The Gathering of Lights, Chapter 2

Exclusive Doctrines

There are three basic schools of thought concerning Israel today. The most commonly accepted view is that the Jewish people are Israel. Non-Jews may be adopted into the house of Israel, but only the country of Israel and the Jewish people are the “chosen” ones.

The second doctrine, such as found in the Mormon religion, teaches that the Jews are Gods chosen people, but only several tribes composed the Jewish kingdom. The descendants of Ephraim are scattered throughout the world and are also literal Israelites, but are not Jews. In addition there are the ten lost tribes whose location is unknown that will eventually be reunited with the rest of Israel.

Some believe that all or part of the ten lost tribes are hidden away in some mysterious place whereas others believe them lost because they are scattered among the various people of the earth.

The third view mainly held by white supremists maintains that the modern day Jews are not Israelites at all, but children of the devil. They claim that after the dispersions of Israel non-Israelites returned to Jerusalem and claimed to be descendants of Jacob, but were not. Just about all of the true Israelites are lost and do not know their identity. Most of the Aryan race are Israelites and the true “chosen people”. Some of these extremists view the blacks as subhuman and believe that he is the “beast of the field” talked about in the Bible. They have an even lower view of the Jews for when Christ told them that they were “of your father the devil” John 8:44 they believe he literally meant it. They believe that the devil was a physical being in the garden of Eden and begat children and the descendants are the Jews. The non-Aryan races are also looked upon as inferior and will eventually be servants to the Whites.

Even though the third view causes the greatest consternation with the average person all three are close to be

ing equally dangerous and separative. One cannot emphasize too strongly that without supportiveness and the feeling of being “chosen” above all others Hitler and his Nazi gang could have never risen to power. The forces of evil raise to power by the force of a unified supportiveness; whereas the forces of good and liberty increase through the power of unified inclusiveness. For instance the Constitution of the United States included or protected even the commonest of men and was supported by the unified will of the people, thus the forces of good expanded. The Civil War brought an inclusion of the Black to the basic freedoms of liberty again bringing an expansion of the will-to-good. The granting of suffrage to women was another inclusion. The forces of good include and evil excludes.

The evil of exclusion takes two basic forms: (1) The excluding of others, thus building individual pride and ego. (2) The excluding of self which is false humility.

The first view of Israel stimulates the second evil, the exclusion of self. Those who believe that the Jews alone are God’s chosen ones exclude themselves from this privilege, if they are not a Jew themselves. They feel that Modern Israel as God’s chosen people and are right in everything they do no matter how ruthless. This is similar to the feeling of Nazi party members towards Hitler. It is always dangerous to let any belief blind reasoning and hold the mind in check. When has blind belief or blind faith ever brought more benefit to humanity than the reasonable course of action? Never. There is not one example in history., If one finds himself supporting Israel just because she is Israel one is merely repeating the greatest most repeated mental and emotional blunder in history.

The same reasoning applies to all things. If one supports the United States Constitution just because it is our Constitution, this can lead to blindness. As good as it is, a rational mind may see possible improvements, especially as times change.

Many support their church or scriptures because it is “theirs” and “special” to them and any reasoning to the contrary is ignored. Many are so blinded that they are not even aware that they are obviating reason. Every man, no matter how blinded, believes in his own way that he is reasonable. His thinking may run something like: “It is reasonable for me to reject this man’s reasoning, because God (or some religious leader) told me I

am right so anything contrary to this thinking is evil.” Every evil ideology that has arisen in history has such people supporting it. Every good ideology from the past has always been supported by people who examine all things in the clear cold light of reason. Even men of great intuition do this. Feeling alone excludes reason whereas intuition includes it.

Even though a person may exclude himself from the full benefits of being one of the “chosen race” he often identifies with Israel through the belief of adoption, or the born again experience. Then he is simultaneously guilty of the evil of “the exclusion of others”. He believes that the is now chosen because of his faith in Christ and he will go to heaven whereas his non-believing neighbor (even though he may be a more loving person) will go to hell. He practices the evil of separateness. His neighbor (in his eyes) is just as good as in hell, while he is going to heaven merely because he is now “special” in God’s eyes. His neighbor is dead while he is alive. The man has the evil line of exclusion drawn in his consciousness.

The second doctrine is also exclusive, but this group does not exclude themselves from the benefits and chosen status of the Jews. They believe they are also Israelites, buy they exclude those who are not Jews or a member of their religion. They feel that all true Israelites will come into their church (merely because they have the blood of Israel in them) and the non-Israelites will not be attracted. Thus they look upon non-members as Gentiles and exclude them from the blessings of Israel. many of these also support every move the nation of Israel makes, right or wrong, just as they do their religious leaders.

The third ideology may seem the most extreme, but the believers; nevertheless, must be given credit for using their minds to a degree. In a confrontation with those of the first two categories the third category can usually win a debate, because he uses some reasoning, and the Bible seems to give him some support. Even though some of the most intelligent and mental souls support this doctrine, it would be the most dangerous one to be universally accepted. Many of these people believe that Hitler was on the right track, but was just a bit too ruthless. They believe the holocaust was a big farce, that it never really happened, and the world may have been a better place if Hitler had won. Not all believe the same on this idea, however.

One may wonder, why if some of these souls are advanced, that they support a dangerous doctrine. The answer is that just before a person truly develops the intuition and receives enlightenment and thinks inclusively he often finds himself in an extreme position because of certain black and white facts which seem to stare him in the face. This person takes the Bible literally and studies it systematically and reaches certain conclusions, some right and some wrong. If he makes a mistake he builds on it and does not intuitively perceive the error.

To avoid error let us go back to the beginning and establish a sure foundation.

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