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1  Think on this. At the time of the resurrection, Jesus had only 120 who accepted his teachings. That’s 120 out of the entire world in that day.

2  Brain activity is not thinking.

3  Over ninety percent of those living now who love the message of Jesus and abhor slavery would have bought into the mass thoughtform, or the flow of the energy of pendulums past.

4  The emotionally polarized person has instinct, can calculate and feel, but does not think.

5  The thinker does not lose contact with emotion, but increases contact, but learns to direct them intelligently.

6  We should play God. We are reflections of God with the fullness of God within us. How can we regain our inheritance if we do not play the part? If we do not play the role of God as Christ suggested then we must play at being something less than our true reality. Should we play at being animals instead? Keep in mind that some of the rules of playing God are justice, mercy, love, intelligence and good judgment.

7  If you think you have no delusions then you should also have power over death for such a feat is accomplished by the overcoming of some of the final delusions.

8  For one as intelligent as Einstein, the idea of a grand intelligence is difficult to deny.

9  Equality is a desirable goal but it cannot be obtained by force or by the illusion of seeing sameness when such does not exist.

10  The brain is a piece of equipment equal to a super computer. This super computer has many built in programs and is capable of many calculations, but it does not think.

11  The thinker is in charge of his destiny. The non thinker must be controlled by a program.

12  When you think of it there has never been a time in history for such inclusive opportunities as the Internet offers.

13  All of us have a mental body, but the elements of which it is composed are not available for our use until we begin to master thought.

14  Acquiring the ability to think is an important step in evolution, but it does not mean that you are perfect by any means.

15  Anyone who is truly against hunting should be a vegetarian or surely hypocrisy is involved, for killing an animal through the hunt is much more humane than a kill floor of a processing plant. There the animals wait in line and they have a sense that the kill is coming and will often spend an hour or so in intense fear. This fear causes hormonal secretions which carry negative effects over into humans who eat the meat.

16  As far as gun control goes I cannot think of even one great person who supported it. I can think of a lot of bad guys such as Hitler, Stalin, slave holders in the Old South, Castro, and every tyrant in modern times.

17  While it is true that you and I have the free will to reject the endorsements of celebrities it is also true that they affect the thoughts and desires of millions of people and these millions have a mass effect that reaches us all and often causes great resistance to true spiritual work.

18  Good and evil and the dualities are not created by our thoughts but exist independently. Night and day will continue to exist whether we are here to think about them or not.

19  A great inventor, songwriter, writer or other creative artist will often get his inspiration when his regular mind is in some type of suspension, and he tunes into a higher type of thinking by not thinking.

20  The current experiments of scientists pose a danger to us as they are combining human and animal DNA. Their motive is supposedly to create healing benefits to humanity, but as this progresses someone will not be able to resist creating a being that is half human and half animal. This could lead to great problems for the poor entities who have to inhabit such bodies if allowed to continue.

21  It is incorrect thinking to see one race as superior to another. The correct view is to see each race as having a different purpose. As it stands in our current evolution, it is possible that any of us could incarnate into any of the human races if the need and karma required it.

22  Even if I am right all the time, you must still check; for there may come a time that he who you think is me is not me after all.

23  The Kybalion says God is unknowable, so how can you claim to know this and accept the book?

24  Think on this:  It takes a thousand facts to reveal one principle, but one principle can reveal thousands of facts.

25  Are you so attached to your meditation on non-attachment that you cannot let go of it and try something else? If you are attached to non-attachment then you are not truly detached, are you?

26  We draw to ourselves that on which we place our attention.

27  The true atonement is a revelation of the truth so illusion passes away and guilt is lifted.

28  The main negative we want to avoid is the expectation of the negative around the corner. This type of thinking diverts our attention from the good, the beautiful, and the true.

29  Previous calamities in past ages did not cause such a great disturbance as a modern one would, for man, even a hundred years ago, was fairly self sufficient, and over ninety percent of the population engaged in some type of farming. Today a disruption of communications and food supplies could leave over ninety percent of the population in a helpless state.

30  In the end, to fully accept a thing it must make sense and it must feel right.

31  The brain corresponds to a super computer, but the thinker corresponds to a programmer sitting at the keyboard with the realization that he does not have to go according to program, but has the power to work creatively and rewrite things.

32  When is the last time you heard new light and truth revealed by the Vatican or any other ARCHE religious organization?

33  The Bible does not claim to be the word of God. In fact the Bible does not even speak of itself for the Bible did not even exist in book form when it was being written.

34  When you think of it, we do not eat animals for taste alone. Those who have eaten dogs, cats, horses and even humans have sometimes reported that the taste was excellent. Civilized humans tend to select animals to eat more because of their lower intelligence than because of taste alone.

35  Light and Love create the dreams of God and the power of the One Life is projected into the dreams through Purpose.

36  Can you think of a worse fate for yourself than to die an enemy to Christ while thinking you were fighting evil?

37  If any of us considers himself to be a great one, then he or she should follow the example of the Master Himself. Jesus never clearly announced Himself as the Christ. His only announcement was in His teachings and His works.

38  “Think on” and see the good, the beautiful and the true and you shall become a magnet for these things and shall draw truth, pure as the driven snow into your life experience and the light that is in you will be great so no darkness or deception can there abide.

39  Whenever you hear of something happening that causes your stomach to turn there is wrong use of money and material goods involved somewhere along the way.

40  Are the terrorists really fighting materialism or are they really aiding materialism?

41  Each body in the universe is an expression of God and possesses a life and consciousness of some kind, and many of them are above or below our present understanding.

42  There is nothing more pathetic than he who is in hell, but thinks he is in heaven. He neither learns through his pain nor seeks a greater joy.

43  A “thoughtless” idea can be a great one, but just a memorized one to which no thought or reflection has been applied. A “real idea” is one that is realized and the true value seen through inner contact.

44  Where has there ever been an accomplishment in the history of the planet that has benefited the world where there has not been some type of hierarchy involved?

45  Without someone to see them; there would be no stars. Why is this true?

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