Christmas Message 1998

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As I was in the middle of an article to post the Spirit rested upon me and said:

“Write the words of inspiration. There are those who need to be lifted up in spirit, who need words of hope.”

“What words shall I write?” I asked.

“You know the words, the thoughts, the hope, they are resting in your heart even now. There are those who want and need to hear them.”

I paused and searched within my heart, and my soul was immediately flooded to overflowing with emotion. The intensity was so great I had to pause a moment and then returned and drank again from the great fountain. As I replenished myself the first great phrase came forth.

“He upon who the nations wait is waiting Himself for the time to manifest to the pure in heart and to the world. All who hear the Voice of the Spirit can shorten the wait by trusting in the Voice which is speaking within them.”

I absorbed these words as a thirsty plant does living water and heard the Voice speak again:

“Find the words of Hope. Hope is missing from the souls of many as if there were a famine in the hearts of the children of men.”

I obeyed and searched my heart again and in a place with dim lights, competing noises and little nourishment I found the Word. It was in a place passed over from ages hence. I lifted up the Word and embraced it and it did cause my heart to burn and words, great words, did I hear:

“I, even I, am the Hope of the world. There is none, not even one, who has had hope in Me who has done so in vain. My heart is wide as eternity and carries the hope of the child in all of you. You have looked for, and yearned for and hoped for a better world, a world of true brotherhood, of peace on earth good will toward men. When you sought One to come to deliver such a world, that hope you had was sent forth on ‘wings of power’ and circulates always in eternity. My friends, listen to my voice for I am aware of each time in your life that this hope has surfaced and promise you that the day will come when you shall see me face to face and the time of hope shall be exchanged for a time of fullness of joy.

“To all who hear these words I say nourish that hope which is in you and give it to others as the passing of a candle. You know not the power you have in kindling the hope of the downtrodden. You know not how much the souls of men yearn to have Hope burn within them again. Look upon the world…”

I immediately felt my spirit being lifted up and saw the world by feeling the world. The world as an entity had its eyes downward and was pulled upon by a dark and powerful gravity that seemed to have taken the world’s attention away from the bright and shining light that was hovering upward, if the world would only look and see.

Again the voice spoke to me:

“Tell the world to look upward and listen!”

I put my attention on the world and spoke the words it wanted to hear:

“Look up and see the Hope of the world.”

The world obeyed, but slowly, and finally looked upward. As it turned it saw a great light that released it from the gravity that held it bound. Then words were spoken and hope was born anew.

“I am coming even as I promised I would to fulfil my words to you, the world, because I love the world. I am coming even now in the hearts of men and women everywhere and in a short time my feet will walk among the paths of men, my hands will heal their wounds and I will sit at their tables and the Light and Love and Power of my Father-Mother God will rest upon them.

“Let not your hearts be troubled about how or when I shall manifest, but only let your eye be single on the faith that it shall occur. Join your minds to the Eternal Now and be as if I am here at this moment and it shall be. My First and Second Coming is now One and I am with you now. Take a moment (or more) of silence and feel My Love and hear My voice speak within you.

“Be ever aware that I live and am BECOMING in you.”

Personal note from JJ:

Please take this moment (or moments) of silence seriously. You may just feel the Master…. the best Christmas gift possible.

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