Sound Bytes

Sound Bytes

Thanks to those of you who commented on the latest Chapter of my Book Eternal Words.

Arit writes: “You know what else happened? As I was reading page 10, I heard a very beautiful song of just 3 lines and I was singing it in my spirit and drifted off but on waking up this morning I can’t remember the song and I want so much to remember it. I’ve concentrated on it, taken my mind back but nothing. Perhaps I’m trying too much but I’ll appreciate some suggestion on how I can recall that song.”

JJ: What were you reading when you heard it? When you receive something through the soul you need to record it immediately or it can be difficult to retrieve. Sometimes it is easier to go on to the next revelation.

A reader comments: All sound is vibration, but all vibrations are not sound. At least not sound as we know it — unless you are giving “sound” a specialized meaning. Sound is, by definition, that portion of the wave band which lies within the range of reading. At other wavelengths, waves manifest as heat, light, and radio waves.

JJ: Of course, there is only a certain range of vibration that produces audible sound on the physical plane, but we could take any group of wavelengths, even light, and slow them down and we would no longer have light, but sound. We could take slow wavelengths and speed them up and again we would have light. The key is the pattern produced by the wavelengths and that pattern can remain intact whether the wavelengths are slowed down or speeded up.

Another thing to consider is the creative sound begins on the mental plane and from that mental plane sound is heard, seen and felt in a much higher vibratory rate.

It is written, “In the beginning was the word,” or sound, but this was not an audible sound for the physical ear, but the sound that creates.

From the book we read:

“So, could we sound the original word for this coin and restore it?”

 “We could,” he affirmed.

Reader: But in order to exist on the physical plane, you have stated that things must possess a dual polarity, and that when the polarity of a thing was in perfect balance, it would cease to exist. So therefore, in order to persist, once you gave out the original sound that created the coin, you would either have to keep sounding it in order for the coin to continue existing, or you would have to add to the true sound of the coin, some sort of lie or distortion in order to create the polarity so that the coin would continue to persist.

JJ: Nothing in form on the physical, astral or mental plane is in perfect balance. I see no contradiction here. Sound throws undifferentiated matter out of balance and causes creation. Once differentiated matter is created it continues to make sound on the various planes for billions of years unless a master neutralizes the wavelengths, or sound.

Reader: Follow-up question: The primordial sound which created the coin was itself created. How was that sound created? By a sound on a still higher plane?

JJ:  All sound and creation is originated by evolving intelligence.

Reader: Can you really create every instance of every coin on the mental plane, or simply create the arch-type of all coins of the same nature, with the specific manifestation of this specific coin only occurring on the physical plane?

JJ: I think the book answers this:

“So does every quarter of that year represented by the same word?”

“Not quite,” he replied. “Two forms that seem to be exactly the same, such as two coins of the same year and mint, will be very similar in sound, yet with a slight variation. The words which are forms are tempered by the slight differences in the atoms themselves and by the thoughts of the creators of the form, as well as those who use the form.”

Reader: How could you create something which had never been created before? Like, say a coin which will be minted 100 years in the future? How would you know the sound vibration for that? Or how would you create a coin which never existed, such as a Confederate, gold $3 piece?

JJ: One must merely follow the example of Thomas Edison and see an idea of the future such as a light bulb and then bring it into existence using the highest methods you know.

Edison sounded the light bulb on the plane of the mind before he manifested it.

Reader: How about creating effects? Would it spoil some vast eternal plan or upset the economy or destroy anybody’s free will if I created safely 14 consecutive green lights on my way to work in the morning? What would be the sound to create this, or is this some other principle at work?

JJ: The trouble with this is that your desire is competing with others who want your lights to be red while theirs is green. People’s energy neutralizes each other in these types of efforts.

I never attempt to change a light or materialize a parking space, but just take what comes.

Reader: “The consciousness of the adept is not limited by his physical body. …”

And the consciousness of the adept is not limited TO his physical body. I have mentioned this concept before, and you said I was wrong, and that the consciousness could not operate outside the body or else a person would not be physically alive.

JJ: I think you misunderstood me here. I have never said that a master was limited to a physical body but have taught many times that an adept will often rise above the physical and go to the higher realms in consciousness.

All of us have seven energy bodies and have a degree of consciousness in all seven planes when you include the lower and higher self.

What I did say is that in the case of a divine possession a Master is limited to working through one physical body at a time. Although in the case of a more loosely connected overshadowing he can work through more than one at a time.

An entity is generally limited to working through one physical body at a time, but this does not prevent him from placing his consciousness in other etheric bodies to use greater spiritual powers.

The only way to be in two places at one time is through the use of thoughtforms, but even here your prime attention and power of decision will be limited to one form at one moment.

Quote from the book: John continued clapping saying, “It’s very penetrating because you are hearing on three levels at one time. You are hearing sound on the physical, the emotional and the mental levels.”

Reader: In other words, their attention is focused on three levels at one time. But, I thought you said at one time that this was impossible, and that our attention could only be focused on one level at a time. I think we can and do function on multiple levels, though we are not always conscious of doing so.

JJ: The hearing on three levels is like listening to three notes of a chord. Your conscious ness does not say “Ah, there’s the first note and now there’s the second note, and finally, there’s the third note. Instead, all three notes are heard as one sound. Even so when your consciousness registers three planes at once it does this same thing. It does not register them individually, (unless it examines them one at a time,) but it can take in three worlds as one chord or one sound and then interpret the notes on reflection if he later desires.

The truth I pointed out earlier is that we are not conscious unless we are conscious. Consciousness is an awareness of what is going on. What is generally called the subconscious is not really our consciousness because we are not conscious of it. That which is below our conscious state are other conscious lives or advanced computer programs we have stored within ourselves.

Quote from  the book: “We held out our right hands, palms up and concentrated with all the energy we had.”

Reader: Wait a minute. Maybe you are just using an expression here, but philosophically, I don’t think this is correct. Attention is a focus of DECISION not EFFORT nor ENERGY. Effort and energy are not part of the First Key. Energy was created as a result of the decision to be. Pure attention does not require energy.

JJ: Bringing a decision into manifestation requires effort for me. Maybe you know something I don’t.

DK says: “I am one who has wrestled and fought his way into a greater measure of light than has the aspirant who will read this article.”

This principle has certainly applied to me. It has taken great effort on my part to move ahead. Of course, once one has mastered a thing it eventually becomes effortless.

Reader: Very interesting turn of phrase “formulate knowledge”.

JJ: Glad you noticed the wording and thanks for your observations and questions.

July 6, 2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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