Last Chance?

Last Chance?

Reader comment: I disagree that a person will have only once chance to have soul contact…

JJ: I never said this. Once a person approaches the soul he has innumerable chances at soul contact.

Comment: ….or if their soul is trying to tell them something and if they ignore it, disbelieve it, or think it is only their imagination, they will lose contact for that current lifetime.

JJ: Let me expand on this.

One of the main purpose of soul contact is to reveal to us the next steps in our progression. Our progression is like climbing a ladder. We must start on the first step and proceed to the second, the third etc. If we try to take the fourth step when we should be on the first then we will stumble and fall. Therefore, when our soul guides us toward our first step and we refuse to take it, but try to take another step, or even back off and take no step then there is little our soul can do for us. The soul is not going to grab hold of us and shake us and force us to take the necessary first step.

On the other hand, it will wait for us to be ready as well and create circumstances to guide us back to this first step.

Sometimes it may take an entire lifetime to take our next step. If our next step is difficult for us our soul will continue to guide us as long as we are working on the next step revealed. If you have twenty years between steps and have accepted the next step given to you by your soul and are working on it to the best of your ability then you will receive inspiration through the soul on many matters in between the steps.

The principle is this. If the entity refuses to listen to the soul on one important matter he will usually not listen to it on another. If he refuses his next step, which is essential to his progression then everything else he gets through attempted soul contact will be distorted, filtered through the illusion of his prime rejection.

The soul never gives up unless one chooses the dark path and totally rejects the vibration of the soul, making contact impossible in this round.

Barring this we have unlimited chances to resume contact, but to have clear contact we must not neglect the last thing the soul has revealed to us.

The soul may go so far as to remind us of the next step in a number of different ways, but when it is revealed it is very essential to follow if we want more.

Some may question:

“If one rejects his next step will he still think he has soul contact?”

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Few are strong enough to admit they have been cut off and will often think their higher emotional feelings come from the soul. Unlike soul which is always correct, these higher feelings are sometimes correct and sometimes not – depending on how accurate his learning has been.

Comment: I think a lot depends on the person and how strongly they reject or dismiss the contact.

JJ: How strongly we reject will determine how long it may take us to turn around, but we either accept or we do not. There is no middle ground. You either take the step or you do not. To half way take the step is to miss the step. A definite decision must be made to take the step. Once this decision is made you will have the full support of the soul along the way.

To reject your next step is to reject the vibration of the soul. When the vibration of the soul is rejected then the pure vibration can no longer be clearly recognized until the seeker gets back to his next step and moves ahead.

Comment: If somebody totally turns their back on the light, sure they aren’t likely to get another chance in this lifetime. But if somebody simply has doubts or fears about it but is still open, they might more opportunities.

JJ: There’s always opportunities. Now keep in mind I am not talking about the sin against the Holy Spirit, but a refusal to take the next step.

This refusal may actually begin with a half-hearted initial acceptance, but the seeker just gets lazy and the winds up putting the next step in his subconscious and forgetting about it – or rationalizing about it.

Fears and doubts as you mention may also hinder him.

Whatever the case, the next step must be actively pursued if the seeker wants full contact.

If he is not taking his next step he will still go through many learning experiences that will prepare him for the step or bring him around to it. He can still love his fellow men and perform service and fulfill many good intentions, but further revelation through the soul will be illusive. The best he will achieve will be reworking past successes and receiving soul confirmations that will lead him to his next step – that he may be seeking to avoid.

There is always illusion to consider when speaking of this subject. Sometimes the pilgrim will receive a desire through his astral body and think this is the next step revealed by his soul. Then taking this wrong next step really complicates matters for him.

This is why the learning to recognize the true vibration of the soul is so important.

Whenever a person casts his eyes in the direction of the soul he finds the soul already has arms open to receive. The is no last chance. The moment the person yields to the higher vibration or revelation he is accepted, even if he has delayed a thousand times.

The problem is not that our souls reject us, but that we reject the soul. When the next step is revealed we have to go back to it and take it if we want to move ahead. Our soul will do everything possible to nudge us toward that step.

Question: Are we not to acknowledge where we are on the path?

Acknowledge to yourself what you know for sure. Do not assume that which you do not know. The safe thing is to take the lower seat at the table so if we find that we are asked to “come up higher” we have honor in our humility.

On the other hand, if our next step revealed seems bold and beyond our degree of initiation we must have faith in the Spirit and move onward to the best of our ability without fear.

“The Hierarchy might be defined as the sum total of those sons of men who are no longer centered in the individualised self-consciousness, but who have entered into a wider realisation, that of the planetary group life.” DK, A Treatise on White Magic, Pg 38

Dec 9, 2003

Copyright by J J Dewey

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