  Can they be swimming in a sea of emotion and at the same time see the light clearly enough to make decisions based on reason and common sense?  That is the key.

A politician I definitely see working for the Brotherhood of Light is Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu . His decisions are centered on the plane of the mind tempered by intense feeling.  I think he will accomplish quite a bit before his life is through.

Someone mentioned that they haven’t seen an enlightened Democrat since Robert Kennedy.  I agree that JFK and RFK were indeed agents on the side of light and the likes of these men are missing among the Democrats today. Most of them are working to restrict freedom rather than to expand it. This is a cycle they are going through but Democrat initiates will appear when the cycle changes. There is a liberal president of Brazil that is a present possibility though.

On the present conservative realm we have these possibilities:  Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter & Bobby Jindal.

How would you rate these individuals?