Staying in the Light

Staying in the Light

Question: Can a worker of darkness duplicate the vibration of that which the disciple receives through the soul? Can he fool people to think his vibration is of God? How?

How can the seeker discern the difference in vibration between a worker of light and dark?

A reader gives this comment: “One safe way to identify true teachers is if they bring new teachings (not quoting other sources), AND you feel the inner confirmation of your soul. Then you know they are not copycat imitators.”

This is a good point. The question is why is it that teachers from the dark side cannot bring forth that which is truly new? The reason is simple. To bring down a new principle or a greater understanding of an old one requires soul contact. The worker of darkness has little or no soul contact and thus has to rely completely on what he has been taught or read. Such a one often claims he is teaching something new, but a closer look will discover that he is teaching recycled material. What he will often do in order to sound like he has new material is to create a new vocabulary for already established concepts.

For instance, he could take DK’s teachings on the Law of Economy and teach it as something new which he calls “The Law of Evolution.” Then he may claim that God, an angel or some Master taught him this and other recycled teachings. The sad thing is that the beginning seeker will be easily fooled by such claims.

Of course, for one who has soul contact there is a big difference in the internal registration when one listens to a teacher of light and one of darkness. The main method used to deceive those who sense some soul vibration is they: “repeat the words or teachings of someone who was a true worker of light. (No wonder the “born-again” folks quote so much scripture…)”

Yes, it is interesting that the scriptures tell us that Satan tempted Jesus by quoting scripture to him. In other words, he used established words of light to cloud the light.

Therefore, it is no sign that one is in the light if he quotes scripture, DK, ancient sages or a living prophet, guru or pope.

It is a sign that one is a teacher of light if he presents something that is indeed new and different in a way that registers with your soul.

But can a dark teacher or messenger imitate the vibrations of the Holy Spirit which comes through the soul?

Members correctly related that the answer is no.

Then why is it that we hear so many warnings from religious zealots that the devil can appear as an angel of light and can fool us in every way? The only way to escape the devil is to listen to them.

The truth is that the Dark Brother can never imitate the vibration of the Holy Spirit, but the problem is that many of the religious ones have never felt the Holy Spirit. What many have felt instead is higher astral energy at their best moments.

One who has felt the Holy Spirit knows that the vibration cannot be duplicated by those in darkness.

Does this mean that one who has had true soul contact and felt the Holy Spirit can never be deceived?


How could he be deceived then if the Dark Brothers cannot imitate the high spiritual vibration?

The answer is that the seeker is subject to deception until he has mastered holding his mind “steady in the light.” This is not fully completed until the third initiation, but if one is wise and has understanding he can continually stay on the path before this occurrence.

To understand how to stay on the path he must first understand what can take him off.

(1) Glamour. An inflated ego produces a feeling of self importance that causes him to switch attention from the soul to the lower nature. This causes the second problem which is…

(2) Spiritual amnesia. Higher spiritual experiences are not fully registered in the physical brain. Therefore, after some time has passed, the memory starts to grow dim and if he does not stay centered in the soul he will often doubt his experiences and just chalk them up to an overactive imagination.

(3) Illusion. This is basically a trick played on the mind by using false reasoning to convince the seeker that the soul direction was wrong. Illusion is also planted in us through wrong foundation beliefs of which I have previously written. Satan tried to use illusion on Jesus by quoting him scripture and may have succeeded if the Master had any incorrect foundational beliefs.

(4) Allowing oneself to be more attracted to teachings that the self desires rather than seeking for truth no matter where it leads you. Putting self above truth dims the memory of the Holy Spirit.

The basic problem created by moving off the path is this. Imagine yourself in a room with a bright light and on the wall is a dial that can slowly dim that light. If another person dims the light very slowly – say over a two hour period, the light may get down to 40% power and it is quite possible, if you are preoccupied, that you would not even notice.

But the interesting thing is if the person were to suddenly, in an instant, turn the light to full power you would be startled by the light and may even have difficulty adjusting for a while.

Even so, when we take our attention off the light and soul contact fades we tend to think that we are centered as much in the soul as ever. If we could be jolted back in the soul in an instant we would be surprised to see how far off we have been.

Thus we see the danger. Here we have a disciple who has had great spiritual experiences, but his attention has been diverted and his soul contact is waning. It is at a time like this that a dark teacher can step forward and present himself as an angel of light. Unfortunately, if the message has appeal to the lower self, soul contact is often severed for a time and the seeker drifts off in a strange path and sometimes has the unfortunate experience of becoming a pawn in the hands of darkness – while still thinking he is in the soul. Little does he realize he is now a victim of spiritual amnesia.

The key here is to always be aware and watch ourselves. Always pay attention to the inner light and note whether it is dimming or increasing in brightness. The successful disciple must check himself, not only daily, but hourly.

Question: If a Dark Brother cannot duplicate the Holy Spirit then how could he trick one (who has felt the Holy Spirit) into thinking he is in the light?

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Nov 6, 2003

Copyright by J J Dewey

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