House of My Friends

1999-12-16 00:30:00

I felt a disturbance in the force beginning Tuesday and now see it playing out on the list today. The negative energy will soon be dissipated and when it is I want to see all my friends, especially Rick and John, standing in unity in the Spirit by my side.

I may not be perfect, but I am close enough to the Spirit to see the face of God in both of you and I love both of you with great strength of heart. If I can see your souls can you not see the souls of each other? If you look through my eyes, as I look through the Christ in the Oneness Principle, you would embrace each other and cry tears of joy and the memory of your differences would flee your minds.

Saul has disagreed with me many times, but I have never insulted him (knowingly) and have always extended the hand of friendship. In return he has always treated me civilly on a personality basis. I'm sure I could have a pleasant cup of coffee with him tomorrow at Denny's if he was available.

I would be happy to give Zina a big hug if I met her in person. I would be happy to help CW out in a time of need. "What you do unto the least of these my brethren you do unto me."

Who are the least of the brethren? They are the ones that give you the most problems. It is easy to see the Christ in those who agree with us and think we are wonderful. The real challenge is to see the souls of those who may seem to be obstacles in our path.

It is fine to disagree and then to work toward resolving those disagreements, but I sense the formation of grievances. Such grievances must be released with forgiveness and forgiveness must be seventy times seven.

We may be entering a new age, but let us not leave behind the basics that many souls have fought and died to preserve and demonstrate. Part of the reason the 12 Apostles of Jesus were destroyed and not replaced was the lack of forgiveness when an offense was given by a fellow member. Some of them preferred to go out and work alone and thus the energy was dissipated.

If John wants to create another list with a different purpose than this one, let us support him in it. If Rick wants to include people on the list who disagree with me that is also fine. Illusion is not resolved by exclusion, but by the revelation of light.

The negative energy which is hanging over this list has only one more day of power. Please my friends do not let it penetrate your hearts, so when the day has passed only love will remain. A work of light is never destroyed by its enemies, but by its friends.

"We thank you Father that you fill us with Your protective fires of Love.
That within this Love is complete protection from all destructive forces.
That the consciousness of Christ is lifted up in us in this Love and wherever we will the Love to be enflamed." Let us will the love to be enflamed in the hearts of all on this list.

Back to class tomorrow.