Illusion and Self Correction

Illusion and Self Correction
(Transcribed from a posted audio)

One topic we decided is always on topic is health. This is because we want to keep everybody in the group as healthy as possible. A number of people in our group have had health problems and we would like to help them as much as possible. Along this vein, there was a recent Doctor strike in Israel. After the strike was ongoing, an interesting thing was noted. They had a 39% decrease in the death rate. So you might want to think about not going to the Doctor unless you absolutely have to, to get a bone mended or something. As I said in my book, I haven’t been to a regular medical doctor in over 20 years. I think the last time I went was when I did break a bone. Actually I tried to set it myself but I wasn’t very good at it so I was forced to go to a doctor

Years ago I read another interesting statistic somewhere. It said that they’d done some comparison between people who saw a doctor about a problem and people who didn’t. The rate of recovery was almost identical in both groups. If this statistic is right, all the money we spend on doctors isn’t doing us any good. One thing to keep in mind is the principle of the middle way and to use judgment in all things. There are times to see doctors and other times we’re better off doing some investigating on our own. Look at your diet, study herbs, look at alternative methods and so on.

Reader comment: I read Betty Eddie’s book (she died and went to heaven and saw many great things before coming back to life) and in it she says she saw in the pre-existence two men who were best friends. Man A already progressed to greatness in God’s kingdom. Man B was lagging behind A. In order to get B caught up to A, A had to come to earth as a drunk in the gutter so that B, who was a CEO in a nearby high rise, could pass by and help A out of the gutter. Years passed and B finally reached down and helped A out of the gutter. B simply couldn’t keep passing A 1000s of times passed out in the gutter. B went thru hell getting A out of the gutter.”

Now, Mrs. Eddie says some rather odd things. For instance, she tells us that many people come to Earth in a really bad situation, or even sometimes as evil, just so others can learn to deal with evil. She says this about Hitler and says he’s really in heaven now. He was a really decent guy but he just came here to play the role. So when you read something like this don’t go by the fact that the person says, “I went to heaven and this is what I saw.” First of all ask yourself this question, “Does this make sense?”

Does it make sense that Hitler would be in heaven? What would need to happen to Hitler for him to be in heaven? First of all, could he be in heaven and hate Jews who are also in heaven? Could he be in heaven and want to destroy and take away freedom and make all Jews extinct? Could he be in heaven and have these type of thoughts on his mind?

The answer is no. That means Hitler can’t be in heaven and still be Hitler. If he’s in heaven he’d have to be whitewashed in some way so he isn’t even Hitler.

It doesn’t make sense if someone says, “I’m going to come to Earth and be a drunk guy so you can learn how to help a drunk guy.” Someone commented that there are enough drunk guys already without someone needing to volunteer to do that.

In other words, Eddie’s saying that everyone who is in a bad situation is because of a plan. Think of the situations that you yourself have been in. Think of the mistakes you’ve made. Think of the times you’ve mistreated somebody. Do you really feel that you did those things because of an agreement you made? Did you plan to come here and hurt your spouse’s feelings so she could learn to deal with someone who is hurtful? Does that make sense? I remember when I was a kid I threw a rock and accidently broke this guy’s window. When I look back on that I see it was a stupid thing to do and I’m sure I didn’t do that because of a pre-agreement to throw a rock through his window just for him to know what it feels like to have a rock thrown through his window and so he could learn to have patience with a little kid. I just can’t identify with that. It makes no sense to me whatsoever.

If it doesn’t make any sense that Hitler is in heaven or that people come here to be drunks or to kill other people so other people can learn a lesson why was Mrs. Eddie shown this when she had a near death experience? Speaking of that, it’s interesting that after the book came out this doctrine began to circulate a lot and Conversations with God picked up on it. But before Mrs. Eddie made these statements I’d never seen this doctrine around anywhere. People seem to have grabbed on to this idea.

Let’s look at near death experiences. The first thing to look at is that a lot of people come back with different things. Mrs. Eddie had a Mormon background so she saw the standard pre-existence of the Mormon doctrine. She saw a lot of Mormon doctrine affirmations for herself with certain little twists on them; Hitler being in heaven as an example. She wasn’t a standard Mormon but she was sort of loosely into it and had ideas of her own. The ideas that she had were included in her near death experience.

Now, she was told there was no reincarnation yet the majority of people having NDE (near death experiences) are told there is reincarnation. So why was Mrs. Eddie told there is no reincarnation when the majority of those having NDE are told otherwise? Somebody isn’t correct here. When a Buddhist has a NDE experience he doesn’t see Jesus on the other side. He’ll see Buddha. When a Christian has a NDE he’ll see Jesus. A Mormon having a NDE might see Joseph Smith. What’s going on here? Does everyone see what they want to in the next world?

This is the story of the astral world. The astral world is a world that is not real. DK tells us that the astral world is like a lower reflection of the mental world. The mental world is built upon true principles and it has a true reality. The astral world is based solely on illusion and one day we will not be affected by it at all but for now in our state of evolution, the astral world is very powerful. The astral world is governed by matter which is governed by emotional energy. The mental world is governed by matter which is governed by thought.

Another name for the astral world is the desire world. In other words, it’s a world where our desires are materialized for us. The majority of people are polarized or grounded in their astral, emotional, desire energy. Because of this, when they die, they go to the astral world. They go to this place which is conditioned by their desires, especially right after death as in a near death experience. People will often not see a true reality but see a fulfillment of their desires and see their beliefs represented by a reality that is of their own creation. This is why people having NDEs experience many different things. About 10-20% of them go to hell where there is burning fires and pitchforks which scare the daylights out of them. This was created by their emotional feelings. They evidently felt guilty and because of this guilt and religion hammered into them they feel they’re not worthy of heaven. So when they have their NDE they see hell waiting for them. It’s a big shock to people who have this experience.

One of the main teachings of Buddha is to get control over our desires so that we become their master. Thus after we die, we are not trapped in illusion but we can go to a place where there is a true reality called Nirvana. Some people in the West interpret Nirvana as a nothingness but it’s a place where there is no illusion. From some points of view this would be nothingness, if they’re trapped in a lot of illusion and don’t see much true reality in their lives. But for the true seeker, the higher worlds are merely a higher reality which is a better reality that we’re in right here as far as pure enjoyment goes.

So, is Hitler in heaven? Actually his personality is not in heaven. The souls of all of us, the higher parts of our nature are in heaven so from that point of view I guess you could say she’s right. All of us have a higher part of ourselves but we if the lower part of ourselves is not one with the higher part of ourselves then there will be discord. If we were at one with that higher part of ourselves we would be harmless. We, as personalities, where our consciousness dwells; the physical, the feeling and the mind, are capable of creating grievous errors which we have to face, not only in this world but in the world to come.

Right after we die we are in our etheric physical double for a period of time until that dissipates. Then most of us find ourselves in our astral body. If a person is fairly highly evolved, he’ll go straight to the body of his mind and merge with his Higher Self. In your astral body you will dwell in the astral world (if the person is astrally grounded) until near the time of the next birth. Then he will merge back with his soul and descend back into matter again.

So if Hitler is still in his astral body, I wouldn’t think he’d be in much of a heaven. He may still be convinced that he’s right, as far as that goes. He wouldn’t be in any more heaven there than he was here. He wasn’t in very much of a heaven here. He’d get so angry sometimes that he’d roll on the floor and chew on the carpet. That type of feeling and anger and animosity toward other people will carry over to the astral world so that another person would actually be able to see these feelings emanating from this individual in the astral world. It would be embarrassing for many of to have our feelings totally exposed for others to see.

Imagine if you were to die and go live amongst people exactly or very close to your type of thinking and feeling. Would that be heaven or hell? So if you want to know if Hitler is in heaven, just imagine Hitler living with 1000 other people that thought the same way that he did. Ask yourself, “Would this be heaven?” There you have your answer.

Another illusion in Mrs. Eddie’s NDE was that she met Jesus. It seems like every Christian meets Jesus and every Buddhist meets Buddha, Hare Krishnas meet Krishna, etc. How do these guys get around so much? Who did Mrs. Eddie meet? Christ is on the Earth right now in a physical body. He’s not up in heaven somewhere. He said, “I will be with you until the end of the age.” He is with us. He hasn’t really left the Earth so He’s really not in heaven. So who did she meet when she went there? What she saw was the reflection of her Solar Angel. The Solar Angel represents the Christ consciousness so, in a way of speaking, she saw the Christ but it was a reflection of the Christ consciousness talking to her, not Jesus the entity.

The reflected Solar Angel was what she thought was the Christ. We see the reflection of our Solar Angel before we meet the solar angel itself because the average person isn’t ready to meet his true Solar Angel. So, the Solar Angel reflects Itself down into the astral world but the reflection of the Solar Angel will often teach some things that are upside down but they’ll be things that are encouraging to the person to live a good life so they can eventually face their illusions. Mrs. Eddie, after her NDE, was motivated to be a better person so her Solar Angel, upon reflecting Itself and talking to her, actually helped her along even though there was still a lot of illusion involved.

That’s part of the great plan. Give us all the illusion that we can handle until we’re ready to come out of the illusion. The average person loves illusion. He wants to be tricked into believing what he wants to believe and not let the facts get in the way. So the reflection of the Solar Angel and the reflection of the higher energies are here to make us like actors in a play. The play isn’t really real but we play things out until we learn the lessons in the play and we finally decide we don’t want to play anymore and we’re ready to enter into the real world. Then you are nearing the time when you can face your true Solar Angel or the true divine presence.

Comment: I noticed that the sounds and letters of our language seem to have hidden meaning perhaps by design.

There is a lot of truth in that. The sounds we have in the English language and also other languages throughout the Earth, the way the words are composed did not happen by accident. A good example is the word ‘disease’. Dis-ease; when we have disease, we’re not at ease. It’s a kind of flukey arrangement but it wasn’t by accident. A reader points out that ‘evil’ is ‘live’ spelled backwards. Also the way words sound is not by accident. Here we go to a great mystery. “In the beginning was the Word” and we’re touching on one of the keys of eternal life.

I received comments on corruption, that almost all inspired organizations and institutions go through. Some great leader comes forward, creates a wonderful work, then within a generation or two, it’s corrupted so that the original creator wouldn’t even recognize the thing. So the question is, “How are we going to keep the teachings presented here from becoming corrupted?”

This is covered in the book, The Molecular Relationship. The problem that a lot of organizations have is that they try to make a perfect organization to begin with. This is impossible. Making the perfect organization to begin with is like deciding to drive a car a mile down a straight piece of road and lock the steering in place, so that you don’t have to correct the steering even once to drive the distance. Well, take aim and lock it in place as good as you can but what happens? Within a block or two the car will drive off the road. It’s impossible to begin something at such perfection that it will reach its end point without correction.

Look at the human body. The human body is the most perfect thing created in our universe, on the physical plane, yet it has self-correcting mechanisms built into it. If we get sick, there are mechanisms built in that fight the illness and correct it. If you cut your finger, you have corrective mechanisms that heal the cut, perhaps better and stronger than to begin with.

The trouble with every organization that’s ever been created on Earth is that it’s been done with the idea of making it as good as you can to start with. But the natural methods of correction have not been put into place. So every organization that has ever been created goes through a process of corruption. The Constitution of the United States, for instance, is an inspired document but now we’re reaching a point where a lot of it isn’t followed any more because people have added their own interpretation and watered it down so we have a totally different concept of what liberty is today, compared to when they had the Boston Tea Party. When they had the Boston Tea Party complaining about taxes, they were taxed much less than we are today. They were so outraged that they threw all the tea into the bay. Yet, with us, we accept that half of our money is going to taxes (on the average). So, we’re a different country today. It’s been watered down compared to the vision of the founders.

It’s the same thing with the churches. Christ, the highest of us all, established the Christian church but within a couple hundred years after He was gone a lot of things had changed. He would’ve hardly recognized it. By the time Constantine assumed strong control over the church and its doctrines, the church had changed into something not envisioned by the original apostles.

So, how do we prevent corruption from coming into an organization? This is the beauty of the Molecular Relationship. It will be self-correcting. Because, in the molecular relationship, if you do not like something your leader is doing, you can challenge him for leadership and call for a vote. You can do this without any fear of being thrown out or being ostracized or anything like this. If you can convince your group that you can be a better leader then you will switch places with the leader. He will take your place and you will take his place. You’ll have an opportunity to correct the misdirection of a faulty leader.

As it is now, in this world, if a leader in a business, for instance, gets corrupted, what do they do? I don’t know how many of you have read about the Peter Principle. It tells us that people move up in a business until they reach a position in which they are totally incompetent. Once they’ve moved into a job or position where they are incompetent then the managers usually leave them there. They don’t know what to do with them so they leave them in the job in which they are totally out of their element. For example, an engineer may be a very good engineer but then he may be made a manager and he’s a very bad manager. Instead of placing him back as an engineer where he makes less money, they don’t dare demote him so they leave him as a bad manager. So, according to the Peter Principle, in big business you move up until you reach a job where you are totally incompetent then you stay there. This is the author’s explanation for why bureaucracies are incompetent.

In the molecular relationship this won’t happen. When a person reaches a position in which he is incompetent, he can be challenged and replaced without breaking any rules or causing disdain or being looked down upon or anything like this. So this one simple process of election will build a self-correcting mechanism into the molecular organizations.

Let’s say we had an organization based on the molecular relationship with 10,000 people in it. A very talented person enters it from out of the blue. He can quickly move 4 or 5 levels up to the top man. He can move up and become the leader of the entire organization within a few short months by challenging his way up to the top. Thus fresh blood can move in and change places very quickly. It kind of fulfills the parable of Christ where He spoke of the laborers coming in at the last hour and they were given the same reward as those who had worked all through the heat of the day. This is the way the molecular relationship works. A person can come in fresh right off the street and if he has a talent, he can move up to a very high degree of leadership very quickly through the process of election, primarily convincing everyone he has the ability and that he can work for the benefit of the group more than the current establishment can.

Another important factor that will be recognized in the molecular relationship is the power of initiation. In any group or activity you will have the initiate. He’s the one who gets the ball rolling. He’s usually the one with the greatest vision of how everything fits together so it’s usually important to keep him in there unless he’s just outrageously screwing things up.

In the molecular relationship there will be many opportunities to initiate. For example, suppose you wanted to join and initiate your own molecule. So you put together a group of 24 people. This makes you the initiate of this group. The group should honor your power of initiation by keeping you there. But when you leave the group it’s totally turned over to the power of election because those who are left are not the ones who initiated it, but governors. As governors they prevent its corruption through the power of election, opening the door to new initiates.

In the United States, we don’t have any of the founding fathers walking around anymore. These initiates are long gone. Their places are taken over by people who are governing. If it is molecular, everything should be done by the power of election. We have partial power of election in this country and that’s one of the reasons for its success. There are still many leadership roles that are appointments that are not done through election. If you don’t like the President of the United States you need to wait four years to get him replaced. If you don’t like a Senator you have to wait six years.

One of my goals before I leave the scene of things here is I want to get the molecular relationship going so it is self healing. So, if it begins to veer off course, through the power of election those innovative souls can come in and change things and put it back on course. Look at the problems they’re having in the Catholic Church. All these years, with problems from child molestation over to other types of corruption, if anyone raises a red flag and wants to change things, he’s demoted somewhere; sent to be a priest in Outer Mongolia or somewhere. So, he who wants to change things and make things right in the Catholic Church or any of the other churches, is usually ostracized. This is how the molecular relationship will be different. When the innovative guy comes in wanting to change the organization, increase efficiency, and make things better, he will be able to be heard. He will be able to challenge. He will be able to be voted upon. This will cause the new organizations of light to be self correcting.

Copyright By J J Dewey

May 11, 2002

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