Boise Gathering 2008, Part 10

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Finishing the Sounding of Names
JJ: Okay we have about half the group here yet and we may have to go a little faster to get through everybody. Let’s start with James.

(JJ & Audience chanting James like a pep rally.)

Now let’s say his name over and over again and see what we get.

JJ: What do you get?

Audience member: Salt of the earth.

JJ: He is the salt of the earth all right. He is also a salty character and he has a good sense of humor.

J is a heart sound which shows that he can overcome force’s that are against him through the use of the letter J and the Mmm is a kind of a closing sound which means he can wind up closing the deal so to speak. So I would say parting the Red Sea and then closing the Egyptians behind corresponds to this sound. So he is able to plunge forward no matter what. Now have you ever gone by the name Jim?

James: Yes and it just did not feel right.

JJ: Jim does not seem to suit you like James, James suits you better.

James: I remember when I was about 11 or 12 and I told my parents that I did not wish to be called Jim anymore.

Okay Susie you are next. (The group chants the name Susie.). That is Susie with an S not a Z.

S because she sees things, and U is a building energy because it builds the human body actually and she is a very physical person, she is very good in the physical world. I have never been able to beat her at horseshoes!

Audience: Laughter!

JJ: Any sport you play her she is really good at it. She is just good at anything she touches on the physical plane. So it is U that creates that physical energy and she is strong and this is also a heart sound indicating power to destroy opposition. So she is able to forge ahead and accomplish what she wants on the physical plane. Okay lets say her name and see if anybody gets any other impressions about her.

Audience: Chanting Susie in pep rally mode.

Audience: I got a feeling about the pioneer spirit. Not that your ancestors were pioneers but the spirit that you could pioneer something.

JJ: Okay it looks like we have to put Artie in the hot seat next.

Audience: Artie, Artie, Artie….Arrrrrr!

JJ: No wonder Suzie and Artie are such good friends, both of their names end with the same letter and it is interesting they both have the same astrological sign.

JJ & audience: Chanting Artie.

JJ: By the way my impressions will be completely biased!

Audience: Laughter

JJ: She is a nice gentle person but you do not want to cross her. Art was her dad so she is a work of art! She is a Capricorn so my pet name for her is my little Mountain Goat.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: Because when she decides she wants something she just plunges into it like a little mountain goat going up a mountain and nothing stops her.

Now her dad wanted a boy and they were going to name him Art and then Artie came along and screwed up their plans so they decided to name her Artie. I always thought this is a cool name.

Artie: I was talking on the phone once with a credit card company and I was speaking with an Indian gal and she said that my name in Indian means to love with God. And I thought, All right!

JJ: Next we’ll do Larry

Audience: Larry…Larry…Larry! Chuckling!

JJ: It’s funny when I felt impressed to go around and give something to each person and I started with my wife first and as you noticed a long pause (chuckling) and I didn’t say very much so when we were at dinner my wife says to me, what’s the matter did you have a hard time getting something? She said was there a problem here?

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: So I will explain to you what happened, the impression I got was to give a message to everybody and I thought and I felt that there were too many people here to give several messages and it would tax me too much so I would just figure out one message and give the same thing to everybody really quick so I had my hands on Artie trying to think of something really inspiring that would fit well with the whole group. Nothing seemed to be coming to me and then my soul corrected me and said “No you need to give a different message to everybody.” So I went around and gave a different message to everybody. So anyway that gets me out of trouble with her as long as she understands.

Life After Death
I thought I would say a few words about life after death, Larry Woods sent me a tape and on this tape he had talked about a book he had read, I found it interesting so I got the book and read it and it was pretty good, I have read several others that are similar. I thought I would talk about the different spheres that we go to after the physical and a bit about what is involved. First of all, how many different planes are there?

Audience: Seven

JJ: Right there are seven different planes, how many planes of form or physical planes?

Audience: Three

JJ: Right there are three planes of form. We have the physical/etheric, which really counts as one form because the physical and etheric are intertwined and after you die you are only in your etheric body for a short period of time. Some people bypass the etheric body entirely because the etheric body is like an electrical system that keeps your body in shape and after you die your etheric body immediately begins to dissipate. The ancient Egyptians had certain methods that they used to try and sustain the etheric body after death and they were able to do this to a degree and even after the person left his body they had different ways of capturing the energy of the etheric body so that it hung around the grave.

For instance the Ancient Egyptians capturing that etheric energy, that vital force that surrounds the body, caused the curse of King Tut. It kind of lingered around the tomb for all those years; thus the curse that they put on it lingered with it.

So you have the physical and etheric body as a unit and you can see the etheric by putting your two thumbs together then pull them apart just slightly and look at the space between your thumbs in a neutral back round like that a white board or something similar. Look at the empty space between your thumbs and you will see a film. That film is your etheric body and it stretches out about a millimeter or so beyond your physical body. The etheric body gives off light and I have done this before and for the new people we will do this again. Everybody look at my forehead and stare at the one spot in the middle like you are mesmerized on it for about one minute. Now when I move my body away I want you to continue to stare at this spot like I never even moved even though I am going to move. Continue staring at that spot, you can see the outline of my body there and if you look close you can see that the light is not just uniform but it has different graduations in it and different types of light. That is the light that radiates from the etheric body. So you cannot only see the etheric body but you can see the light that radiates from the etheric body with your standard physical eyes because the etheric body is very close to the physical. It is so close you can actually see it with the physical eyes without having extra sensory perception. Normally the etheric body begins to break up and fall apart right after you die unless extreme measures are taken to preserve some of its energy.

Then the next step up is the astral world. The astral is created out of emotional energy and it has seven different subdivisions in it. The lower divisions of the astral world are what we would call hell. The thing about the after life is that each person goes to where his vibration feels comfortable and this why it is important to obey the injunction of Jesus, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” Because if you do that then you will go to a place where there are others who will treat you the way you treat them and if you treat others good then you will be treated good there and being around these type of people will make it a pleasant after life existence.

On the other hand if you are a very selfish person then your vibration will be lower and you will go to where other various selfish people reside and this will make it a hell. In the book that Larry recommended they talk about how the grass was different in each one of the spheres, in the lower spheres (which was the hell) the grass was parched and a little bit higher it felt really good with vibrant colors and in the higher spheres the grass felt really great and it was really bright and felt really alive. The grass seemed to get better the higher they went which I found interesting.

But in the next world the astral seems as physical as our physical body but when our physical body touches another physical body we feel like it is solid but in reality our physical body is not solid at all and it is amazing how much of our physical body is empty space. The empty space in the physical body corresponds to the empty space we see in space. The sun for instance is one million times as big as the earth and if we put the sun on a football field and the sun was the size of a basketball the earth would be the size of a little bb or grain of sand. It would be somewhere around the thirty-yard line. Pluto would be something like a couple miles away. So it is amazing how much of that is empty space.

Then if the sun were the size of a basketball the nearest star would be another basketball clear over in England. So all that distance is empty space, in our galaxy. Our Milky Way Galaxy is composed up to two hundred billion stars. Now in between the galaxies it is empty space again and the galaxy itself the nearest star to us is like a basketball over in England and that is how far apart the stars are in our galaxy, when you look up and see the stars at night in the Milky Way the stars are typically as far apart as a basketball here in the United States and a basketball in England. Can you imagine this, the only reason we can see a basketball sized object as far away as England is because it is so bright. When we look up at the stars at night we only see their light, we cannot really see their form. We just pretty much see their light but because a star is so far away that bright light that they emit makes it possible for us to see them.

So it boggles the mind when we consider the distance involved here. The distance in the atomic world is very similar. If the nucleus of the atom were as big as a basketball then the electron is like a little pebble miles away for so much of it is just empty space. Yet when two objects hit each other they appear to be solid even though they have so much empty space. It is really amazing when you think about it. The only reason objects feel solid is because particles are vibrating and spinning and the electrons are moving around close to the speed of light; which is 186,000 miles per second, extremely fast but because of their tremendous speed they feel solid.

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