The Song Revisited

2000-2-10 01:16:00

Sterling writes: "May I point out that the prophecy for which this song is supposedly a fulfillment states that the song is to be sung. (duh) J.J. says it is to be spoken ? a mantra.

"The prophecy states that 'no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand.' J.J.'s 'song' could be recited by anyone."

Blayne gave a good response to this: "Just as scripture and all preparatory gospel teachings are just tools to point to the real thing and only have meaning in that we learn the lessons they were designed to teach? the words are just ink on paper the sounds are just words only when we become them do we sing sweetly on a higher plane where only those attuned to the same vibration will hear and understand the sweet music, to the rest it is just a mantra?"

I thought my book made it quite clear (as well as many previous posts) that reciting the words alone does not "sing" the song. Perhaps nothing will explain this better than quoting from the book:

John closed the book thoughtfully and looked at Elizabeth and me. "I wrote this in symbolic language nearly two thousand years ago. It sounds like the song will be sung by heavenly beings flying around the throne of God, but in reality anyone here on earth who recognizes the Spirit of God flowing through him is very close to the throne of God. It may sound like the song will be sung by virgin men but they will be both men and women who are pure in heart. Many have also thought the number 144,000 is a limiting number, but in reality it is the number of one great symbolic choir, one of many that will eventually come from this small planet. Also, the song will not be sung, in the ordinary sense, on the physical plane but by souls of aspiring disciples. It is to be spoken out loud and registered by the spirit within. When the words are registered by the soul a beautiful song is sent to God, and, in return, the seeker will receive spiritual protection and assistance."

As I sat down John looked up and smiled, "I see you have been saying the song," he said.

"How can you tell?" John was always a surprise to me.

"I see it, as I just told you."

"What do you mean you see it?"

"When I sang the song for you what did you see?" John asked.

"I saw beautiful lights dancing around you."

"So you saw me singing the song?"

"Yes, I suppose so."

"Did you not also feel me singing the song?"

"Yes, we felt the most wonderful feelings one can imagine."

"And you also heard me utter the words, did you not?"

"Of course."

"The true singing of the Song of the 144,000 is accomplished on three levels: the physical, emotional and mental planes, which opens the door of the spiritual. You have been singing the song recently and I can see your light and feel your peace. Thus, I see that you have been singing the song."

"Could you explain more about what you mean by singing on three levels?"

John paused and said, "If a person merely memorizes the words and repeats them only on the physical plane, he is not truly singing the song. The vibrations of words only being uttered cause very little result. In addition to saying the words one must feel and think the words. In a sense you become the Word which is God. The final thing you must always do is to sing the song as if you are in the presence of all others who are also in the great choir. When you do this you open the door to the spiritual energy and become a true singer of the song; you not only help yourself, but you also assist all others who also know and use the song. There is a strong interplay and sharing of energy that is available to those who have the Father's name written in their foreheads."

"I have a question," I said. "When you sang the song we saw a visible light around us, but when Elizabeth and I did it we didn't see a light. How come?"

"You did not see a light, but I did. When I saw you walking toward this booth you were glowing like an angel. You saw the light in my presence for two reasons: I have had more practice singing the song than you and the light was thus more intense: second, your spiritual sight was more sensitive that night. If you develop your spiritual sight you will be able to see the light each time you correctly sing the song. You will sing this song in groups in the future and some will see the light and others will not. Everyone, however, will feel some type of effect. Those who are not ready will feel a negative effect and will drop out of the choir and not sing it again until they are more prepared."

"What's the main determination as to whether a person is ready?" I asked.

"Each person will be his own judge. But if one is not ready he will not benefit and thus will not even attempt to sing the song on a regular basis."

"It seems odd to say we are singing a song when we are not singing in the normal sense."

"From a higher point of view there is not a lot of difference in beauty between speaking and singing. The beauty of the song of the soul far eclipses the most beautiful singing on the earth. Thus you will find some of the most spiritual people on the planet often do not have a good physical singing voice. This is because they have put so much attention on the inner beauty. On the other hand, there are a handful of spiritual people who have also cultivated a good singing voice, so you can't really judge the spiritual evolution of a person by the sound of his physical voice."

"What a relief!" I joked. "I'd probably go to Hell if I was judged by the way I sing."

"Actually you sing very well. If you were to listen to your whole self, you would see it." John smiled.

"This is news to me," I said. "I've never thought of myself as being a good singer any way you look at it."

End of quote.

From my experience those who "sing" the song regularly are the most pure in heart people I have ever encountered. Since we have had this discussion group, there have been many wonderful experiences related from those who have used it regularly. Perhaps several in the group would like to relate to us the effect it had upon them or their feelings about it.