Understanding God through Man

Understanding God through Man

Question: What should our purpose be at this very moment of our existence?

The answer is quite simple. Follow the highest that you know.

And what if you do not know what to do?

One thing is for certain. Do not do nothing, do something. If you do nothing then you will make no progress toward discovering Purpose. If you do something then you will at least discover what not to do.

As you go through this trial and error process of becoming eventually it will be discovered what really works. When true laws and successes are discovered then the entity will begin to realize the God-given powers within – that he can decide and become the Decision and the Path.

We have all heard that we are made in the image of God, but few have projected what this doctrine implies. It not only means that what God can do we will eventually do, but it also means the reverse. The struggles that humans go through in their evolution is a reflection of what God has gone through in many cycles.

Just as we go through periods where we struggle for understanding and purpose God has done the same.

Joseph Smith made the interesting statement that God created the worlds with “fear and trembling.”

This is backed up by Djwhal Khul when he stated that fear had its beginnings in the warp and woof of matter itself.

When God created the present universe all there is became his body and as he plunged into this body he initiated a great experience for Himself and had faith he could eventually master. In this body which is the universe God goes through BEING, then BECOMING and finally he decides how all things are going to be wrapped up and solved so the universe as a whole in the end functions in relative perfection.

God on certain levels is still becoming and on others he is Becoming what he is Deciding to Become and then on highest levels he is merely Being.

So in a nutshell what is our purpose?

Just as God did we have jumped into experience so in this experience we must search for the highest good and, when we find it, bring it to pass through firm decision. Each time we go through this process we achieve a new level of joy and understanding. Then after a rest we eventually desire again to attempt a new level of difficulty.

While going through these processes we participate in the whole process of creation and become an integral part of creation itself.

May 7, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey

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