Truth and Health

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Dec 31, 2015

Truth and Health

Dan writes:

I am curious why you think this book is “one of the best”. Is there some particular aspect of it that impressed you specifically?

The reason I ask is – In the above post you also recommend eating raw garlic but the author whose book you recommend, Andreas Moritz, says that garlic (and onion) are very toxic and bad for you (video and transcript below).


There are two reasons I recommended Moritz’s book. First is that the book is quite thorough and gives useful information on a wide range of alternative health issues.

The second reason is that it is accessible free online so all who are interested can download it and read it.

Do I think the book is infallible or completely accurate?

No. In fact I have not found any health writer that I agree with 100%. Getting the truth about health is like getting the truth about philosophy. There is truth and error everywhere and the seeker must run all things by his common sense and the light of his own soul and then follow the highest he can perceive. He must also consider that one man’s cure may be another man’s poison and find out what works for him.

I probably agree with about 90% of what Moritz has written and that 90% lays out some very useful information, especially for the person not well studied in alternative health.

I disagree with him on garlic as do most health students and practitioners.

I read about the health benefits of garlic over 40 years ago and tried to take it raw but just couldn’t handle it. Over the years I have taken garlic tablets but didn’t notice much either positive or negative. Then my wife stumbled across an article about how extra strength was released from garlic ran through a garlic press and exposed to the air for 5-15 minutes. A positive effect was that it would greatly reduce the chance of getting colds and if you did get one it would be mild.

Well, getting a significant cold about once a year was the only health issue I have had to deal with for some time and once I get a cough I have a hard time getting rid of it.

About 2-3 years ago I started taking the raw crushed garlic most every day and I haven’t had a cold, flue or anything since (knock on wood). I can sense that my immune system is much stronger and I can see no problem with my brain because of it.

Eating the crushed raw garlic is much easier if combined with food. Eating it with chili works great as well as soups, stir fry, pizza or salad. Make sure you do not heat it after application. If I do not have anything that works I put some on a Triscuit cracker and wolf it down with a small slice of cheese.

Moritz had many health problems and weak heart when he was young and this drove him to seek out health solutions. All seemed to work for him and appeared to be in robust health until he died suddenly at the age of 58. Many of his fans suspected foul play and his critics suspected that he died of Cancer or some disease he claimed to have cures for. His family stated that he died of a mold he contacted that was just too much for his heart that never operated at full strength.

I suspect that what pushed him over the edge was taking too much of a fairly dangerous formula he recommended called Miracle Mineral Supplement which was developed by Jim Humble. Taking too much of this could be toxic for the body.

Here is information about it from Wikipedia


If I had to pick one guy who has the most common sense and safe approach to alternative medicine it would be Dr. Mercola. I would imagine some of you receive his emails.

Here is a link to his site:


I’ll write more about good examples and teachers of health shortly.

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