1998-12-6 07:39:00

We have a limited number of IMMORTAL books that have slight flaws in them that I thought we would offer to members of this list at half price. The flaw or flaws will be hardly noticeable. There are some with a blank page or two but on these we place a stick-on label of the missing page so all pages are there. Several others had a bad binding that we rebound and most would not notice the difference between this and a regular book. Then there are several that may have something like a little ink smearing on the last page. None of the flaws are bad enough to interfere with the enjoyment of the book.

Anyway, for those of you who enjoyed the book this could make a good Christmas present for your friends and help in the promotion at the same time.

We are making progress slow but sure. We just signed with a major New Age distributor called Book people and this will help sales shortly.

Prices are as follows for these books.

Regular Price: $19.95Discount Price for slightly flawed books $9.95 each. Postage is paid in the United States. Outside the US postage will be $5 extra for either one or two books.

We still supply an economical edition of Book I free of charge. If you feel you can give way 10 or more copies let us know and we will send them to you free in the US. Just end us your mailing address with a request to