2000-1-10 00:10:00

CW writes:

From one who has specifically stated that his writings are a work of fiction, I find a great dichotomy in the above statement. (My suggestion is to run my teachings by your soul JJ).

I have never said my teachings are fiction. Why would you jump to such a conclusion that has never been projected or hinted at????

Since when is a work of fiction to be treated as a dogma...?

If you are referring to my novel, (which is part fiction) it is not intended to become dogma. I do suggest that seekers consider all my teachings wherever they may be found and run them by their souls. Do you find some fault with this suggestion?

I must look deeply into an uneasiness in my soul arising around one who tells a story as a metaphor...
and then says
"you will believe what I say ... and if you don't, leave
and you will not be part of what I promise you

You are falsely using quotation marks associated with words I did not say. I have never said "you will believe what I say...and if you don't leave." If you are referring to what I said to Zina, I told her she should follow her soul in relation to me. She has stated that her soul has told her that my teachings are not for her; thus I think she should not cause herself undue stress by subjecting herself to them. If this is what you are referring to, please be honest about it rather than insinuate with "fictional" quotes.

This invokes a remembering within me of
the lies and manipulation that were promulgated
by the Romans when they took some writings
and made a legend around a peasant rebel.

So you think my book is so powerful that the world is going to make even the fictional parts into a Bible or build legends around it? I think you overestimate me.