30 Quotes from J J Dewey

30 Quotes from J J Dewey

I’ve been posting a quote a day on Facebook for the past month. Here are the past thirty all in one place. They are representative of the thinking you will find in thousands of articles and numerous books on freeread.com. Hope you like them.

  1. There is nothing too good to be true. Nothing can be withheld by those who persevere
  2. Life is but a flicker of light between two eternities.
  3. Follow the highest you know in darkness and in light. Soon your next step will be revealed to you.
  4. When the extreme seems normal the one who has balance seems to be the extreme.
  5. The fact that we exist, or that God or anything exists, is the greatest miracle of all, and boggles the mind of the highest initiate.
  6. In the end, love is One, but in its discovery it is many.
  7. None of us want disease and pain, but disease and pain are often caused by what we want.
  8. If a teaching just seems to make no sense do not trust it until it does make sense.
  9. Evil is that which pulls us backward in evolution and good is that which pushes us forward.
  10. The true glory of accomplishment is in initiation, not imitation.
  11. Be still, reach into the silent place, and know who you are.
  12. In the higher realms 1+1=1
  13. Truth is spiritual wherever it is found. There is no such thing as spirituality without truth.
  14. True freedom is not imposing your will on others so you can have what you want. It is creating maximum freedom for all, often at the dismay of those in power.
  15. Light dispels darkness but darkness cannot dispel light. Even so truth, revealed and understood, obliterates that which is false.
  16. Words and other forms of earthly communication veil truth, even if they come from God.
  17. Once the seeker reaches that point where he is totally dedicated to following the highest he knows, then illusion must be dispelled or he will become dangerous.
  18. What good is a nail if it is never used to create something of which it is just a part? What good is the selfish one who never merges in an act of love?
  19. He who listens to the inner voice can find more truth in the National Enquirer than one who is in illusion can find in the Bible.
  20. Every possibility is manifest somewhere and every possible experience that can be lived is being played out somewhere. You as an individual are going through an experience unique to yourself, slightly different from any other life in the Universe.
  21. God needs all Its creations for Itself to be complete for the ALL is God, not the All minus one.
  22. Many of those accepted by the masses as authorities today will be equated by future generations with the flat earth believers of yesterday.
  23. What better way is there to learn than from experience? — To painfully experience the effects of our own causes forces us to stare reality in the face.
  24. The real path forward in spiritual evolution will demand all the talents, intelligence and strength the seeker has to successfully complete the journey. If you are not being challenged then you are doing something wrong.
  25. People can insult me all they want and I will just move forward as if the insult does not exist. Why give your power away to another person? Reacting to a perceived insult as if it diminishes you in any way merely empowers it and diminishes yourself, making you a victim of your own making.
  26. There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who have a sense of humor and those who do not. My true friends are in the first category and those I avoid are in the second.
  27. It may take a thousand facts to create the understanding of one principle, but one principle can reveal a thousand facts.
  28. To say that life is unfair is to say that God is unfair. When all things are considered throughout the life of the soul, all is fair.
  29. If a teacher is right about everything, and you believe and follow the teachings without confirmation from within, you have found nothing.
  30. The principle of freedom is a key that must be understood before one can make a conscious decision for the path of light.

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