Where are the Revelations?

2000-2-17 20:21:00

Blayne Writes: "Your implication to Sterling was that here was the only place where the light and Knowledge or revelations of God where being presented as evidenced by your challenge to show any other place they were being given.

"Since you believe this is the only place they are given that puts you in the same category as Moses giving revelations to a wicked generation because they won't get it themselves because its easier to ask JJ about eternity then to ask God."

JJ: This was not my implication at all and I believe that most understand that.
I asked, "If the light and knowledge presented here is not in alignment with the Purpose of God, then where are the revelations from Him? Do you have them, or did God fall asleep with the death of Joseph Smith?"

Now most Mormons, and disenfranchised Mormons that I know, do not recognize any new knowledge or principles that have been revealed since the death of Joseph Smith. I believe that Sterling (and possibly you) fit into this category. Therefore, if God has not given a message for the world for over 150 years, it would seem that He is sleeping on the job.

Conversely, if he isn't sleeping then where are the revelations??? We are surely as worthy of them as were the people in the 1840's when this country still had slaves, and thought the Bible supported such a travesty. Or if we need to correct evils, to receive God's attention, then there is still that, too.

My belief is that over the past 150 years that God has given many revelations. I was about a million miles away from asserting that I am the only one giving them out or making soul contact. I do notice, though, that those who reject the light given through Bailey, Blavatsky, Levi and others have not ventured to answer my question so I will ask it for the third time. If the metaphysical teachings given out to the world are not from God, then where are the revelations? Joseph taught that revelation was continuous.

Is God sleeping on the job, or is the cry of the current Mormons and ex-Mormons something like this: "A Standard Work, a Standard Work, we have a Standard Work and need no more a Standard Work!"

Note to all: The Standard Works for the Mormons are the Bible plus the Mormon scriptures.