The Real War

The Real War

We live in an age where the prophecy of “wars and rumors of wars” seems to be on the minds of many.

What few realize, however, is that physical war is a partial externalization of a conflict passed down from the higher worlds of the emotional/astral and mental.

In the past, wars have been dominated by the astral and physical plane, with a hint of the mental in recent times. But now as we are entering the transitional period that takes us from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age we are also passing from emotional dominance (Pisces) to mental (Aquarius) dominance.

This passing from astral to mental dominance is difficult indeed and a war between the plane of the mind and the emotions is beginning to manifest as an undeniable reality.

The problem with achieving harmony through conflict here is that the emotionally polarized people live in a consciousness where their version of truth is based on upside-down vision. These are they that call good evil and evil, good, that take light for darkness and darkness for light.

An important point to note is that the beliefs of the emotionally polarized people are not all upside down. The reason for this is that they have been taught a number of good principles that originated by some teacher polarized in the mind or higher. For instance, the principles of mathematics were originated by the thinkers of the race, so when an emotionally polarized person is taught that 2+2=4 he is forced to incorporate this right side up thinking into his belief system.

However, such an astral person will rarely originate right-side up thinking on his own initiative. Unless he is taught right-side up thinking by a teacher, his feeling nature will distort even the most obvious truths.

Then there are those who are in a transition state where they are moving from astral to mental dominance. The personal universe for these people is a little like humanity at this time where some are of Piscean and others are of Aquarian consciousness.

Do these people see everything as in a mirror and turn truth upside down?

Answer: They will oscillate back and forth. When their emotional nature is calm they can use the mind to see correctly. But when their emotional nature is roused they will slip back into distorted vision again.

Because of emotion conflicting with mind for dominance we have an approaching Armageddon between these two planes and it is manifesting in the more advanced nations. The lesser advanced nations are yet ruled by emotional dominance – so we look to more experienced nations to find the real beginning of this war.

As we cover this subject I will ask a series of questions to clarify the war and the participants therein.

Questions: Since both the astral and mental people claim to work and act on a reasonable and logical basis, this makes it difficult for the average person to tell which is which, especially if we happen to agree with the astral person on a position or two.

How can we tell if a person is astral or mentally polarized?

What are the differences between the reaction of an emotionally and mentally polarized person to a situation or presentation?

Reader comment: “As we grow along the path, we don’t take huge leaps, we take tiny steps as we grow from one small degree to the other. I wouldn’t think we wake up one morning and stop being emotional and start being mental, but it happens gradually.”

Actually, there is an instant in which the switch is made, however, it would not happen at the point of waking up, but likely to be in the midst of a point of tension in the middle of the day. This point of switching comes after many lifetimes of effort.

I have written quite a bit about this in the past but let me give an updated explanation.

To be mentally polarized does not mean that the person becomes a Vulcan and no longer feels emotions, or is emotional at times. Spock is a lopsided example of the mentally polarized.

So what does it mean to be mentally or emotionally polarized?

To have a polarization there must be a duality or two poles. In this case the two poles are the emotions and the mind. To be partially polarized in one of these means that the majority conscious attention is on one more than the other. To be completely polarized in the mind means that the decisions made by the entity must be accepted by the mind or no decision will be made. For the mentally polarized person (second degree and higher) the emotions have full play, but are relegated to the station of a counselor. The mind listens to the strong emotions, but has complete power to use reason to override them and make a decision contrary to the lower feeling nature. This is done if mind or inspiration (accepted by mind) sees that the emotional reaction is not accurate.

To be polarized in the emotional body means that decisions will be more influenced by feeling more than by the powers of reason. This person will not be able to use the mind to override a powerful emotion in his decision making unless a more powerful emotion is at play.

This is a very difficult subject to be understood by the majority because of the various stages of polarization, but we shall try and clarify. We will make a list of the differences between the two polarities.

Students should not feel bad in any way if they find themselves in the emotional polarization for the greatest disadvantage for the seeker is to be emotionally polarized when he thinks he has mastered them. When we find out where we are then we can make real progress because we become aware of real work we need to do to make to move onward. When we begin to make real progress then real joy will begin to manifest in our lives, regardless of where we are on the path.

Unfortunately, many aspirants would rather be unhappy, yet see themselves as highly advanced, than starting from where they are and moving onward with joy.

A joyful inward sense of moving forward along with right relations with his peers is a sign that the seeker is not in high illusion about his place on the path.

Some may ask about Love. Is that an emotion that is to submit to mind?

The answer is yes, when we speak of love as the average person understands it for the average person loves that which serves him and fills his needs. Love as understood by the lower nature is linked to selfishness and all that is selfish on an emotional level must eventually submit to mind, as mind submits to Soul and Spirit.

On the other hand, spiritual love serves the good of the whole and not the individual as the prime motive. This is harmonious with mind and a part of mind.

When Spock gave his life and stated “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” he was being loving, yet true to his mental polarization at the same time.”

Lower love comes out of the solar plexus center. Higher love circulates between the heart center in the heart region and a second heart center in the head. Higher love has two poles which is love and wisdom, which includes pure logic and reason. Without mind there is no manifestation of spiritual love.

I want to finish with emphasis on this fact. The mentally polarized person will feel strong emotions, but his decisions will not be dominated by them. There are some people who are moving from the astral to the mental who oscillate in their polarization.

Here are some properties of the two polarities


Argues from what he feels is right

Makes decisions based on feeling.


Distorts information to make a case

Easily slips into negative emotions such as anger, hate, frustration etc.

Lack of self control when emotions are involved.

Intolerant of those who disagree

Only seeks for truth that agrees with him.

Sometimes cannot explain the reason behind his actions or beliefs.


Argues what he thinks is right

Makes decisions based on reason and mind


Good self control when emotions are involved.

Has common sense

Seeks for truth whether it agrees with his view or not.

Does not get upset with those who disagree.

Can always explain the reason behind his actions and beliefs.

These lists could be expanded significantly, but this gives the general idea.

Copyright by J J Dewey

March 28, 2003

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