Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 33

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Cities on the Ocean

So how do we build such a city? There are a number of ways that we have looked into and one of the materials that are a possibility is Pykrete and what that is basically is ice mixed with sawdust and then frozen. They were going to make a platform out of this on the great lakes just before the great war ended. You mix sawdust and water and it produces a substance that is almost indestructible. It has to be kept frozen. The idea was to use the Pykrete as the platform and then build on top of it. They were going to create a re-fueling station using this. They built a mock up in the great lakes and used a 1 HP motor to freeze a large platform.
Everything went successfully as planned. Keep in mind this was done with the technology of the 1940’s. After they got started it looked like they were winning the war and did not need it and discarded it.

There is another idea this Japanese guy invented a process where they can remove the minerals themselves from the water. He has a very simple process where he can remove the minerals from the sea and then use the minerals as building blocks like concrete and then build right in the sea with the minerals that are extracted from the sea. He has quite a plan drawn up for an island that can resist a category 5 Hurricane. He has posted the details on the Internet and it is quite interesting.

There are a number of different methods that can be used. Our good friend Rick on the Keys has created a new type of building block that is made from a synthetic and he claims that we can build structures that will float in the air and we could have floating cities above the sea and cities floating on the sea as well.

So there are a number of materials that we can examine and pick the one that would work best. There is definitely a lot of possibilities in taking minerals out of the sea and using them for building blocks. Before the building blocks are created there is quite a bit of gold that we could extract and also uranium. Another thing that is in the sea that can be sold are plants for medicine, more than you would find in rain forests. They say that the sea has an abundance of these as well and this could be sold along with the gold and uranium.

Right now they are doing experiments on extracting different types of secretions from the various plants down on the ocean floor and they say that they may even find a cure for many cancers down there. So there is a tremendous potential in farming different things from the sea. From raising things like salmon and different types of fish to extracting gold, uranium, minerals, creating building blocks and building the cities right there in the sea itself.

Wave power also has great potential. They are getting very close to converting wave power so that it can be used for commercial power. They have these buoys and put them at different levels in the sea and the motion is used to create electricity. In several places and off the coast of Scotland they are working on using this technology to power cities.

There are several different methods of using wave power. The point I am making here is that there are many ways for us to make money in the sea because of the technology that is developing and if there are ways to make money in the sea then we can build cities that will float upon the sea that will be self sufficient. The great part about building a city upon the sea is that we can have our own government, create our own rules and create something that has never been created before. By doing this we can also prepare for the cataclysmic events and the earth changes. When the earth changes come it is only a matter of time when we will have a large land mass rise up out of the sea. The people that are prepared to jump on that land mass and claim it will be the ones that will own it.

So if we build cities on the sea and close to us a great land mass rises then we will jump on it and it will be ours. We then use that landmass to create a new country. So this is something that someone needs to prepare for because it is only a matter of time before the earth changes causes new landmasses to appear and those who are prepared for this will own the land.

Audience: Are you saying that there are landmasses that are going to appear that are not there now?

JJ: Yes

Audience: So we are going to create a landmass?

JJ: We are going to create a landmass that floats upon the sea and then when a cataclysmic event happens and a new land mass appears we will be prepared to lay claim to new land that has risen from the sea. If we are not near it then I will go jump on it! (Laughter) Hopefully we will be near enough that we will be able to lay claim to it. The Atlantic Ocean would be the most desirable in most ways but you have a lot more bad weather there. The Pacific Ocean is called the Pacific because it means peace and it is much more a peaceable ocean. Some psychics believe that the land mass will rise up in the Pacific Ocean but I have not got a specific revelation as to where a land mass will rise up but I believe some will rise up within the next 150 to 200 years. I do not think the time is really close like many people do but I do believe it is going to be within this time frame and this will give us time to prepare for it. If a people are prepared to move and establish a government when a land mass rises up then they will have a big advantage over those who are not prepared for this.

Audience: We will not be here for this.

JJ: We can come back again. We can be here to begin building the cities in the sea.

Audience: Why do they have to build cities in the sea when we know there is a land mass coming and why would we abandoned them once we get them started?

JJ: We would not abandon them completely and we would send people over to claim the land and begin construction for a new country. We will have to have two gatherings, the first one will be sifting through the people who want to work hard, improve themselves, build and establish something new, the cities upon the sea. Then the second gathering will be a second sifting out and these will be the true lights that will be gathered on the landmasses. Later on there will another gathering with another generation and so on. Okay are there any more questions before we end this session?

Audience: Is it possible to build cities in the shallow parts of the sea?

JJ: In the shallow areas there is another possibility and we could build walls that were say a couple square miles that would hold back the seas and then we would have actual land to build on. There are quite a few areas in the oceans that we could that with the technology that we have today, especially with unlimited building blocks that we just build right out of elements of the ocean itself.

Audience: Do you have access to that technology?

JJ: The technology is all here, the technology for Pykrete to build the ice platform have been here since 1943 for instance.

Audience: You mean using sawdust?

JJ: There is plenty of sawdust that we could buy from half a dozen different nations if we had to. Sawdust is very easy to make, as you all know and you not need a high grade of wood to make it.

Audience: What about the refrigeration, how would that work and where would you put it.

JJ: The platform is refrigerated and then frozen and then you build on top of it as it is just like normal on the top. Imagine down below us, that there was 3 feet of ice; you would not even know that the ice was there. They have already done experiments with this during World War II and it would only take a one horsepower engine to keep a large platform frozen indefinitely. Imagine what we could do with 300 horsepower?

Audience: Who is steering this thing?

JJ: It would be anchored to the bottom of the ocean. We could also create ships that would sail around the world using these for commercial ventures. It would be cheaper to build a stationary island but for those with extra money we could build ships for trading and such. The proposed Freedom Ship has a route that takes about 2 years to circle the globe in a good weather route. The man who designed the freedom ship claims it can resist a tsunami or a category 5 Hurricane because it is so large and will support 50,000 people. He has quite q few people interested in it but he does not have the money to build it yet, I think costs are about 2 billion dollars to build it and he does have the funds. He sold a lot of cabins in advance but has not begun to build it yet and he may have to return the funds if he does come through one of these days as I believe he has the funds in escrow.

Audience: What about the molecule, are we going to have to wait to build a city before we create one of those?

JJ: No, the first molecule can be created when get the people that are ready. The principles in my book “The Molecular Relationship” will be the guiding principles of the new government that will be built. If you have not read this book, I suggest that all do because it has the guiding principles for the new age. Most people that read it find it very stimulating. We are just presenting the tip of the iceberg here and I would like all to know that all the problems can be solved as we have done for centuries and as we do everyday.

Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey

Gathering Attempts

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Posted May 27, 2010

Ruth Writes:
Joseph Smith failed at his mission and that changed the course of some events or prophecies for the future.

Do you believe that this “failure” of this mission will be an ongoing thing or will it truly come to pass this time around? Is this like the 3 and a half cycle, so this time, Zion will really materialize in our lifetime? This mission has failed 3 times already.

At the end of each age there is an attempted gathering. Moses was quite successful as far as numbers go but had to destroy the first set a tablets containing the higher law because he discovered the people were reverting back to worshiping the golden calf.  Raising the consciousness was not very successful.

Jesus attempted a gathering and wept outside of Jerusalem because people did not respond.

Joseph attempted a gathering and was mildly successful and then after his death people had the opportunity to establish Zion on their own piece of land in the Utah area.  Instead of Zion they created and authoritarian system resembling the Taliban, even resorting to blood atonement (murder) to keep people in line. The LDS are very ignorant of this period of their own history.

The U.S. Government did the Mormons a favor by forcing them to comply with the laws of the land as Zion was not being created.

The most successful gathering in history has been the one to the America which was not particularly religious in nature but resulted in greater freedoms for the world.

We have about 150 years or so before we are solidly into the age of Aquarius.  Additional gathering attempts will surely be made and hopefully we can have an initial one underway by 2030.

The shift of the age at this time is not only a shift of ages, but ages of ages and if the time were to come that a successful gathering has not been made then mankind could lose much of its civilization it has acquired.

If one disciple fails, another may be available but the substitute could bungle the whole thing worse than the original.  God is limited in helping us because of our free will.

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All Time High

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Posted Sept 3, 2010
Well, John C – looks like you have done a lot of research and contemplation on the overshadowing process. You have come up with some interesting thoughts and conclusions. You are also expanding on a principle you and Keith call the Tuning Fork Principle. An understanding of this can lead to many facts.

You seem to wonder what a divine possession would really feel like. The best description I can give you is found in The Lost Key of the Buddha. The description of the presence is true though the circumstances are changed for the story’s sake.

From The Lost Key:
She then stepped forward and touched both sides of my head with her fingertips, took a long deep breath and breathed out on me. As she exhaled her breath, I felt a deep and penetrating peace begin at the core of my soul, which seemed to light into a warm and comfortable spiritual fire.

Elizabeth stepped back and said, “It’s gone! The Presence is no longer in me. I believe it has been transferred into you. What do you feel?”

“Like you said, it is a strong Presence burning like a spiritual fire. It’s like the feeling I had when I laughed at the Dark Brother beside my bed, and afterward a presence descended on me. It is also similar to the feeling of being in the New Jerusalem.”

“Well, I guess one problem is solved. You do not have to worry about a place to store Excalibur. Apparently this Presence is the owner of it and he is now residing within you.”

“To tell the truth I’m not sure what the situation is. I feel a Presence, and a wonderful Presence it is, but no information is coming through. It is just here with me.”

“Maybe it is just settling in, looking through your eyes and making adjustments.”

“Maybe,” I said, a little puzzled.

“I think it is time to get a little rest,” she said. “I do not remember when I have felt so exhausted.”

That sounded good to me. We both went to bed and quickly fell to sleep.

My sleep did not last long. I was awakened about two hours later by an intensity of feeling that I had never felt before. The power of the Presence within me had magnified several times and I felt as if I were on fire even more than before. It was at this time I realized that the Presence of this Great Entity was not just hovering around me, but was within me sharing my very body and being. I did not quite know what to make of it except that the Entity seemed to be adjusting to me as I was toward it. Whatever the case was, the feelings associated with the Presence were wonderful, and I instinctively had great trust in it. I felt like it would leave if I asked it to, but I had no inclination except to welcome the visitor to stay as long as it wished.

I lay for the next half hour in a sort of blissful joy and then wandered off to sleep again.

Elizabeth and I slept in that morning and did not get to the office until around noon. During the day, the power of the Presence intensified even more – a thing that I did not deem possible. It felt wonderful, but made it somewhat difficult to keep my mind on my work.

The second day produced similar results. I felt as if I were literally on fire.

Then on the third day the intensity reached a crescendo, the likes of which I had never dreamed. I felt as if I was dwelling in the heart of the sun and all who looked upon me would be blinded. I felt a joy which could only be called a fullness. I call it a fullness because I do not think anything could be added to it.

This was the opposite of the feelings associated with the Dweller.

Instead of overwhelming pain, I felt a joyousness and exhilaration far beyond my wildest imagination. Sometimes I thought the intensity was too much, but then when I asked myself the question, “Do I want it to subside?” the answer was always no. Even though the intensity was so great it was almost painful, it wasn’t painful–just exactly the maximum I could endure.

Instead of fear I felt a confident realization that there is indeed a dominating good which always prevails. Instead of wishing the Presence gone this time I opened my arms and heart to it inviting it to stay as long as desired. On this third day when the living fire was so intense I posed a question to Elizabeth.

“Look at me,” I said.

“What for?” she asked.

“Just look,” I said. “Look over my whole body.”

“OK,” she replied. “I’ve looked over your body. Now what?”

“Do I look any different?”

“Not really,” she responded.

“Look harder. Do I seem to be glowing or anything?”

“Not that I can tell.”

“Look closer at my skin then. Is there any light radiating from it?”

“Sorry,” she said. “You just look like you always do. Has this got something to do with the Presence?”

“Yes,” I said. “I thought the strength of the Presence was great on the night it went from you into me, but that was nothing compared to what I feel now. I feel like I am on fire, but it is a good fire. It feels like all who would look at me, because of the Presence in me, would just see a brilliant sun shining in its strength. I am almost surprised that I look normal.”

“Maybe if I had the inner vision I would see the brilliance of the sun,” said Elizabeth, “but all I see with these eyes is the physical you.

“In a way, that’s a relief,” I said. “If I walked around glowing, people would probably think I was an alien or something.”

“I have an idea of what you are feeling since it was first in me,” said Elizabeth, “but you say the power of the Presence increased over a three-day period. Perhaps it is merging with you beyond what I experienced.”

“I think that is the case,” I said. “I think we both felt the Presence to a similar degree the night it came, but it seems to have settled in and is merging beyond words to describe. I think this intensity can only be endured after a period of several days of adjustment. If this intensity had come all at one time I do not think I could have handled it. Here, hold my hand a minute.”

She took my hand and held it.

“Do you feel anything unusual?” I asked.

“Actually I don’t,” she said, sounding a little disappointed.

“The feeling is so intense I thought you would feel something just by touching me. But again, I guess it is good that touching me feels normal.” I paused a moment and asked, “Do you have any feelings about what I am supposed to do with this Presence?”

“It only rested on me for a short time,” she said. “I just received one communication from it and that did not come in words, but an impression. I feel that you need to blend your mind with its mind until its thoughts become your thoughts – a little like the Oneness Principle that John speaks of.”

That sounded like as good advice as any, and for the next several days I concentrated on merging and tuning into its thoughts. This Being was of such a high vibration and so far beyond me in spiritual attainment that I was not sure of the path of approach. I seemed to sense that the spiritual level where we were merging was beyond the power of regular spoken words.

The next few days seemed to be one of adaptation on my part. I’m sure this Being also had to make adjustments to share my body and consciousness, but at least I was sure he knew what he was doing. On the other hand, I was not sure about myself. This was an experience that had no precedent as far as my knowledge went. I therefore attempted to tune into his mind and as the days passed I seemed to be able to do this. When I acquired some ability to understand the mind of the Being who was with me, I realized that I was learning a higher form of communication.

In normal communication the mind formulates thoughts, translates them into words and speaks them to others. In this process much is lost, for the original thought is always corrupted to some extent because of the imperfection of spoken or written language. This communication I was learning was much different. In this case my mind and the entity’s mind became as one mind, intertwined and understanding each other in almost all things. I say “almost” because I sensed we still maintained our individuality and there were certain things in the entity’s mind that were hidden from me.

For instance, I probed it for the Second Key of Knowledge that John was teaching me and found all his thoughts on the subject were closed to me. I assumed that I was to learn this key without it being given to me.

The three attributes of Light and Love and Power in this Being were strong beyond my previous vision or understanding. I felt such power from this Entity surging through my being that it felt as if I could point my finger at a mountain and it would be reduced to nothingness if he so willed it. Such power would have been frightening to feel if it were not tempered by an equally powerful love which I felt. The love was like a fire of unimaginable depth that was at one with my soul and spirit. It vivified my own life force and caused my thoughts to reach out to all humanity; seeking to alleviate their pain and seek peace on earth, good will to human kind.

The light and wisdom from this being was equally overwhelming. I have often considered myself a seeker who could match wits with the best of the ideologues, but before the light of this great mind I felt humble indeed. This Being was indeed a teacher of teachers, a master of angels and men.

The being stayed with me about forty days. During this period I learned that its purpose was not so much to teach me knowledge in the normal sense, but to intensify my vibration and acclimate me to this higher Presence in preparation for some future mission. I learned to understand the aspect of the Oneness Principle as never before, where two become one.

Perhaps the most unusual thing about this forty-day experience was the consistent exaltation of joy and pure bliss that I felt. I had my ups and downs in the normal sense during this time, several business problems, disappointments, etc., but nothing that happened, no matter how disturbing, was able to diminish or take away from the consistent exaltation I felt. This Being had an eternal fullness of joy, and there was nothing that could happen in the outward world that could interfere with it or take it away.

Many people have the mistaken idea that God is consistently sad because of all the evils and hurt in the world. The state of mind of this great Entity taught me otherwise. He realizes all the problems that people have and seeks to help them, but no problem, pain or distress that you or I may feel can touch or diminish His state of joy. This is because His mind is not focused on the temporary distress that humanity may have, but the eternal conquest over illusion which we all will attain at some future time. The Great Ones can see these future times of joy and merge them with the present distress, so all negativity is neutralized.

This consistent joy was perhaps the most amazing thing I gathered from this whole experience. Before this happened, I could not conceive of a positivism that could not be diminished or touched by the cares of the world. I had, of course, heard preachers talk about heaven, where we will have some type of eternal bliss; but I never seriously considered experiencing a positive joyousness in the here-and-now that could not be touched or diminished.

For instance, if I lost one thousand dollars I would, of course, be very upset. But the interesting thing about sharing this Presence was that it would not matter what happened; even if I had lost everything I owned, the experience of a fullness of joy would have continued.

I would have registered the consequences mentally and dealt with the problem on a practical basis, but the joyousness would not have been touched or diminished. The loss of the money would have seemed like a very small thing for the lower mind to handle.

I can only give the briefest description of my experiences with this Entity, but will add that even one hour of this oneness is worth a lifetime of struggle to attain.

During the forty days, I received many impressions, mainly concerning overall pictures and principles, but the last one I received is the one that lingers in my mind.

This was the message: “Teach those things which you receive through your teacher and the Oneness Principle. When you gather around you those who are willing to receive that which you have, then I will come dwell with you again and shall give you more.”

“How many do I have to gather?” I asked.

“That is for me to decide,” he said. “Gather around you all the lights who listen to the voice of the soul, and when all is ready I will come. Until that time I will be with you, for a link has been created between us. I will be aware of all that transpires until I come.”

Shortly after receiving this message the entity left. The time afterwards required quite an adjustment to feel “normal,” but on the positive side I was still aware of the link, and this connective energy I constantly sensed helped to make normal living and being bearable again.

Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey

Let Us Gather Together — A Gathering Of Lights

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Discourses Of JJ Dewey

1  The major earth changes, and any following destructions, are awaiting the The Gathering of Lights. When the lights are gathered, it will create a shift of energy and light will be divided from the darkness upon the earth.

2  A new nation will be created where greater freedoms will be enjoyed than has ever existed upon the earth. Isaiah tells us that this new nation will be so successful that the great, the rich and the kings of the nations will bring their wealth and gold and silver to this Gathering of Lights. In other words, it will turn out to be one of the greatest investment opportunities of all time.

3  When the day of progress comes the lights must gather or the day of opportunity will pass.

4  The lights will gather together and create a new society that will be the envy of the world. It will be an example of freedom, spirituality, efficiency, healthy inhabitants, and abundance.

5  This whole book [on the Gathering of Lights] presents the grand solution and that is a literal Gathering of Lights to a new land where such a people will be totally independent of all creatures under heaven to create an ensign or an example to the nations of a higher form of society.

6  The forces of darkness and the thoughtforms of the past always attack and attempt to prevent a gathering of lights and the enlightened changes of an approaching future.

7  Just about all of the teachings of Jesus were directed toward the building of the Kingdom of God by gathering the elect.

8  We could say that when two or more gather together to seek Soul Contact, for the purpose of union, the Christ consciousness will manifest in the midst of them.

9  Interestingly, the scriptures tell us that one of the main purposes of the gathering is deliverance, and possible physical as well as spiritual protection. How much protection we will need depends on the free will of man and the steps he takes towards peace in the near future. If he is wise then the deliverance talked of will be of a spiritual nature, but if he is not and there is a World War III or earth changes, then a physical deliverance will be necessary.

10  There will be a natural gathering of seekers and open-minded people out of all the religions. They will begin to realize that that even though they are from different religions, they have more in common with each other than they do their native religion.

11  Seekers gathering from their churches on the mental plane may not all gather physically as taught in The Gathering of Lights, but will stay behind and prepare the masses for things to come.

12  Enlightened groups will believe in the principles taught within the Gathering of Lights and want to be associated, yet not physically gathered. An association will thus be made and many of these people will maintain an association with the Gathering while keeping their membership with their mother religion.

13  Various initiates who work in cooperation with the Christ will pave the way for the gathering of the nations, by first gathering a few people and building the first cities of Zion.

14  The time will come when the Gathering of Lights will become a reality. When this happens the Beast of authority will rear its ugly head and do everything in its power to destroy the enterprise. When this time comes the accumulated power produced by the Song will swing the balance causing the first solid victory of the Gathered Lights in many thousands of years.

15  To understand the importance of the gathering one must look upon each individual as a point of brilliant white light, but in most cases the light is almost entirely covered with the dark clouds of glamour, illusion, ignorance, and pride.

16  In the gathering process, as in the gathering of fissionable material in the production of atomic energy, the critical mass is an essential element.

17  To obtain the critical mass necessary there must be a literal gathering of radioactive entities.

18  Those who gather will be practical people, not impractical dreamers with their heads in the clouds. They will be dreamers, however, but dreamers who realistically work to make them come true.

19  Those who are gathered in the mental plane are composed of those in incarnation, and also many who are not with us in the physical body. This gathering and the effects thereof had to preceed a physical externalization.

20  The critical mass was achieved in the mental gathering and now we see the unbelievable results in transportation, energy, space flight, communications, computers, lasers, and miniaturization. Every field has been touched by this first great chain reaction due to the gathering principle.

21  The gathering of the critical mass for the chain reaction on the emotional plane had a later beginning than the mental. The critical mass began to be reached in the mid sixties.

22  Those who believe in the gathering should not spend much effort exciting the born again Christian folk as they will only look upon us as the devil’s angels that must be stopped.

23  The gathering of lights needs to be securely under way by 2025-2030.

24  Light can only be gathered by shining forth a homing beacon of light in words of light.

25  When the lights gather, those who dwell in darkness will sense a great loss and be filled with the fire of lower passion when they realize that they are not prepared to leave the physical treasures of their heart behind and follow.

26  The first step in the gathering is the internet.

27  The final gathering will be upon a new land not controlled by any government of the world.

28  The Gathering of Lights will build the land of Zion upon the waters and it will be a highway cast up in the midst of the great deep.

29  When we get enough people together we will go build floating cities and on these floating cities we will gather the greatest lights of the Earth.

30  We’re having another gathering of the forces of light and dark because whenever the forces of darkness are defeated, they gather again.

31  It looks like Jesus himself failed time and time again in his attempts to gather the lights. I don’t think we should feel bad if we have a little problem.

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The New Age

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Discourses Of JJ Dewey

1  We are moving from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. We will be securely into this coming new age in about 150 years and most expect this to be an enlightened age of brotherhood and peace as well as human advancement. Right now we are in the transition phase and the division between the old age and new age thinking is coming into greater contrast.

2  We are in the twelfth hour of the labors in the vineyard and many new workers are being hired and coming forth to serve. In many ways their labors now, for this one hour, are considered as valuable as that of the older laborers over thousands of years. Why? Because many of the older laborers are expecting to be the new gurus who will be served and respected. Consequently, they are of little use in the present. The new workers will wind up performing a service of equal value to the combined value of the seasoned ones.

3  Those who are caught up in the glories of the past and sacrifice the possibilities of current joy to the authorities of the past will only enter the New Age kicking and screaming.

4  Those on the cutting edge of the age past are often left behind as the new age begins to dawn.

5  From this time to 2025-30 the seekers will embrace various stages of New Age thought and present it to their peers in an acceptable manner. Some time after 2025-30 will begin the seven years (or periods) of burning the weapons of Gog. During this time the old emotional fires which fight the new age will be consumed and Gog and his armies will find that they are void of instruments with which to fight the Christ consciousness. After the seven years burning, the fundamentalist clinging to a certain creed or dogma will be an oddity for the ignorance of old dogmas will be clearly manifest.

6  The Christ is the building stone of the New Age.

7  If the lights bringing the dawn of the Aquarian Age are to be successful, they must first and foremost survive and stand in their rightful places until the sun arises and shines forth in its strength.

8  Many call the coming age, the Age of Peace, and this will be true on the physical plane, but not on the emotional and mental planes.

9  The New Age will see conflict through debate and discussion as never before, but physical conflict will eventually be seen as primitive and beneath the dignity of the human race.

10  Think you that when Christ comes again He will be the lone teacher here on the earth? Far from it. To usher in the New Age we will need thousands of teachers and many of them need to be here before He manifests again.

11  The shift of attention by humanity from an emotional base for decision to the mind will insure the stability necessary for an age of peace to prevail.

12  Some of the philosophies that will be popular in the New Age are now permeating society to a greater extent than was even hoped for by the disciple of the mid twentieth century.

13  The Aquarian Age switches from water to air. Air is the symbol of mind. The beginnings of this age were manifest at the writing of the Constitution of the United States. We are now about half way into the full manifestation of the New Age.

14  The New Age will be ruled by mind.

15  To move to the Age of Aquarius we must free up the mind and the mind is freed up as freedom itself abounds. This is why basic democratic rights had to be established on the earth before the New Age could come in.

16  In the New Age brought by the Prince of Peace and His disciples the focus will be taken away from mean spirited competition and refocused on cooperation and the cities (polarized systems) will fall and be transformed.

17  We may be entering a new age, but let us not leave behind the basics that many souls have fought and died to preserve and demonstrate.

18  Because Pisces is such an emotional energy and Aquarius so mental the resistance to the New Age by the accepted teachers of the world will be very strong.

19  The natural resistance to the energies of the New Age must be dropped and a new understanding must come.

20  A critical mass composed of the brothers of light must be gathered together to produce the chain reaction to usher in the New Age. As with atoms, so with humans. Without the critical mass almost all the radiating energy is of minimal effect.

21  Without the law of mind, the laws of order, we will have no new age, no order, but only confusion and disorder.

22  I do not know if one can increase public involvement through law, but this certainly needs to be taught and encouraged in the new age.

23  Laws producing an orderly society will not pass away in the new age, but will be refined until they work so efficiently that the whole world will become stable and live in peace.

24  From the New Jerusalem (teachers of light) will go forth with the revelations of the New Age which will be the foundation of the new order of the ages. These revelations will also include many new scientific inventions, healing techniques, mysteries explored and New Age teachings.

25  If mankind changes not and does not shift its thinking to the higher level of the New Age, then physical destruction must come.

26  Those who make right use of sacrifice will make an easy transition into the service of the New Age.

27  One of the important teachings of the New Age will be the restoration of knowledge of the power of female energy, for it is as mysterious as gravity; no form can be held together without it.

28  Pisces is also on the mutable cross which causes a “go with the flow” attitude as far as energy goes. The funny thing is that we often hear this phrase from new age people, not realizing that this is the mantra of the passing age and not the Aquarian Age. Thus the energy of the mutable cross caused the people of the last two thousand years to go with their feelings with very little thought involved.

29  Physical presence establishes a very necessary link for the new teachings and energy to be transmitted.

30  Service in the New Age will be seen in the light of the LAW of cause and effect and karma.

31  Many other sources of energy will be opened up for us in the New Age including the application of the theories of Nicola Tesla.

32  The basic seed of the New Age Plan was presented as far back as the days of Moses and the working principle behind that plan was the gathering principle, or the synthesis of Israel into a greater working whole.

33  Nothing can hold back the establishment of the coming age of peace save our own lethargy.

34  Just as freedom and democracy had to struggle for existence in the midst of totalitarian governments, so will the principles of the New Age have to struggle for a foothold in our present society.

35  Many of the gurus and new age people we see around sway people by their personalities. The New Age Disciple must get beyond the personality and what we need to look at is the pure words and how they affect your spirit.

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