What and Where is Soul? (Part 2)

2000-5-4 11:18:00

The whole physical body consists of the dense physical that all of us see, plus the normally invisible etheric. The etheric is composed of millions of lines of force joining and merging to give the dense physical a coherent form. Yesterday we practiced some exercises that will enable most to see this "other" physical body.

What is the next stage up? Is it the soul? No not yet. The next vibration up is the emotional or astral body. We can see the effects and evidence of this by looking at the aura. In fact Diane seems to have caught a glimpse of it. In describing what she saw as she was looking at the empty space between the thumbs she says: "I see that and a bit of brighter glow beyond the blue." Then in looking at the head she says: "I've seen this many times but didn't know it was a photograph. Sometimes it sort of spikes outward in several directions. Maybe spikes is the wrong word but it looks like it sort of flows in various degrees upwards or outwards." Good for you Diane. In both cases you have seen the auric emanations from the emotional body.

The assignment today is to practice seeing the auric emanation. This is more difficult to see than the etheric double, but with practice it can be done. If you are serious about it and want to do something for both your health and spirit go on a fast. The first time I saw an aura clearly was after a ten day fast on lemon juice and honey.

The best way to describe the art of seeing the aura is through a process I have named "the art of not seeing." The reason I call it this is that you have to hide any desire to see from your emotional self as you are attempting to see the aura. You must maintain a state of mind that says "I don't give a damn if I see the aura or not!" The instant you "feel" a desire to see it all hope of seeing it will disappear. Therefore you must completely still your emotions. When you do see the aura, do not get excited or it will immediately disappear. As soon as you see it maintain an unimpressed state of mind, as if you are saying to your astral self: "big deal - what's next?" That is why I call it the art of not seeing for to see it you must see it by attempting to not see.

First exercise: Repeat the thumb exercise as before, but slowly pull the thumbs about a half inch apart and leave them there looking at the empty space in between. Stare for a few minutes at the empty space and see what comes to your eyes. Focus on one spot in space and fix your attention on it.

The easiest part of the aura to see is over the head. This is why the early saints were represented as having halos. It is this light over the head that has the greatest intensity in most people. This time, instead of looking at the forehead, stare one-pointedly at the space just above the head. Practice for about five minutes at a time or until something becomes visible.

Actually it is easier to see a dark cloud over a depressed person, or one who has rejected light than it is to see the light of one who is in high vibration. If you cannot find anyone to cooperate with you then use yourself as a subject by looking at yourself in the mirror for the mirror does reflect the astral light. If you are successful at seeing colors or movement let us know what you see.