The Moving Pendulum

2000-1-7 10:46:00

Chapter Seven - The Moving Pendulum

It is extremely important that the disciple of truth recognize the dividing line between good and evil for the future of the world depends on this recognition.

The pendulum of material existence continually swings back and forth between good and evil, but the key to the understanding of the principle lies in the knowledge of the fact that the pendulum itself is in horizontal motion from left to right, thus causing the concepts of good and evil in the mind of man to be continually readjusting.

Visualize a pendulum swing back and forth while on a forward moving train. Even though it may seem that the only motion is the back and forth swing there is a larger motion of the train moving forward pulling the pendulum with it.

We see here that the pendulum has two movements. First it swings back and forth, and secondly the entire pendulum moves from left to right. The backward swing reveals the concept of evil as it is presently focused in he minds of humanity, and the forward swing reveals the concept of good. However, an actual backward movement of the pendulum, (or the train) as Hitler tried to accomplish, is evil in an eternal sense. It is a great cosmic evil. The forward motion of the pendulum is cosmic good. By nature the pendulum moves forward. Only a powerful Antichrist can move it back.

It is interesting to note that eons ago when the pendulum was in a different location that totalitarianism and a highly structured government was a desirable direction, but after mankind received the maximum benefit from living in this situation and the consciousness of man expanded it began to be looked upon as evil and democracy and free enterprise was the good objective. Ironically, we are approaching a time when competitive enterprise will be looked upon as evil and cooperative endeavor will be the good. As the pendulum moves further to the right that which was once good becomes evil, and a new concept of good evolves, but that which was once evil approaches oblivion and no longer bothers mankind. For instance, few people want to return to tribal living and no national government at all. Mankind is outgrowing that evil. In another two hundred years mankind will come close to outgrowing totalitarianism.

There are always strong forces influencing the pull of the pendulum swing toward the concept of good or evil and then higher forces still that pull the entire pendulum either forward or backwards. Before a quantum leap forward there always appears an Antichrist to try and pull it back, as Hitler did.

The moving pendulum also helps us to understand why people call good evil and evil good, for when a group has their consciousness set on one point in the forward motion of the pendulum then they view anything in a lower or HIGHER stage as evil. Thus a person with a differing point of awareness will be seen as evil because to him it threatens all that is good. He does not understand that a higher good is always forthcoming. Thus new concepts are always fought against. Just as freedom and democracy had to struggle for existence in the midst of totalitarian governments, so will the principles of the New Age have to struggle for a foothold in our present society. Fortunately, nothing can hold back the establishment of the coming age of peace save our own lethargy.

The antithesis of the New Age was presented by Hitler. He wanted to revert us back from moving forward on the train to moving backward and cause the gods of the Dark Age to walk the earth again. Now that he has failed we have a chance to introduce a new level of good and evil (a rare opportunity for mankind) and pave the way for the appearance of the Masters of Light. This appearance of Christ and the Masters who work with him will seal the door once and for all on totalitarian evil. The light and love and purpose which will thus permeate mankind will dissipate forever the desire to return to this state.

Completely sealing the door to totalitarian evil will be the most important evolutionary step mankind has made in recorded history and that is why the coming of Christ and his associates will be such an important event for mankind. Nevertheless, the reappearance of the Christ cannot happen just anytime for certain preparations must be made and without them the Christ cannot appear and effectively work. For example, if Hitler would have succeeded in his world conquest the appearance of Christ would have been delayed at least a thousand years. As it is, this evil has been driven back and preparations may now be made to set up a vibration, (one may call it a receiving station for want of a better word), that will attract the presence of the Christ. Ironically, just as the believers misunderstood the manner of his first appearance, and did not recognize him, so will most of the Bible belt again miss the mark.

The Bible gives us an interesting prerequisite for the second coming of Christ: "When the Lord shall build up Zion, he shall appear in his glory." Psalms 102:16.

If this scripture is literally true then a place called Zion must be built before the Lord can make his appearance. The natural question is what is Zion? And how is it to be built? Are not the modern Jews building Zion in Israel today?

Zion comes from the Hebrew word: TSIYOWN which signifies a guiding sign or an ensign. The Word "Zion" was first used by David when he captured the ancient city of Jebus and renamed it Jerusalem. It was also known as the "City of David".

It is interesting to apply the Hebrew meaning of the words we are dealing with, for they often give additional insight. Jerusalem was originally called "Jebus" which means a loathsome or polluted place. After it was captured by the IsraELites it was named Jerusalem or YeRUWSHALAYIM which means "to instruct or show the way to peace." It was also called the City of David. David means "loving". It was also called Zion which is an ensign. If we put all of these meanings together we can create a statement such as: "Zion is a city of love which shows the way to peace, or an ensign to peace, which has risen out of a polluted land."

As we continue it will be seen that this statement is amazingly accurate. From the midst of a polluted world, Zion, the city of light and love, will be built. In David's day Zion referred to Jerusalem and his people, but even he indicates that there was to be a future Zion for in the verse quoted he speaks of a Zion that "the Lord shall build". This statement was evidently written at a time when David was living in ancient Jerusalem, or Zion.

In this same chapter we are told that after Zion is built "He will regard the prayer of the destitute, and not despise their prayer. This shall be written down for the generation to come (the future): and the people which SHALL BE CREATED shall praise the Lord. For he that looked down from the height of his sanctuary; from heaven did the Lord behold the earth; To hear the groaning of the prisoner; to loose those that are appointed to death; To declare the name of the Lord in Zion, and his praise in Jerusalem; WHEN THE PEOPLE ARE GATHERED TOGETHER, and the kingdoms, to serve the Lord." Psalms 102:17-22

Here we re told clearly how Zion is to be built. Sometime in the future a new people will be created that will be "gathered together." This will even lead to kingdoms being gathered together to serve the will of God. In that day the "prayer of the destitute" will be heard. This has to apply to our day or beyond, for the prayer of the destitute is still not yet heard. Two thirds of the world are in that situation and their prayers and appeals for a decent standard of living are still going unheard and unanswered.

Since David tells us about a people that will be created in the future he is obviously not referring to the ancient race of Israel, for their consciousness was not equipped to handle the quantum leap in progression that Jehovah tried to produce. David realized that his people failed again and again to comprehend the plan of God and that the working out of the plan would have to be left to a future people.

The basic seed of the New Age Plan was presented as far back as the days of Moses and the working principle behind that plan was the gathering principle, or the synthesis of Israel into a greater working whole. The Bible often talks about the "gathering" of Israel, but if we were to substitute the word "synthesis" in place of "gathering" we find that the meaning is just as appropriate, or more so.

The first gathering of Israel took place in the days of Moses when he was sent by God to gather out of Egypt those who were capable of looking to the "one God" instead of leaning on the corrupt religion of the Pharaoh. Many believe that Moses only gathered out those who were known to be of the Hebrew race, but such was not the case. He took with him all those who believed "the Lord is God". This included a mixture of peoples of varied ancestry, yet they were called Israelites because they looked to the "One God" for strength which was a great step toward depending upon the God within.

Even in describing the ancestry of Israel before the days of Egypt Israel was commanded to acknowledge in the offering of their first fruits the following: "And thou shall speak and say before the Lord thy God, 'A Syrian (or Aramaean) ready to perish was my father, and he went down into Egypt, and sojourned there with a few and became there a nation, great, mighty, and populous." Deuteronomy 26:5

Notice here that in an ordinance before God, Israel does not recognize Jacob as their father, but "a Syrian ready to perish". Why was it written this way when it seems to detract from the honor that should be given to Jacob? The answer is that many of the people Moses was addressing were not directly descended from Jacob. During the seven year famine in Egypt numerous nomadic Syrian tribes who gained favor in the eyes of Joseph migrated to Egypt to save their lives. These soon became so numerous that they formed a second class in the land of Egypt that were looked down upon by the original inhabitants, similar to the way many Americans used to look upon the importation of blacks from Africa. To keep the Israelites from gaining control they made them slaves. This suppression tended to unite the diverse groups into a brotherhood who began to look toward the "one God" for deliverance. Because the power of God in man always draws what it looks toward with massed intent, a higher spiritual being, Jehovah, had to respond to the vibration which was set up. All, then, who were converted to the "One God" eventually followed Moses out of Egypt.

Thus we realize that the Syrian nomadic groups (not just literal descendants of Jacob) who were "ready to perish" were the ancestors of Israel. After Israel entered the promised land of Canaan they were told not to go after the other gods of the Canaanites and consequently intermarriage was forbidden. This commandment was often disobeyed and the Israelites sought other gods and intermarried with the Amorites, Hittites and others thus forever blasting away the concept of the pure race theory. Those groups who continued to be known as Israel were those who accepted Jehovah and his teachings through Moses. After the Babylonian captivity there was more intermarriage still and entire non-Hebrew groups and villages became converted to the Jewish religion to the extent that even the Jews of today are of quite varied ancestry. It must be admitted, however, that their racial strain is more consistent than most other peoples for there has been some success at intermarriage.

As one examines the history of Israel he should be prompted to ask the meaning and the purpose of God's dealings with this select group. What was Jehovah trying to accomplish? What would have happened if the Israelites were more cooperative and the plan they were pursuing reached fulfillment?