The Power of Creation

2000-7-31 12:49:00

Christopher quotes me as follows:
"All of creation takes place because of an interplay of positive and negative (male-female) forces."

Then he asks:
How then, does this explain cellular reproduction and the ability of certain biological life-form organisms to reproduce themselves by splitting in two?

The activity within the organism responsible for the growth of the new cell takes place as a result of positive and negative (male-female) forces. Without this interplay of forces there would be no cell to even reproduce.

Nothing is neutral in the world of form. Some believe that stable atoms, neutrons and cells are neutral, but they all will have a small charge either positive or negative.

In relation to this statement, how do you then explain that within the DNA there exists a number of non-polar chromosomes ... which molecular biology refers to as "autosomes", which are passed on from parent to child ..identical "autosomes" which exist within both the male and female of the human species.

First no two things in the world of form are exactly identical but are close enough that the differences are not perceptible. No copy of anything is exact but again is close enough that the differences are not perceptible.

Even though the "autosomes" are not apparently related to sex, any creation for which they carry an internal program will involve the interplay of positive and negative forces to complete.

Have you forgotten that for the first weeks of your own fetal development in you mothers womb .. you were neither male or female ..

No I have not forgotten it.

Even before the child displays physical sex, his creation takes place through the interplay of positive and negative (male-female) forces, originating of course with the interplay of the male and female in the sex act itself.

As to the article you quoted, giving evidence that chromosomes were identical in the ancient past, this proves what I have long taught from the ancient wisdom that we were once hermaphrodites, but even hermaphrodites have billions of negative and positive energies interplaying within them, without which there would be no creation, neither to act or to be acted upon.