Father and Son

2000-1-24 18:12:00

Chris made this interesting statement: "May I respectfully suggest that the son can descend from the father without the father creating the son ....

"This is possible if we remove the preconception that birth is an act of "will" or creation ...

"The question is did the father create the son or did the son, already existent within the father separate himself from the father.

"This I would suggest is how it was .. as it allows the concept of "father to remain in perfection" albeit .. missing a piece ... which seek the return ..

JJ: If the Son already existed within the Father that would imply an eternal duality.

Paul and others: I would be interested in your comments on this.

Do you think there can be oneness, yet in the beginning we have an imperfect Son in the bosom of a perfect Father God?