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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 23

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White Magic

JJ: I will just touch some of the basics of “The Treatise On White Magic.” This was the first book by Alice A. Bailey that I had read all the way through. It is not the first book that I bought though. I had just returned from a mission from the Mormon Church. I was 21 years old and going to college in Moscow, Idaho. About 30 miles south is a town called Lewiston and I was exploring a used bookstore there. The bookstore owner came up to me because he realized the books I was looking at was in the weird section or whatever. I have always been interested in unusual material from time I was 6.

Anyway he takes this book off the shelf and says, “You would probably be interested in this book.” It was “Letters On Occult Meditation” by Alice A. Bailey. Now for a guy raised in a fundamental religion the word “occult” is normally a turn-off but for some reason it attracted me and I thought, well it does sound interesting so I will look through it.

Then I looked through the list of all the books published by Alice A. Bailey. I saw “A Treatise On Cosmic Fire” and I thought, what in the world is that? A Treatise on White Magic, A Treatise on the Seven Rays, These were fanciful sounding titles and it would be interesting to see what these books are about. So I bought the book on meditation and I took it home sat down, opened up and read about 3 or 4 pages and I thought, whoa! For one thing I got to the part about reincarnation which challenged me for the church taught that reincarnation was the doctrine of the devil. I thought, “Even though this writer believes in reincarnation, this person really sounds like she knows what she is talking about more than any philosophical writing I have ever read.”

For some reason I told myself that I was not ready to read it yet, so I closed it up and put it on the shelf. It stayed there for about three years. Then I was in another bookstore about three years later in Portland and I was browsing through the books and I was kind of at a low point in my life and I looked up and saw The Treatise on White Magic and I thought, “I am going to buy this book.” It was a lot more reading than the book on meditation and I was going to read it all the way through and see what the teachings were all about. I had been thinking about it for three years now and I thought I was ready to read one of the books all they way through at that time.

So I bought that book, went home and forced myself to read it. When I first started reading it, it did not make any sense and I was little bit like Annie and I thought maybe I would learn a little magic from this book thinking of the common understanding of what we think magic is. As you read along you think, well where is the magic?

Audience: Laughter

JJ: But anyway, as I read along I found a couple points that stimulated my interest and agreed with a number of principles that I had learned on my own and by the time I had finished the book I closed it and said I was going to read everything she has ever written because this is the highest knowledge that I have ever read and from that point on I was hooked on the Alice A. Bailey material. My book on White Magic is so worn out that it does not even have a cover on it anymore.

The question we might ask is, what is white magic? If white magic is not what Annie and I were expecting when we first sat down and read it then what is white magic and why is it called magic? The answer is partially revealed in that rule that Annie said was her favorite and is mine also, Rule # 8,

“The Agnisuryans respond to the sound. The waters ebb and flow. Let the magician guard himself from drowning at the point where land and water meet. The midway spot, which is neither dry nor wet, must provide the standing place whereon his feet are set. When water land and air meet there is the place for magic to be wrought.”

Where water land and air meet… visualize this spot in your mind. Now we have a bunch of water out there and then we have land and air. They all meet in a spot that is neither wet nor dry – visualize this in your mind – where is that spot, where magic occurs? It is hard to visualize a place where land water and air meet which is neither wet nor dry. It is not a spot that you can really touch with your finger is it? This is the place where soul contact is made. And where soul contact is made, you bring down the magical powers of the soul and magic does occur and it is not magic as we think of it. You kind of think that when most people first buy a book like this – they are probably thinking of tricks like a common magician might do but the ultimate white magician according the Bailey books and the Master Djwhal Khul who authored them through her was…? Who was the Ultimate magician?

Audience: Christ

JJ: Jesus, yes, Jesus was the Greatest White Magician in our recorded history for he did many magical things. He turned water into wine, walked on water, healed the sick, raised the dead, had a resurrection, He did a lot of interesting magical things. Now none of us are as accomplished as Him but we can still do the magical works of the soul. When we had our healing session some people felt energy come down and enter into them and it produced some results. Some had more results than others because of that point which is neither wet nor dry, where land, air and water meet within them.

Water is symbolic of the soul, land is symbolic of physical reality, and air is symbolic of the mind and also the higher worlds. So where the three worlds meet within us is that point where soul contact can be made and magical things can occur. I have seen magic occur sometimes in my life and then other times I have been somewhat frustrated and when I really wanted the magic to occur it did not occur. There are so many things behind whether or not a miraculous event occurs. For instance in healing, the person’s karma, the person’s belief system, the blockage that is within him, the lessons that he has to learn all kinds of things, but every once in a while you have the magical flow of the soul occur and the energy happens and a genuine miracle will occur. How many here have heard me tell about the miracle of the quarters? I told somebody, was it you?

Audience Female member: Yes

JJ: Do you mind if I tell it again?

Audience female member: Not at all!

JJ: Do you know why I want to tell it again? Because I just found two quarters in my shower not ten minutes ago! Laughter!

Audience: I had a toad jump out from underneath me in the shower on one of the wooden things in there! Then I looked down and there was another one and he jumped at me!

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Provocative Quotes


Provocative Quotes from JJ Dewey

  1. There is nothing too good to be true. Nothing can be withheld by those who persevere.


  1. Life is but a flicker of light between two eternities.


  1. Follow the highest you know in darkness and in light; Soon your next step will be revealed to you.


  1. When the extreme seems normal the one who has balance seems to be the extreme.


  1. The fact that we exist, or that God or anything exists, is the greatest miracle of all, and boggles the mind of the highest initiate.


  1. In the end, love is One, but in its discovery it is many.


  1. None of us want disease and pain, but disease and pain are often caused by what we want.


  1. If a teaching just seems to make no sense do not trust it until it does make sense.


  1. Evil is that which pulls us backward in evolution and good is that which pushes us forward.


  1. The true glory of accomplishment is in initiation, not imitation.


  1. Be still, reach into the silent place, and know who you are.


  1. In the higher realms 1+1=1


  1. Truth is spiritual wherever it is found. There is no such thing as spirituality without truth.


  1. True freedom is not imposing your will on others so you can have what you want. It is creating maximum freedom for all, often at the dismay of those in power.


  1. Light dispels darkness but darkness cannot dispel light. Even so truth, revealed and understood, obliterates that which is false.


  1. Words and other forms of earthly communication veil truth, even if they come from God.


  1. Once the seeker reaches that point where he is totally dedicated to following the highest he knows, then illusion must be dispelled or he will become dangerous.


  1. What good is a nail if it is never used to create something of which it is just a part? What good is the selfish one who never merges in an act of love?


  1. He who listens to the inner voice can find more truth in the National Enquirer than one who is in illusion can find in the Bible.


  1. Every possibility is manifest somewhere and every possible experience that can be lived is being played out somewhere. You as an individual are going through an experience unique to yourself, slightly different from any other life in the Universe.


  1. God needs all Its creations for Itself to be complete for the ALL is God, not the All minus one.


  1. Many of those accepted by the masses as authorities today will be equated by future generations with the flat earth believers of yesterday.


  1. What better way is there to learn than from experience? — To painfully experience the effects of our own causes forces us to stare reality in the face.


  1. The real path forward in spiritual evolution will demand all the talents, intelligence and strength the seeker has to successfully complete the journey. If you are not being challenged then you are doing something wrong.


  1. People can insult me all they want and I will just move forward as if the insult does not exist. Why give your power away to another person? Reacting to a perceived insult as if it diminishes you in any way merely empowers it and diminishes yourself, making you a victim of your own making.


  1. There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who have a sense of humor and those who do not. My true friends are in the first category and those I avoid are in the second.


  1. It may take a thousand facts to create the understanding of one principle, but one principle can reveal a thousand facts.


  1. To say that life is unfair is to say that God is unfair. When all things are considered throughout the life of the soul, all is fair.


  1. If a teacher is right about everything, and you believe and follow the teachings without confirmation from within, you have found nothing.


  1. The principle of freedom is a key that must be understood before one can make a conscious decision for the path of light.


  1. To all politicians. Don’t just make empty promises for the future. Tell us what you have done and are doing and thinking now.


  1. To all politicians. Please tell us the truth, not just what you think we want to hear.


  1. To all politicians. I know you say you are working hard, but please take a break. You are often doing more harm than good.


  1. To all politicians. Please vote according to the will of the people, not the party bosses.


  1. To all politicians. Give yourself and us a break. Support term limits.


  1. To all politicians. We do not want Catholic, Mormon, Protestant, Buddhist or Muslim leaders being given the stage of authority from you or the UN to lecture to us.


  1. Observation

99.9999% of Facebook fans love animals.

Maybe someday we’ll agree on the other stuff.


  1. Understanding and dealing with your weaknesses and limitations is a key to unlimited power.


  1. A stopped clock is right twice a day.

That is twice as reliable as Congress.


  1. There’s the easy way and the hard way, or the way that produces little contrasted with real productivity.


  1. The person who can’t come up with good solutions to every-day simple problems ought to consider that he could be wrong on the big stuff as well.


  1. As below, so above but with a divine and rational twist.


  1. The person in your life who irritates you the most is your greatest teacher.


  1. Don’t trust a person who cannot answer a simple yes or no question.


  1. Ask anyone if they are open minded and they will say yes. Then quote a politician that is not a member of his or her party. You can bet it will be rejected instantly.


  1. If the zealot holds sacred the idea that 2+2=5, then the one who says 2+2=4 is the enemy.


  1. Happiness is found in the quest for good, the beautiful and the true. Peace and rest are yours when they are achieved.


  1. Those preaching religious or political truth generally only see a tiny piece of a jigsaw puzzle when thinking they have the whole picture.


  1. There is a religion of peace. It is found deep in the human heart.


  1. 99% believe they are thinking out of the box while less than 1% do.


  1. Those who believe they are thinking out of the box usually just move to a different spot within the box


  1. When awakened from sleep the dreamer still exists but with greater awareness than before. Then at death we wake again to a greater more real existence.


  1. The greatest evidence for life after death is the fact that you cannot imagine yourself as blinking out of existence for eternity and being as if you never were.


  1. It is a much greater act of love to show understanding than it is to attempt to set another straight.


  1. One act of helpfulness shows more love than a thousand prayers.


  1. True humility is recognizing your true abilities and acting accordingly.


  1. Even the hardened atheist will sense the presence of Divinity when witnessing the birth of his or her own child.


  1. He who takes offense when no offense is intended is the one creating the problem.


  1. Where you witness humor that makes people of all beliefs laugh, there you see light.


  1. Global warming definitely exists. Political hot air, anger and emotional heat are on the rise everywhere.


  1. One of the main differences between the light and dark side is a sense of humor.


  1. “Who do you think you are?” is a mantra from the dark side to discourage the seeker.


  1. It is impossible to feel hate, anger or despair in the midst of laughter from harmless humor.


  1. Truth is my religion, reason is my politics, love is my God, freedom is my sword and light is my path.


  1. True inclusiveness looks far beyond skin color to the hearts of people of all beliefs to find common threads to bring them together without infringing on free will.


  1. Look not for Christ to come in the clouds of heaven, but first seek him in your own heart and reveal him through your deeds. Others will then see the Lord of Love coming amidst the clouds and fog of humanity.


  1. Many of those who preach most strongly against hate totally hate and despise those they label as haters.


  1. Thought is more powerful than action, for thought precedes action.


  1. If we are truly in the image of God then we must seek the answers to suffering from within ourselves.


  1. He who cannot see shades of gray cannot see the full truth.


  1. Any time there are two choices before us one is always better than the other. If we do not make the choice then our lives will be controlled by the choices of others, which is a type of slavery by default.


  1. Some people are like wild animals. You can appreciate them as fellow souls, but need to stay out of their way.


  1. All truth is logical once it is understood.


  1. If you follow a belief system that requires you to accept that which is not logical or reasonable – that is not faith but gullibility.


  1. There is no such thing as hard work for one who works at what he loves.  


  1. It takes as much intelligence to come up with the right questions as it does to recognize the right answers.
  1. When negative emotions are dissipated our physical vehicles will vibrate in much greater harmony with nature and resulting disease will no longer consume us.


  1. Light can only reveal when a shadow is cast. If you are in space and look through millions of miles of the sun’s rays shining through the void, but with no duality of shadow, there is only blackness.


  1. All symbols are neutral until someone interprets them and that interpretation gives them power.


  1. There is no first cause for cause and effect are eternal. There is only a first cause of a cycle of creation.


  1. The false teacher will seek to be fed by the sheep. The true teacher will seek to feed them.


  1. Because of wrong focus, the only way the soul can get our attention is through pain. He who suffers great distress must ask what Higher Intelligence is attempting to teach him.


  1. There is no such thing as giving and getting nothing in return. There is always a return, but not always in kind.
  1. The most common misuse of authority lies in making you think you are not being manipulated when you are totally manipulated.


  1. You are intelligence in matter, which is your body. It is logical then that the body we call Earth correspondingly has great intelligence manifesting through its elements.


  1. Eat too much unnatural processed food and get unnatural manmade problems and disease.


  1. The first cause of this universe was the DECISION of the One Life to reflect Itself without limitation and the first effect was the innumerable reflections, you and me.” 


  1. There is no such thing as infinity. If there were the universe could not be expanding. There is a number to everything.


  1. The greatest gift that one person can give to another is to have that love which is within the soul of one, light the soul of another, like the passing of a candle.


  1. If you hear a report you do not like, do not shoot or attack the messenger, but investigate the message. Your preconceived notions could be wrong.


  1. Who says there is no intelligent design? Billions of intelligent humans over thousands of years have been trying to duplicate the human body, and cannot equal the intelligence in its design, or even a single organ as they eye, or a single cell within the eye, or a single atom within the cell. They cannot even reverse engineer these creations.


  1. Insanity is when you disagree with reality

Justice is when realty bites.

Happiness is when reality is embraced.


  1. If we expect truth to verify all our desires, we develop a mindset that becomes an enemy to truth.


  1. The language of the soul is the communion of true principles


  1. The desire for the truth must be the only desire in the consciousness, as the truth is sought.


  1. Good must co-exist with evil to have meaning, just as light needs the darkness of a shadow to be seen.


  1. All souls divine, not seen by the blind,

Are found by love, leaving no one behind.


  1. Do not be afraid, it is I, grab my hand

A fellow traveler responds, Love takes a stand.


  1. Just talking about love, defining love, proclaiming love, mystifying love, magnifying love, writing of love, romancing love, idealizing love, etc., does not hold a candle to one real act of love.


100. Unquestioned, unproven or unearned authority is always a destroying energy.


 101. Answers to prayers can be very disturbing if one is not thoughtful about what is asked.


102. Follow the highest you know in darkness and in light.


103. When one is filled with love and is receiving love he will never give up his journey on the path.


104. The Ark of the Covenant represents that secret place within you where the Spirit of God, and Christ consciousness is found. Within all human beings is available all knowledge written by the finger of God. 


105. Since we all have the knowledge of God available within us, the only reason we need a teacher is to remind us to ask questions and search for the truth – not to be the truth for us.


106. When love is truly demonstrated, it does not have to be mentioned.


107. All of us know what love is when we feel it and when we feel it we do not need anyone to explain it to us.


108. Every creation and life in the universe is a center from which all things in its periphery must be discovered.


109. Those I meet who think success and achievement are easy are the most unsuccessful people I know.


110. When the world around you seems to fall apart after it seems that you have given your all, what should you do?

Give some more.


111. To unlearn is to learn and before we do we must often undo, else our efforts are in vain.


112. Everything that happens to us individually and collectively occurs because of our decisions or decisions made by others for us.


113. One of the main causes of depression is in the avoiding of difficult decisions that must be faced.


114. Give love and acceptance to all and you will have all the love and acceptance that you can handle.


115. The Will of God extends forever

It reaches to all and never says never.


116. You can dispel hate with love, but you cannot eliminate love through hate.


117. Those who focus on an end of the world apocalypse often create an underlying energy that leads to the end of their personal world in disaster.


118. Each life, or center of consciousness, great or small, is of sublime importance to itself and therefore of great importance to God.


119. No great truth will come without effort. We must seek it in our quiet moments. As we become sensitive to the inner voice we will all discover truth in some odd places.


120. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. Even Jesus was rejected because he was seen as a flawed character.


121. It is true that we all have illusions to unravel and one illusion is often replaced with another illusion that contains less distortion than the old one. None of us knows all truth but all of us know many things that are true. Putting the pieces we call truth together so an accurate picture of reality is formed is the great quest.


122. You cannot prove spiritual reality to the concrete mind, but your inner spiritual self can recognize all truth.


123. The inner voice must be awakened by focused attention.


124. Praise be to the Father-Mother God

Who hears the prayer of the poor and the despised

Yet neglects not the heart of the exalted and the honored

Whose Spirit descends to the tiniest atom

Yet ascends to embrace the universe

Who created time for us

Yet dwells in eternity

This is our Source

To whom all souls return.


125. Only by descending into the darkest depths can the fullness of love and light become known.


126. It is difficult for us to clarify with our consciousness that which lies outside our consciousness.


127. The inner spirit only recognizes that which is true and does not see error. Therefore the soul vibrates positive for us when truth is spoken or presented.


128. Never substitute the master within for a master without.


129. There are certain words stimulating thought that take the ear back to the vibration of spirit that cannot be corrupted. These are called, “Eternal Words.”


130. If we try to solve the equations of the higher realms instead of our basic lessons, we will neither know the mysteries of the higher or be able to live successfully in the lower. What this leads to is the seeker becoming the dreamer within the dream rather than the knower waking from the dream.


131. 5 things we would be better off without

(1) Reality shows

(2) Most politicians

(3) Incessant barking dogs

(4) The politically correct police

(5) The Walking Dead on TV and in real life.

(6) Someone disturbing your dinner shouting Allahu Akbar


132. I cannot alter the will of God, or even the whims of fate, but can adjust my mind and heart to create a positive outcome


133. I decide therefore I am becoming

I act, thus I live

I love and this gives me purpose.


134. You are an authority on yourself more than anyone else. Do not let anyone else define who you are.


135. Creation begins with thought, then contemplation, next a feasible plan, then the plan into words and finally the words into sustained action.


136.  Those who rely upon the outer authority reject the idea of going within or even using their mind to verify that which they have received from without. This causes a blanket of darkness to fall upon the blind follower.


137. True peace comes not through suppressing dissent, but in allowing conflict to be resolved through maximum freewill.


138. One who reveals true principles that register with soul is a much more valuable teacher than one who has memorized the entire Wikipedia.


139. Thought is the language of the gods

Music is the language of the soul

Love is the language of the heart

Reason is the language of the mind

Without these, words are meaningless


140. The higher nature can fulfill the lower but the lower cannot fulfill itself.


141. The most potent control happens when the person does not realize he is being controlled and the strongest prison is that where the prisoner thinks he is free.


142.  We make many course corrections by steering just driving down the block. Even so, must we make many corrections as we drive through life, else we wind up in the ditch.


143. As the seeker transverses the valley of the shadow of death in the blackest pitch, a hand extending love or light is seen with overwhelming joy that could not be experienced in the light of day.


144. Human nature always wants the easy way and just wants to be told the answer by some authority instead of being forced back upon their own souls.


145. Brain activity is not thinking.


146. When a better way is initiated, the dumbest thing to do is not follow.


147. The greatest treasures are hidden in plain sight.


148. The liberation of the human spirit comes through questioning of authority and all the world holds as established truth and sacred. Stare their false gods of illusion in the face and laugh. You will be rewarded with higher knowledge as well as the hatred of the devotees.


149. Being able to give weight to a teacher’s words is important because if that teacher is truly inspired then you also can be inspired by his words.


150. Take those concepts that are embraced by the authorities of the world and look in the opposite direction. There you will find gems of truth.


151. We may look at the problems in the world and feel overwhelmed, but if each helps those within his or her circle of influence the world will be healed.


152. All blessings are made for the pure of heart

Who are willing to share in whole or in part.


153. A work of light is never destroyed by its enemies, but by its friends.


154. Most people find what they are looking for rather than finding the truth.


155. It is not a coincidence that we have many hidden messages within the words commonly in use.


156. True enlightenment is found, not by retreating into the self, but by taking the highest you know and radiating it in the service of others.


157. It is much easier to distort a true teaching than it is to be a true teacher.


158. The key word for harmony is ‘acceptance.’ Accept harmless differences and see the divine at play in each other’s roles. Remember, to accept does not necessarily mean to embrace.


159. He who denies the existence of a truth because it sounds negative strengthens the veil of illusion that already embraces him.


160. If you contemplate the lesser lives within your own body, you can sense their desire to know you, and in a sense you are a god to them and they seek to be one with their god. Their god also should seek to be one with them. This is one of the secrets of perfect health.


161. As a general rule, when you have twelve or more supporters of a plan, and then stress occurs, you are going to see a Judas or Benedict Arnold surface.


162. It is not the learning of true facts that is an indication of spiritual evolution. Instead, it is the power to perceive truth and act upon it.


163. The committed love relationship is the highest form of schooling on the earth.


164. People today are attracted to the safety of the status quo and strong personalities more than ideas.


165. Thoughts are seeds that sprout and grow, so plant well and water with goodwill so your fruit will be desirable.


166. All seekers feel a desire to find their true home, not one that is physical, but spiritual.


167. When one has established firm soul contact it becomes almost impossible to take offense. The offense becomes like the roar of a lion at the zoo and may make one smile.


168. If offense is taken from the words of one who means no harm it is usually because the other party is offended at simple truth.


169. It is impossible for two people experiencing spiritual contact together to not reach agreement, for Truth, Spirit and Soul are One in the Mind of God.


170. When we focus on the material side that has no relation to the inner Spirit, then the vision goes out of focus and the two remain two.


171. True equality can only be achieved through seeing truth together, not partisan emotional conclusions.


172. Truth is found by looking for truth and basking in light, not focusing on error which darkens the mind.


173. You may be an old soul if…

  1. You feel like your real home is somewhere else.
  2. You are always interested in learning new things.
  3. You understand both sides of an argument.
  4. You have great empathy for those who suffer.
  5. You are generous.
  6. You are creative
  7. You have had personal experiences that convince you of existence beyond the material world.
  8. You love discussing philosophy
  9. You draw to yourself intelligent friends.
  10. Free time is of more value to you than free money.
  11. You are slow to criticize, quick to praise.
  12. You live and let live.


174. Give Yourself a Break!

We know we should be generous to others but also you should give gifts regularly to yourself, such as:

  • Time to relax and recharge
  • Time with good friends
  • Good food and drink
  • Something enjoyable or fun.
  • Something that stimulates your mind
  • Something that enlivens your heart.
  • Something that gives you purpose.

A person worn out and tired is of little use to himself or others.


175. Common people may not be so common. Many of us have a good friend that is more interesting and intelligent than anyone rich or famous that we know.

176. It is a big mistake in relationships to hold back emotionally for fear of hurt. This limits the amount of love that can be shared.


177. Total fulfillment and invulnerability cannot come in relationships unless one is willing to share all and become emotionally vulnerable.


178. Average people only embrace truth that agrees with their dogma and hate the rest. An enlightened mind embraces all truth that crosses his path.


179. People either love truth and hate deceit or love deceit and hate truth.

180. Harmony in the Mind, Peace in the Heart, and Strength in Numbers


181. Many animals are more human than some humans and a few of both make the angels smile.


182. True love means you know your companion will be there for you.


183. If you have not yet shouted with the greatest joy as well as cried with the deepest sorrow you are far from finished on the path of life.


184. Some people talk of a benevolent dictatorship. There is no such thing.


185. Quit seeing the worst in what people say and give them the benefit of the doubt.

186. To correctly assess your place on the spiritual path is a great accomplishment. Then you can see the next step to be taken.


187. Five Things to do today:

(1) Learn something new.

(2) Tell someone you love them

(3) Give someone honest praise.

(4) Go beyond expectations of being helpful

(5) Bring a smile on someone’s face.


 188. Five Things to quit

  1. Posting mean-spirited and distorted political attacks on Facebook to half your friends who do not agree with you and do not want to hear them. It’s not so bad posting positive support for your candidate, but stay away from insulting our intelligence. Move to a political forum where you will be welcomed.2. Asking for likes. If your post is good we’ll give you a like without being asked.
  2. Name calling. It makes you look mean spirited and doesn’t help your case.
  3. Quit taking yourself and what people say seriously. No one is out to get you.
  4. Quit paying attention to what the tofu crowd says is politically correct. Say what you think, when you want and how much you want. Let the chips fall where they may. Enjoy the fallout.


189. I know it’s fun to talk about theory and ideas that we can never prove true or false in this physical reality, but the time comes in the lives of all seekers where practical work and progress must be made. Such work must be demonstrated in the eyes of all, believers and non-believers.


190. When one puts attention on seeing that which is true, instead of false, he is taking the inner right-hand path. His attention on that which is true moves him in the direction of this path and pushes him forward to truth after truth, greater light after greater light.

191. The Eternal Now is not simple timelessness as many teach, but an eternal consciousness that is behind time creation and selection.


192. Plant a seed of helpfulness that will grow and light the way to full realization of love. Unless this happens the seeker is in danger of substituting selfish desire for a spiritual love once sensed.


193. You either make decisions that create your life, or someone else does it for you.


194. The Quest

To find the best glass of wine

To find the best cup of coffee

To find the best slice of cheese

To find the best life companion

To find the best of friends

To find the highest truth

To help the greatest number of people

To have the best of times

To maintain a clear conscience

To die with a smile on your face


195. Seeing the Future

The spiritual student looks at true cause and effect and sees future effect as if it were in the present. He thus works to solve future problems with as much energy as current problems. The beginning student only lives in the past and present. He is incapable of seeing the future as part of the eternal now. In his consciousness it is as if the future will never come. This person will be more concerned about losing $5 today then the possible loss of everything he owns several years from now. He will be more concerned about his $10 increase in social security check now than the possible bankruptcy of the entire system 20 years hence. He will be more concerned about a little pleasure now than of a lot of pain down the road.

196. Those who cannot share or enjoy the happiness and achievement of others will neither achieve themselves nor will they find happiness.


197. You can change the name of good and evil, but you will still wind up talking about good and evil, just using a different terminology.


198. Inner spiritual contact is essential to the working disciple, else he may wind up receiving illusionary teachings and leading others down a path from which retracing steps will be required.


199. To be a good student takes as much wisdom as it does to be a good teacher.


200. The reward for your selfless service is sight, and, as you see the path ahead, your heart is filled with joy; for that which you see is not what you imagined, but more than you imagined.

201. Commandments – Modern Version

  1. Don’t take yourself so seriously
  2. Extend friendship to all.
  3. Justify your existence. Just don’t sit there; Do something constructive.
  4. Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.
  5. Don’t be a burden on your parents or friends. Get a job and a place of your own.
  6. Don’t take the names of your friends in vain.
  7. NEVER even hint that any female is overweight.
  8. Realize that free stuff is not free.
  9. Just be nice.
  10. Don’t murder, lie, steal, rape, pillage etc still stands.


202. There is one space yet innumerable stars manifesting in it. Correspondingly, there is one God manifesting many lives, including you and me.


203. Does it mean the world is insane if you do the same thing over and get different results?


204. To accept an outside source as true without running it by one’s own mind and soul is to receive the mark of the beast.


205. No earthly teacher is flawless


206. One of the important teachings of the approaching age will be the restoration of knowledge of the power of female energy, for it is as mysterious as gravity; no form can be held together without it.


207. Wise questions force the mind and heart to reflect on the soul.


208. The exchange of true principles, not just words or data, is the language of the soul.


209. Since you are in the image of God then whatever God can do, you can do. Nothing is impossible.


210. Anything that is true does not defy rational understanding but manifests it. What are called miracles are very rational once they are understood.


211. You can’t become happy by focusing on that which makes you miserable.


212. To solve the problem of duality we must first discern and understand the two opposing sides in all things, whether it be male/female, good/evil, positive/negative, spiritual/material or conservative/liberal.


213. Yes, smell the roses, but also see the roses, feel them, love and appreciate them.


214. Look within. Feel the Christ Center in the core of being speak the words ever so softly: If you do not act who will? And if you do not participate in the role you feel gently pushed towards, perhaps the part will not be taken and the curtain will not raise on the grand play of the ages. Perhaps the responsibility of the future rests upon your shoulders… Perhaps.


215. Truth shatters illusions and belief systems. This is why those who are attached to their own beliefs will hate a true messenger as well as the message.


216. To be born again is to drop all preconceived notions planted by the traditions of men, and see the world anew, as if through the eyes of a child.


217. Knowledge becomes yours when it is applied in the fires of life.


218. When a person looks for evidence of his belief with a desire to find it, he will find what he is looking for. Even if the evidence supports a falsehood the seeker will believe it until he drops his preconceived notions and looks with fresh eyes for undistorted truth no matter where it takes him.


219. When we learn to stay focused in the light while a negative force is pulling us back, with negative people and circumstances trying to distract us, then we finally reach a point where we have earned the right to stay permanently on our next plateau of consciousness.


220. Using feeling alone to find truth is like one hand clapping. Mind and heart are the two necessary hands.


221. How to Find Happiness

  1. Don’t look for it.
  2. Do not expect it.
  3. Do not see it as important.
  4. Make others feel happy with your presence.


222. How to Find Love

  1. Don’t look for it.
  2. Do not expect it.
  3. Do not see it as important.
  4. Offer love and friendship to all.


223. Anyone can be the soul mate of another if both drop all barriers that separate and see the true spiritual being.


224. To laugh at the flaws or weaknesses of another is mean, but to laugh at your own follies is divine and will recharge your energies.


225. Deep Question:

Why are you, you and not someone else?


226. Those overly stressed out because of this election do not know what real stress is.


227. The more you let others do for you what you can do for yourself, the more chaos and seemingly bad luck will enter in.


228. In eons hence, when our purpose in form is fulfilled, we will look back on our history and see that the dualities of good and evil, light and dark were but guides that led us to a glorious peace between the great eternities.


229. A soul caught up in a dark fog of illusion will feel his way forwards rather than seeing the path with true vision. Thus we have some decide by emotion and others through the light of reason.


230. Contrasting the light and the dark is essential to seeing what is the true light and the dark. Without doing this a group may seem united, but that oneness may wind up being in darkness rather than light.


231. You create destiny when you master circumstances so that they will reach the desired end through your sustained will.


232. Focused thought is all powerful and can remove all barriers or manifest any constructive idea.


233. Most people attend to small things in their life of little importance instead of pursuing important decisions with lasting impact. By my Wife – Artie Dewey


234. It is human tendency to choose the easy way and just desire to be told answers by some authority instead of being forced to reflect upon our own souls.


235. An initiate is one who initiates. He or she will desire to do more than repeat the past, but to participate in creating the new and the beautiful.


236. He who seeks freedom at the expense of another is only building prison walls that will enslave him.


237. An increase of freedom brings a temporary increase of both good and evil, but as the people choose truth over error that which is good will surface, be understood and dominate.


238. An accuser and name caller is, more often than not, merely looking in a mirror and describing himself.


239. Understanding how the two sides view freedom and how to make the choice that does not enslave is to take the first great step upon the path of liberation.


240. Thanksgiving Recipe

Use the main ingredient of a thankful heart filled with gratitude. Stuff it with love for all of humanity with side dishes of tolerance, empathy, cooperation, optimism and an open mind.


241. Those who say the path of achievement is effortless are entirely wrong. Standing still is effortless. True progress takes a tremendous struggle – there is no other way.


242. Progress is made in proportion to the amount of freedom allotted to the group or individual. With few exceptions, the restriction of freedom for the one brings restriction of success for the many.


243. Falling in love is the closest thing most mortals have that relates to a direct experience with God.


244. Limits are boundaries set by consciousness. Transcend that state of consciousness and the universe belongs to you.


245. One must have enough empathy to relate to the suffering in the world, but keep enough detachment to avoid madness.


246. God has exploded his intelligence into a Big Bang of a puzzle to amuse Himself and is challenged to the very core in putting all the pieces together in a way that makes sense.


247. The Word is God

The Word = Sound

Sound = Vibration

Vibration is created from wavelengths

That which moved to create the first wavelength is the Great Mystery.


248. If dark forces can control people and take away the logic of their thinking with projected good intentions, then they can also manipulate the individual with selfishness when the opportunity arises.


249. If reality disagrees with your opinion then change your opinion.


250. The seeker must learn to perceive truth through the eyes of the soul, not through the eyes of the outer group where perception is often distorted.


251. Steps to liberation

  1. Pure intent
  2. Correct perception of truth.
  3. Freedom and power to act on that truth.


252. Though it is human to desire the perfect and the strong, the best among us will often stop to help the bird with the broken wing over the one that can easily fly.


253. You know you have lived the good life when:

  1. You have fallen crazy in love at least once.
  2. You have three or more friends you like and trust.
  3. You have work to do that you love.
  4. You have a clear conscience.
  5. You have learned to make good use of your time.
  6. Group think does not control you.
  7. There are ten or more people who are grateful you were born.
  8. You have taken three or more major gambles in life and come out on top on at least one of them.
  9. Most people like you.
  10. You know how to have a good time.
  11. You apply the rules of good physical and mental health.
  12. You consistently seek to learn new things.

254. A smile gives the receiver a glimpse into the soul.

255. Perception gives us data

Mind, organizing data, gives us understanding

Reflection on what is understood yields Truth.

Applying truth through the light of the soul manifests Wisdom.


256. If a light is slowly dimmed to 50% strength and then is instantly turned up to full strength, the person is startled as to the intensity. He had no idea he was missing so much light. Even so, with spiritual light. We are often not aware when we are losing it. The struggle for fullness of light, like freedom, requires eternal vigilance.


257. What good is it if we have light but keep it under a bushel? The bushel is composed of fear, inertia, ego, lack of confidence and dependence on unjust authority. Let us remove the covering and keep this a land of the ever present sun, in season and out of season.


258. When one places focused and consistent attention on the goal or creative effort an invisible magnetic power is generated that pulls together the elements necessary for success that goes beyond the power of individual action.


259. Do not give up your power of independent thought to any group, book, guru, prophet or master.


260. We complain about leaders of both parties yet they reflect the inward reality of our own thoughts. If we elevate our thoughts as a people we will draw to ourselves leadership that will inspire us.


261. He who seeks to know the truth but doesn’t tell the truth will never be the truth, or a light to the world.


262. Telling the truth takes wisdom, for there are many distortions in everyday conversation and media that must be discerned and not passed on.


263. An illustration of the One and the Many is the guitar string. When it is stationary we see only one string, but as soon as you pluck it, there is immediately produced the illusion of three strings. There appears to be three strings until the vibration ends. Then we see one string again. So also it is with God, the One, The Trinity and the Many. We are all linked to the one Sound or Word. The eternal cycle is the One becomes the Many and the Many become the One.


264. THE SONG OF THE 144,000

 We thank you Father

that you have revealed to us

your protective universal light;

That within this light

is complete protection

from all destructive forces;

That the Holy Spirit of Your Presence

permeates us in this light,

and wherever we will the light to descend.


We thank you Father

that you fill us with your

protective fires of Love;

That within this love

is complete protection

from all destructive

thoughts and feelings;

That the consciousness of Christ

is lifted up in us in this love,

and wherever we will

the love to be enflamed.


We thank you Father

that you are in us

and we are in you;

That through us

Your Will is sent forth

on wings of power;

That Your Purpose

is accomplished on earth

as it is in heaven;


That through us

Your Light and Love and Power

is manifest to all

the Sons and Daughters of Mankind.


265. Song of Eternal Life

I thank you Father-Mother-Spirit

For the energy of life which streams

From Universal Source to me

For the life that circulates through each atom and cell

Permeating my entire body and mind

Bringing health and vitality to all my living parts.


I bask in this life

I feel the life

I am the life

The life which knows not corruption

The life which makes all things new

The life which always IS.


I feel the life from my toes to the top of my head

And give thanks for its abundance.

I praise, and love my body and all of its parts

For receiving this Life and Spirit and Source.

I praise body, mind, soul & spirit

For receiving without ceasing.


266. Avatar of Synthesis Invocation

From the center where the Will of God is known,

let Purpose guide the little wills of men.


Let the One Great Life manifest Its Purpose

and send forth Its Avatar.


Let this Master of Purpose come forth

and amplify our wills to synthesize them

with his own, giving us power to serve.


Let the Avatar of Synthesis manifest

to the group of which I am a part.


That we may prepare the earth

for the Lords of Light and Love.


Let Will and Power and Purpose

manifest the Christ on earth.


267. Oneness

I am one with my fellow travelers.

All that I have is theirs.

I am one with Christ and all Divine Beings.

All that they have is mine.


I am one with the Creator of all there is

And from this point burst forth as a Sun

To share light, love and power to serve

With those who have forgotten their Source.


268. As Siddhartha Gautama, who became the Buddha, sat under the Bodhi Tree near starvation, seeking enlightenment, he heard some singing; the words he heard are said to be something like this:


If you tune the strings of a harp too tight,

the sound will not be right.

If the strings are too slack as they play,

a beautiful sound will not be made.

Neither too tight nor too limp shall be the strings,

If the player is to be worthy of kings.

The tension must be tuned by the ear

To fill the soul of all who hear.


When he heard these words, a light turned on in his mind. He realized that the first part of his life, where he dwelt in luxury, was likened unto a string too loose. The second part of his life, where he sought nirvana through starvation and austerity, was as a string too tight.


The vision of the true Middle Way flashed into his mind.

 It is not what you think.


269. If you follow the highest you know there will come a time when you will be visited by a Presence, either visible or invisible. It will come at a time that you least expect it and a time when perhaps you feel the least prepared

spiritually, but it will come.


To dream and wish for the experience will only delay the happening. But if you take the highest you know and go forward in the vineyard of the Master and serve with no end in sight, in season and out of season, in good times and bad. If you serve with love in the dark of night with the same strength as in the light of day, if you continue with loving service through the fiery darts of hate, malice and betrayal and above all if it appears that even your Master and your God seem to completely ignore you as if you do not exist… Through all this you will continue to serve with the highest you know.   You continue even if God himself seems to be your enemy putting every obstacle possible in your path and laughing at you as you stumble and fall. You rise up and continue. The time comes that it will not seem to matter to you any more if friends, God or the Masters approve of you or not. It matters not if you are some great chosen one or are looked upon by the Master as the least and most needy of the brethren. You will now serve for the sake of selfless love alone because the need is out there and you sense the need. When this stage is reached in your being one of the Great Ones will take notice and speak: “Behold, the servant! He has become as one of us. Let us invite him into the circle of higher friendship, brotherhood and service.”


But even here the invitation comes not as you expected. All your expectations are shattered and soon replaced by newer ones and the groping in the dark is replaced by walking the path with vision. The reward for your selfless service is sight and as you see the path ahead your heart is filled with joy for that which you see is not what you imagined, but more than you imagined.


270. Imagination precedes reality, so imagine well.


271. When every day is the spirit of Christmas…

That is the threshold that will create peace on earth.


272. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Therefore, focus on getting ready rather than just thinking one is ready. Find your next step.


273. Even the words of a great book, such as the Bible, can create a prison if they are not interpreted with a loving heart and discerned through eyes in tune with Spirit.


274. A prison of walls and chains is a terrible thing, but worse still is being a prisoner of your own thoughts and beliefs while thinking you are free. Unless the person wakes up there is no escape.


275. He who learns and applies keeps the knowledge. He who does not apply must learn again and again: “Ever learning and never coming to a knowledge of the truth.”


276. You find what you are looking for, whether it be good or evil, the true or the false, freedom or slavery.


277. The Universal Mind craves experience, and as it contemplates in its various energy states, it sees all possibilities. Each possibility is an extension of Itself, created in Its own image and becomes a point in the Universal Life. You are one of these.


278. Thoughts are powerful creators. If you expect good things to happen this year you are ten steps ahead of the guy expecting doom, or who thinks circumstances or the world is against him.


279. The road to perfection is paved with many experiments and mistakes. The ability to move onward after failure is a great virtue.


280. When the seeker says he has found the ultimate feeling, bliss, or God Presence, he knows not that he is only at the beginning of his journey. No matter how high the consciousness, bliss or joy, the seeker adjusts to it and eventually becomes ready for more. When he is ready, the more will come, worlds without end.


281. If you limit yourself to learning exactly according to the mindset of a teacher, you will also inherit his flaws.


282. There are two types of people. Those who are paralyzed by their fears and those who paralyze their fears and move forward as if they did not exist. The choice is always before us.


283. The false authority is he who cannot demonstrate the truth of that which he claims to teach or practice.


284. No one puts energy into an endeavor unless there is something in it for them. Even of Jesus it was written, “who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross.” Heb 12:2


285. The only thing that does not change is the principle of change and the prime eternal law that governs this is cause and effect. The principles that govern this are formless and eternal, but even they are involved in the creation of change.


286. Guilt is pain caused by the worship of an artificial outer God or authority. True correction comes from inner vision directed by spiritual love.


287. Do not shoot the messenger or seek to destroy the message. The truth will prevail in the end no matter what you do.


288. Just as gold must pass through the refiner’s fire before it reaches its highest purity and value, even so must the disciple pass through every obstacle that can be thrown in his way on the path of service.


289. Most pain and disease has its root cause in resistance to taking the next harmless step in spiritual progression. Find out what that next step is, and take it; then a quantum of life energy will be released to circulate and heal your entire being.


290. The successful person must not only realize that common mistakes will happen, but must be prepared to handle acts of great stupidity and incompetence.


291. If you want to make your problems seem smaller, make your perspective bigger. (Artie Dewey)


292. An important key to spiritual progression is to make sure that every word you speak is true to the best of your knowledge. You do not have to reveal all you know, but what you do reveal should be true.


293. We often think we are creating cause when we are merely an effect of a greater Cause or Purpose. The quest is to find that Purpose and the spiritual reality wherein it resides.


294. True giving is like putting money in the bank gaining interest. You may withdraw at the right time and give again with greater power.


295. The pure in heart may veer some to the left or the right as they tread the straight and narrow path, yet will stay on the path because they are true to their highest light.


296. The swinging of the pendulum manifests among humanity by their swing to the left and right in their belief systems. As the pendulum swings among us, the masses swing with it, not realizing that they are following the energy much more than they are doing any independent thinking.


297. Many who believe in reincarnation say there is no hell. But what if you were reborn into North Korea? Would you not consider such a life as hell? What if you had to live most of your life as a paraplegic or a starving person in the third world? Indeed there are many hells right here before our eyes. This should give us incentive to live a productive life of service.


298. If a person’s conclusion is based on how he feels then the purest of reason pointing the opposite direction will have no effect.


299. We as individuals must become linked up as part of an eternal chain or vine where each of us reach out and grab another by the hand and take him or her with us.


300. Imagination stirs energy at subtle levels that can distill on to the physical plane if the focus is sustained.


301. Study your life to see where events are leading you so you can correctly anticipate and prepare for your future.


302. Unless one places consistent attention on staying in harmony with his highest inner source there will be spiritual amnesia and every communication will have some deception in it.


303. That which we were, always was

That which we are, will always be.

Even though location changes eternally.


304. Isn’t it interesting that the biggest problems we seem to have today are in finding the best pillow, the best designed shirt or best cooking utensil? Yet we march in the streets complaining at the drop of a hat. It is the best of times, but certainly not worst of times.


305. A broken promise is serious because it is a breaking of the will, your will. You have willed to do a thing and your will was broken by the only person who can break it, yourself.


306. That point at which one feels the most confident and self assured is the point of the greatest danger of retrogression.


307. It is most important that when we make a commitment and we are aware of such commitment, that we do all in our power to be true to our word. If we do this consistently then our vibration moves in harmony with the vibration of Spirit, which is truth, and the door to higher contact opens wide.


308. To heal others you must heal yourself, to inspire others you must elevate your own thoughts, to see the good in others forgive yourself.


309. Worry, fear and inertia are the three great enemies for the seeker. They must be overcome through the focused attention of the will toward the peace of the inner Spirit.


310. The idea that truth is relative is illusion. Only perception of truth is relative, but truth itself is always true. That which is true cannot change to that which is not true.


311. When the seeker learns to be true to his word the Word within will be known, and the Word will be made flesh in him.


312. Many speak when they should be silent and are silent when they should speak. Others speak too often using many words when few would suffice. Quality and timing of speech or of silence are a mark of wisdom.


313. Perfection needs an imperfect world in order to manifest.


314. The undiscovered country lies within our own souls. Seek and find unlimited gifts.


315. When people recognize you have authority they will immediately give you power, but if they see that you have power, but with no authority, many will seek to take the power to themselves.


316. Freedom of action for the lawless and violent few must be restricted by law to insure the greatest possible freedom of speech and action for the many.


317. Too much speech suppresses hearing that which is needed. Too much silence prevents giving out the Words of Life. The master soul balances all polarities.


318. The light in you is the same as the light in Christ. Focus, therefore, on the highest you know and be a light to others causing them to thank God for what they receive.


319. We see through a glass darkly to comprehend the universal laws that must be realized to save us from ourselves. Grant us, oh Lord of Hosts, that our vision be clarified.


320. When we awaken from a dream we have a greater awareness than when in the dream. We are now in the dream world of the soul, and when awakened after death, we will make a similar leap in consciousness.


321. Many truths are hidden in plain sight, the last place many of us are willing to look.


322. There is no such thing as unconscious thought. Thought only springs from consciousness.


323. The tendency of the many is to lean increasingly with age upon that which has been embraced in the past rather than considering the new which may lead to greater light, life and fulfillment.


324. We make our own reality within the limits of our own consciousness. Beyond that limit reality is determined by intelligence far beyond our own.


325. Words draw powerful forces that can destroy, build or protect. Choose them carefully.


326. A true disciple is one who disciplines himself and uses the power of will to focus on the light until truth is revealed.


327. The most harmless path often involves breaking a few eggs. The most loving one will sometimes hurt feelings and the most helpful may draw complaints that you are getting in the way.


328. Be aware of your past, but do not turn around and focus there. Look forward and always move on into the greater light ahead.


329. You have an earthly family and a spiritual one. When you meet a spiritual brother or sister you will feel like you have taken one more step to arriving at your true home.


330. Much can be written about the Divine Will, but it is not understood until it is touched.


331. An expansion of consciousness occurs when the seeker focuses on the good of the group, or the whole, above the separated self.


332. If the seeker wants a true answer to a petition to a Higher Intelligence then he must ask with more in mind than a benefit to his separated self. The answer must provide a benefit to the many, not just the one.


333. Seekers complain of loneliness and the dark night of the soul. Both are illusions. You are never alone and the inner light is ever shining bright to those who look.


334. Consider the messages of life. The vegetable kingdom is happy in feeling the life of God. Animals are happy seeking it and the birds are happy expressing it in their flight. Fulfilled humans possess all these qualities.


335. As the seeker may be painfully struggling through a crisis, his own soul may be experiencing joy in heaven over the foreseen positive outcome.


336. We mercifully forget our dreams shortly after waking. It would drive us crazy to have them circulating through our minds during the day. Similarly, we forget our past lives shortly after birth which allows us to focus in the present.


337. Silence, space and stillness are not what they seem. In silence you can hear, in space there is energy and in stillness there is activation of all creation.


338. As the seeker moves forward on the path of liberation the light ahead becomes brighter and his power to move stronger as he assists those behind him. But if he fails to assist, then the path ahead is darkened and his strength evaporates. He becomes lost while another dedicated to serve takes his place.


339. “Love sets my tone, light is my vision, reason is my guide and higher purpose motivates me,” says the true servant on the Path.


340. Signs of an Old Soul

  1. Does not hear in black and white but correctly interprets between the lines.
  2. Looks at evidence on both sides of a controversial situation
  3. Questions most everything, including settled science, settled politics, settled religions etc.
  4. Makes productive use of time and wastes it not.
  5. Will have a reservoir of original ideas.
  6. Will generally give more than receives.
  7. People seeking help will be drawn to him or her.
  8. This soul will not retaliate in kind no matter how great the insult.
  9. Rather than attack those in error this soul sheds light on the problem.
  10. The old soul puts much more weight on that which is verified from within than expressed by authorities without.
  11. Has a history of correctly perceiving truth rather than illusion.
  12. There is life in his words and love in his actions.


341. Consistency in the dark or the light, in peace or during the storm, while enduring hate or basking in adoration is the quality looked for by those who watch.


342. Most realize that we gain through painful experience, but unappreciated is that we also gain through joyful activities and associations. The problem is the tendency to feel we deserve the pain, but are unworthy of happiness. This illusion must be dispelled. Joyousness is our birthright.


343. When reborn in a future life you will lose all data to your conscious mind, but you will take with you all gained intelligence, wisdom and understanding of principles. Indeed, Solomon spoke wisely: “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7


344. To see you must look, to hear you must listen and to feel you must reach out and touch. Many who complain of no spiritual experiences have not done these things.


345. Some people can be happy in the rain, others miserable in the sunshine – like the old adage says: “People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”


346. You Be May Risking the Dark Side IF:

(1) You are willing to deceive at the drop of a hat to get what you want.

(2) You will enter a state of denying wrongdoing when your controversial acts are brought to light.

(3) You accuse the innocent of wrongdoing

(4) You support taking away the freedom of the many to support a power base for the few.

(5) You are willing to manipulate law, authority and regulation to enforce your ideal of what is righteous.

(6) You support lawlessness and violence to get what you want.

(7) You present yourself as in harmony with those who you want to forcibly change.


347. If one has a false foundational belief then even the finest logic will be flawed and destroy that which is real, or true. To find the real one must build on a foundation of truth.


348. Chances Are You Are Headed for the Straight and Narrow Path IF:

(1) You contemplate the will of God and try to manifest it.

(2) You look beyond obnoxious personality traits to see the Christ within others.

(3) You are motivated by love of others above love of the material self.

(4) You attempt to give more than you receive.

(5) You attempt to be as harmless as a dove and wise as a serpent.

(6) You thirst after light, love and knowledge.

(7) You are an example of goodwill to all.If one has a false foundational belief then even the finest logic will be flawed and destroy that which is real, or true. To find the real one must build on a foundation of truth.


349. Energy follows thought. Thought follows directed intelligence. Intelligence follows light. Light follows our Source to God.


350. It is interesting how happy people look when they are in motion, exercising, dancing or playing. Then when the mind is in creative motion the same thing happens on a higher level. Perhaps we could say that happiness is life in forward motion.


351. The only way to harmonize with the Word, which is pure Truth, is to become the truth ourselves. When all the words we speak are words of truth, and promises which come true, then the barrier between man and God evaporates.


352. Light is something, darkness is no thing; light is manifestation, darkness is unmanifest; light reveals, darkness hides. Eternity is the recycling of these two.


353. Dedicate a space you occupy most often while in thought or reflection. It could be an easy chair, the place where you sit at the computer or even a bare floor. That space can then become holy to you so when you occupy it, your mind will be at peace, as if in a temple of the Most High.


354. When we have the choice to find the truth of a thing then we must find that truth or take a step backwards into darkness.


355. You know you are a reasonable person if:

  1. You do not dismiss facts that disagree with your belief system.
  2. You do not distort reality, as it has actually transpired, to support your belief system.
  3. Your beliefs have evidence or good logic to back them up.
  4. You are willing to consider that many of your beliefs are incorrect.
  5. When someone disagrees with a cherished belief you respond with calm reason making no personal attack.
  6. You seek to understand the other person’s argument when he disagrees with you.
  7. You will not assume something is true because of anecdotal evidence.
  8. You’ve read material on both sides of various issues and beliefs.
  9. When referring to a point of argument you quote it accurately, as it was intended to be understood.
  10. You realize that most people agreeing on something, even within your chosen group, does not make it true.


356. When the seeker fulfills outer responsibilities and creates a rhythm so energy is not wasted there is an inner reflection where focus on the light becomes easier and natural causing a subtle rise in consciousness.


357. Change is coming to your life. It will either come from past causes beyond your control, or decisions that guide you in the Present. Take charge now; make a decision and act upon it.


358. When the power of Attention is one with the Purpose of God all things are possible and the magical power of the soul is manifest.


359. It is important to realize that many are happy with the level of truth they have attained. If someone presents to them a greater light than they are ready for, it will be like a great light in a dark room and a painful experience for them. They will often fight against it.


360. Only the weak who lack reasoning ability and a center of truth demand censorship or restrictions on freedom of speech for others.


361. As the seeker unveils truth after truth he enters a lonely realm, leaving many friends behind who cannot see through his eyes. Then at that moment where he seems alone in the universe a door is open and he is engulfed by a multitude of new friends of celestial presence, invisible to carnal eyes. He never feels alone again.


362. The greatest hell is to have nothing new to create. Hell is creating that which has been over and over until boredom becomes so great that the life force flatlines.


363. Oneness through understanding and free will is divine; whereas oneness forced through authority is a source of great evil.


364. That which is done can be undone, that which is destroyed can be made anew and dreams which have never been, can be.


365. Sooner or later each person’s belief will come in conflict with maximum freedom for all. The choice will be more freedom for the whole, involving some sacrifice, or less freedom and a temporary free lunch at another’s involuntary expense.


366. Two groups may have similar goals and be of similar quality, yet both destroy their effectiveness because of attempts to establish superiority for ego’s sake. So much more could be accomplished if they worked together on points of agreement.


367. Be not discouraged by the difficulty in bringing light to the world. A small seed properly planted and generously nourished can multiply a hundred, a thousand or a million fold in short order. Therefore, plant what you can in good ground, nourish with love and stimulate with light.


368. Beauty, intelligence and spirituality are all judgments of the mind, but without such judgments we would be a savage lot.


369. Many there are who claim to be great ones, or speak for God, but have done nothing more than restate teachings of others while adding no new principles.


370. Emotions are not to be denied or suppressed but communicated with as much honesty and harmlessness as possible, else many physical and emotional problems will occur.


371. When you find the good, the beautiful and the true in others you can then find it in yourself.


372. There are degrees of freedom just as there are degrees of consciousness. He who discovers the inner spiritual world opens the door to a greater realm of choices.


373. Most people can be manipulated by pressing emotional buttons. The few decide for themselves even when unjustly attacked or insulted.


374. When humanity is finally governed by the principle of goodwill to all, we will have arrived at the greatest advance in life since consciousness itself.


375. That which is most feared, and avoided like the plague, is the truth.


376. People of goodwill often feel powerless, as if they are having no effect. This is not the case. A good seed grows and a bad one does not. Plant 1000 bad seeds and one good one, then, after a period of time, the only one that multiplied is the good – a hundred, one million and one billion fold.


377. The fool believes what he wants, ignoring the facts, the ideologue rejects obvious truth, but the true seeker accepts truth as shining gems that light his way to paradise.


378. Blessed are they who make others aware of the unseen sun behind the clouds, of the goodwill in the hearts of the many and that peace on earth is in our future.


379. It is a natural tendency to rest after achieving a difficult goal. An error made by many is to rest for too long. The problem becomes devastating for progress when the rest continues without end.


380. Adjust consciousness to the truth instead of distorting reality to a mindset.


381. Attention must be placed, not on the body, but the life within the body; not on stone temples, but on building living relationships, not on the forms of the world, but the divine intelligence that creates them.


382. Hate and anger as well as love and goodwill are contagious. Let us therefore infect all we contact with the positive emotions and let the negative die through lack of attention.


383. You are in the right place at the right time so focus on the right decision.


384. A great mind will listen to all, great and small, but does not let outward pressure force upon him careless decisions. His prime guidance will be from his own mind, heart and soul, no matter how loud the outer voices may be.


385. The majority seek peace and goodwill, but a minority desiring power bring hate and destruction. It is time for the many who are reasonable to control the few who are not.


386. The wise student (or one who is truly learning) does not see himself as on a lower level than the teacher. Instead, he sees himself as a fellow traveler who is progressing to a higher level.


387. As the seeker progresses, he moves away from outer material controls and subjects himself to inner spiritual ones. The one with no control, high or low, is lost.


388. Three things turn words from fading vibration into words of power. First, they must be spoken with purpose and understanding. Second, the speaker sends them forth riding on the power of his will. Finally, he must perform whatever action is necessary to see them manifested.


389. To give credit to God for all good things is right and good. However, it is a slothful servant who turns over to God things he should be doing himself.


390. People come into our lives because their consciousness shares a certain note with our own.


391. A thousand mile journey begins

Not with the first step

But with the thought, the intent

The first step is inclined

By a journey out of sight

Ten thousand miles of light

In the mind.


392. To see no evil when evil is opening the door, committing violence and shutting down free speech, creates a darkening that will blind the eyes to new vistas of light and love.


393. Every virtue must be applied with good judgment else it will turn into a vice.


394. The beginning of the quest for spiritual liberation did not begin in some ancient past, but right here, right now. It is only in the present where the next step must be taken.


395. Anyone can claim revelation by giving data that could be easily supplied by the imagination. What the false prophet cannot do is enhance true principles and give out consistent words of wisdom.


396. To be unchanging is good if it is referring to reliability, but evil if it implies doing the same thing over and over which leads to eternal boredom and death. Even God says: “I make all things new.” Rev 21:5


397. Through united activity strength is multiplied. Add union of emotional support and power is multiplied again. Even greater multipliers are union through love, understanding and reason. When to these are added union through spiritual vision all things become possible, even if the numbers are small.


398. If productive service to humanity conflicts with a belief, then let the seeker alter that belief, not the service.


399. There are always two paths before us; one is always higher than the other, but sometimes the choice is not clear. Choose well and reflect. If your choice is in error make corrections and choose again.


400. Only make promises you can keep. The key to this is to look at the worst-case scenario and ask yourself: “If this occurs, can I keep my word?”


401. Recognizing failure and correcting it often produces more progress in the life of the soul than attempting to take a giant leap forward into the light.


402. “I love you,” said the soul as it looked upon the soul of the adorable one as well as the despised.


403. There are three types of people on the planet. Those who seek to expand human freedom and work actively toward this. Those who are willing to restrict freedom to advance their beliefs, and, finally, neutral ones who proclaim freedom and peace but refuse to engage in the struggle that is required.


404. A little of something being good doesn’t mean a lot is better.


405. Be inclusive rather than exclusive, unite rather than divide and accept rather than reject whenever wisdom allows.


406. Serving self for the purpose of self is the dark path, but taking care of self to maintain vital strength to serve is the path of light.


407. To diminish freedom of innocent people so that good may come is illusion and the foundation of great evil.


408. We pray for many things of which we are not willing to pay the price. No wonder the heavens seem to be sealed.


409. Truth is distorted by attachments to illusions that must be dispelled before it can be clearly seen.


410. Those who try to be neutral in the face of aggression are not neutral at all but lend power to the aggressor.


411. There is no one else like you, there is no other day like today and never before an opportunity as is now set before you.


412. The soul is the dream of God and we are the dreams of the soul.


413. Each life that manifests here does so in the hope of Becoming that which it has never been, but without the loss of that which has forever been.


414. In the past age great lives have taught the world by sacrifice even to death and Imprisonment. In this age the keynote will be to teach the world through their creative and inspiring lives.


415. Without duality there can be no love. There can be no love unless there is two or more of something. One of the great purposes that God created the universe was so love could become manifest. If God had not created us there would be nothing to love.


416. It is only after we have done all we can do that we can expect Divine help to assist us to the next level.


417. Many disciples in the world are looking for a revelation leading to shutting the door to evil, opening the door to the new age of peace and plenty, while ignoring inspired steps already revealed. The first step on the ladder must be taken before the third or the fourth.


418. A grand key to freedom is self-sufficiency. The more you depend on other people, groups and government the more power you give away. Therefore, take control of your physical needs, your health and your destiny. When you remove yourself from those who can command you against your will, the path to happiness and freedom become open.


419. You learn to do by doing, to think by thinking and to love by loving.


420. Many highly educated people are not as good at getting truth from data available as the average construction worker.


421. The natural and eternal interplay of cause and effect creates light, and light is the foundation of all life, intelligence, gods, angels as well as physical life.


422. Time is a measure of motion. Motion is a quality of form. Form is created by thought. Thought is a manifestation of light and light leads us back to our Source.


423. Idealistic peaceful and loving thoughts will not counter a definite physical aggression against the innocent with intent to diminish freedom. Such force must be met with greater force until the door where evil dwells is shut and sealed.


424. People fear taking risks, but the greatest risk is to fear them too much.


425. When the many say “do not” that is the time to do; when they rush forward is then time to pause and reflect. When they all agree is the time to question.


426. Humanity stumbles along and finds indications of truth here and there but remains largely in the dark. But when it puts those pieces together and begins to see the whole picture the world will be transformed with light.


427. There are no limits to consciousness unless you think there is.


428. There are the many who plan their lives as if present conditions will continue indefinitely, and the few who weigh the influences on the horizon and adjust their lives accordingly.


429. A falsehood is repeated many times to trick the sleeping masses into acceptance. Truth only needs to be spoken once to the soul of one who is awake and listening.


430. Many with good intentions inadvertently support darkness rather than light, slavery instead of freedom and destruction over creation.


431. Seek as if there is infinite knowledge, work as if the world depends on you and love as if there are no limits to what you can give.


432. A true friend is one that will not complain if you wake him up at 3 AM with a problem.


433. It often seems that we as individuals have little power until it is realized how few use the individual power we have. The individual has great power when moving forward with confidence.


434. As a parent you expect your children to obey your commands, largely for their own safety. When they mature you no longer give commands but expect them through their own initiative to overcome life’s obstacles to joyful living – just as our Father/Mother God, does with us.


435. The truth can make you free, but if it is rejected when staring you in the face the bonds of slavery are made strong.


436. Every once in a while you meet someone who vibrates harmoniously with an inner chord in your breast. Make this person a part of your life.


437. One looks at a flower and sees a flower. Another looks and sees unfathomable beauty.

The master of wisdom contemplates and sees a divine creation holding the secrets of the universe.


438. Focused thought in the few is powerful, but in the many it is unstoppable.


439. We live in an age of hypocrisy. The loudest voices for peace are often the most destructive. Many who proclaim love have a seething hatred of those with a different view. Those who clamor for equality often support division and favors. It is time to remind ourselves to practice what we preach.


440. Be still and know that God is in you.

Be silent and hear Her voice.

Be willing and do His will.


441. The degree of happiness attained is largely determined by the depth of oneness shared with other individuals as well as your own soul.


442. Let your light shine from the internal fire and embrace the burning with joy.


443. Without someone to see them; there would be no stars.


444. If a truth, sincerely presented, offends, then the problem is with the receiver, not the messenger.


445. Good dominates where there is freedom, openness, light and truth. Evil will dominate where freedom is suppressed and darkness hides the real. Let us therefore be vessels of undistorted truth.


446. Fulfill the dreams of others and you will fulfill your own.


447. When mediocrity becomes a standard for praise then those great souls who reach for greatness will be trampled under foot.


448. The road to success is paved with stepping stones of failure which have been learning exercises to make us stronger.


449. If that which is desired determines what is accepted or rejected as true then the belief system will be a distorted mixture of truth and error – in other words, a fantasy existence.


450. Truth is best understood when it is seen in the greatest of simplicity, but when applied often multiplies into immense complexity. The seeker therefore must break down the elements of distortion in this world into its simplest parts to discern the real from the unreal.


451. The desire for power, when not tempered by love, can never be quenched.


452. Light and truth bring complete understanding whereas illusion creates gaps in knowledge that cannot be explained.


453. Ask not as if you are poor seeking from the rich, but realize you have the wealth of heaven now and affirm that which is a correct desire.


454. You cannot see unless you look, or hear without listening or feel without touch. The taking in of knowledge, both visible and invisible, requires focused attention.


455. If two disagree one or both is in illusion. If illusion is dispelled they will both see as one.


456. Contrasting shades of darkness can give the illusion of vision to those who refuse to look and see the light within.


457. When you choose a path you choose its destination; therefore look not only at where you are, but where you are going.


458. Many borrow the words of angels yet think the thoughts of devils. Thoughts are more powerful than words – therefore always look to the heart of the sender.


459. Those with a high degree of spiritual focus have amplified power in their words and thoughts. Therefore, speak up for the cause of truth. You are more powerful than you suppose.


460. Truth only needs to be communicated with quiet reasoning. It needs not force or the clamoring of mobs to make its point.


461. There are those who know, those who think they know and those who definitely know not. Choose today the category to which you will belong.


462. Harboring ill feelings toward another is like attacking yourself. Forgiveness is the sensible thing.


463. Common sense beats no sense every time; reason always trumps the thoughtless and truth remains when error is long forgotten.


464. All fear is related to concern about loss. When the seeker reaches the point where the focus is on the eternal invulnerable self he will have mastered fear.


465. Experience is the desire of all life. Even when we are asleep, we dream and when we think we are awake we still dream.


466. Total honesty cannot be achieved unless one’s limitations are known. People often lie at a point of tension when they thought they would not.


467. A thought is never completely hidden. Each thought produces ripples in the stream of universal life and can be assimilated by those who know.


468. A thought is never completely hidden. Each thought produces ripples in the stream of universal life and can be assimilated by those who know.


469. The seeker who makes the most progress takes one doable step at a time. The path is lined with failures that attempted many steps in one, faltered and became discouraged.


470. Your progress toward Spirit is not determined by the data in your head, but by your ability to sort out truth from error and act upon it.


471. Those who love and seek truth find peace while those who attack, deceive and distort create storms engulfing their own lives.


472. There are many things people do not see because they do not look and they do not look because they do not want to see or understand.


473. All beings who have reached the God consciousness identify with the One God and share a oneness of thought. Innumerable beings in the universe share this consciousness which we seek to attain.


474. To find the truth we must be willing to let go of the “familiar spirit” and become open to accepting that which is not familiar.


475. Many dogmas and illusions force us toward belief systems with no appeal to common sense or logic of any kind.


476. The decision between good and evil is not a decision between blissful love and demonic madness. If the choice were that obvious, then all would choose the path of light. Instead, many are deceived in thinking they are doing right when they support harmful acts and loss of freedom toward those who do not support their beliefs.


477. Feelings, both positive and negative, are there for a reason. To allow them harmless expression and release brings peace, health and vitality.


478. The strongest prison bars are created by our own thoughts.


479. You are an idea in the mind of God. It is therefore your responsibility to become a good idea.


480. Thoughts produce ideas, ideas create plans, plans manifest purpose and purpose gives meaning to life.


481.  Heaven or hell is created by the company you keep.


482.  When humanity learns to harmonize their actions with the kingdom of God within, then the wondrous kingdom of God without will manifest.


483. Being in the image of God you have all the powers of godliness lying unrealized within you. If you decree that you are separate from God then it will seem as if God has spoken it. Retract that command and discover your true oneness with All That Is.


484. We are creators in the image of God. This gives both love and fear great power. Choose which one you want to manifest.


485. The truth will make you free, but a good falsehood will make you think.


486. The Hebrew word for God in the Bible is Elohiym which means “Gods,” plural. This is because God is a shared group consciousness, something which we hope to attain.


487. There are things in life over which you have control and others that you do not. Forget about those that you cannot control and concentrate on those that you do.


488. Create a time each day where your mind pays no attention to the troubles of the world, or your personal problems, and see where your inner life takes you.


489. To take offense when no offense is intended is offensive to civility.


490. The difference between success and failure is often measured in inches, not miles. Some of the greatest successes have been achieved by just pressing forward only by a small degree more than the many who failed.


491. Material inertia is always there, pulling us toward inactivity in Spirit. The disciple must use the force of will to counter it. If he ceases this he will crystalize to stagnation in older age.


492. Look for Christ in your neighbor and you will find Him, but seek for the devil in his heart and it will be there too.


493. If, in order to fulfill his own desires, one supports that which will limit the freedom of others, he will be reborn in a situation where that which is important in life is kept from him because he has diminished freedom to pursue.


494. Each life in its own way sees the birth of innocence, the influx of evil, the birth of Christ, the miracles of Christ, the resurrection of Christ and, finally, the end of the world at death.


495. An honest disagreement or question is different than a mean spirited attack and should not be discouraged. Sometimes such questioning will cause a change of direction for the better.


496. Each belief system has its own language and to reach those trapped within it one must discover, adapt and speak their language.


497. The gap in understanding of language from one belief system to another is as great as from one national language to another.


498. The sin of separateness will not be solved by force but by raising the light of truth and understanding above our heads for all to see.


499. Many of those who pray for God to appear and destroy their enemies would find themselves to be the enemy to God if He did just that.

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Principle 79

This entry is part 76 of 98 in the series Principles

Contemplation & Seed Thoughts

Basic meditation instructs students to contemplate parts of their body, the breath, heartbeat, some object or numerous other things. The purpose of this is to train the student to gain the ability to focus his attention to the point that he can be aware of things that eluded him in the past.

Those types of contemplative exercises do little to gain useful knowledge, but they do strengthen certain abilities that will be useful as he travels the path of liberation.

One of the most productive uses of this strengthened power to contemplate and focus is the introduction of seed thoughts.

A seed thought is some type of concise thought expressed in a few words or phrase on which the student contemplates to expand the thought to gain further light and understanding.

If you contemplate your navel you’re not going to be blessed with a lot of enhanced understanding, but if you contemplate a phrase with deep meaning, such as “the truth will make you free” you may discover significant new insights.

The interesting thing about seed thoughts is that they do not have to be particularly deep, for any word or phrase can branch off during contemplation and take the contemplator into interesting vistas of thought.

I discovered this way back in my junior year of high school in a speech class. I was fortunate to have a creative teacher who was willing to challenge our young minds.

During one class he began by having each student write down one word on a piece of paper. He gathered up all the words and placed them in a box and stirred them up. He then said something like this.

“Today you are each going to pick a random word out of this box and then you are going to talk about that word for five minutes. If, for example, the word is rock, you will just have to use your imagination and talk about that subject for the allotted time. This exercise will help you with public speaking as you will often have to use your creative mind to keep the public interest.”

He then picked several nervous students to come forward and draw a word. I was thankful that I was not among them. As the exercise progressed I noted that some students did surprisingly good and others really stumbled. I had to give the students high marks on creativity on some of the words they came up with – some very difficult from whence to make a speech.

I can’t remember the word I received, except that it was a difficult one on which to base a speech, but after struggling through the allotted time I felt somewhat satisfied with myself that I was able to make a speech out of almost nothing.

I really enjoyed that exercise and was hoping the teacher would have us do it again, but he never did.

One thing I learned from that attempt was that a word is more than a word. Each word is like a leaf on a branch that leads to another branch and then another. That was my first brush with seed thoughts – though I did not know anything about the concept at the time.

I discovered that one can take random words such as rock, water, sky, run, jump or tiddlywinks and make a short speech. But later I discovered something much more important, and that is additional contemplation on certain words and phrases over a period of time can lead to some very stimulating insights.

I have said numerous times that contemplation is the highest form of meditation. Instead of letting the mind go blank and seeking peace and formlessness the seeker finds a phrase, idea or thought to plant in his mind. Instead of nothingness leading to bliss and peace he experiences a stirring of thought leading to higher thought.

Liken your consciousness to a pool of water. If there is too much stillness stagnation is the result. If it is always in motion then the water will never be pure but always mixed with impurities.

It takes the right mixture of stillness and motion to produce the purest water.

It takes the key of judgment in the seeker to balance the stillness and the motion of thought to see the highest light, feel the fullness of love, and to be consumed with the fire of Purpose.

To use the principle plant a seed thought in your mind and heart, and feed the thought with contemplation and meditation. Observe the fruit that comes forth, and accept that which is sweet and registers with your soul.

A seed thought is basically any thought, sentence, phrase, or idea that you choose to focus on with contemplation over a period of time. Because all words are symbols of some truth all seed thoughts have the capacity to generate higher realization.

Some teachers have emphasized having a monthly seed thought and this is not a bad idea, but I recommend having at least three working out within you at all times.

(1) A seed thought around a great mystery that may take you a lifetime to solve.

(2) A seed thought around an idea that will probably bear fruit within 30 days.

(3) A seed thought around a concept that you will reveal light in the present time.

There are many seed thoughts available. Some of the more profound scriptures are very good ones to consider such as

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1


“The last shall be first, and the first last.”

Or, maybe something from Shakespeare:

All the world is a stage

Or, some popular phrase used by the common people such as:

“You can’t put the genie back in the bottle.”

Fortunately, we have an unlimited source of seed thoughts available. Each seeker just has to find the ones that are right for him or her.

Words are things, and a small drop of ink, falling like dew, upon a thought, produces that which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.

Lord Byron

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The New Jerusalem Meditation

This entry is part 12 of 73 in the series 2015

Part One

Close your eyes and say:

“We thank you God that You reveal to us the originating point of Your universal Light and Love as the doorway to the Kingdom of God.”

Pause and see a point of light just above you and see the point expanding into a circle and the circle expanding until it encompasses you and you sense that you have just passed through some type of doorway that leaves the physical world behind and reveals the New Jerusalem suspended before you. In the giant circle of light in which you find yourself you see a beautiful pyramid within a translucent golden square. You sense the pyramid is a living entity that is responsive to your thought and it pulsates with rainbows of colors as it reflects your highest feelings.

There are three entrances on each side guarded by two angels – one male and one female. There is one entrance that attracts your attention and you gravitate toward it. The entrance may seem simple or you may see elaborate arches depending on your thought patterns. You stand before the angels and they pass their hands over your body and you know that they know the intent of your heart and you know whether or not your heart has pure intent to assist your fellow brothers and sisters on the earth. Now you hear one of the angels speak one of these two sentences:

“You may pass.”


“You are not yet ready. Go back and find within your heart that dedication to self that must be transmuted into dedication to the whole. Come back with a pure intent to serve and you may pass.”

If you do receive the second reply do some reflection and find the intent that needs transmuted, commit yourself to pure service and try again.

After you receive permission, you go through the doorway and as you pass you feel an elevation in the vibration of your spirit within yourself and feel a sense of increasing love and joy.

You find yourself walking through a mist of light and as you walk the cloudiness disperses and you meet a very beautiful human being. You instantly know that this person is either the Christ or has such oneness with Christ that it makes no difference.

“What are you seeking?” the person asks.

“I seek a mansion in the house of God?” you say.

“And what is the key word for this coming age?”

“Service,” you reply.

The beautiful being smiles and replies:

To truly serve you must prepare yourself. Come, enter into a room prepared for you and contemplate the three things you must do.

First, look upon mankind as a single living wholeness and ask yourself how much you really love them and how much you are prepared to give?

Secondly, the tools you need to enhance your power to serve.

Thirdly send out a call from your heart to others who will work with you in the vineyard of the Lord. Establish a spiritual link with them that cannot be broken and feel their presence becoming nearer.

When they are very near you will be ready for the next step.

You enter alone into an empty room with glowing white walls that you know now to be your space and your room that seems to be about twelve feet square but you can expand or contract it with your conscious thought.

You think about the three injunctions and as you do you see the earth before you and sense the collective call of humanity appealing for help and relief in myriad areas of life and then you sense a few among them appealing for greater light and knowledge. These few touch your soul for you know that when these are satisfied that many others will come after until the earth is full of the knowledge of the Lord.

As you look upon humanity and become one with the wholeness thereof you ask the first question?

“How much do you really love them and how much you are prepared to give?”

Contemplate this for a moment and ask yourself: “Am I one with the Purpose of God in this regard?”

If you are satisfied with your answer move on to the second project. You must next give yourself all the tools you need to give yourself all the power you need to be a profitable servant. You might want to sit down, so visualize a chair and a chair will be there. If you want to lie down see a bed. If you want to do some work or reading you might want to see a desk, books or a computer connected to the internet.

Here you are not governed by time as on the earth and you can ask a question on your computer to someone who is a week or a month in the future.

It is not for me to suggest all the tools you need. This is your project. Create everything you need in this room for your office of service and comfort. You are only limited by your imagination. You can add to or take away from as your need requires.

This is the first step. There is much more to come. Members are welcome to post their thoughts and experiences as we proceed for the benefit of all.

Part Two

You are in your room and are gathering around you all the things you need to make you comfortable and that will enhance you power to serve.

Now as you think about it you become aware of other members of your group not far from you in rooms of their own. They may not even be in the present time. Someone close to your heart may not be there now but next week or next month, but you can still feel their presence. You can sense several others in the present time.

For this next day concentrate on just feeling and sensing the presence of others in their rooms. Do not try and enter other rooms or see them yet, but just feel the vibration of others who have made this journey with you and join in purpose and love with them.

If you have difficulty with getting in the New Jerusalem then imagine yourself in the room where your spiritual presence is near your group brothers and sisters. It is important that all who participate settle in this room that is their own. This is the true beginning point of our journey together.

Then as we strengthen our power of imagination the power of visualization will follow and the experience we will have together will become as real as physical reality.

The Levels of Meditation

Since some have had rewarding experiences with the meditation yet others are a little frustrated at their progress I thought I would write a little on meditation itself. First of all let me express the desired end result of this meditation. Many of the members of the group have often expressed a desire to be closer and how wonderful it would be if we could all be physically together, even if for a short period.

If we as a group are successful at this meditation we will be brought together. It may be awkward at first for most of us, but if we persist we will find realistic meetings of group members commonplace on the higher planes. This meditation can remove the barriers of distance that we have on the physical plane.

There are four basic planes that we normal humans can use as a medium for meditation.

The first is the physical. In this world we use the power of meditation through the power of paying Attention. This can be done through paying attention to a physical teacher, speaker or book, to gazing into a crystal ball or flame. As we meditate on the physical plane the mind and heart may be stimulated to bring forth images or ideas that will assist us. If nothing else meditation on the physical level will help focus us on the real that exists here so we do not turn into impractical dreamers.

The second is the emotional or astral and attention is a factor but in addition to this visualization comes into play. Overall females are better than males at visualizing because this is accomplished through female energy. You’ll notice that females are reporting greater success at following this guided meditation because it works in the direction of their natural energy. Now many men are also good at it, but overall the female has the advantage here.

The third plane of meditation is the world of the mind and this is accomplished through imagination. Mind and imagination are polarized in the male energy so us guys have the advantage here. It’s easy for us to imagine things, but it takes effort for us to visualize.

So what is the difference between visualization and imagination? one may ask.

Let us say the object we want to bring into focus is an apple. To manifest it in the physical world we put attention on our physical desire for the apple and go and retrieve it from the refrigerator.

To make it manifest in the astral we tune in to our emotional; body and feel or sense the apple before us. If we are so in tune the apple will appear almost as real as one on the physical plane and may even stay suspended before the meditator for a period of time.

To manifest the apple on the plane of the mind the mental faculty of imagination is used. Forms filtered through the imagination may not produce such real or lingering images as does the astral, but the images become as real as necessary to communicate the essence of the meditation on this plane to the physical brain.

Thus, the imagination may flash an image of an apple to the brain that may linger less than a second whereas the power of visualization may cause the apple to linger on for minutes. Then on the physical plane it lasts even longer – until it decays or is eaten.

The apple is made of real substance on all of these planes, but as we go up the planes substance becomes more rarefied and time is compressed. This is why we have more time to see the visualization and much less to examine the thing that flashed into the imagination.

It takes contemplation to absorb all that the imagination brings down. This is why those who do not contemplate that which is imagined are often led astray by imagination.

Even though there are several levels of formless realities we shall lump them into one category here for practical purposes. This fourth level is begins in the realm of ideas. An idea comes in even a shorter instant of time than a thing imagined. An idea has no form, but as it passes down through the mind it takes form by stimulating the imagination. Next it will clothe itself with desire and its form will be seen through visualization. Finally, if the intensity is strong enough it will manifest in physical reality.

He who meditates in the formless worlds sees nothing and knows nothing while in the meditation. Instead he throws “seed thoughts” into this formless void and goes there through meditation and waits for the seeds to sprout and send their fruit in the form of inspired ideas that filter through ideas to the imagination down through visualized desire and finally into physical reality.

The first formless world requires that we be female or receptive in polarization to tap into it and thus the female has an advantage again. Nevertheless, through the power of attention all the levels of meditation are available to both physical sexes.

Now it is possible that several may be concerned that they are not highly evolved and may feel discouraged if they are unable to have right away an experience. Please please, do not feel this way. Some have a wonderful experience and I know this inspires many, for what one can do all can do through the power of Decision and Attention. Nevertheless, we all make decisions and place attention in different areas of life so none of us are the best at everything. In addition some may be very talented with ideas and imagination, but not so talented with visualization just as some are good at music, but not business.

Who is the most evolved – the musician or the businessman. Who can say? It’s a silly question.

If you are not a great visualizer then find out where your power is. Someone suggested making a tape for physical assistance. This is an excellent idea. You can also bypass visualization temporarily and use the imagination at first, but later clothe the imagination with desire to bring it into focus through visualization.

Finally, you can also use the formless worlds by casting a “seed thought” into this reality. This seed thought would be centered around what you want to accomplish in meditation. If done successfully, the essence from this higher world will send you ideas and inspiration that will enable you to fulfill your desire.


Part Three

Remember to work on building your room even if you had difficulty in seeing all the steps in getting there. You can fill in the steps later, but it is important that all of us see ourselves in our own private holy space and manifest everything in there that we desire for our comfort and for service.

In our last step we sensed the presence of others in the group in adjoining rooms. These members may be a little in the future, perhaps they have not arrived in their space yet, but they are present and available nonetheless.

Now you begin to sense that there is one person in particular of the opposite sex or polarity that will be a working partner for you. This may or may not be a mate or romantic partner. Whether romance is involved or not the person will definitely be someone who compliments you in energy and is willing to blend with you in the Purpose of service. This person may be in our present group or he or she may come in the group in the near future, but even if he or she is not with us yet the entity can be with us in the higher spheres.

See yourself going to one of the glowing walls and placing your hands on them. As you do, you feel a warm vibration and sense that your partner is doing the same thing on the other side and is also feeling your vibration. You do not see your partner at this present time, but you find it immensely interesting to bask in his or her vibration and as you do you try and visualize who this person may be and when you will meet. You find that by just touching the wall and feeling the vibration you sense more about this person than you ever did on the physical plane.

Part Four

You have been touching the wall of your room and your counterpart is on the other side. Now see that the wall is disappearing and your partner is standing before you. You may or may not see who this is, but you will sense his or her vibration. You proceed toward this person and give them a hug and as you do the vibration of love is greatly increased. Close your eyes and bask in this joyous feeling for a moment. As you do it almost seems like you are so close that you are in one body together.

Now you draw back and the wall comes up again, but the feeling of union remains. You know you can remove the wall any time you want now, but for the present the wall is a means of focusing your attention on the next step.

Until you receive that next step contemplate on the idea that you seem to be alone, but that you are not alone.

Contemplate the phrase “Isolated Unity.”


Part Five

The Perfect Being

Now you are in your room relaxing enjoying the lingering presence of your partner and you sense a vibration from the other side of the wall in the opposite direction. This vibration gets your attention because it seems to be of a very high order. You go over to the wall and put your hands on it and you sense that a being of great perfection is on the other side.

You sense great love, intelligence and feeling and part of you very much desires an encounter with this person and part of you is a little nervous because the vibration is so high – possibly beyond that of a Master. Nevertheless you sense that communing with this entity is something you are supposed to do and you give a mental command for the wall to come down.

The wall seems to evaporate slowly and the image of this person also materializes slowly. You are glad because the glory of this being is so great it takes a minute for your eyes and your senses to adjust. At first the countenance of this person is a brilliant white, but as you adjust he/she seems to look like a normal human being, but with great beauty and perfection. You look at this person and he/she seems familiar, but you can’t seem to put your finger on it until you look in the eyes. As you look in the eyes you realize that you do know this personage and you know him/her very well.

This person is you!

But not you from the present. Instead it is you from the far future, a you who has reached relative perfection and has made a journey back into the far past to give you guidance.

He/she knows and remembers you well and is acutely aware of every problem you presently have and will have in this life. He/she knows this is an important life for you and wants to give you some advice and answer any questions you have.

Your next assignment is to listen to the advice your future self has for you and then you can ask any questions you desire.

Try and ask three questions. If you have three questions this person from the future will consider it worthwhile to visit you again.


A Special Room

Behind the third wall is a special room that allows you to contact friends and relatives who have died as well as other interesting acquaintances from your distant past who are not incarnated at the present time.

Use your will to cause the third wall to come down and enter this room and sit and contemplate your friends, associates and ancestors who have gone on before you. You may be surprised at who will show up to converse with you.

A student asks:

“I have a quick question/concern. Don’t get me wrong here, the idea of seeing myself in the future would be wonderful. I would like to see how things turn out, and how I become. On the other hand, what good does it do for my future self to come and give advice to my present self? Let me try and clarify why I ask this.

“Let’s say my present self decides to go visit a lesser evolved past self in NJ today. Personally, I doubt that anything I say to that past self will change the way things are now. It makes it kind of pointless to go back and discuss anything with my past self, doesn’t it? So why would my future self waste his time speaking to me?”

Let me say just a couple of things about time travel. To travel in time you have to move beyond the physical. This is fortunate; otherwise it would open the possibility for a Nazi to go back and help Hitler win the war.

We cannot change the literal past, but we can change the effects of the past so a certain negative event in the past is changed so it is no longer negative to us.

Calling forth your future self does not change the past because your calling him forth is a part of his history, as well as anything he tells you.

Also keep this in mind. Your far future self has complete oneness with God and lives beyond the normal rules of time and space. This being has abilities beyond that which we can imagine.

Normally he has to be invoked but he can make an appearance in any past time when the entity is open to instruction, but this is the exception.

Fortunately, the Dark Brothers are very limited in using time travel and the Brotherhood of Light basically practice non interference so time is quite a stable quantity.

Our past lives of lower evolution never call out to the future self and only have a dim sense of it at best. A person has to reach a degree of soul contact before there can be communication between the past and the future. When this happens the Will of God is followed and no change in that Will takes place.

There has to be a reasonable and open belief in the possibility of this future self for this meditation to work, but those who accept it and give it a try may be pleasantly surprised at the results.

No, your future self will not give you winning lottery numbers. He doesn’t even know what they are nor does he want to know. He will only come to help you work with your own strengths and achieving power to obtain money through the normal use of law is something we all have to learn one time or another.

We have now looked through two of the walls. What do you suppose is on the other side of the third wall?

With visualization (a female power) you can see what is already created out of more refined matter, or images that are presented to your consciousness by a higher part of yourself or some inner teacher.

With imagination (a male power) you create and manipulate more refined matter and mold it according to your desires or the instructions of your Higher Self.

Once a thing is properly created through imagination then it exists independently in higher vibration and can be seen by a person with good powers of visualization. Then too, he who successfully creates with imagination gains greater power to visualize when that which is created has a life of it’s own.

If you cannot visualize all the steps in getting to the New Jerusalem do not let that stop you from concentrating on creating your room. You can backtrack later and get down the rest of the visualization.

It is fine that you put a window in your room and it doesn’t matter where it is. Decorate your room however you like it. When you want to contact your partner you can keep the window there or make it disappear and replace it with a regular wall if you want.

The important thing is that you start creating in your room and that you start with the energy that comes easy for you whether it be visualization or imagination. We will need both these male and female powers to create the intended baby here.

We need imagination to create the form and visualization to hold the form together.

If you have to create and put in details by using your imagination – go ahead. This is the start of a creative process that can construct images that the female power to visualize can see and experience.

The only thing in this visualization that is already in existence is the New Jerusalem you see from the outside and the Master you meet inside. From the starting point of your room you will assist in the creation of a mansion in the Father’s House.

Jesus said: “In my Father’s house there are many mansions: if it were not so I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.” John 14:2

Not only can the Master prepare a place for us but we can participate in preparing one for ourselves and others. If we are to become Sons and Daughters of God we must also learn to prepare “a place.”

Each time you visualize or imagine the meditation you do not have to take the journey from the beginning. Once you get the essence of your room down you can see yourself instantly transported there as you begin the meditation.


Part Six

Do some more work on the three walls covered so far and trust me for the moment on the future self. It may sound fantastic, but let me assure you that you have one and certain types of contact are possible.

After making a review of the three walls concentrate on the fourth wall. On the other side are at least twenty four others doing this same meditation – twelve male and twelve female. Some of these twenty-four may be doing the meditation a little in the future; but nevertheless, you sense at least twenty four, but more is OK.

As you begin to sense the presence of these people the wall fades away and you walk toward them and join them in an unbroken circle.

Part Seven

The circle alternates with male/female; male/female. Next to you is your partner. It could be your partner you sensed on the other side of the wall or it could be a working partner. It does not matter for there is total acceptance and spiritual love throughout the group.

You sense a spiritual equality throughout the group for the spiritual energy circulates freely among us all.

Now as a group we say the first verse of the Song of the 144,000. When we say the sentence “…and wherever we will the light to descend,” the group then wills light to descend in the middle of the circle. As you exercise your will to manifest light you sense the combined will of the group joining into a will of great power and you see a visible expanding circle of light manifesting in the center.

As you witness this light expanding the group says the second verse. As the words “…and wherever we will the Love to be enflamed,” are said you see within the growing light the image of Christ beginning to manifest with greater and greater clarity. You sense within Him a power of Light and Love that we can only wish for upon the physical plane.

Next we say:

“We thank you Father that you are in us and we are in you.”

Suddenly, you are no longer in the circle, but you are in the middle. Your consciousness is within the form of Christ itself and you realize that oneness with God is much more than a figure of speech. You sense an ecstasy looking through the eyes of Christ and feeling the fire of Love in His heart that you never before dreamed possible.

As the group centers in the midway point and adjusts to the energy we say:

“that through us Your Will is sent forth on wings of Power:

That Your Purpose is accomplished on earth as it is in heaven.”

Now that you are in this heightened state contemplate on what this verse of the song means.

If you send forth the Will of God then you must be one with God and His Will is passing through you. Can you sense what the Will and Power of God feels like as you are One with Christ? Can you sense the Purpose of God – that it is more than a goal of some kind, but as aspect that must be revealed through your oneness?

Can you sense that you are close to the Purpose of God when you send forth the Will of God on the wings of His Power?

Part Eight

As you feel and see yourself in the body of Christ sense the presence of the other members of the group in the body with you communing with Him and say the final stanza:

“That through us Your Light and Love and Power is manifest to all the Sons and Daughters of mankind.”

As you say the word Light you see a ring of white light materializing where the group was standing in a circle before you entered the center. Then as you say love you see a multitude of colors added. Finally when you say power you find yourself back in your original position, but sensing a greater endowment of these three aspects.

Now you look toward the center again and instead of an image of Christ you see a person who you have personally had a relationship with in this life. This is the person who has caused you more grief and irritation than any other. This is the person you would go farther out of your way to avoid than any other. As you reflect there is one person that comes to your mind and he or she now appears clearly in the center in the place of Christ.

This person now speaks: “My form has changed, but the Christ is still here. Whatsoever you feel and do unto the least of these my brethren, you do unto me.

“This person you see before you is your savior. If you can see past the illusion of harm he has done you and forgive him so you can see the Christ and then this person saves you from your sins. Without him/her you could never experience the pure love of God which is salvation.”

Finish the meditation by looking at this irritating person and feel the irritation and other negative feelings transform into joyful love as you see his face change to the face of Christ. When you have successfully done this so only the Christ is seen in the center you see a look in His eyes that says come to Me and suddenly it appears that only you and the Master are present and you run to Him and he takes you in his loving arms and holds you for as long as you desire.

Note: You may have to run through this several times for a successful completion, but it will be worth the effort.


Part Nine

The Tree of Life

The Christ disappears, but you still feel His presence and nearness. Now you find yourself back in the circle of twenty-four and sense the presence of your partner. You look at your partner and realize that he/she also senses the presence of Christ. Now you give your partner a hug and are amazed to feel a similar vibration to that which you experienced when you were in the arms of the Master.

After hugging your partner the entire group senses the first assignment. We must first create an extension of the tree of life which bears twelve kinds of fruit. You and your partner will create one tree and the others will create eleven others making the twelve.

The circle breaks up and before the group is a lovely garden given to us to beautify and enhance. We are attracted to a gentile hill and on the edges of the hill we will create the twelve different trees so they form a circle. You and your partner pick your spot where your tree will be. As you approach this spot you notice that the very ground you stand on seems to be alive and vibrant and you both kneel down in reverence at the holiness of the moment. You both place your hands on the earth and feel an enormous giving energy flowing into you. You lift your hands up and place then on your partner’s and feel a tingling. Then you pull apart and between you a tree starts to grow. You sense two types of energy coming from the earth through you and your partner flowing into the tree until it grows into a full grown beautiful fruit tree with flowering buds in abundance.

Part Ten

The Twelve Fruits

The next step of the meditation is to see the flowering buds developing into fruit, but your fruit will be one of the twelve different kinds filling twelve different purposes representing the twelve different signs of the Zodiac.

You will pick one of the twelve that will be your fruit. The fruit corresponding to your sun sign would be a good choice, but you are free to choose another, as your sun sign has about 25% of zodiacal influence on your personality; thus the other eleven signs still influence about 75%.

The fruit you will visualize can look like any fruit on the earth or even some exotic other worldly fruit.

Here are the twelve attributes and their corresponding Zodiacal sign.

Aries: The eating of this fruit will cause the dissolution of all fear and a feeling of confidence and courage will arise throughout your being. It will make you feel like you can tackle any problem and solve it. After eating of this you can fearlessly face any person, situation or problem. Your power of decision and Attention is enhanced and you look forward to each new day and what it has to offer.

Taurus: Pleasure and pleasantness comes to mind when you eat this fruit. Pleasure is only carnal when there is a betrayal of self or others, but we must remember that pleasure is one of the gifts of God.

When eating this fruit you not only feel a thrill of joyful feeling go through your physical body, but you also feel extremely pleasurable emotions, very peaceful mentally and higher spiritual feelings.

This fruit is especially wonderful to eat when you are weighted down with the cares of the world, have pain or stress. The pleasure you will feel on all levels will elevate your spirits and make you forget any troubles you have.

Gemini: This sign represents the duality we have in our higher and lower self. General humanity lives over 90% in the lower self, but as one becomes a spiritual seeker he senses the higher self and seeks to be centered there. All have difficulty staying in that consciousness, but this third fruit will be a great help for you. When you partake of it you will instantly feel your vibration increase and a great lifting up of your consciousness into a oneness with the Christ within as well as an innumerable number of beings without who have the Christ consciousness and as a result you feel great joy and happiness.

Cancer: The key phrase here is “protection from all destructive forces” and the key word is “security.”

As we go through the turmoil of daily living we all experience a time that we desire to withdraw into some secret place and just have a peaceful secure rest where we are completely impervious to the cares and threats of the world.

When you eat of this fruit your consciousness enters into this safe and sure place where you will rest for a period of time and come forth greatly refreshed and ready to take on the world again from a position of strength.

Leo: The eating of this fruit brings the joy of self-fulfillment. Think of a time when you reached a goal or fulfilled a dream. Think of how good that made you feel and then multiply that feeling by one hundred or more. The joy you feel with this fruit is the joy of fulfilling your dreams in the past, present and future. Your higher self sees all time in one glance and can give you a combined joy coupled with a vision of your unlimited ability to Become and have joy through that Becoming.

When you eat of this fruit you realize that true self fulfillment is the opposite of selfishness as the world understands it because in the higher reality there is only one Self and consciousness in that self brings pure ecstasy

Virgo: This fruit brings to your consciousness the joy of the Mother and Father in giving birth and then nurturing your child or creation until the Christ descends to bless your child as well as you. You hear the voice of God saying “this is my child with whom I am well pleased.”

Eating of this fruit fills your mind full of wonderful ideas and dreams from which you can choose to manifest as you would give birth to a holy child.

Eating of this fruit can also bring a greater connection between you and your children or family. You will see their souls and their path and come to a greater realization as to how to help them. In addition to your physical children there are many who depend on you as a child does its parent. This fruit can also connect you with these people on the same level as your children if you desire and will give you vision to share and assist.

Libra: We have all been at a crossroads where we were not sure what the next step is and just making a decision seemed like the most difficult thing in the world. There have been times for us all where we have felt a little like the two guys in the parable of Decision that were afraid to move ahead.

When this time comes the fruit of Libra is the stimulation that is needed. When partaking of this delicacy your power to see the decision that must be made will be amplified as well as your power of Decision itself. Also your discernment and power of judgment will be enhanced. Eating of this fruit will take you away from either extreme on the left or right and you will see the peaceful middle way where the choice is simple and your next step on the path is obvious.

As you take the benefits of this fruit down to regular life you will find that your power to assist and mediate for others is enhanced and that people will come to you seeking advice. This also enhances your romantic energy.

Scorpio: There comes a time in the life of each of us that we must prepare for battle, not always a battle in the physical battlefield, but life has many battlefields for us that require an additional reservoir of strength to prevail.

As we begin to sense the higher energies of the life of the soul, there are many times in life that negative forces tend to pull us backward and we must battle for the will to keep our minds centered in light and our hearts centered in love.

Eating he fruit of Scorpio greatly increases the positive side of our astral body as well as the higher will and gives us power to tackle and defeat those warring situations that face the spiritual warrior on a regular basis.

This fruit also increases the vitality of the physical body as well as enhancing the sex drive.

The overall effect after eating it is an increase in power, health and energy so you have the feeling that you have sufficient power to accomplish any task.

Sagittarius: We have all reached various goals in our life that tempt us to rest upon our laurels and relax so we do not push ourselves into more progression so we take additional steps in our Becoming. When we understand the principle of Becoming we, of course, take our Sabbaths of rest, but when recharged the true spiritual pilgrim moves ahead.

The fruit of Sagittarius opens our vision so we see further down the path than we have before. New vistas lie before us previously unrealized and we see beyond the I AM to I AM BECOMING.

Eating this fruit gives you the power to see and reach your goal and then to see another as an endless stairway lays before you. It increases your optimism and increases your sense of the dominating good that pervades all evolution. If you have any sense of impending doom this will lift your spirits.

Capricorn: As we progress toward the goal, spiritual or material, there are many obstacles that get in the way and often discourage the strongest of hearts. The reason there are more failures in life than successes is not talent, but that most people who fail give in to discouragement, whereas the successful ones do not. If we just have a little more determination, will and persistence then failure would be turned into success.

The energy and vitality for such persistence comes from the fruit of Capricorn. Eating of this brings a renewal of sense of purpose and will and increases our faith that we will prevail and bring our decisions into reality. It increases our self-discipline and gives us power to focus Attention so the goal is reached.

This fruit also reveals to you as to whether your goals are in alignment with the higher Will of God. To take full advantages of its energies you must drop those not in alignment and go with those that are harmonious.

Aquarius: They key word behind this quality is “service” and is also the keynote of the coming age. The symbol of Aquarius is the man who bears the pitcher of water and from it pours forth as living water to feed those who are thirsty for the waters and words of life.

He who eats of this fruit must have a desire for selfless service, for it increases the power to serve. Many seekers want to do more but feel they are doing all they can. This fruit will remove the obstacles so you will see the power to serve is within you no matter what your currant circumstances.

This fruit is very juicy and the water within it feeds and nourishes the soul. It brings your vision in alignment with the vision of God making service an all consuming passion. Your faith in yourself as a servant increases as you consume the living waters of the fruit and you see a vision of the fruit your works will bring forth among mankind because of your faith.

Aquarius is my Sun sign and my wife and I will be nurturing the tree that bears this fruit, but there is room for all. if others feel this is their fruit come serve with us.

Pisces: He who partakes of this fruit will partake of the power of the faith of Christ who told us that if we have the faith of a mustard seed we can move mountains.

Do you want to increase your faith and the faith of others? Do you want to see miracles happen in your life? Do others have faith in you and you do not want to let them down? Then this fruit will help you and increase your faith. Not only will it increase your faith but if you contemplate after consuming it you will sense and understand the principle of faith and such understanding will increase your power to serve.

Through faith you can walk with ease across the disturbing waters of life as you breath the fresh and exhilarating air in the real but unseen worlds.

Salvation and sacrifice are two other key words of this sign. Eating this fruit will give you power to save through stimulating the faith of others. You sacrifice consciousness in the lower self but gain a hundred fold as you shift consciousness by faith to the higher self.


Part Eleven

Your job will be to tend and nurture one of these twelve trees which are in reality twelve aspects of the one Tree of Life. On the other hand, you are not limited to partaking of only one fruit. You will share your fruit with others and others will share theirs with you so you will periodically eat of all the twelve fruits.

The next step is to pick the fruit you want to nurture. Do not worry if you are not sure which fruit to pick. You can change your mind later if desired.

You and your partner now stand back and look at your tree. The buds on it are turning to fruit which seems to mature in about a minute as you put your attention on it.

You pick one that almost seems to be calling out to you and hold it in your hands. As you look at it, the shape, characteristics and qualities become clear to you. The desire to eat of it becomes strong as you sense that some spiritual qualities will be transmitted to you.

You pause a moment and then you and your partner eat. Even though you expected the taste to be good you find a new meaning to the word taste as you savor the experience. The fruit is simply delightsome. Eating it is such a wonderful experience that you would think you would be addicted and want to stay all day and eat, but just one piece of the fruit seems to satisfy completely and after you eat and are satisfied you sense the qualities of your particular fruit being transmitted to you and your partner.

After you are satisfied you look around and see twelve trees in a circle bearing twelve different fruits and you notice hast the other eleven couples have also eaten of their fruit and you sense their joy because of it.

Now you realize that each of the twelve fruits will have a different taste and effect and that you are free to exchange fruit with others. You and your partner both pick a piece of fruit from your tree and seek another to make a trade. You find another couple and make an exchange and sit down and eat together fully aware of the zodiacal sign represented. As you eat this new fruit you find it equally delicious, but different and wonderful. You can eat a third fruit if you wish, but I would not recommend more than three per visit and often just one will suffice.

Now, all couples look toward the center at one moment as a cloud of light forms on the top of the gentle hill. As you adjust to the light you see the image of a Master who represents the voice if God. Before your eyes, he divides in two and now you see a male and female Master drawing forth the energies just as you did and a most beautiful tree begins to grow. It only takes a moment or two and the tree grows to maturity and then buds forth fruit that grows into something with a rounded shape like large grapefruits, but a smooth surface like and apple and brilliantly white and glowing.

Within yourself you know that this fruit is the most desirable of all fruits and you contemplate the purpose, taste and effect of it as you are made aware that you will soon taste of it.


Using the Meditation

Resume where we left off by seeing yourself under your tree watching the dual Masters under the central tree. All of us walk toward the center and gather around the central tree.

One of the Masters speaks: “All who reside on the physical earth lack perfect balance and need healed in some way. Come. Each of you take one leaf from this Tree of Life and eat.”

You proceed toward the tree with wonderment as do the others and pick a single leaf from the tree and eat. First you take a nibble and from this you feel something like a warm electrical charge going through your being. Now you eat the whole thing and you feel almost reborn as if you are standing in the center of the Sun receiving life energy and blissfully loving every instant until you are completely recharged. You sense when you have received just the right amount of energy and you look toward the Masters again.

One speaks: “Now you have abundance of energy which is released to the group so perfect balance and healing is obtained. Come forward to the center one at a time.”

A disciple goes to the center and assumes the lotus position and all of us, including the Masters, touch her with our right hands.

Again the Master speaks:

“Let the life of God flow forth in abundance.”

All of us feel energy going through (not from) us balancing her energies. Now the student gets up and it is obvious that she not only feels healed, but ready to take on anything.

Now we repeat this same process with the rest of the group. After all the group has gone through this healing including yourself see us doing a similar healing with anyone else you desire to help. See this person materializing in the center and then all of us touching him or her and sensing the healing energy being transmitted.

This can create miracles for those who are ready.


Part Twelve

The Most Desirable Fruit

You look at the Master’s tree in the center on the gentle hill and you wonder about it. The fruit you have eaten so far is wonderful yet you sense there is more, that this tree in the center is somehow a special tree. You are curious about how the fruit of the tree in the center could be more potent that what you have experienced thus far.

The two Masters unite again as one beautiful entity and speaks the answer you desire as if he were reading your mind.

“My friends. The twelve trees you have manifested with the twelve different fruits represents the twelve highest qualities and tastes that you can manifest and take back to physical consciousness. These fruits represent the highest in the worlds of form, or the physical, the emotional and the plane of the mind.

“This fruit in the center represents the synthesis of your twelve fruits, but the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and through the synthesis of twelve a new ingredient is created that penetrates higher than the mind to the kingdom of God. Partaking of this fruit brings you to the pure Love of God.

“Here you can freely partake of this fruit which fills you with the love of God and links within you heaven and earth. After you eat and return you will develop dual consciousness. At first you will not be able to take back to earth a complete consciousness of the Love of God, but as you put attention on remembering, the Love will grow within you on earth as it is in heaven.

“Come forward and eat.”

A brave soul steps forward and the Master picks a piece of fruit and hands it to him (her). He sits down in front of the Master and eats. As he eats he looks very pleased and angelic. His body is turning a translucent glowing white with traces of gold and violet emanations.

Others come forward and sit down and eat until you sense it is your turn. You step forward and the Master picks your fruit and hands it to you. Just the feel of it in your hands seems to fill you with light. Then you begin to eat and as you do you realize that this fruit is the has the most exquisite taste of any fruit there is and you realize the truth of the Song which speaks of the “consciousness of Christ lifted up in you in this Love…” There is indeed a “lifting up” feeling and you realize that the pure love of God is more pure and intense than anything you have felt before. It is so intense that you sense that you will return with the memory that you experienced an intense love but will be unable while in regular consciousness to recall the full intensity.

As you finish the fruit you come to as full realization that this one fruit is a full synthesis of all twelve fruits and you consider the possibility that you will partake of it each time you come.

Then the Master speaks again.

“You will eat of the fruit of this tree only when it is granted to you by me or one appointed by me. Because you are still of the earth it is wisdom to divide your attention on the various twelve aspects as needed. So unless this most desirable fruit is given to you, you are to eat of one or more of the twelve fruits of which you are most in need.”

This thought seems to satisfy your soul for you feel the effect of this fruit will stay with you for some time to come.

You eat the rest of your fruit and after all of you are finished the Master sets the group around him in a circle in preparation for further instruction.

From here the seeker can continue the meditation and listen, hear and know what the Master has for him or her.

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Boise Gathering 2008, Part 8

This entry is part 8 of 15 in the series Boise Gathering 2008

JJ: A few things about the full moon… DK states that during the exact moment of the full moon it is like a door is opened and this makes it easier for mankind to communicate with the hierarchy. He recommends you begin initial contact in communicating about two days before the full moon and continue to contemplate a few days after but right during the full moon is really the time of meditation to contemplate and receive messages from higher beings.

We are going to go through some various sounds that are connected with the chakras and as we make these sounds I want you to sound them as a group and then feel the vibration in the chakra itself. The first one affects the base chakra at the base of the spine and is called the life chakra because that is the source of life and it is where the life energy flows in every life form from the most primitive to the most enlightened being they have energy going through the base chakra. When you say this sound feel the vibration on the base of the spine.

There is a saying in the east that each man has so many breaths to breathe in a lifetime so the slower you breathe the longer your life is. I heard this when I was young so I thought well I better start breathing slower while I am young and maybe this will help me live longer but who knows because there is no scientific data on it but if you breathe deep you are going to get more oxygen.

(Transcriber: JJ and the audience making the sound and feeling the vibration at the base of the spine.)

The next sound governs the sacral energy, which governs the sexual energy, and the sacral energy is found just below the navel so concentrate on feeling it there.

We can do variations of this by putting emotion into it and when you put emotion into it, it amplifies it. Just like when they put emotion into the sound of the ocean waves and it amplifies its effect. Experiment with the sound until you find where it vibrates the most and when it vibrates the most then you are in the most harmony with that chakra.

The next sound is connected to the solar plexus and this governs the emotional world and the sound connected to the solar plexus is hope. It is interesting that “no” is the most popular word connected with this sound and the solar plexus does kind of block a lot of things because it reverses things. If a person is governed by the emotional self then the emotional self will reverse almost everything that is true. It is like the Bible says, the heart, and what that really means is the emotional self, is the most deceptive of all things. The pure heart energy is not deceptive but it is true that the lower emotions are the most deceptive of all things.

When you are arguing with somebody and you are on an intellectual level and they are on the emotional level then there is no way that they will listen to reason. They are sure they are right and truth and logic means nothing to them and no matter what you tell them they are bound by what they feel because if they feel that way then that is their reality and they just cannot shift to anything on a higher level.

So “no” is an interesting sound connected with the solar plexus chakra. By saying this sound correctly we can amplify it. It is important as we journey through life to understand when this chakra center is vibrating because often times the person will be on the mental plane or the spiritual plane or the spiritual heart and then shift right back down to where they are centered on the solar plexus.

Now the solar plexus is good as long as you recognize that your feelings are coming from there. Then you can guide your feelings and use them appropriately. The lower feelings have a use but if we let them be in charge they will almost always steer us in a wrong direction. So it is important that the disciple understand when he is being governed by his solar plexus. When he finds that he is then he has to stop and check himself and say wait I am being governed by my solar plexus and I need to switch upward and be governed by the higher purpose.

So if you know that the animal in you is not under control and you are really letting it out then it is in charge – that is your solar plexus and you need to bring it back under the control of that which is higher within you. Like when you find yourself cursing instead of saying ouch or darn that hurt. Use that part of you which is higher to say these words instead of saying all the curse words that you really feel like saying.

The audience and JJ are sounding the AUM.

When there is a catastrophe in our life our solar plexus really jumps in to the feeling nature and then registers it, whenever you have that oh no feeling that is your solar plexus and especially if it is accompanied by a feeling.

The next one is the heart chakra and that is the Ahh sound.

The audience and JJ are sounding the AHH using the throat.

There is a difference between the heart and the solar plexus; the solar plexus governs fear, state of happiness and pleasure and normal positive and negative emotions. The heart governs more spiritual love, the type of energy where the person loves not because he wants to possess but because it wants to serve.

Next is the throat chakra and throat says I, I am becoming and it identifies who you are. We will go a little bit higher this time.

(The audience is saying I-I-I in a little bit higher tone.)

The next chakra is the third eye and this is sounded in the A and we will go yet higher still for the pitch, you go a little bit higher as you progress to each chakra.

The last chakra is the top of the head or the crown chakra and is sounded in the E with a high pitch.

(The audience is sounding the E in a nice high pitch.)

Visualize the petals in the top of the head opening and lighting up when you say this sound.

The audience is sounding the E in a high pitch.

Visualize you are in the midst of a fire that does not burn like Moses was on the mount.

All the negativity is going up from the spine on up into this flame and into nothingness and all that is left is the purity of the spirit.

We are going to something a little different, the most beautiful sound in the world to each individual is the sound of what?

Audience: Their own name!

JJ: Boy, you people are sharp! I did not think anyone would get that. There are quite a few sounds within your name and you hear name probably more than any other sound out there so your name is something that what? What is it about your name that is different than other sounds?

It is the fact that all of us like to hear it, don’t we?

Audience: Yes

Yes, we like to hear our name. Now there are certain named sounds that we do not like to hear; for instance the IRS. We do not like it, we do not want to hear it, we do not want to speak it.

Audience: Chuckling

JJ Most of us have an emotional attachment to our name unless you are a macho guy and then you probably are not too emotionally attached to it. I named one of my daughters Ishmaella Elizabeth. I thought Ishmaella was a pretty name but it turned out she didn’t like it. When she went to school everybody started to call her Ishy. She did not like this so she changed her first name to Elizabeth. Artie is a somewhat unusual female name and she was not really excited about using it in the Immortal books so I used Elizabeth, my daughter’s name instead.

Now we need a volunteer for sounding their name – any takers? Okay Val come on up here and we will put you in this chair here. Now Val is a good name because it is easy to say.

Let’s look at Val and think positive thoughts while we just say his name. We are going to concentrate on healing energies. Almost everybody has something wrong with him or her and if you check with most anyone you will find this out.

Yes I have this thyroid thing and a few other things not working right!

Audience: Chuckling!

Anyway all of us are open to a charge of life force, even if we are relatively healthy we want more energy. Does anybody have more energy than they want?

Suzi: I have plenty!

Audience: Chuckling!

JJ: Outside of Suzi all of us need more energy. No matter we could always use a little bit more energy and a little bit less sleep and get up bouncing and ready to go. And if nothing else everybody could use a charge of energy and even though Val looks pretty healthy he would probably be happier if he were even healthier with more vitality. So if we just send vital energy it will help with physical problems and if he is healthy then he will have even more health and vital energy. This is what we are looking for.

So we want to send to the person in the middle the most positive energy we can drum up. First of all just say his name and think positive thoughts for him.

(Audience is saying his name (VAL) energetically, sounding and thinking positive thoughts for him.)

Okay now we break down the letters. Now Val needs to feel the charge that is coming through us saying his name.

Okay now sound the V

Okay now AL.


What do you think of and what is the energy behind your sounds? It sounds like some of the heart energy there.

(Audience continues to sound Val’s name in different ways and different pitches.)

One more time, charging.

Okay he is ready to go! Who is next? Rob has an easy name.

Audience is now sounding Rob’s name with charging energy.

It is a little bit like a cheerleader and every time Rob hears his name he should think they are cheering him on.

Okay now there are three sounds in this, one with each letter.

The audience is sounding out the letters individually with energy.

Okay one more time to charge him up.

Audience complies.

JJ: Okay that should last him for a year!

Joshua is next and the audience repeats the process.

JJ: We have three basic sounds with Joshua. Josh-U-A. The Josh gets the energy going and the U stands for passion so once he gets his motor going watch out he could be a real Romeo. Now josh has a lot of action behind so he should be a quarterback and throw that pass and really impress the girls.

When I first met Josh I thought he was a bit of a mystery and he does not reveal too much of himself.

Josh-who-ahh interesting name action with pleasure and that is quite a name and this was the native name of Jesus so to speak because he was called Joshua in Hebrew. And after all He did have a company of women following Him as it says in the Bible. Do you have a company of women following you Josh?

Josh: Not yet!

JJ: Ah is a building sound, Jesus certainly built the most successful organization even though those who followed Him built it and He still initiated it. So it would show that this name of Joshua has tremendous power of energy and building and creating. Do you see yourself as a creator a creative person?

Josh: Sort of but it is mostly in my own consciousness right now.

JJ: So you have not manifested that yet. Okay Josh-U-A. Lets say this several times.

Audience: Josh-U-A (Saying this several times)

JJ: Emphasize the last syllable.

Audience: Josh-U-A

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Boise Gathering 2008, Part 7

This entry is part 7 of 15 in the series Boise Gathering 2008

JJ: Jesus does not say this in the regular Bible but in the Aquarian Gospel He said the body is like a harpsichord and when it is out of the tune the body will become ill. The master musician is the master tuner who will tune the sounds to harmonize with each other.

There is an interesting story that Jonathan tells in one of his books and that is he mentions that sound is kind of neutral in a way and in a way it is not. It is neutral in the fact that our consciousness can make of a sound what it wants to make of it. We have many sounds that can bother us, for instance the barking of a dog, but it is possible to tune out that sound. Listen to that sound and go with the sound. Many people just can’t sleep with any sound in the background and others can sleep and not be disturbed by anything in the background. Now what is the difference?

The person that is not disturbed lets the sound go through him. He accepts it and lets it pass through. The other person resists the sound and when you resist the sound it will bother you. My mom hated the Beatles and she would say where did you get that crap, it just sounds horrible and it is just a bunch of noise. She was resisting the sound – almost every adult I knew resisted the sound of the Beatles, which of course is hard to believe today because the Beatles did produce beautiful music. The older people all resisted the music of the day and we all accepted it. The difference is acceptance because Elvis, the Beatles and rock and roll was different than what the older generation was used to and they did not like it. Now the same thing can be true with real noise. You can resist it and it will bother you or you can just let it pass through you. I have learned to accept almost every background noise except for dripping water. I have not figured out how to accept this yet.

So when a sound occurs you can accept it or you can reject it. Jonathan talked about an interesting experiment. These guys recorded the sound of a seashore. You have heard this before where they have the sounds of the waves and such. But they recorded this in three different circumstances. The first they just recorded the sounds and did not have anybody there and recorded the sound as is. During the second they had one group of people listening to the waves and thinking very positive thoughts giving as much positive energy to the recording as they could. In the third recording they had the group send out anger and hateful feelings as it was being recorded. The question was, is there a difference in the recordings – because when you listened to them they sound exactly the same.

The result of muscle testing during the first recording showed no change in muscle strength. The second time when they played the recording with the positive thought from the group the muscles seemed to be much stronger than normal. But on the third one, where the people were thinking angry and negative thoughts as it was being recorded, the muscles became very weak.

Jonathan came up with the idea that the intention behind sound produced different effects. When they were enjoying the sound this produced a positive effect and that sound they were listening to became a greater sound. But when they added the negative thoughts and energy it became a negative force. The sound by itself was pleasant. Lets use Angelina Jolie again. If we see her we see the physical beauty of the form but what if she paid attention to you and you happened to fall in love with her? Then you have much more higher view of her and she would probably become even more beautiful to you than the average fan. This is the way it is with sound once you fall love with a sound it becomes greater to you than what it was, the sound becomes amplified.

Jonathan Goldman has an interesting selection of sounds and I am going to play just a few for you. I will play this CD called Frequencies and it is a collection of his best sounds.

The following sound is the sound to meditate on when you are contemplating the first chakra. The first chakra represents the life force.

Samples of Jonathan Goldman CD’s playing.

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Boise Gathering 2008, Part 6

This entry is part 6 of 15 in the series Boise Gathering 2008

JJ: One of the initiates in the sphere of sound is a man called Jonathon Goldman, has anyone ever heard of this guy?

Audience: Yes, he is awesome and you have got to go to his website and read up on him and some of his CD’s will blow you away!

JJ: I have checked out a lot of CD’s on sound and this guy is way above anybody else and I believe he is one of the initiates and disciples working on the planet. When you listen to this you can tell and the interesting thing about the sounds I am going to play you is that he got them through a revelation. Revelation always comes through a point of tension when you put a lot of attention on something and learn everything you can about it and then start putting things together and then all of a sudden you will get a flash – and this is what happened to him.

He studied every aspect of sound and then after he did all the studying and thinking he got this flash that came to him about putting two types of sound together which are tuning forks and vocals. I recommend you check out his CD’s. He has not produced a bad CD and his worst one is better than the next guy up on the tracks. So this is a great one to listen to and I will provide a commentary as we go along. Holy Harmony is the name of this particular CD. You can buy this through Amazon or through a dealer or right off his website.

(The music begins to play and we hear beautiful voices harmonizing with each other and singing along with tuning forks. Words are not sung but we hear just the sound of the voices and the tuning forks.)

JJ: The effect of the two sounds together produces the harmony and he calls it Holy Harmony because it harmonizes your body. Because your body is made of sound according to the revelation that he got they are made to harmonize the body.

Close your eyes and feel your body actually vibrate to this sound and do this for a minute or two.

Light is a higher form of sound and now visualize the lights with these sounds.

Now watch the lights move.

Visualize these lights as living sound and see them wrapping around you like living water. The light is moving around you and gently embracing you revitalizing your body and soul.

Now feel yourself being lifted up to your higher body and you are able to look down on your physical body and see the beautiful lights healing and caressing your body. You see yourself being lifted up and you see others in this group being lifted up with you. You see us forming a circle overhanging over our physical bodies sending down energy to our physical bodies. You turn your consciousness upward and you see the Great Spiritual Sun the source of all light vibrating sending light and life energy through us back to the physical plane.

You have this sense that anything you want to know or have from God will be given you. Because you are willing to perform whatever service you are supposed to perform.

Now you look upward and you see a point of light, the light descends and you become aware that this is the Master of Spirit, this is The Christ descending in our midst, and He descends in the middle of our circle and as He descends we enter back into our bodies and He stands in our midst in the middle of us and looks at each one of us. He looks at you and He says, “Peace be unto you my fellow servant, I have a message for you.” Now listen for that message over the next few minutes.

A period of silence passes.

Did anybody have any interesting experiences or communications? Yes Adam.

Adam: The feeling I always get when I attend these Gathering’s is one of incredible sharing of love and it is an easy place to cast off all the baggage we carry around with us. It just such a wonderful experience and I always feel empowered when I come here. The impression I got was to take this experience home with me and share it with my wife, kids, family and friends and they need to feel this from you and I think that is hard to do sometimes. You come here and you have the great experience and then you go back to the everyday life. So the message was to connect and share with others and realize that many are on different paths.

Rob: I saw a lot of different geometrical patterns along with colors, reds, blues and greens during the meditation. It was kind of like a scene playing out in my mind and how I felt at that moment transcended all these boundaries and I needed a reminder of that. Because in the day-to-day world it is hard to see all your brothers and sisters as souls traveling along the path as you are.

Audience: The experience reminded me of the tuning forks sounding in rhythm to the northern lights.

Larry Woods: First I felt like I was dizzy and then like I was almost lifting out of my body and then I was seeing colors and it was green geometric shapes with a blue back round and then for some reason about half way through my mind kind of rejected all that and I saw darkness and it actually started to give me a headache so I for some reason I was no longer able to flow with it.

JJ: Jonathon Goldman points out that about 20% of people are allergic to penicillin and he says the only reason for this is that some people just do not like the sound of penicillin and they are allergic to it, there body rejects it, so some people will resonate with him and others will have different experiences and just not like him. And basically he says it is that way with everything and he points out that there is no one song that everybody likes. He plays one song like we just played that is very popular and when he gets the audience reaction there is always some that do not like it no matter how much everyone else likes it. He says one man’s cure is another man’s poison so you have to go by what feels right for you and if you feel negative about it then tune it out and do some meditation about it. Overall these sounds are harmless but some people will benefit more than others.

Larry: That was like the book, A Course on Miracles everybody was telling me how good a book it was but for some reason it did not connect with me.

JJ: Maybe in another life things will be different or maybe you are just seeing head and shoulders above what everybody else is seeing so you just never know.

Martha: I saw a very intense bright green and there were waves of this color and I could actually see them and then was a blue kind of coming in and the waves of blue were going in a different way and the waves of these two colors were quite incredible.

JJ: How many here saw colors come in waves?

Audience Member: I did not see strong colors but I did have some words come to my mind. Let your light so shine and a city that is set on a hill cannot be hid, I got the sense that I should share greater light and truth with all that I come in contact with whether it be little things and what ever people can accept.

Audience Member: Maybe it was too late for me because about half through all I got was silence but I did feel the group energy.

Audience: When you said gather together and join hands I saw where we actually did draw together and join hands and the center of light was with us during the meditation and felt the healing energy permeate the group.

Audience: I felt the vibration of the music and it is hard differentiate between the creative mind and what can be a spiritual experience and it is hard to put into words.

JJ: Do you feel it has an effect on your physical body?

Audience: Absolutely and when I added the AUM pitch to it you just cannot deny that feeling and I could see everybody’s spirit and I got the message to shoot from the heart with love, joy and peace.

Audience: It was awesome for me, I saw a lot of geometric shapes and I also saw everybody in the circle of light and when the Christ came down basically I just asked for validation on the path and I also asked specifically that my wife Chris could see and hear her mom and dad because they have passed over so we talked about that she would be able to do that should she choose to open up. And I was able to play with the energy back and forth between my hands.

Audience: I saw the blue and green and I could feel the energy rising up and it just right here in my chest and I could feel the energy flowing through my hands.

Audience: I really enjoyed the two sounds together and I believe that we tune into frequencies and along the way we hear a frequency that opens us up to something higher. It seems like I always carry that same pitch that I heard here and my first visual was standing in air looking into like 3D effect with points of light that were green, light blue and white. I could only think well they were stars and from there I went to our circle and the Christ figure came down and the message was quiet thy self and this had a lot to do with what you were saying regarding baggage and how much we carry around and sometimes because of this we cannot quiet our self and keep our focus long enough to hear the still small voice within. I will take this message that I do need to take the time and meditate and visualize more.

JJ: First of all I will relate the message I got which was, I am getting a little older now, I am 63 and the message I got was if you want to continue and have the power to do everything you want to do, help others to find their power and help others to get healed and you will be healed and revitalized. The key words here are restored and revitalized and this is a good principle for all of us to take into consideration.

It is kind of funny – last night when I was going through some of these sounds trying to figure out what I was going to use. I had the Olympics on a fairly big screen TV and the sound turned all the way down because I was listening to these Goldman sounds and I was looking at the TV watching the gymnasts twirling around doing their thing. These mystical sounds went so good with it reminded me of the movie Chariots of fire and I thought this is really great! They should use these sounds for the Olympics.

JJ: The really interesting thing about sound is that sounds by themselves do very little. They are kind of neutral but not entirely because a pleasant sound has a different stimulus than an unpleasant sound but part of the reason it is pleasant is because of our makeup of who we are. Some people find beauty in one thing and others do not.

But there are certain types of beauty that receive close to universal acceptance. For instance, it is hard to find anyone who does not think Angelina Jolie is not beautiful. Beauty is not entirely in the eye of the beholder, for they have found that if the person is symmetrical – when one side of the face is similar to the other side of the face – people will find this pleasing. The ugly guy will have one side of his face look one way and the other side looks quite a bit different and there a lot of other things factored in like keeping in shape and getting rid of that belly and so on. Scientists are a little perplexed as to how to put beauty in a box so to speak, but being symmetrical is a part of it.

I first became aware of the interchange between sound and form when Artie and I were up in British Colombia and there was a science fair going on so we stopped there and they had all kinds of scientific exhibits. They had one on sound – they had this big plate and they would play different notes and the notes would vibrate this plate with iron filings on it and the plate would vibrate in very interesting and beautiful patterns would appear. This was one of the things that stimulated my interest in sound. As soon as I saw these patterns I began to think about the word, the word vibrated and all these forms began to manifest from this wave.

Just think of how complex it is to make just one sound that manifests this beautiful wave and then to combine the complexities of many vibrations and that makes up us as a human beings. We are a very large number of harmonious vibrations. What produces beauty in the human being are these sounds, these vibrations are sounding and complementing each other and what produces ill health is when these sounds are out of harmony with each other. If you go to a piano and play a chord and if you play the wrong note then you cringe. It is almost like scratching your fingernail on a blackboard; it sounds really bad. When a piano is really out of tune it also sounds really bad.

There are tremendous amount of ways to produce disharmony and there is much more potential in the universe to produce disharmony. For instance, you send a child to a piano and say just go ahead and pound out some notes – the sound will not be harmonious at all. The only time you get a harmonious sound is when you apply intelligence. The little kid does not know what he is doing so he cannot play harmonious notes and any time he plays two or more notes it sounds terrible. So it takes intelligence to produce harmony and the fact that there is harmony within us as human beings tells us that there is intelligence at work behind our creation.

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Boise Gathering 2008, Part 1

This entry is part 1 of 15 in the series Boise Gathering 2008

Hidden Sounds

JJ: We are going to discuss a number of interesting things and the core subject is healing through sound. This is a subject that has not been covered a lot by various teachers until recently and now in recent years people have started to get interested in it. They are realizing that sound is a very potent healer and sound is potent for what reason? And what is everything made of?
Audience: Vibrations

JJ: And sound is what?

Audience: Vibration

JJ: Everything is made of sound and this means that for you to be in good health, good stability and good vitality you need to have the sound which is you, be in harmony with all other sounds and all the sounds which is in you need to be in harmony with all of the sounds which is in you. Now the interesting thing about sound is that there are many sounds that are beyond the normal hearing and there are many sounds that are in the background that we do not pay attention to and we just tune them out. There are many sounds and vibrations in this universe that are beyond anything that we have perceived or conceived or seen or felt in our hearts before. Now the first thing that I am going to have you do is to concentrate on sounds that you hear right now that other people in the room may not be hearing. Please take about a minute or so and concentrate on the highest vibration of sound that you can hear.

Audience is Concentrating on the sounds

JJ: Can you hear yourself breathe? Think of the different things going on that you should be able to hear.

Audience is concentrating on the there breathing and listening to the sounds around them.

JJ: It is funny that when I had the accident when I was thirteen and the rocket that I was making blew up in my hand and it made an extremely loud noise. My Mom was walking in the kitchen close by and fortunately she was not hurt but her hearing was affected for a while because of the explosion. But the funny thing about me is that when I woke up in the hospital after my operation it must have cleaned the wax out of my ears because I could hear better than I ever could before. I could hear my heart beat and as a matter of fact my heartbeat even kept me awake for a while as my hearing was very intense for about a week or so after that explosion and I do not know why. With most like with my mom the explosion damaged her hearing for a period of time and in her older age her hearing was not very good and I do not know if that had anything to do with it or not, but I was laying there in bed and I could hear my heartbeat and it about drove me crazy. Fortunately this subsided and my hearing returned to normal after a while

JJ: Okay, Rob what sounds did you hear?

Rob from the audience: The air conditioner, somebody outside closing the door, people shifting in their seat, chairs creaking, I am not sure but maybe the lights making sounds.

JJ: Lights making sound, pretty good! Anybody hear any sounds that Rob did not hear?

Audience: There seems to be a very high sound almost like a harmonic that be a piece of ductwork where air is rushing through it.

Audience: I call it white noise, there is a noise over and above the air conditioning that you can really tune into and either my ears are not that great or I am hearing something unusual but if I concentrate then I can hear it.

Audience: Ditto on the white noise and I can always hear it no matter what the circumstance.

Audience: I hear almost like a deep drum beat, does anybody else hear that?

Audience: There is a rhythm coming from the AC.

Audience: I heard faint music.

JJ: Did anybody hear them selves breathing? Is there anymore to hear or did we hear everything there is to hear?

Audience: There is probably a lot more to hear.

JJ: Okay what else is to hear?

Audience: The colors of the waves moving through the room.

Audience: There is the sound that is in between sound and I think that if you work on it then you would probably be able to hear that space in between which is a sound beyond what we consider normal sound.

JJ: Okay are there any other sounds for us to hear?

Audience: I think there is a very tiny snick in this room and it may be the sounds that bounce off the walls and it seems that part of what we hear is being cancelled out.

Audience: What is a snick?

Audience: It is like a mini echo and it happens in every room where you have parallel walls.

JJ: There is a principle that says energy follows thought and where you put your attention is where you gain your knowledge and perception and for hearing where do we normally put our attention?

Audience: Do we normally put our attention on our ears?

JJ: Yes but what do we focus our ears on?

Audience: Just out side of our selves?

JJ: Yes but there is a lot outside of ourselves and inside of our selves.

All of us are putting our attention on the physical plane and is there anything else besides the physical plane?

Audience: Yes

JJ: What else?

Audience: The spiritual plane.

JJ: Okay how come nobody heard anything outside the physical plane? I asked you to put your attention on the highest sound you can perceive and everybody in the room heard things on the physical plane. Can we hear things beyond the physical plane?

Audience: Yes

JJ: How do we do that?

Audience: Practice

JJ: Practice by doing what?

Audience: Meditating

Audience: Listening

JJ: Meditating and listening to what?

Audience: Silence

JJ: Okay you hear on the physical plane by listening on the physical plane, correct. So to hear on other planes you do what?

Audience: Listen on that plane.

JJ: Right! You listen on the other planes, now how do we do that?

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: What makes it seemingly difficult is the fact that we are in a physical body and it is a little bit like when you are in a room with a bunch of machinery running and it is extremely noisy and you are trying talk to somebody and the sound is there but it is difficult to hear what the other person is saying with all that noisy machinery going. So you have to do one of two things – either talk louder or listen with great intent so you can hear what the person is saying.

Now the physical plane is a very noisy plane and our ears are not really even that good for listening on the physical plane. If someone in the back of the room speaks with a whisper I can hardly hear them even from here and I can’t hear the person or sounds from two blocks away but on other planes you can hear somebody thousands of miles away. So the ability to hear on the other planes is heightened but because of the noise on this plane we have to tune out the background.

My first wife really got aggravated at me because I would often tune her out and then I would read the Tibetan Books! This got me in big trouble and we eventually divorced, but fortunately I do not tune out Artie, she is impossible to tune out and she makes sure she gets heard.

You have to tune out certain sounds so that you can hear other sounds. Now on this physical plane we have a big problem with a lot of unwanted sounds. Have you ever had a neighbor that has a barking dog? You have a hard time going to sleep don’t you? How do you over come that?

Well one thing you can do is yell at your neighbor and threaten him. The other thing you can do is to tune out the barking dog. Some noises are easier to tune out than others and I have found that I can tune out almost anything and take a nap. I can sleep a few feet away from Artie when she is doing the dishes and clanging away because it is like music to my ears because I am not doing them! Laughter

I am able to tune a lot of things and I can take a nap in almost any circumstance like when the TV is on and I could probably take a nap standing on my head. I did have a tough time when I was much younger but I learned how to take a nap in almost any circumstance due to religious boredom. The church had certain elements in it that bored me so much that it taught me to tune everything out and take a nap so now I can take a nap in almost any circumstance – except for dripping water. If a faucet is dripping – for some reason I have not been able to master that yet, but I can tune out almost any noise except for dripping water and I don’t know maybe, I was tortured by the Chinese in a past life with water torture or something similar.

How do we tune in to sounds beyond the physical and what is there to tune into? Well there is quite a bit above this plane. What is the next level up above the physical plane?

Audience: The etheric level is the next level up.

JJ: Okay you have the etheric levels and then the astral level that is more permanent because the etheric level is intertwined with the physical and does not exist with form without the physical except for short periods of time. Then we have the astral and there are a number of levels in the astral world and we can tune into that by listening with our feelings because the astral world is composed of feelings. So what happens when you hear something on the astral world? How do you hear it?

Audience: The sound registers with your emotions.

JJ: Right you do not hear actual words but you pick up feelings. Have you ever had a sense that someone you are close to was really upset or in danger when there was no physical communication involved? You had a feeling about it and you had a feeling that something is wrong, the feeling that something is wrong is the easiest thing to pick up on the astral level because negative feelings are actually easier to pick up than positive feelings especially feelings of danger and things like that for concerned love ones. How many have felt like that in their life, raise your hands.

Okay about half of you here. When you pick that up what you are picking up is a sound and it is not like a sound on the physical plane such as words – it is entirely different. But it is still sound and it is just as valid of a form of communication as picking up sounds on the physical plane.

Larry you like a pretty sensitive guy. Do you pick up any emotional sounds from anyone in the room?

Larry from the audience: No

JJ: Okay you have not tried yet today have you?

Larry: No

JJ: Okay so lets try Larry, look at Jana over there and tune into her eyes for the eyes are the mirror to the soul as well as the emotions. What are you hearing from your feeling nature from her?

Larry: I have a sense of genuineness and that when she tells you something it is what she is thinking and she is not making false constructs.

JJ: I would say that would be true about her and it feels right to me as I look at her. Looking at her focuses my attention on her and my feelings on her and makes me more capable of picking up things about her. It is all right to look at the other person because that helps to focus the energies and the eyes help to focus the energies so yes I sense sincerity about her as well.

Look at Joshua over there, he looks like somebody needs to wake him up. Laughter. What sounds do you hear coming from him on the emotional level?

Jana from the audience: He looks like a nice guy and happy to be here even though he looks a little tired.

JJ: Okay now look at Lorraine she is just bubbling over with emotional energy.

Jana: She seems like a really nice person too.

JJ: Do you get impressions that are difficult to put into words?

Jana: Yes

JJ: You do get feelings about her right?

Jana: Yes

JJ: Okay all of our feelings are difficult to put into words because feelings are not words so you get emotional impressions about them. Have you ever met somebody and right away you have a wave of negative energy come over you and you think boy I need to stay away from this person. I have met a few people like that in my life and it is usually pretty accurate. Sometimes it is just because a person has just really had a bad day and he is ready to release some negative energy but other times your inner self is communicating to you that you need to stay out of this person’s way.

JJ: What is the next level up from the emotional?

Audience: The mental.

JJ: How do we hear on the mental level?

Audience: Good question and I hope you are going to tell us!

JJ: The highest hearing on the mental level is telepathy and telepathy is very difficult to achieve. The Masters can do it using the power of the mind and pick up and communicate actual words through the power of the mind and that is the highest level there. The Alice A. Bailey books were given by mental telepathy and Alice A. Bailey received the first books by receiving the actual words of the Tibetan. Then when she learned to go higher than the mental level He sent the later books through the power of impression. When she used the power of impression they argued more about how to put the words down because she was a greater participant in forming the actual sentences. So in the beginning the actual sentences were already pretty much composed and sent to her and she kind of doctored them up a little bit but then as she rose to master the science of impression they argued a bit more about how the wording was to be presented because she had more of a say.

The Tibetan would often grumble about Alice A. Bailey and He would say he wish she was more learned in the scientific world because she did not understand science very well and if she did then we could make the books a little more accurate.

On the mental level we can look at people and size them up. You can look at somebody and get feelings about him or her by putting attention on them but you can also look at someone and size them up mentally – if they have a certain type of face like Adam here. He just looks like an athlete doesn’t he and by looking at him you can form a mental conclusion that he just looks like he is into sports. Now what does a person into sports look like and why do we get that impression? There is really no short answer on that and it is just that he reminds us of a lot of people that are into sports and you do like sports don’t you Adam?

Adam: This is the profiling we need at the airport!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: You look at Larry and he looks like a real social guy!

Audience: He looks like a big teddy bear!

JJ: Yes he looks harmless doesn’t he and he has his baritone voice so you mentally conclude that he must be a good singer and this is one of the first things I asked him.

Larry from the Audience: By the way there was one thing I was going to say was that I have the skill to sing and that was one thing I did want to do but that was not my purpose in this life so I have not been allowed to use that.

JJ: I think I would have been quite musical if I had not blown some of my fingers off and that pretty much put an end to that but that freed me up so my attention could put elsewhere without being a rock star and having that distracting me.

Larry: Yes it would be worth seeing JJ with long hair and tie-dye t-shirts rocking out! Laughing!

JJ: Yes that would have been funny wouldn’t it?

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