The Group Soul

The Group Soul

I am picking up an unusual composite vibration from the group over the nuclear issue. There are many diverse opinions out there on this. Usually I try and avoid subjects where I know the group would be divided, but since this is a subject that the Bailey writings deal with I thought it would be a good test case for us.

Can we as group talk about a subject with which there is bound to be great division, yet stay focused on the mental or even soul plane and maintain the spirit of love and acceptance toward one another?

Can we look at something very controversial that I have presented and yet continue to be open minded at the next presentation?

We have received very little open discussion on this issue, yet on the spiritual level the discussion and projected thoughts and feelings has been great.

Some have not responded because they do not want to confront the teacher and desire to wait things out until a more agreeable subject comes along.

Others just do not want the conflict or see this as a testosterone male thing.

Some are seething beneath the surface suffering in silence until the subject passes.

The point is this. As we explore the discovery of truth and teachings which will lay the foundation for the new age, it would be counter productive to impose a censorship where a subject must be pleasant for all to consider before we can discuss it.

We will never know whether or not any group can achieve soul contact together until controversial issues are examined. We will not understand the principle of harmony through conflict if there is no conflict with the end purpose of harmony.

Jesus taught this principle when dealing with love. He said: “For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same?” Matt 5:46

He went on to teach that the servant who has a true understanding of love will extend his love beyond those who are easy to love (those who love him). Instead he will love those also who do not love him. This is the real test of the love of the disciple.

This principle also applies to a group such as the Keys, seeking advancement upon the path and the union of souls. In this direction we could rephrase the words of Christ.

“If you only feel a union with those who already agree with you, what reward do you have? Do not the car salesmen, lawyers and politicians do the same?”

Many there are who are seeking love who believe that they have found spiritual love when in reality all they did was find someone who loves them because they are adored in return.

Similarly, many there are who are seeking higher consciousness who believe that they have received a group soul contact when in reality all they did was find someone who agrees with them because of similar programming.

True consistent group soul contact can only be found when two or more can openly discuss from two differing points of view.   They must all follow the highest they know and progress towards union as far as they can in the three worlds, the physical, the emotional and the mental.

Many times this will be enough and a point of truth will be seen which will unify the group. Other times conflict will persist. When it does all members must “become as a little child” and drop their belief systems and consider the solutions point by point until the soul manifests the unifying truth which will unite the group in soul contact. When this happens each member of the group will see “eye to eye” as Isaiah says and the many will be as one entity in vision.

This principle is difficult to demonstrate on the internet, but will be a prime point of focus when human molecules are organized on the physical level.

Imagine three people coming together with three differing opinions approaching the soul. All three cannot be right. Either one is near or at the point of truth or none of them are. This means that if true group soul contact is achieved then either two or three will alter their belief system.

This is a fearful thing for most seekers, and the difficult thing is that few will admit to this fear. Instead of facing this fear they will find some reason to believe it is wrong to find oneness because every person’s view is somehow nebulously true and should not be challenged.

Those who overcome the fear will become as a child before the power of the soul and seek to find with an open mind and heart whatever is revealed to the group – no matter how far it is from the current belief system.

Very very few have been able to follow this principle, but it must be understood before the magical power of the soul can manifest in group activity as it did in the time of Christ.

Now getting back to our controversial issue, we have been discussing the pros and cons of nuclear power. Those who are fixed on both sides of the issue will often present their views with harshness and criticism to the extent that it becomes obvious that neither wants to be confused with facts. It is difficult to find quotes from either side (of this and other issues) that do not resort to name calling and distortion of truth.

In my next post on this subject I will present both sides of the equation for consideration. I do not expect any group soul contact on the subject at this stage, but I do ask that you will consider the presentation from the viewpoint that past beliefs held on the subject could be wrong.

We tend to always think the other guy should be doing this, but in this reality we only have power to apply this principle to ourselves.

Sept 8, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey

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