2000-8-3 20:39:00

Since questions about the subject of the stigmata, bleeding Eucharist and other phenomenon have surfaced now and then, we will interrupt the regular line of questioning with a brief exploration of this. Actually, it is not that off topic because this is indeed a good topic to apply the principles of discernment of truth.

As most of you have surmised, the main characteristic of a disciple is that he or she asks questions. Thus instead of just accepting these phenomenon as being true, the real seeker will question its validity and run all things by his soul.

Is the stigmata, bleeding Eucharist, crying statues, appearing faces on walls etc. true signs from God? If they are, what is the purpose behind such strange occurrences?

If the cause behind it is not as simple as a sign from God, then what do you suppose is the cause? What would truly cause a stigmata for instance?

What type of person do you notice being in the center of such signs and who are they who are marvelously impressed?