More Clarification

2000-1-9 11:27:00

I hear you Jennifer. I am sure that most of the people on the list wish to move ahead with learning and wish to avoid the arguing back and forth. I will make just a couple statements and then proceed with teaching.

Some were offended by my challenge and those who were seemed to misunderstand it. I was not, by the greatest stretch of the imagination, proclaiming that I have a monopoly on truth or that others on the list cannot receive knowledge through their souls. One must be looking for a fight to come to such conclusion. Those who have been with me from the beginning know how I have gone out of my way to encourage their own self-reliance on their own souls.

Let me repeat the challenge again:
"To those of you who think I am just sitting here at my computer and copying material out of some nebulous book, I hereby issue a challenge.

"You be the teacher and teach us just one principle or parable equal to the least of those mentioned above that is not already thoroughly covered in the teachings of the world."

Notice that the challenge was not to prove that some of my teachings are found elsewhere? I have already said that is a strong possibility.

The challenge was issued "To those of you who think I am just sitting here at my computer and copying material out of some nebulous book."

This would not include members like Rick, John W, John K, Glenys, Annie, Lorraine, Jennifer, Lelona, Dave, Xavier, Sharon, Sterling, Mark, Marylin, Craig, BJ, Susan, Diane, Travis, Rob, Brian, Terri, Vignir and many others who seek to cooperate in moving the list forward and are aware that there is no reason to accuse me of plagiarism.

The challenge was given out to those who believe I am some copycat teacher. The challenge to these folks is to reveal to us even one principle or parable that is not already explained in print somewhere equal to the least of those which I have taught. So far none have responded.

As far as Blayne's charge that I have received most of my teachings from early Mormons, I have to chuckle. Many of the quotes he related I have not even read before, and are completely unrelated to the original teachings I posted. I could tell that he was commenting on many of my teachings that he had not even read - the Molecular Relationship for example.

He thinks I am a voracious reader, whereas it has been 10-15 years since I have had the time to read a book all the way through. Even though I have had very little time to read, I have still learned a lot through other means.

To grab unrelated material and merely state that it disproves a teaching accomplishes nothing. It would be an easy thing to do to take the teachings of Newton and merely state that they disprove Einstein, or prove that Einstein was not original in his theories. It is far more difficult to be like Einstein and come up with something as inspired as the Theory of Relativity.

It is much easier to attempt to distort a true teaching than it is to be a true teacher. I call on Blayne and Zina to place yourselves into a positive mindset and seek to teach others by presenting truth, rather than attempting to show others on the list how primitive they are by being deceived through my teachings. Each member of the list can make that decision for themselves.

I will recommit myself, also, in an attempt to present positive teachings. I might remind any who are repulsed by what I do teach that this is a free internet and they do not have to be here and subject themselves to the torment of my presence on this list.

I know that I could go to some Jehovah's Witness, orthodox Mormon, or Baptist list and challenge everything the teachers there say and raise a lot of hell, but what good would it do? All it would do is create a negative atmosphere that would slow down their own learning at their particular point upon the path.