Miscellaneous Comments

1998-12-3 11:58:00

Dave asked about Edgar Cayce and his predictions. Cayce was an unconscious medium. Even though he was one of the more accurate ones, he was far from infallible and many of his predictions did not come true. I remember, back in 1978, his followers were expecting the rise of Atlantis, but it did not happen.

Another good unconscious medium was Jane Roberts who channeled Seth. I believe she contacted a real intelligent entity here, but Seth was not a Master, and one has to study such writings carefully in the light of the soul, for there is always some illusion with unconscious channeling - often there is much illusion.

I haven't read Cosmic Voyage as reported by Betty, but enjoyed reading her comments. I see nothing wrong with list members reporting interesting material they have come across. I may or may not comment on them and I may or may not be able to verify the validity of a book for I do not have all knowledge available. My particular mission is more connected with the future than the past and more connected with principles than raw data.

Garret wrote about the 12 planet books. I started reading them once, but couldn't get into them. Nothing seemed to really connect with me, but that doesn't mean that there isn't some truth that may speak to others.

Despite Jehovah's bad rap with the Jewish people, I do believe He was a high and Holy entity above the rank of a Master. For one thing, when Moses came down from the mountain he glowed like the sun. This transfiguration experience would not have happened if he was dealing with someone of an evil nature. He was definitely a God of Glory whereas the Dark Brothers have a false light that can be viewed with the natural eye.