2000-3-6 04:14:00

My Friends,

Viggi, an old member of the list, wrote me asking for our help and prayers
and I cannot relate his message to you better than his own words. I hope
he does not mind.

"Wished I had written sooner but it has always been a problem for me to ask for
help. Now I'm asking for your prayes. You see, I've been sick for over a month
now, in the hospital. I am hiv+ and I've got a bad condition of psoriasis and
because of both of these diseases I got very sick.For a time the doctors
sure I was going to make it but the worst is over now (hopefully!!!). I'm
this letter because I got homeleave over the weekend but have to go back to the
hospital on Monday. Hop all this will be over soon, I'm so tired.
Can not immagine why I chose all of this before I was born."

His e-mail address is:

Vignir J?nsson