As I Remember, Chapter 38

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      It is a hot, windy day here at Hurricane. I made it through the winter, but it sure was a long one. Growing old, is sure not something to look forward to. Now don’t get me wrong. Lots of people think they are old after they pass the age of sixty. This is wrong, and some of my best years were between sixty and eighty.. Going to a lot of dances, parties and just playing around with people near your own age, is a lot of fun. Next January 5th, I will be eighty three. Yes, I am getting right up there. These old feet and legs of mine have sure been around. And as far as I’m concerned, they show more wear than any other part of my body. Pardon me, there is another part, but let’s not get into that.

      Like an old set of worn tires on an automobile, reminds me of, my feet and legs. The first part of this, was broken and fallen arches. This started years ago and gradually gets worse. I have tried all the medical cures, but like everything else that gets old and worn out, the expensive medical cures, are worthless.

      Yes, carrying around about one hundred and seventy five pounds for eighty three years, takes it’s toll. And now for the latest.

      Last fall, for no special reason, everything below my knees, would give me Hell all night long. My feet felt like they were full of cactus thorns and my legs, the stump of an old dead tree. I found me a good doctor. His name is Carter. After running a bunch of tests, this is what he told me. “This is just a part of getting old. The arteries in your legs, are not letting the blood circulate.” He prescribed me pills to take with each meal. He then put me on a strict diet and that has been over six months ago. I guess there is no cure for getting old and I sure understand why a lot of people bring their miserable life to an end.

      And this old bad back of mine, still gives me trouble. For about sixty years now, I have worn a steel brace, and am wearing it right now. Like a fat old woman, I get a new one every few years. Enough about this Sad Sack, With the Bad Back… Now, I have something else on my mind. My boy Bill, is getting married!

      Last fall, Bill and his girl friend, came up from LA and paid us a visit. He introduced us to his lovely lady, Hilde. They had been going together for quite a while, and planned on getting married next spring. We wished them well and they said we would be invited to the wedding. And they did. The date is July 26.

      Last Sunday, (Father’s Day) Bertie and Lorin invited me over to their place for dinner. Then after we ate, Bertie presented me with a special Father’s Day gift. She pointed at the telephone. “We want you to call all of your kids. Talk as long as you like, and we pay the bill.” She sure made my day. I talked to everyone but Bill and his lady. We sure wanted to talk to them. There were a lot of questions about the wedding. But the only thing we got, was the answering service. They were gone for the day, but leave a message.

      For the first time since I have been here, I wished I had a phone of my own. And if I did, I would call Bill and Hilde down in LA

      Bertie and Lorin have been up in Salt Lake all this week. He is getting a new set of false teeth.

And now just a couple of days ago, I got another letter from Bill and Hilde. They told me, that being as how I was The Best Man at the wedding, I must wear a Tux. Well, for sure, I don’t have a Tux. I have lots of dress clothes. Jackets and trousers of most every color. Dress shoes to fit most any occasion. And at least fifty shirts to go with them. Yes, I can put on a different costume for every day in the year. But, NO TUX. Bill said to go to a Tux Rental here and get my measurements. Send them to him and he will rent the Tux. This, I can not do. To begin with, there is no such thing as a Tux renter, in this one horse town. Also, for several weeks, old age has once more did it’s thing. Everything below my knees, has given me Hell!

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