To Zia With Love III

2000-6-30 12:00:00

Zina, my friend, I sense I hurt your feelings and this was not my intention. Neither is it my intention to discourage anyone from disagreeing with me. I actually enjoy dealing with challenges and those who believe me to be in error. Actually, in the end, the point I am trying to make is enhanced through two points of view.

I think I deserve some credit for standing by what I teach in this for I have dealt with dozens of challenges in this list. I have not tried to suppress anyone from expressing their point of view and have answered every question that my limited time has permitted.

I have never asked anyone to leave the list and have no authority in that regard anyway. Rick is the initiate of the list and it's his call. I think he will testify on my behalf that I have left the management completely up to him and have never given him hidden instructions.

That said I would like to make a few comments and observations about my dear sister Zina who does indeed have a special place in my heart. Since meeting Zina on this list I have been curious as to what she would be like in person and here is my observation from meeting her at The Gathering.

She is very friendly, outgoing and conversational. She looks at you with intensity in conversation and projects a nurturing, almost motherly energy. She is married to a good looking intelligent French Canadian named Mitch, several years younger than her. He seems to be very much in love with her and I am sure that part of his attraction to her was her nurturing energy. Everyone at The Gathering seemed to like him, including myself. He is indeed a gentle spirit.

Zina, you have disagreed with me often on the list and even though there were times you made me feel like banging my head on a wall because of a lack of understanding each other's point of view, I have felt something different about you than others who have challenged me. Most who challenge me do not consider that I have anything to teach them or that their level of understanding can be stimulated so their light will increase. I can, however, sense this in you. I feel your soul touching you and telling you that there is something to learn (or should I say be stimulated) from me and others on the list. This is why you keep coming back.

Secondly, I sense that it is time for a new energy to be unfolding in your heart center. You may believe that all the energies of love have flowered within you, but such is rarely the case. There is yet another dimension for you to experience. Now many may believe that all evolution transpires within, but this is only half the equation. We must be stimulated from without and then evolve from within. Your soul has guided you to me and this list so you can be stimulated. So far only a small glimpse of the stimulation has occurred, but some distance has been traveled towards the encounter. The time of the approaching energy is at hand and soon the choice will be yours. You can either walk around it or walk into it.

I saw that you were taking steps to walk around it and thus I made my past post which, believe it or not, was a loving reach out to you, to go prepare your mind into your destiny and not around it.

Let me restate the purpose of my last post, but first let me again reiterate and emphasize that it was not an attempt to restrict debate, confrontation or different points of view. All who wish to challenge any present teachings are welcome to expose me to their hearts content. What I was attempting to do was to make you consider an aspect of yourself that I do not believe you are facing, and yet I think it must be faced for you to take your next step.

And what is the obstacle to the next step? What is always involved in some degree for the next step for each of us is the dispelling of illusion. And what is the illusion? It is the illusion within you that the conflict generated when you post on the list is only a reflection of the negativity of others, and has nothing to do with any action or intent on your part.

This is simply not true, my sister, and I believe that your soul is willing to verify this to you if you are willing to listen. I believe that this responsibility you have is something you must face and acknowledge. You must find what it is, in the intent within your heart that plants these seeds of conflict, and then allow this negativity to be lifted and to be replaced with a greater unfoldment of love energy. If you will allow this then many who have felt that your words of love have been shallow will no longer feel so, but will feel the love from you that you have always wanted to give.

I know from off list communications that there are numerous members who are frustrated with me for working with you and showing any kind of faith in you. Some have quoted to me communications from you that show a desire to expose me or destroy my credibility. They feel you present a grave danger to me. A number did not come to The Gathering because you were going to be there. Some are close to believing I have fallen from the light because I included you. These would be happy if I told you to leave the list and never come back, but such is not the message I receive from my soul. One of the most important things for me to teach and demonstrate is the seeing of the Christ within each of us, and this I sincerely do with you. But to manifest the Christ for all souls of good will to see, takes more than a proclamation of love. The veils covering the synchronistic energy must be removed so the two hearts can vibrate as one.

I submit to you that the possibility of doubling your circle of the sharing of the love energy now lies before you, but first you must take your part of the responsibility of conflicts. Then once this is sensed and you direct your thoughts on the wings of this new energy, most of the conflict here that has been generated around you will cease.

I have sensed this higher vibration within your heart waiting to be born and look forward to a greater oneness with you. Seek in meditation deep to feel the vibration within your heart which I know to be there waiting to blossom. I will feel it with you the moment it becomes manifest. The decision is yours.