First Estate

2000-2-15 17:56:00

Good post Paul. Numbers do indeed form a basis of life and consciousness just as notes lay the foundation for a song.

Anni asks: "Since we only have about 1000 lifetimes as humans we must be able to incarnate as other living beings too? I understand that in the future (seen from this point on this level) we are going to link with other humans and form molecules, but what kind of incarnations did we then have before these 1000 lifetimes on earth?

"I thought we were animals - maybe on another planet, but still animals. Is my spirit ONLY able to incarnate into human lives? If so - how come angels and devas can incarnate as humans?"

JJ: Those who are native to this solar system began their human evolution in physical reality in a past incarnation of the solar system itself many billions of years ago. There most of us perfected our physical forms as has been revealed by DK. In that past system we also went through many incarnations, probably around a 1000 or more. Before this system, we were Becoming in the higher worlds, preparing for the physical opportunities to come. Joseph Smith called this previous solar system the first estate.

Many people seem to have past memories of being animals because we have numerous perfected animal lives within ourselves who are joined by molecular order and these lives identify with us or are seeking to be one with us, the greater lives.

The numbers that Paul refers to, create a symbol that is you and this symbol is structured to fit first into human type of form and intelligence; and then combine into greater lives and attract more complicated symbols of the mind of God. If you have a Pentium 500 MHz chip you would not want to attempt to run a 486 computer with it. Instead you must create the computer around the new chip. The correlation is not exact but gives the general idea.

The intelligence that went into the old chips was used as a foundation to create the form for the new generation. A Molecule is like a number of 486 computers uniting together to create a higher powered new generation computer. Such a union would give us all the power of the Pentium 500 while operating individually on the 486. We will still be our individual selves, but the Molecular Order through identification will take us into higher consciousness and ability.

As human essences we have incarnated in a number of forms comparable to human intelligence. This includes part of the deva evolution. In ancient times some humans incarnated as the highest of the animal kingdom to assist with their identification with the human just as sometimes now a Master will incarnate as a human.

And yes we will go in consciousness where none has gone before (at least on this planet). Contrary to popular belief there are new things under the Sun. This is why God says" "Behold, I do all things new." If life just does the same things over and over what kind of livingness is that? Even the life of God Itself has a thrill by going into totally new territory.

By the way, Trish and DJ, welcome to the list, I am enjoying your comments.